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Found 17 results

  1. This Topic will give you all default options you can change in your init.sqf/variables.sqf to personalize your server without putting any script in. If I made any mistakes, please clearify and I will change it! Simple add the line in the top half of your init.sqf to change values (unless stated otherwise) Selfbloodbag DZE_SelfTransfuse = false; // default value TRUE: Allows player to right click on a bloodbag to use a bloodbag on himself. Selfbloodbag values DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 15, 300]; // default value If DZE_SelfTransfuse is set to true, this will define the value of that bloodbag, 1st value is the ammount of blood you get from the bag; 2nd value is the infection chance in % 3th value is the cooldown in seconds Max Animals dayz_maxAnimals = 5; Amount of animals per player. They will despawn like zombies if no one is there. timezoneswitch timezoneswitch = 0; Changes the murdermenu times with this offset in hours. Zombie settings dayz_maxLocalZombies = 40; Max number of zombies spawned per player. dayz_maxGlobalZombiesInit = 40; Starting global max zombie count, this will increase for each player within 400m (Default: 40) dayz_maxGlobalZombiesIncrease = 10; This is the amount of global zombie limit increase per player within 400m (Default: 10) dayz_maxZeds = 500; Total zombie server limit dayz_zedSpawnVehCount = dayz_maxLocalZombies / 2; Zombies spawn from a vehicle (if a player is in it) dayz_spawnAirCount = 0; NO CLUE. dayz_zedsAttackVehicles = true; Zombies attack vehicles or not. Player Zombie DZE_PlayerZed = true; Allows the player zo spawn as a zombie when he died of an infection. GODMODE Bases DZE_GodModeBase = false; Buildables will be indestructable from the NEXT restart they were placed if set to true. DayZ Epoch Debug For Servers DZEdebug = false; If set to true, the server RPT file will have alot more info on what happends on the server. ( For debugging). Wiki explenation: DZE debug damage DZEDebug_Damage = true; Dont really know, i guess that nothing gets damage when Debug = true? Vehicle parachute trading DZE_TRADER_SPAWNMODE = false; Enable purchased vehicle parachute spawning setting this to true. Tame Dogs dayz_tameDogs = false; If true, you can tame dogs ( with cooked meat right?). Sell Distance LAND Vehicle dayz_sellDistance_vehicle = 10; Ammount in meters how far an LAND vehicle has to be from trader to be sellable. Sell Distance SEA Vehicle dayz_sellDistance_boat = 30; Ammount in meters how far an SEA vehicle has to be from trader to be sellable. Sell Distance AIR Vehicle dayz_sellDistance_air = 40; Ammount in meters how far an AIR vehicle has to be from trader to be sellable. Para Spawn Player dayz_paraSpawn = false; If true, players will spawn in the air, dont forget to open your parachute! Position dayz_minpos = -20000; dayz_maxpos = 20000; The max and min distance from center of the map where a player can logout and still spawn on the same position when loggin in. Does this also affect the radiation you get when passing these places ( I dont think so)? BuildingLimits DZE_checkNearbyRadius = 30; Distance where the building limits will look for objects. DZE_BuildingLimit = 150; Ammount of builables allowed in this distance. DZE_BuildOnRoads = false; Allow/Disallow building on roads. DZE_DamageBeforeMaint = 0.09; Ammount of damage a builable must have before being able to be maintained. DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 0; Ammount of animations you have to do before something gets build. ( always +1) so number 0 = 1 step, number 1 = 2 steps) DZE_PlotPole = [30,45]; 1st value is the radius of a plotpole 2nd value is the radius where the next plot can be build. DZE_maintainRange = ((DZE_PlotPole select 0)+20); If you maintain this is going to be the range where it maintains. Default: (plotradius + 20 meters) DZE_requireplot = 1; 1= Need a plot to build, 0 = you can build anywhere. DZE_AntiWallLimit = 3; Not really sure about this. Amoount of tries u can get to get trough a wall before u get killed ? Humanity Showing DZE_HumanityTargetDistance = 25; The distance where it becomes visible if a player is bandit or hero ( blue red names). Friendls Saving DZE_FriendlySaving = true; Save the friend to the database or not. Custom loot tables. DZE_MissionLootTable = false; Set to true of you want to use own loot tables ( include them in description.ext ofcrouse) Config traders DZE_ConfigTrader = false; Set to true if you want to use config traders. Include them in your description.ext) LootSpawnTimer DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 10; Not really sure. The time that takes to start spawning loot in an area? Heli Lift DZE_HeliLift = true; Allow/disallow default epoch heli lifting Full moon nights dayz_fullMoonNights = false; If true nights wont be pitch black, moonlight will make it doable. Vehicle Ammo Saving DZE_vehicleAmmo = 0; 0 : amo in vehicles weapons will reset on restart. 