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Found 19 results

  1. =NBK= DayZ OverPoch Server : Check our website for details http://www.nbkgaming.co.uk/ Come Join us on our new PvP DayZ OverPoch Server. Completely rebuilt with a new Hive Tanks, Jets, Vehicle and Heli Patrols. Ai Foot patrols with Humanity and Coin rewards Loads of PvP areas. BattleField and King of The Hill both supplied with defensive weapons and Ammo. Train Crash. It's a 30 minute race to the crash site to secure the loot. Secret Bunker. A perfect place to set up an ambush. BTC Heli Lift with Fast Roping MF-Tow Vehicle Towing Base Raiding as no BASE GOD MODE Build Static machine Guns, IED's and Road Blocks Zombie Camo. Use zombie Guts to disguise yourself from zombie aggro. Lasts for 30 minutes Gamble Briefs for high end weapons Call for a Care Package on yourself or for a friend anywhere on map. High FPS Server Door Management Plot Management Coin Fast Trader Vector Build Group Management Oil Rig and Oil Traders for making serious cash Hemp Traders and Drug Dealers Custom Ai Base with it's very own Pub and Bar Slut. You'll need a beer after killing 70+ Ai Bury Players for positive Humanity Eat Players for negative Humanity Tiered Humanity System No Pay to win on this server Ear Plugs Custom FARP for refuelling and repair only. You can also buy all ammo for all vehicles here also Roaming Trader Custom Gui Player Stats Bar Custom Gui Menu Screen Plus all the usual other Mods and Scripts AND MUCH MORE........... Just thought I'd also put a link video here for Extreme Base Building. Worth a visit to see what is possible with the Build System.
  2. Redline Gamers is an Australian based gaming community that offers servers for Arma 2 and 3, to name a few. We strive to bring players, such as yourself, the most enjoyable gaming experience through: High speed dedicated servers. To ensure a smooth gaming experience. Friendly staff. There to answers all your questions. Forums and Teamspeak. To bring every player and staff member, closer together. New features. New features are added weekly to keep it fresh! Community Features 24/7 Teamspeak Active Forums Server Features Single Currency (Coins & Banks) Building, Weapons, Medical & MEGA Missions Guarded by hard AI (AI Heli & Vehicle Gunners) Day/Night (2 Hour Day/1 Hour Night) Indestructible Bases (Not included Doors & Wooden Bases) Eye Scan Management (Doors) Event System (COD4 Shipment & Jet Ski Race - $$ Awards) Militarised (Apaches etc. Missiles removed & replaced with Gunner) Self Blood Bag Auto-Refuel / Re-arm Craft Motorbike (Right-click Toolbox) - Must have Scrap Metal Toggle View Distance (Right-click Binoculars) Redline Warrior Anti-hack Dedicated Server // Free little bird upon signing up on the forums (one time only) Server List Teamspeak 3: ts.redlinegamers.net / tssyd1.vilayer.com:9990 Arma 2 DayZ Overpoch: Arma 3 Exile Mod: Coming Soon! RG Forums: http://www.redlinegamers.net
  3. So basicly what i want to do is increase the car spawn rate on my server, if someone can tell me what i can do to increase it would really help me. Second question is, Custom ICONS. The "Blood/drink/food/detection icons" How can i change them? P.S Sorry for the bad grammar, english isn't my main language ^^
  4. MAD-Gaming A2 OVERPOCH CHERNARUS General : Partly the reason why we hosted the server is because we were getting tired of servers with bad performace and crashes..... Because of this we place great value on our server performance. Another reason is, that we were getting annoyed of admin abuse and duping, so on our server we pay big attention that nobody is trying to dupe and if this should be the case the player will be banned permanantly. We especially try to give a quick response if there are any questions or problems. Our number one priority is fairness. Special features: We added some special features to our server.... number one is an hidden island somewhere at the coast of Chernarus, there you can find much loot and have much fun clearing the AI´s. Number two is an drug cartels huge and heavily fortified drug field somwhere up north with tonns of weed waiting to get harvested. General features: -Single Coin Currency -Advanced Trading -Earplugs -Deployables (Bike, Mozzie, ATV) -Safezones -Special missions with vehicle keys -Plot management -Plot 4 life -Door eyescan -Jet crashsites -Group management -Custom loadout -Set viewrange (Binoculars) -AI island -large NPC weed farm -Military camps Server IP´s: A2 Overpoch server IP: Teamspeak3 server IP: ts15.freets3.net:10285 Website adress:http://mad-gaiming.enjin.com/ Forum adress: http://mad-gaiming.enjin.com/forum (For pictures just visit our galarie on our website)
