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Found 8 results

  1. UPDATED 2/20/2018 Click here for files from Github Hello all I have been asked to post this so here goes. The island is surrounded by 20m high walls. Only 4 ways in, well you could try and land a heli, There is two weapon creates and a lottery box behind the palace. M2s waiting to greet you. If you would like the files, please PM me and I will send them to you. Don't forget to leave email in PM. I am looking to find a new way to post links since DropBox changed the way they share. You have to update the items in the crates to the new class names in Epoch DONE
  2. Hello , we do have on your server Bandit Island. Buildings added , everything ok . As the AI use of WAI mission . But after writing positions Battley kicking for this mistake: Script Log: #0 Tom (e452c6b964f5e473994450f48db7d018) - #0 "in " + str(_number) + "</t>", 0, 1, 5, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext; sleep 1; }; playsound "Alarm_BLUFOR"; }; 0 = [_posit" Do you have some experience? As an exception is necessary to enter into BattlEye ? Thank you, have a nice day
  3. I have an idea to make the military island on the northeast section of the map with permanent AI and lots of excellent loot drops. Any idea how to do this? Im going to start editing the bridge but I would like that island to be kind of an uber zone. Thanks so much.
  4. A quick conversion from Ceto Forts, I took the guns away & vehicles. I use this area for my blackmarket traders. Remember to add a blacklist for building - or make it a admin base. No credit taken for this, although i didn't convert it. I used Editor to replace a part then deleted the other so i could export. Digitalpurge previously caboose69 (unitl my account got locked out)
  5. I am making a Salvation Island/Sector B type area in Cherno, its now finished and I need the loot spawns for the 80 AI to defend (they come in waves and are localised to the section of arena the player is in so its not an 80AI dump on the server). I want the loot spawning in a ural that is only active during that round and restarts with the server. I have seen players getting into vehicles I put into sqf's and they die or get kicked. so how do I... 1) Add the Urals (I need 5) 2) Add the loot 3) Keep them until restart (Not add them to the database) 4) Stop players dieing from them 5) have only 3 wheels on them (if poss) I'm using WAI if that matters (don't think it does) Any help would be well revived :) Aaron
  6. Hi, Recently I created a Lingor 1.5 overpoch server And the first thing I noticed was that I really hated the layout of having the traders scattered around the place. An individual trader here, another one over there. A vehicle trader taking over the race track. So I created a trader city, and my clanmate Smooose created a seperate trader city these both use many of the existing traders, plus I have an additional overwatch weapons trader which has been added in. I will include a few files which will need to be placed in your server pbo here are some screenshots in the spoiler tag http://pastebin.com/gHXCa9wn < -- calamarTrader.sqf http://pastebin.com/cABgLcX2 <-- corazonTrader.sqf to install these, add a folder called map to your server.pbo add the following to the bottom of your server_functions.sqf (located in the init folder of your server.pbo) call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map\calamarTrader.sqf"; // calamar trader city call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map\corazonTrader.sqf"; // corazon trader city http://pastebin.com/tLbVS3Le <-- edited mission.sqf if you want to remove many of the existing traders from lingor and replace them with our trader cities, copy the above mission.sqf and overwrite your existing mission.sqf (located in the server.pbo in the \missions\DayZ_Epoch_7.Lingor\ folder) /* EDIT http://pastebin.com/V7s1sxU8 <-- edited mission.sqm (from mission.pbo) *edit - original file contained a marker for an unreleased overwatch trader - use this updated version instead* */ the above file will update the map markers for the trader cities and adds sensors to say "you are now entering trader city corazon" etc this uses canbuild, so it will work with AGN safezones. *note my airfields are not protected by safezones* also note, as my server is running overpoch. the addons section is full of overwatch parts. extras if you want to use my overwatch trader you will need to make a few edits the following edits go into server_traders.sqf in your mission.pbo copy this section of code, and overwrite your existing section serverTraders = ["RU_Worker1","Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1","CIV_EuroWoman01_EP1","Citizen2_EP1","ibr_lingorman2s","Worker2","TK_CIV_Woman03_EP1","ibr_lingorman3s","ibr_lingorman5s","ibr_lingorman4","ibr_lingorman2","Worker1","RU_Madam3","Pilot","CIV_EuroMan02_EP1","CIV_EuroMan01_EP1","ibr_lingorman7s","Damsel3","Rocker4","Worker4","ibr_lingorman7","ibr_lingorman5","Citizen3_EP1","ibr_lingorman6","ibr_lingorman6s","TK_CIV_Woman02_EP1","Pilot_EP1","TK_CIV_Worker01_EP1","RU_Doctor","Functionary1","TK_CIV_Takistani04_EP1","UN_CDF_Soldier_Guard_EP1"]; next, add this to the bottom of your file // overwatch trader menu_UN_CDF_Soldier_Guard_EP1 = [ [["Pistols",1000],["ACRs",1100],["H&K Assault Rifles", 1101],["Magpul ACRs",1102],["Tarvors",1103],["Opfor Assault Rifles",1104],["Marksman Rifles",1002],["SMGs",1003],["Heavy Machine Guns",1004],["Assorted Ammunition",1005]], [], "neutral" ]; finally, if you need some SQL inserts so you can use my trader tid's, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Cbb6yHAN copy and paste that, and run that sql insert. of course, please back up your database before running this, because if anything goes wrong, I wont take responsibility for any damage that can occur to your hive. enjoy :)
  7. I've got a script set up on my server that add's a few custom buildings. They all work very nicely, except for the fact that I can't see the bridge that goes to Skalisty Island. Other players can, everyone else who I have asked is able to see it and cross it, but all I see is a dock :-( This is what everyone else sees and that player over there is me, standing on the edge of the dock that I can see. If I go any further, I fall into the water. If I'm in a vehicle while another player drives across, They fall to the surface of the water and drive across it as if it were a road. I'm at a loss regarding what to do to fix this issue. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. This is a small base/military outpost I've built on Skalisty Island, with the purpose of being used in conjunction with DZAI's custom spawns. The Mi17 doesn't spawn in as default (it would be wiped by the "kill a hacker" function), so spawn in your own via the database, or if you use InfiSTAR's AH you can spawn and save it manually. Most people will raid the base for basic tent loot and the bandits' weapons anyway, but the Mi17 is what really motivates people to go in usually. Also, Skalisty is only reachable by boat unless you use a custom bridge, I use the Excelsior Bridge (couldn't find the original thread to the author :|) Pics: Download: skalisty.sqf Installation is as usual: Make a custom folder in your missionfile's main folder named "map" (or use your own if you have one).Put "skalisty.sqf" into this folder.Then add the following line at the bottom of your "init.sqf" file:[] execVM "map\skalisty.sqf";
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