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Found 9 results

  1. is there a way to delete a players gear/delete vehicle contents if they are near a vehicle/safe/any storage object and they disconnect(dupe via pulling the plug)
  2. Hi! Anti dupe? exists? I've tried a lot and neither is good, // F507DMT It's almost good
  3. This is a major glitch in giving players money. When both players have equal amount of money, and they give money to each other at the same time. The money duplicates. Then Use the duplicated money to dupe again, then it double duplicates. Keep going to be a millionaire in seconds Lets say i got 500, you got 500. We both give our 500 coins to each other at the same time. It duplicates There is an easy fix: In your Gold/init.sqf Find: GivePlayerAmount = { .. .. .. .. }; Replace the whole block with this: GivePlayerAmount = { private ["_amount","_target","_wealth"]; _amount = parseNumber (_this select 0); _target = cursorTarget; _wealth = player getVariable["cashMoney",0]; _twealth = _target getVariable["cashMoney",0]; _InTrd = _target getVariable ["TrBsy",false]; _isMan = _target isKindOf "Man"; if (_amount < 1 or _amount > _wealth) exitWith { cutText ["You can not give more than you currently have.", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; if (!_isMan) exitWith { cutText ["You are not facing anyone.", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; if (_InTrd) exitWith { cutText ["Other Player is busy, please wait.", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; PVDZE_account_Doublecheck = [player]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_account_Doublecheck"; player setVariable["cashMoney",_wealth - _amount, true]; _target setVariable["cashMoney",_twealth + _amount, true]; PVDZE_plr_Save = [player,(magazines player),true,true] ; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_plr_Save"; PVDZE_plr_Save = [_target,(magazines _target),true,true] ; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_plr_Save"; cutText [format["You gave %1 %2.", _amount, CurrencyName], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; Now Replace your bank_dialog.sqf and give_player_dialog.sqf with these: bank_dialog.sqf private ["_dialog"]; player setVariable["TrBsy",true,0]; _dialog = createdialog "BankDialog"; call BankDialogUpdateAmounts; waitUntil { !dialog }; uiSleep 3; player setVariable ["TrBsy",false,0]; give_player_dialog.sqf private ["_dialog"];player setVariable["TrBsy",true,0]; _dialog = createdialog "GivePlayerDialog"; call GivePlayerDialogAmounts; waitUntil { !dialog }; uiSleep 3; player setVariable ["TrBsy",false,0];
  4. I useing DZMS/WAI Mission System. If i changeing cloth i cannot control character my self it's look like ai and can dupe all gear items. how can i block this dupe?
  5. Recently I've come across a method of duping vehicles through virtual garage in which, when two players take a vehicle out at the same time, 2 of the same vehicle spawns. This can be easily fixed by following these steps: 1. Find your garage_spawnvehicle.sqf 2. Find the line _vehname = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> (_vehicle select 0) >> "displayName"); Place this UNDER it: //Dupe Check// _dupecheck = count nearestObjects [player, ["CAManBase"], 10]; if ((_dupecheck) > 1) exitWith {cutText [format["[Antidupe] You cannot spawn the vehicle with another player/zombie within 10m of you"], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; This check makes sure there is not another player within 10 metres distance from you, so they cannot have the option to withdraw a vehicle. The distance may have to be changed depending on the distance range in which you have the option to withdraw in your fn_selfactions. If there is another player within the 10m radius, it will not allow you to withdraw the vehicle. 3. Your are done! 4. I use this script on my very own server and it works fine so far. Hope this worked for you guys. Have a great day. Feel free to like! Credits to - 0verHeaT for making Virtual Garage.
  6. Anti-Theft from locked vehicles by F507DMT add in variables.sqf: GearStorags = ["WeaponHolder","WoodCrate_DZ","Wooden_shed_DZ","WoodShack_DZ","StorageShed_DZ","GunRack_DZ","VaultStorage","LockboxStorage"]; add in dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf: //Esc if (_dikCode == 0x01) then { _nill = execvm "scripts\esc.sqf"; //if use Anti-Duping by F507DMT (http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/32889-release-anti-duping-by-f507dmt-working/) DZE_cancelBuilding = true; call dayz_EjectPlayer; OpenGear = nil; }; //Anti-Theft from locked vehicles by F507DMT if ((_dikCode in actionKeys "Gear") && !(vehicle player != player)) then { if (isNil "OpenGear") then { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; if (!(cursorTarget isKindOf "Man") and (player distance cursorTarget <= 7) and ((typeOf cursorTarget in GearStorags) or (cursortarget isKindOf "AllVehicles"))) then { player action ["gear", cursortarget]; } else { createGearDialog [player, "RscDisplayGear"]; }; OpenGear = true; } else { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; OpenGear = nil; }; _handled = true; }; P.S. I recomend add "Open self Backpack" on button "H" add in dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf: //open backpack on H button if (_dikCode == 0x23) then { if (isNil "OpenGear") then { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; player action ["gear", unitBackpack player]; OpenGear = true; } else { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; OpenGear = nil; }; _handled = true; }; with: Losing connection, drop loot, Esc, exit yes and Esc + G, losing connection, drop loot, exit yes.
  7. Server: Money Grabbing Trolls (MGT). Arma 3 build: 1.34.128075. Server build:|1.34. Scenario: If character has already been resurrected in it's lifetime already you shouldn't be able to be resurrected again but if you have the second timer up which is 10 seconds to respawn, end task on the game and re log in, you appear to have no timer and a blurred screen standing, a player then can shoot multigun revive tool on you to give you life, with blurred vision, relog again to get rid of this and you are now alive, with your old corpse on the floor with all the items you had. The new resurrected body too, which is now living has all your equipment on. Repeatable? I imagine so, yes. But I have not tested this bit yet.
  8. Anyone that know how to do disconnect dupe can try to do it on this server? Herbert, a friend of mine, had an idea for a anti-dupe. I tried to implement it. Herbert is away, so he can't test it by now. If anyone can help, trying to do the disconnect dupe on this server, i apreciate. Thankyou! The server greetings image:
  9. One of our Admins added very expensive Warrior Tanks to the Hero trader. Turns out, if a player places items in the Gear of the Warrior before restart.... after the restart there will be 2x of each item. Anyone got any idea's how to prevent this? I'm thinking we might need rmod enabled or a change to one of the cleanup files? Thanks.
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