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Found 10 results

  1. I would like to learn how to make a simple custom AI mission. Is there any one out there willing to help.
  2. Hey, all! Let's start getting this wiki updated! I will be putting time into it when I can, but we should build the knowledge base to help everyone out! :D http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/Arma_3_Epoch_%28Alpha_0.1.0.2%29
  3. Hi! I am new, i have a VPS where i will host my DayZ Epoch Server. I have all files and i all run successfully, but i would like to know how can i place new addons like "Avanced Trader", "Snap building", etc. I am using Linux server, thanks for the support comunity! PD: Sorry for my english!
  4. I added this since i have found little to no help on removing ammo from vehicles with multiple gunners. I take no credit for the script what so ever i just fiddled around with it until i got it working to my needs. If you use the fnc_remWepSG script and run a Epoch-Origins of Overpochins server and would like to make the Flying Fortress avaialble in traders without ammo at every restart just add to your "dayz_server\compile\fnc_remWepSG.sqf" and the ammo will be stripped upon purchase and each restart forcing player to use their own ammo. If you dont have this or know what this is, google how to remove ammo from vehicles in epoch. There is a cached version of the install process if the site is still down. If you cant download the sqf here is mine. Its quite easy to edit. Already includes Flying fortress,F-35,Apache,& all variants of the pook transport. As of now there is no way that i know of to acquire/add ammo to the F35 and Apache. I use them as vanity vehicles! Hope this helps! Any other vehicles that trouble you just ask and ill give them a shot on my test server when i have time! But its really easy to do. The only thing that needs edited is the classname usually. the numbers represent the seat. -1 is driver 0-(one less than how ever many gunners the vehicle has) are the gunners. not sure of passengers but they dont matter! Not all drivers have guns, wont hurt to have the command in but its not needed!
  5. Guest

    How do i get 1-step-build

    Thnks for checking out this topic :D But, does some know how i can get 1-step-build for base building and lots of other part, like putting together a bike or a mozzie? or fixing a car? or taking a wheel of a car? Greets EditedSnowHD
  6. Heres a video of how to install the Tow and lift script. Check out the description for a link to the Script.
  7. Found a video file that explains how to add map content to Vilayer Server.
  8. Okay, time for another dedicated server question(s) We currently have 3 dayz.st servers...and we are tossing around the idea of moving to a dedicated server. Now, besides cash, what's needed? To me, its ultra confusing. Whats the ideal specs to run multiple servers on one box? we're looking at; 2 x Intel Xeon E5520 16GB memory 1TB Hard drive 100MBPS Network Port Unmetered Bandwidth Thats just the basic, not including all the extras we can add. Now to host, you need a windows license and TCAdmin? Sorry for the millionth question about dedi boxes, just want some concrete info about them, before we bite off more than we can chew. Only conrete info I've come across is "go dedicated" lol, so I ask, HOW!? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Would make a great topic and pinned. Dayz Epoch is in high demand. Example to include in how to make a server? What dayz version is required.... for each version What Arma patch is required......for each version. This I do see in the latest release. For some reason following the instructions does not help that is incl with the files. I am running Dayz Arma patch 103419. Server I am trying to set up for my kids v1.0.2.3
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