1:ammo will save and respawn on restart. Access backpack in trader area. DZE_BackpackGuard = true; If true, it closes the gear menu when close to another player in trader area's CleanNull DZE_CleanNull = false; No idea. Customize Death Messages Enables global chat messaging of player deaths. (Also requires enableRadio true;?) DZE_DeathMsgGlobal = true; Enables side chat messaging of player deaths. (Also requires enableRadio true;?) DZE_DeathMsgSide = true; Enables global title text messaging of player deaths. DZE_DeathMsgTitleText = true; Vehicles allow without ObjecId and ObjectUID DZE_safeVehicle = ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC"]; // EDIT THIS INSIDE THE VARIABLES.SQF , otherwise overwritten Force Save vehicles DZE_AllowForceSave = false; If true players get a scroll wheel option to force a save of a vehicle to database. Cargo Check DZE_AllowCargoCheck = true; Allow a player to check cargo on a vehicle. ForceNameTags DZE_ForceNameTags = false; If true it forces YES on the question to show name or not on players close to you. DZE_ForceNameTagsOff = false; Forces the answer NO. DZE_ForceNameTagsInTrader = false; Forces name tag on in trader zones. HALO JUMP DZE_HaloJump = true; Allow Halo Jumps from air vehicles Weight DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = true; Enable, disable the epoch weight system. Surrender DZE_Surrender = true Able to surrender, which drops all weapons and places hands on head ( Default "/" keybind) OldHeliCrash ( Re-enable old heli crash method with OldHeliCrash = true; OldHeliCrash = true; spawnShoremode Controls if the player will spawn on shore or not. 1 = Spawn must be on shore, 0 = anywhere. (Default: 1) spawnShoremode = 1; spawnArea Controls how large of an area to search for a suitable spawn location. (Default: 1500) spawnArea = 1500; MaxVehicleLimit Controls the max overall vehicle limit if this limit is reached no new vehicles will spawn. MaxVehicleLimit = 50; DynamicVehicleDamageHigh Sets the highest possible damage a fresh spawned vehicle will have. (Default: 100) DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100; DynamicVehicleDamageLow DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 10; // Default: 0 Lowest damage on a spawned vehicle. DynamicVehicleFuelLow Sets the lowest possible fuel level a fresh spawned vehicle will have. (Default: 0) DynamicVehicleFuelLow = 0; DynamicVehicleFuelHigh Sets the highest possible fuel level a fresh spawned vehicle will have. (Default: 100) DynamicVehicleFuelHigh = 100; Dynamic Debris To change how many debris spawn edit the MaxDynamicDebris variable in the missions init.sqf. MaxDynamicDebris = 100; // Max number of road debris spawns (Default: 100) Customize fresh spawn loadout Server admins can now change default fresh spawn loadout by adding these variables to the mission init.sqf. DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller"]; DefaultWeapons = ["ItemFlashlight"]; DefaultBackpack = ""; DefaultBackpackItems = [""]; // which accepts both weapons and magazines.// DZE_defaultSkin = [["Male skin1","Male skin2"],["Female skin1","Female skin2"]]; //Default player skin for fresh spawns, selected randomly Ore Veins MaxMineVeins = 150; // Max Ore Veins Defines the ammount of oreveins that spawn on the map Ammo boxes MaxAmmoBoxes = 25; // Max Ammo boxes Defines the ammount of ammoboxes next to road. Database events Damage for maintain -- ---------------------------- -- Event structure for setDamageOnAge -- ---------------------------- DROP EVENT IF EXISTS `setDamageOnAge`; DELIMITER ;; CREATE EVENT `setDamageOnAge` ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'This sets damage on a wall so that it can be maintained' DO UPDATE `Object_DATA` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 3 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') ) ; DELIMITER ; This will "damage" walls, floors, etc every day so they can be maintained. If i forgot anything please post it here so we can complete this information topic.
