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Found 11 results

  1. Since the update of Epoch to 105/1051 there have been a lot of players reporting that they get stuck at the load screen on servers that have updated which, includes my server, GoG's World. Also, since we went back to arma2oa version 1.63.112555 (non Steam version but still on Commander), some players are having problems joining even though they have that version installed. If you follow these simple steps, on servers with this version combination, both problems are resolved 100% to our knowledge: Stuck at Loadscreen? On your PC, go to \Users\yourname\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\MPMissionsCache and delete everything. These are just cached mission files and will be downloaded each time you join a server. (Unhide this folder tree if it is not there by selecting show hidden files and folders in folder options) (If you still cannot find this try searching for the folder name) Restart your PC Rejoin the server through either DayZ Commander or the multiplayer lobby of arma2oa Keep Getting Kicked Trying to Join? Go to DayZ Commander settings and uncheck the 'Launch Using Steam' option in 'Steam Options' Join the server again using DayZ Commander If the above didn't work, reinstall your arma 2 in Commander EVEN if it says you are already on version 112555. Rejoin the server using DayZ Commander As I mentioned earlier, these steps above have worked in 100% of reported cases on my server. Depending on which problem you are experiencing, please follow the steps above exactly. It would really help the community if you or, anyone you know who has read this and tried it, whether it worked or not, could please report your/their feedback. I really hope this helps a lot of people. Good luck!
  2. PVDZ_plr_Save anyone no what this is thankyou
  3. I just played the first time yesterday and connected fine to CCG servers. Today I get the same error on any server I connect to: "You were kicked off the server". Nothing on my PC changed between yesterday and today...? Any advice?
  4. So a friend of mine got a key today and wanted to join me. He entered the key and it said he is whitelisted now. Afterwards he downloaded the mod and started ArmA3 with the Epoch launcher (also tried it with normal ArmA3 launcher and command line @epoch) and then he tried to join a server. But whenever he tries to connect to a server he just gets kicked. It either says: a3mpdatalayers.pbo a3mpstructures3data.pbo a3mptreedata.pbo a3mputils1.pbo a3mputils10.pbo a3mputils11.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by the server, to play on the server remove listed files or install additional accepted keys and then it kicks him or it just kicks him without the message. He tried varifiying game integrity aswell as re-downloading the mod and ArmA3 but nothing works.
  5. as said, was playing when I suddenly got kicked, and now Arma cant find any servers at all? Not even regular A3 servers... restarting the entire computer, changed various filters nothing helps? Suggestions someone? If I click down A3 and comes back after a while then it works and Servers are there? But i cant join and as soon as I click Refresh all servers disappears again?
  6. allways when i will join i became it sai kicked from BatlleEye PublicVariable Restriction #0 hope anyone can help me, i was so happy to became a key but im sad because i cant play it.
  7. Hello all My problem is when I sell a vehicle, when I click sell I'm kicked from the server. The message that appears is Script Restriction # 2, already tried various topics about it but found nothing. I really hope you guys help me. : D sorry for my english.
  8. Ok so i have been playing this server for a few days now and have done a few restarts and now when im logging in after a server restart i get this message (YOU WERE KICKED OFF THE GAME BY BATTLEYE: CREATEVEHICLE RESTRICTION #33) Any help would be nice and thanks for clicking my post
  9. Hello, I'm new to Arma 2 / dayz Servers anyway everything goes right except one thing, i'm hosting small private server on my high-end notebook, me and my friend joins fine, Battleye is 100% ON, but alredy approx. 12 players wanted join and they are instantly kicked by battleye. 9/10 times error is: INVALID GUID, i already try to search the fix on internet, found solutions like block port of battleye which is checking Cd-key and other but still happens the same. I don't believe everyone player which want to join have an illegal or invalid or maybe banned cd-key. P.S. Me and friend have 100% valid Arma 2, OA etc Cd-keys but really..? Here is config.cfg Any ideas, thanks! Cheers
  10. I am trying to install some custom vehicles to my dayz.st server. I created a public/private key pair, dayz.st admin installed the public key to the keys directory. Then I uploaded the .pbo and .pbo.key.bisign files to the server /addon directory, installed them on the client, and added the pbos into missions.sqm in dayz_missions.pbo. After trying to connect I connect for maybe 5 seconds and then get kicked "You were kicked off the server". In the logs I can see a message that the signature check on the new pbos failed. Anyone has a clue how to get around this? Note that if I really have bad signature, or if the public key is not installed, I get a different error- a pop-up window telling me I need to get correct signature or install the key. This one is just "you were kicked off...".
  11. Whenever I play on a Epoch server it normally works fine, but lately, when I get knocked out and it looks like i am going to bleed to death, it kicks me from the game because of "public variable value restriction #293." I have no idea what this means but when i rejoin the server i am knocked out, bleeding and then get kicked for the same reason. This is really annoying as it is a good mod but this is stopping me playing on the servers I enjoy. ThankYou. :)
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