  5. The RealUN was founded by a wandering Australian, a poor college student, an awesome person who's mad and a man. And there's also a Mexican working with us so..cool.. Our server offers many things in the world of Dayz Overpoch, from crashing auto gyros to falling 20,000 meters to your death! Get together with your friends and coordinate attacks against AI missions! Build epic bases with your friends and liberate Chernarus and bring freedom!On the RealUN server the activities are endless! Our server has active admins on any time you need them! Let them know of the problem and the things/people that are involved and they will get on it as soon as they are available! Should you choose to donate, there are many benefits in doing so, the list is on our website! Server Scripts: Tow/Lift Coins Advanced Trading Snap Pro/Vector Pro Plot4life Refuel/Repair/Rearm Group Management Rules are as follow: No PVP Safes/Lockboxes within 1km of the trade will be deleted. Respect all players Vehicles inside the traders will be moved to the impound lot. No Duplicating No Hacking No Exploits No VoIP in Side Chat No sky bases, bases that are attached to nothing above trees will be deleted. Must claim missions over side chat. The RealUN's Website: http://realun.enjin.com/home Teamspeak: Ranks: Owner: Ickey Head Admin: Mattidg Super-Admins: Madman1555, iClou Normal Admins: Moderators: Please if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let an admin know. Thank you!
  6. To give a very brief background- my clan has had several Arma 2 DayZ Servers in the past, ranging from Vanilla, to DayZ+, to Epoch, and then an upgrade to Overpoch. We are talking about opening another DayZ Server. We have very specific tastes in DayZ, as we've been playing it close to around the time Vanilla first came out. We want to focus more on the PvP, Cooperative, and Survival Aspect of DayZ to include loot runs. We want our day-to-day environment to be loot runs, friendly/hostile encounters with other players, building player bases, and participation in server-hosted events. We fondly remember the days when we'd have to play for several weeks straight in order to build up supplies. We would then go out to the coast and assist other players as requested, or engage bandits as needed. OUR IDEA: - Chernarus Map - Overpoch Mod with VERY LIMITED FEATURES: - Gold Coin Currency with Bank ATM - Vehicle Traders (Limited Vehicles, No Sports Car BS) - Miscellaneous Traders (To include safes, lockboxes, tin, key makers kits, etc.) (Maybe include chainsaws?) - Ammunition Traders (Maybe add weapon traders) - Overpoch Weapons Spawn in Loot Tables - Allow for Building with small addons including Snap-Build - Basic Starting Gear to include a couple bandages, a flashlight, a coyote patrol pack, and maybe a pistol with one mag. (No starting cash) WE WON'T HAVE: Food, Drink, Medical, Car Part, Building Part Traders (Too easy... We enjoyed the survival and looting aspect of Vanilla) Auto-Refuel, Self Blood Bag, and other easy crutch mods Tanks, Jets, Attack Helicopters, Armored Cars Slow Zombies Spawn Select Any other gimmicky or cheap mods that make the game too easy. We welcome all votes and comments. Let us know if you'd be interested in this! We may be open to the possibility of AI and Missions, but we would strongly prefer to base the server off player-to-player interaction.
  7. Server Name:HoT DayZ Overpoch Server IP: Map:Chernarus Looking for people to play on this server. For the first month people to play on the server will receive base supply's and benefits. So tell all of your friends to join. The admins steam name is same as my display name.