  2. Hi folks! I'm trying to move the Vehicle Spawns for Traders, Especially Klen and Bash. Seems like the vehicles spawn right next to the trader that sells vehicles wondering how on earth do I move them! As far as I know.. you add the "HeliHCivil" but apart from I dunno how to link up the trader to that spawn Any help would be great! Thank you
  3. Hi! How to add Settings - 1IP-address 2 player join? Thanks
  4. Hello ! I'm actually creating a server arma 3 epoch with my friend, but it's our first time. We are looking for a person who can help and explain us. After a lot of tests there is no progress on our server. We need help to : - Make spawn more than 1 vehicle with my admin panel - Add vehicles, weapons and other things - Add black market - Add mission with markers on the map - Add safe zone on traders with markers on the map - Add bank in safe zone and place for helicopter landing - More admin commands if it's possible - Change spawn system - Make a panel with the rules of server in the spawn point - Add text when you connect - Possibility to add custom events with AI in game - Adds helicopter air drop of stuff If you help us and if you want to play on our server when it will be finished we will give you admin permission. PS : We are french and we accept french and english players !
  5. Looking to do up a map config for United Sahrani - Does anyone have a config for this map already? and if not what exactly is required to correctly enable spawns? I note some of the configs have teleport locations listed and i've seen some discussion about respawn markers.. wondering what is current method to the madness How is the correct map config (mapname).h selected on the server? How is world size figured? I have spawned into the box on the map, but there were no "man hole tops" to teleport into the map. Also not sure how to figure out "worldsize"
  6. Got the server running fine. Which is great. having an issue with it showing up on the game finder but i think that's a port issue not the serve itself. Question I have is I've set my server restart to true but the server won't restart after 4 hours. It's not a big deal because only me and my cousin play on it. But I'm curious to what the issue is. I'll add the code here. Hopefully someone can't find my error :P serverRestart = true; // true sends #shutdown command to server after the time specified in ForceRestartTime forceRestartTime = 14400; // 4 hour restarts StorageSlotsLimit = 1500; // Max storage slots allowed. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. BuildingSlotsLimit = 1500; // Max building slots allowed. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. // Time based StaticDateTime[] = {2035,6,10,7,0}; // {0,0,0,8,0} would forces the server to start at 8am each time it is started while allowing the year, month and day to stay real time. Any values left at 0 will result in no change. timeDifference = 0; // Server uses real time this will allow you to offset just the hour. timeMultiplier = 4; // Sets a time multiplier for in-game time. The command range is now capped at 0.1 - 120 to avoid performance problems. lootMultiplier = 1; // 1 = max loot bias. This controls how much loot can payout per Epoch loot container. // Events WeatherChangeTime = 1200; // This controls how fast the weather changes as well as how fast shipping containers and earthquakes happen. WeatherStaticForecast[] = {}; // Default: {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}}; // Clear day; {19,1,{1,1,40},1,{5,5}}; // Cold Foggy Rainy Overcast Windy; Format: {temp <scalar>,rain <scalar>,fog <array>,overcast <scalar>,wind <array>} events[] = { { 3600, "CarnivalSpawner" }, // SECOND <scalar>, EVENT <string> { 2400, "EarthQuake" }, { 1800, "ChangeWeather" }, { 1200, "ContainerSpawner" }, { 300, "PlantSpawner" } //No comma on last Entry }; // Antagonists antagonistChanceTrash = 0.09; //9% chance when player loot a trash object antagonistChancePDeath = 0.33; //33% chance when player was killed from a other player (selfkill doesn't count) antagonistChanceLoot = 0.09; //9% chance when player click "SEARCH" on a loot object // Player Related cloneCost = 100; // debt incurred on player death // vehicles - Max vehicle slots is calculated from per vehicle limits below. Warning! Higher the number lower the performance. simulationHandler = false; // When enabled this feature disables simulation on vehicles that are not near players. Can help improve client fps at the cost of server fps. (This is disabled by default now that Arma has fixed the original issue) vehicleLockTime = 1800; // Controls how many seconds it takes to allow another person/group to unlock