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Found 8 results

  1. Hello there, Today is the first day I ever had this issue: the game closes itself for updating BattlEye (something that, apparently, isn't doing). As soon as I join my server via DayZ Commander, I connect to the lobby and then, after a few seconds, a red BattlEye error message appears: The installation is never done, because everytime I connect to server's lobby, it appears the same message and the game closes itself after a few seconds. I already tried uninstalling BattlEye, install it back and reinstalling ArmA2 OA Beta Patch, but that didn't do the trick. Here's the RPT Client Log: I also have taken a look at RPT Server's Log: Do you have any solution for this issue? It really never happened to me, which is really weird. PD: Don't just say it's easy to find out in Google, because I have already been searching for a while how to fix this and didn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! How to fix bug? Can not join server.. Waited screen..119 sec laoding.. Not joined server Thanks! 10:08:45 SetFace error: class CfgFaces.man.ffaa_espafaces_camo_46 not found 10:08:45 Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.man.ffaa_espafaces_camo_46 not found 10:08:58 Client: Remote object 21:4 not found 10:08:58 Client: Remote object 22:0 not found 10:09:22 Client: Remote object 2:1198 not found 10:09:42 Client: Remote object 21:1 not found 10:11:34 Client: Remote object 21:6 not found 10:11:34 Client: Remote object 23:0 not found 10:12:19 Client: Remote object 24:4 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 2:1219 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 2:1220 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 2:1221 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 24:1 not found 10:16:30 Client: Remote object 2:1239 not found 10:16:30 Client: Remote object 25:1 not found 10:18:28 Client: Remote object 25:4 not found 10:18:28 Client: Remote object 26:1 not found
  3. Legally Binded is a brand new community running a Arma 2 : DayZ Mod Overpoch server in the UK with admins always on and some amazing new mods with the help of oldmatechoc IP: WEBSITE: http://legallybinded.co.uk Blow up doors (Base raid) Set view distance (Right click binoculars/rangefinders) Suicide + Suicide bomb (Right click dog tags or press Home) Plot 4 Life (Build a base) Plot Management (Maintain it every 7 days) Door Management Gold Coins & Banks Advanced Fast Trading Nomad Roaming Trader Enhanced Spawn Select Spawn Classes Fast Build Snap Pro Vector Angle Building Fast Crafting & Building (1 step construction) Group Manager (F5) Walking Zombies Service Points (Refuel and repair from fuel pumps) Missions & Supply Drops Vehicle Locator (Right click GPS) Safezones Deploy Bike & LittleBird from Toolbox Tow & Lift Custom Areas Teabag corpse Campfire dance
  4. Epoch Discord is open. https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7 It's a work in progress. Channels will be added as needed. Rules that apply here also apply there. DO NOT PM the dev's if they happen to be there! You may PM me instead. Download the app at: https://discordapp.com/apps Arma 2 Epoch channels have been added.
  5. DayZ Epoch Chernarus ( UK (GMT) London Based Server Game IP: or search "K9" TeamSpeak 3: K9 Gaming welcomes you to our DayZ Epoch server! We have many features on our server including: Single Currency Spawn Selections Groups Self Blood Bagging Auto Repair/Refuel/Rearm (Free Refuel) AI Missions Trader Safe Zones Snap Building Custom Map Buildings Custom Starting Gear Earplugs Slow Zombies Active & Friendly Admins Automatic 3HR Restarts Feel free to connect to our TS3 when playing on our server! Upon building our regular player base we will start holding events for our members.
  6. Disrespectful Inc is now recruiting for experienced survivors/bandits to form an elite tactical clan that are prepared for battle at the drop of a hatchet. Our primary purpose is to engage hostile environments as a unit, in order to gain infamy for the clan. Gritty play style is encouraged in our recruiting, people not afraid to get their hands dirty and dont shy away from battle... We are looking for committed players who are willing to put in the work to advance the clan, but this is where you will be rewarded, the more you put into the clan the more you will get out of it. On a lighter note, we are a bunch of guys who have fun and enjoy a laugh... often at each others expense smile.png We seek players with a certain type of attitude that compliments our existing group... We encourage you to join our Teamspeak at sdi.teamspeak3.com and have a laugh with us, share some war stories and see if we are the clan for you... The clan has a ranked structure... and we are currently seeking the right men for the right positions.-SDI Satan Also we play other games too... join us here sdi.teamspeak3.com
  7. Streaming live on twitch everyday vSATANv with the SDI clan. Come join us http://www.twitch.tv/vsatanv and follow me on twitter to find out when I'm streaming @vSATANv !!!! Surprise give away when we reach 500 followers on twitch!
  8. So when I join this particular DayZ Epoch Taviana server, my client joins the lobby and upon pressing OK, my client loads the white bar under DayZ Logo until it finally gives my a small error about a config file (which I think it would normally pass) and then crashes. After 2-3 seconds a message box pops up and says "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf not found." This is an ArmA 2 OA window and that's about all I know. Most research led me to believe it may be server-side and on the client receiving a response from the server with the code. Also attached is a snip of the window that pops up. Also forgot to add that I'm using DayZ Epoch and server is running 1.0.4 as I couldn't manually download 1.0.4 without using DayZ Commander (which doesn't seem to want to download any mods for some reason). Any help is much appreciated, Bazerama
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