  8. Hello, I have recently put up a Dayz Overpoch server which has Custom map edits, Custom missions, And starter kits! The Admins are nice but we do have one slot open and when you join just say to an admin "can I have my starter kit." We are also militarized! Name: Cinibun's Militarized Overpoch Server|Starter Kits IP:
  9. server ip = teamspeak3 = ts3london.gtxgaming.co.uk:10034 Hi boys and girls we are a small community that welcomes anyone who wants to play on our server. Just for joining our server you get a 500k start or a builder box - pick one only. All admin are chilled and easy going. Please don't brake any of our rules - admin check logs and chat. This is a PVP server - so - have fun try not to get killed!
  10. Okay so I am adding items to our traders for our OverPoch server. While I was writing SQL queries I though, what if I magically put all those queries on this website so other server owner/developers could use them to add/make adjustments to there servers. Well here they are. Make sure you know basic SQL and you know how the trader system works before you attempt to change your traders. Also make sure your Trader ID's are correct. I used the default ones, but make sure everything is correctly typed in. I will be starting off with the sniper rifles and ammo and as I progress I will update this post. Please subscribe to this post to stay informed of my changes. Enjoy :) // Sniper Rifles: Trader ID 605 Neutral Weapons Trader INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_M', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_P21', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_S', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_NV_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_NV_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_RSASS_TAN', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_RSASS_SD_TAN', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SV_98_69', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SV_98_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVDK', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_NV_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_NV_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), // Sniper Rifle Ammo: Trader ID 614 Neutral Ammo Trader INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_7Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_NT', '50', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_7Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_NT_SD', '50', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_NT', '50', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_NT_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_10Rnd_762x54_SV', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_10Rnd_SVDK', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_NT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_NT_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'),
  11. Hi all, We have just started our new server, and we could use a great community now! ip to join: or check our website http://www.smokingwalkers.com Some previews from our custom map addons http://smokingwalkers.com/index.php/custom-map-addons Our website: http://www.smokingwalkers.com The scripts we are using at this moment are: AI Missions (wicked ai) Lift + Tow Selfbloodbag Service stations (refuel,repair,rearm) Deploy bike + more Trader Safezones Snap Building + vector and precise building No Weight 1 step building 30 days maintenance Custom trader addons: Militairy vehicles added: (these can be found at hero & bandit trader ) LAV25 LAV25 HQ BRDM2 tk gue ep1 BRDM tk ep1 BRDM2 HQ GAZ Vodnik HMG Militairy weapons added: (these can be found at hero & bandit trader ) Carl Gustav M2 SMAW RPO-A MAAWS Panzerfaust 3 RPG-16 RPG-26 Metis AT-13 M47 Dragon RPG-7D RPG-22 RPG-18 Custom trader for Overpoch items Some previews from our custom map addons http://smokingwalkers.com/index.php/custom-map-addons/ You can join us via this ip: or search for Smoking Walkers on Dayz Launcher! We have active (lovely) admins to help u out, and we would love to have some good events. We would love to see you join !
  12. Hello and welcome to Name: Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions We are a new overpoch server!! We have the best addons and the best admins there is in the dayz community ! Here is a list of our addons ! DZAI WAI DZMS EMS Action Menu DoorManagement select Spawn Group Management Take Clothes Right Click Deploy Bike Snap Pro No VoIP service Point AI City Safezones Custom GUI Tow & Lift And that is just some of them !!!! We have an amazing group of players and we can't wait to add you to that group ! To join the server you can search the name of the server which is - Name: Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions Or you can join by ip which is - We can't wait to see you in the game !