vehicle. allowedVehiclesList[] = { {"C_Offroad_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Quadbike_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Hatchback_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Hatchback_02_EPOCH",10}, {"C_SUV_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Rubberboat_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Rubberboat_02_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Rubberboat_03_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Rubberboat_04_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Van_01_box_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Van_01_transport_EPOCH",9}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_police_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_rescue_EPOCH",5}, {"B_Heli_Light_01_EPOCH",2}, {"B_SDV_01_EPOCH",2}, {"B_MRAP_01_EPOCH",3}, {"B_Truck_01_transport_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Truck_01_covered_EPOCH",2}, {"B_Truck_01_mover_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Truck_01_box_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_02_covered_EPOCH",2}, {"O_Truck_02_transport_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_03_covered_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_02_box_EPOCH",1}, {"I_Heli_light_03_unarmed_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_EPOCH",1}, {"I_Heli_Transport_02_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_bench_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_box_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_covered_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_EPOCH",1}, {"jetski_epoch",7}, {"K01",2}, {"K02",2}, {"K03",2}, {"K04",2}, {"ebike_epoch",7}, {"mosquito_epoch",5}, {"C_Heli_Light_01_civil_EPOCH",5} }; // Traders taxRate = 0.1; // controls the price increase for purchases starterTraderItems[] = { { "ItemSodaBurst", "meatballs_epoch", "MortarBucket", "CinderBlocks", "VehicleRepair", "CircuitParts", "ItemCorrugated", "PartPlankPack", "ItemRock", "ItemRope", "ItemStick" }, { 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 } }; // Starter Items for fresh spawned trader first array is classnames second is quantity. NPCSlotsLimit = 50; // Max number of traders static or dynamic. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. forceStaticTraders = true; // disables traders moving from work to home // Markers showEarthQuakes = true; // show mineral viens caused by earthquakes showShippingContainers = true; // Show location of events based loots (plants, shipping container, Carnival) SHOW_TRADERS = true; // Show locations of traders SHOW_JAMMERS = false; // Shows location of base jammers SHOW_BOATLOOT = true; // Shows the location of shipwreck loot DEBUG_VEH = false; // DEBUG ONLY used to debug spawing of vehicles // Hive Related expiresBuilding = "604800"; // expiration date in seconds for buildings expiresPlayer = "2592000"; // expiration date in seconds for players expiresBank = "7776000"; // expiration date in seconds for players bank expiresVehicle = "604800"; // expiration date in seconds for vehicles expiresAIdata = "604800"; // expiration date in seconds for NPC Trader inventory hiveAsync = true; // true = asynchronous hive calls (non blocking), false = synchronous hive calls (blocking) // Admin Features hiveAdminCmdExec = false; // true = enables extra (To Be Released) feature to allow execution of code via hive. hiveAdminSavePlayerList = true; // true = enables saving of playerUID array to hive value PLAYERS:#InstanceID. hiveAdminCmdTime = 5; // how many seconds between each command queue call.
  7. MySQL Entries: GitHub : Config Trader Entries Config Traders! Setup: Under 2. Open your description.ext and add Under Quote 3. In the root directory open @Dayz_Epoch > addons > dayz_epoch_b.pbo *note, If you don't already have a pbo manager, here is a link Inside there will a folder called "CfgServerTrader", Copy to the root of your mission folder. In the newly copied CfgServerTrader folder there will be a folder called "Category" and a .hpp file called "cfgServerTrader.hpp" The category folder is where you add the new trader entries. example: Either create a new Trader_entry.hpp file or add to the bottom of a pre existing .hpp file. note that the 575 is the trader TID which will need to be changed as i'm using custom traders. If you wish to add a custom trader check out If you do create a new .hpp file make sure to call it from "cfgservertrader.hpp" Example, Add: Bowbii's more indepth guide Below i've included most if not all Overwatch weapons. Chop and change as you wish ^_^ Enjoy! AK Variants: G3 Variants: Sidearms: Masada ACR: SCAR Rifles: HK416's: HK417's: LMG's: ACR snow camo: ACR black camo ACR tan camo:
  8. Hello, I've been trying to setup a server for a very long time. Could not get enough information from google/epoch forums or any other source on how i may fix this problem. I'd appreciate if one could help me out here. i have pretty much the default template for everything. config.cfg HiveExt.ini arma2oaserver.rpt init.sqf Database is pretty much default. https://photos-1.dropbox.com/t/0/AADPkBCoa5FpYYuvRxrpy5dJ0IgYDz7ceSCXRDfdZZ8lCw/12/123774030/png/1024x768/3/1411473600/0/2/sqlscrn.png/eYsQj5LnONotLmB97QFnAq-TFNUCMTQLY1bC5ZqRKbQ [sorry i didn't upload it to tinyurl etc. it's 4 in the morning and i would like atleast 2 hours of sleep before i have to get up again.] Any idea?
