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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, So a whacked on bloodlust lite mod on me little server, runs great btw just the default AH hack log is spiting out the below, several thousand times cause mass lag and generally making the server unplayable plus the kicks and bans any suggestion would be great. "[""ahb"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): EH: HitPart 1""]" "[""ahb"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): EH: Fired 2""]" "[""ahb"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): EH: HitPart 2""]" "[""ahl"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): [TEST] Unlimited Ammo: [MMG_01_tan_F,149]""]" "[""ahl"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): [TEST] Unlimited Ammo: [MMG_01_tan_F,149]""]" "[""ahl"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): [TEST] Unlimited Ammo: [MMG_01_tan_F,149]""]" "[""ahl"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): [TEST] Unlimited Ammo: [MMG_01_tan_F,149]""]" "[""ahl"",""MYNAME (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): [TEST] Unlimited Ammo: [MMG_01_tan_F,148]""]" cheers natoed answer here