  13. Hi DayZ-Community, Salt-Lake-City Epoch announcement: Here are our Overpoch Sauerland Serverinformation Hier sind unsere Overpoch Sauerland Serverinfos: MAP: Sauerland MODS: Overwatch 0.2.5 + Epoch ----Custom Map---- 1)zwei versteckte Militär-Basen 2)und einige "verstreute" neue Gebäude in Dörfern und Städten 3)einige versteckte Gebäude-Komplexe 1)two new Military-Bases 2)some new buildings all over the Map (In Villages and Towns) 3)Some new hidden Building-Complexes ----Missions---- Es spawnen Missionen mit AI-Banditen, die ihr erledigen könnt um an Humanity-Punkte und Loot zu kommen! Viel Glück dabei! AI-Missions with random Loot-Crates, Vehicles! Gain Humanity while shooting Bandits or loose it while shooting Heroes! ----Take Clothes---- Jemals gestorben oder jemanden umgenietet, der Kleidung hatte die ihr haben wolltet? Kein Problem: Nehmt sie Euch! :ph34r: Ever died or found a dead body and wanted the skin? Go take it! ----Custom Loot---- Aufgrund der "Bösen Buben" bei den Missionen und den vielen Zombies gibt es einige neue Waffen, Munition und andere Dinge die ihr kaufen oder/und finden könnt! as its says: AI-Missions and more Zeds making the need of mor Ammo and Weapons! ----More Zeds---- Es gibt mehr Zombies und die lassen euch garantiert nicht in Ruhe, wenn ihr laut rumballert! Yeah! More Zombies! Be noisy and the Zeds won't leave you alone! ---Coinsystem--- Das bewährte Coinsystem wurde zusammen mit Overwatch eingefügt, man bezahlt mit Euro im Sauerland, kann sich aber auch die guten alten Goldbarren zur leichteren Lagerung von Geld besorgen! Earn good old european "Euros" to buy new weapons or vehicles. You can even buy the old Goldbars to store money easier! ---Startgear--- Ihr startet mit ner 1911, ein bisschen was zu futtern und ner Map. (wegen der vielen Zombies) Start with the Colt 1911, some food and a Map and go explore the Region around Meschede! Und vieles mehr, das wir euch selber entdecken lassen! And Much more! Go recover it yourself :rolleyes: Server-IP: Teamspeak: zum beitreten einfach den DAYZ-Launcher laden die beiden mods downloaden im Advanced-Reiter folgende Mods "adden": 1)DayZ Overwatch 0.2.5 2)DayZ Epoch und dann auf Launch klicken (Die Reihenfolge ist wichtig ;)) Just launch DAYZ-Launcher download Overwatch 0.2.5 and Epoch klick on Advanced and add 1st DayZ Overwatch 0.2.5 2nd DayZ Epoch and here you go: klick LAUNCH! (yes it matters if Epoch 2nd or first!!) Viel Erfolg beim Überleben! Good Luck Survivors! your Salt-Lake-City Epoch Team yours Gecko 2.6 EDIT: Follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/SaltLakeCityEpoch all news and support goes there or on Teamspeak ;)
  14. IP: TS: ts3.gtxgaming.co.uk:1067 www.brotherhoodwithoutbanners.weebly.com Now Recruiting Admin/Staff!!! If you still play dayz overpoch then you have come to the right place. Looking for well rounded players to join the brotherhood.
  15. How do I go about adding these too the same line without getting this error? Codes in question Error http://pastebin.com/ys3gU7pp
  16. On my server some of the missions for the Wicked AI system are spawning with no guns in the actually crates only frag grenades! If any one can help just reply to this thread thanks!
  17. Hi me and my friend rented a dayz overpoch server from gaming deluxe and we need someone with experience to come script for us we know some basic scripts but thats about it. so we need someone with experience The scrpts we would like is custom DayZ Missions Helicopter Fast Roping Cannibalism Wardrobe Custom Death Screen Image Camera Pan Start Flip Vehicle Headshot Suicide House Lighting / Street Lights Random Clothing Parcels Refuel Script Towing / Heli Lift Bloodbag Self Custom Debug Monitor Custom Loot Tables Remove Parts from Vehicles Tent: Sleep Healing Epoch Repair Refuel Rearm Epoch Base Elevator Script Epoch Infected Camps Take Clothing JAEM - Just Another Evac-Chopper Mod Plot Protection Keeps zombies out of the base perimeter Fast Trading Slow Zombies New Player HUD Snap Building Pro As you can see that's quite a lot of work to be done that's why we need someone who knows what there doing if interested message and we can talk about prices Thanks in advance Declan Cadman
  18. hello , i have to max vehicle limit to 100 or someting and it still keeps spawning 2000 + vehicles? can anyone give me a solution?
  19. I noticed a while ago, when players join my server there isn't any "<name> connected" or anything, so its hard to notice when a Players joins the server.
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