  9. im totally new in servers arma 3, so i have 0 idea about that, actually i have one server in datacenter but idk how edit admin players, admin menu (in game), put extra loot/vehicles. Can someone help me? need some program for edit these files? thanks..
  10. Okay guys, I have seen a lot of people having trouble adding weapons and items to their traders. I will admit that I was having the same problem as well. So I decided to make a program for myself to help out with the problem. Today I finally decided to release the program to the community to help others out. :) So first things first, You can download the program from Here Check out all of the spoilers for help. When you open it up it will look something like this, depending on your version of windows. And just so everyone feels a little safer. http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/4bfc071e4742ab59a219a0d2e6b4eab6b138023f https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/338be750f28a82f855525615e8ff1f851dd555947e3d4fbee782097068ef5685/analysis/1400816403/
  11. Hi, i've run into a small problem when editing my cfg traders. All traders on my map are custom so i just "deleted" the files inside cfgtrader\catagory folder and made new ones. Most of them work but then i've ran into some issues. Adding my ammo traders + building traders, it's not working, the server shuts down and this error message pops up. "Include file mpmissions\dayz_epoch_11.chernarus\CfgServerTrader\Catagory\Ammo.hpp not found" and the same message goes for my buildingparts.hpp file. I've checked it all and can't find anything wrong with the files themselves neither with the name and locations, so i've ran out of things to search for. Anyone else had this problem and knows why it does that?
  12. After installing Overpoch to my server and using the orginal traders the game has, I realized that the traders are messy, and missing alot of stuff that the mod has. Well I took the matter to my own hands and got to work. These are not perfect, but I like them. Hope you guys like them too. :) Creating custom traders: Instructions to use config traders and what I started with: I'm not gonna put the instructions here. Read above to use these. What I've actually done: - Added a few vehicles and helis to traders - New weapons trader - Categorized weapons and their ammo (not 100% perfect) - New trader to bandit and hero camps and adjusted the orginal ones - No "friendly" traders. Only neutral, bandit and hero. - Alot of small stuff that I cant remember Note: Some prices are not adjusted to be "fair". My server_traders.sqf If you plan to use my files only, you can just copy this and replace everything you have in your server_traders.sqf. Otherwise you need to check the categories carefully. And here are the actual files: Download Feel free to modify these files and tell me if something is missing. I want to know too :P
  13. I installed bec via VertHosting, and the restarts work, but thee are no messages popping up anyone know what can cause this? Also i have the ban.txt file in my battleye folder as needed.
  14. DZE_ConfigTrader = true; Hello, Could someone please explain to me the pros and cons of using the config based traders instead of the standard .sql traders? It would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hello, I have the problem if I change for example "MaxVehicleLimit" to 400 (default 300) or "DynamicVehicleDamageHigh" to 90 (default 100) I got this error message: "File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mission.sqm, line 1458: '.': '/' encountered instead of '='" and the server chrashes. :( Any idear how to fix this?
  16. Here's what I'm running. 40 slot server on a quad core. thoughts? MinBandwidth=104857600; MaxBandwidth=104857600; MaxMsgSend=1024; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=64; MinErrorToSendNear=0.029999999; MinErrorToSend=0.003; MaxCustomFileSize=0; Windowed=0; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1; Resolution_Bpp=32; class sockets { maxPacketSize=1400; }; serverLongitude=-122; serverLatitude=37; serverLongitudeAuto=-122; serverLatitudeAuto=37;
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