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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone tell me the item name to place a well or fountain that works to drink and fill bottles from? "MAP_Misc_Well" and "Land_Misc_Well" do not work.
  2. I've tried searching for this for 2 days now, but I can't seem to find it: - How do I make the food and drink drop slower on my server?
  3. Since upgrading to build 0429 food & drink and power don't seem to be reducing. Also, power doesn't go back up if you drive around or from solar panels.
  4. Hi, is anyone else having the problem that eat and drink are unavailable since the update to 0.3.7? Edit: It appears to be that the button for Repack, Eat, Drink, Examine, Build is greyed out...something up with the new repack feature?
  5. Hello, guys! Im trying to find in dayz_code.pbo files, which are responsible for the speed of starvation and thirst, but to no avail. Can anyone help? Just want to increase the speed of starvation and thirst.I am trying to do this with a written script, but he has not works.
  6. Hi, anybody knows how to change the time a player needs to drink/eat? Because players need way to often to drink and eat. And I want to change it on my server. Thank you for help :)
  7. Well heres my issue, no ones food or drink ever goes down, and after combat is initiated it stays flashing and never goes through to cycle check again. This is either related to player_spawn2.sqf or Variables.sqf. I believe tied to Variables.sqf so I have attached mine, would everyone be so kind to please help me diagnose what is causing this bug? Epoch Current Build. variables.sqf.txt
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