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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I rationalized the siding of players to purely use BLUFOR on my primary server and things seem to work well. I thought I would provide the details here in case anyone else was interested in freeing OPFOR for another AI faction (on EpochZ: Black Tide this change allows the infected to attack and eat the roaming, dynamic and mission AI). The changes themselves are fairly easy. epoch_server.PBO In compile/epoch_player/EPOCH_server_loadPlayer.sqf: Change line 65 from _class = "Epoch_Male_F"; to // _class = "Epoch_Male_F"; In init/server_init.sqf: Change lines 94 and 95 from EAST setFriend[WEST, 1]; WEST setFriend[EAST, 1]; to WEST setFriend [EAST, 0]; EAST setFriend [WEST, 0]; Now, these changes alone will make all players BLUFOR (females) and free OPFOR and RESISTANCE for use by two AI factions. There are, of course issues. The first is that all players are now female by default and will remain so until the siding is possibly removed from the CfgVehicles.hpp definition for EPOCH_Female_F and EPOCH_Male_F. The changes do work well if you have Haljv's Black Market traders and Initial Gear and HALO Spawn scripts. The reason for that is both force uniforms on your character so you can select any uniform and as soon as you have you will regain your ARMA profile "face". If you are allowing players to use any uniforms with these scripts then you can prevent them being deleted at respawn, restart or revive by making the following changes (also in the epoch_server.PBO). In compile/epoch_player/EPOCH_server_loadPlayer.sqf: Change line 181 from _newPlyr addUniform _uniform; to _newPlyr forceAddUniform _uniform; In compile/epoch_player/EPOCH_server_revivePlayer.sqf: Change line 162 from _newPlyr addUniform _uniform; to _newPlyr forceAddUniform _uniform; Hope this helps, Cheers, Grahame.
  2. phatbank

    Factions / Groups

    Hello, There is a new EOS 1.98 out and it does a solid job of spawning soldiers in and is working as such on my dedicated server, however I need to feed it the factions class names to get it to spawn epoch stuff; at the moment it spawns in friendly soldiers. What are the factions & sides, and/or what file can i look through to find them? I'm guessing the player is something specific (new) in epoch.. Here is link to new eos on armaholics Any help would be awesome!
  3. Karmafied

    A3EAI Factions

    Greetings all! I have a private server for only my family to play on. We are playing on Arma 3 Epoch (Australia) and use Face's A3EAI addon. I am trying to figure out how to make the AI have 2 different factions. I don't care if they are friendly towards players or not, I just want gunfights happening randomly instead of ONLY with the players; the AI should be shooting at each other sometimes, too. I've spoken with Face and he has set me on the right direction, but he is very busy and has been more than kind in getting me started; so now I come to the family for help. First, how do I set this code in A3EAI_initserver.sqf to make two factions? I know it's only a matter of 1 and 0 switches, I am just not sure which way. Second, once that is complete, would I just change this code in A3EAI_servermonitor.sqf to match it? And finally, how do I make a case switch that makes the addon spawn either a West group or East group? I feel like it would be here (A3EAI_createUnit.sqf), but I don't know for sure. I am still very new at this. Any and all help is VERY appreciated. Arma 2 and 3 have proven wonderful for my family in terms of spending time together and enjoying each other's company. I am trying to do everything I can to keep it interesting and fun for everyone. Thanks, everybody!
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