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Found 12 results

  1. How to log the jammers destroying and placing??? Where to put the diag_log thing???
  2. Player are getting kicked when placing frequency jammers. 10.07.2016 12:16:44: ScaRR ( 13f8eb23ba598d279c7c6c30aeb4a12b - #8 "ole_EPOCH", "PlotPole_SIM_EPOCH"]) then { _alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH'; _c = 0; { if ((_x getVariable["BUILD_" I have added the following battleye filter but still getting kicked. 7 allMissionObjects !="_alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH';"
  3. Hello, Little question, haven't played Epoch in a while and I wonder, Is it still possible to shoot a frequency jammer? Thanks!
  4. Heya, Seeing as there are a lot of bugs going around right now, I thought it would help to update with some of the problems the crew and I have ran into. In this case, the particular bug is with Jammers. Jammers have been destructible to other players who have never been in a group with each other. The replicate able example is when the non-group leader has placed the jammer. Because the group leader hasn't placed the jammer, no other team mates have access to doors etc. The solution would typically be to destroy it and have the group leader replace it. Even after multiple satchel charges, the jammers will be destroyed, but will return or come back on reset. This is not a server-side feature. This has happened to our semi-large group almost three times now, and as a result, have had to change group leaders (which is a pain in the ass). - On CCG US Altis #1 ( - @Epoch0252 [email protected] [email protected] Hope this helps! da1geek
  5. Hi Guys. I have just a Question or better a Problem. The Frequency Jammer. I was not able to build anything in our Base. There was a Message "Protected Frequency Jammer". After i rebuild that Jammer, im not able to build it again. Error Message says "Existing Jammer Signal". But there is no Jammer on the Base. Somebody has some Fixes or Answers for that Problem? thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys. Just to be clear, I'm not 100% this is a bug or just a new feature, if it is the latter, I couldn't find anything about it anywhere, so excuse the potential noobishness. Following the new update, I've tried building a new base. However, when trying to build any particular part, I'm getting a "Protected Frequency" message, which does not allow me to build anything (not even a fireplace or jammer). This is not the older "Frequency Jammed" message from trying to build too close to someone else's jammer or base, just to be clear. Is there something I'm missing, or is this a known bug? Thanks for any clarification. Note: Talking about Arma 3 Altis Epoch.
  7. Hi, The wiki shows a video which states the Frequency Jammer is destroyed by explosives. I have twice now had my jammer destroyed by bullets alone. I am assuming this is a bug so I am posting this here. If it is intended then I will update the wiki myself if no one else will. Thanks for checking on this and please let me know if this changes! Server: Mells House Build: Epoch 2.5.1 ,Arma 1.36
  8. So someone told me on my server, they cannot build there base, because 1 of their group member placed down a frequency jammer. The other guys in the group cannot build. Is there a problem with the jammer, or is this meant to not work? Kind Regards, Matijs
  9. Ok. I've been playing Epoch for around 20 days now and I have been looking for some information about the characteristics of Frequency Jammers. So far, using Google and this Forums I found the basics and started building a base with some friends. Our first base was located in CPC Hardcore server. We placed the jammer before the 0.2.5 patch, so I was actually able to place it inside the second story of a military tower. We then started building walls, floors, stairs, garage gates and such all around the military encampment, maybe reaching as far as 50 meters diagonally away from the jammer and we had no problems at all. Now, after the server files release, we moved to another server where we used to play Arma 2 Epoch (www.dayzspain.com - sorry if this is considered as spam, delete it in that case) and started anew choosing another military tower as our base. Now, with the new patch came the physx building mode for the jammers, so we were unable to place the jammer inside the tower and had to place it on top of it. Surrounding the tower, at ground level, there's a sandbag perimeter that allows us to close it with very few walls, but if we try to build in certain places we get 'frequency jammed', so we have deduced there is a range limit for building. The thing is, I already knew there was a limit. It's like the plot pole from Arma 2, in the end, but before starting the first base I read the forums and found some info that is maybe wrong. This info stated that the range for a frequency jammer is 300m. So the question is: is 300m the protection radius around the jammer? If so, what's the building radius? Also, is it a cylinder, a sphere or what? I'm quite confused about all this. Finally, this is my first post and I'm really enjoying the mod. The community I linked above has been devoted to Epoch for more than a year and the put a lot of effort in giving us Spanish players a good host to play. We all support and love your work and I will tell them to endorse Epoch in ModDB competition. Cheers and thanks! :)
  10. Hi everyones, As it says in the topic title, we build a frequency jammer and everytime i try to use the maintain option, it's kicking me with an Restrected #0 something like i need to confirme but if anyone have the same issue or any idea about why it does it or know how to solve it, an answer will be appreciated. Thanks you
  11. Hey developers, I have a base build already, jammer is up, but we wanted to build extra garage, so we made a foundations. I press on build, and it just drops down, without chance to position it or anything else, if i try to move it, it says jammer restriction. So we cant build using foundations once jammer/plot pole is set. Hope u can fix this in next patch. Best regards, Eggroll
  12. Hi All, So we have enough metal and a member of my group has put down a frequency jammer. Does it matter that he is not the group leader for the rest of the group to use the plot? If it does matter, is there a way to revert it back so the group leader can place it? Once the jammer is in place, is it as simple as double clicking the require mortar to start building foundations or is there something more to it? Help is appreciated :) Zimmy.
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