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Found 15 results

  1. I will be rotating videos out as they get uploaded. Here is the most recent. Woodcutting made simple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikJSbTUr9PM
  2. If you like my work, please consider a donation. $USD $EURO *** WE ARE ON VERSION 2.0 *** UPDATED ON 10 OF OCTOBER OF 2014 *** *** UPDATE YOUR NITRO IS HIGLY RECOMENDED *** THANKYOU! *** THE BADIE: infiSTAR will disable the custom binds even if you set Disable Custon Binds to False. So if you use infiSTAR, a work arround is needed.You can try Lord George Fix: Hi, I want to say thanyou to Sandbird, for his Nitro script, that gave me the initial kick for Gelid Nitro. GELID NITRO 1.1) Nitro don't need to be installed. 1.2) Nitro is limited to a list of vehicles. 1.3) Fuel decrease faster, you can do 7/8 of the coast travel with Nitro on and full fuel. 2.0) Tree sounds: Nitro Injection / Air flow / Exhauster Pipe Blow. 3.0) The cost of speed: When the exhauster pipe blows, there is an sudenly extra gain in speed that can cause lost of vehicle control. So pay atention on the pipe blow. 4.1) Tweak: boost only happens if the vehicle is touching the ground. 4.2) Tweak: boost happens when the vehicle is facing the travel direction. 5.1) Aesthetics: impulse tweaked to not generate the "desync like" effect that happens when adding velocity to things. MISSION FILES: N.O.S. FILES All the new files goes to your mission folder, inside the folder NOS. Example: Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\NOS. MISSION FILES: NEW FILE nitro.sqf donn_nitroOn = false; donn_speedometer = false; donn_nitroCars = [ "car_sedan", "car_sedan_DZE1", "car_sedan_DZE2", "car_sedan_DZE3", "car_sedan_DZE4", "VWGold", "VWGold_DZE1", "VWGold_DZE2", "VWGold_DZE3", "VWGold_DZE4", "car_hatchback", "car_hatchback_DZE1", "car_hatchback_DZE2", "car_hatchback_DZE3", "car_hatchback_DZE4", "datsun1_civil_1_open", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE1", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE2", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE3", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE4", "SUV_Camo", "SUV_Camo_DZE1", "SUV_Camo_DZE2", "SUV_Camo_DZE3", "SUV_Camo_DZE4", "datsun1_civil_3_open", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE1", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE2", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE3", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE4", "GLT_M300_ST", "HMMWV_DZ" ]; kDownFunc = { private ["_theCar","_keyDown"]; _keyDown = _this; if (_keyDown == 42 && donn_nitroOn) then { _theCar = vehicle player; if (isEngineOn _theCar && ((getPosATL _theCar) select 2) < 0.1 && speed _theCar >= 50) then { private ["_vel","_dir"]; _dir = direction _theCar; _vel = velocity _theCar; _theCar setVelocity [ (_vel select 0) + (sin _dir * 0.1), (_vel select 1) + (cos _dir * 0.1), (_vel select 2) ]; _theCar setFuel ((fuel _theCar) - 0.000035); if ((diag_tickTime - donn_airStarted) >= donn_airWait) then { [nil,_theCar, rSAY,["suction", 100]] call RE; if (donn_airWait == 3.5) then { [nil,_theCar, rSAY,["exhaustor", 100]] call RE; donn_airStarted = diag_tickTime; donn_airWait = 3; donn_problem = true; [] spawn { private ["_theCar","_vel","_calcDir","_magnitude","_dir","_intensity"]; _theCar = vehicle player; for "_x" from 1 to 200 do { if (vehicle player == _theCar && isEngineOn _theCar && ((getPosATL _theCar) select 2) < 0.1 && speed _theCar >= 50) then { _vel = velocity _theCar; _dir = direction _theCar; _magnitude = sqrt((_vel select 0)^2 + (_vel select 1)^2); if ((_vel select 0) < 0) then {_calcDir = 360 - aCos ((_vel select 1)/_magnitude);} else {_calcDir = aCos ((_vel select 1)/_magnitude);}; if (abs(_dir-_calcDir) <= 5) then { _theCar setVelocity [(_vel select 0) * 1.01, (_vel select 1) * 1.01, (_vel select 2)]; }; }; uiSleep 0.01; if (!donn_problem) exitWith {}; }; }; } else { donn_airStarted = diag_tickTime; donn_airWait = random 3.5; if (donn_airWait > 3) then {donn_airWait = 3.5;}; }; }; }; }; }; kUpFunc = { private ["_keyUp"]; _keyUp = _this; if (_keyUp == 41) then { donn_problem = false; }; if (_keyUp == 57) then { if (donn_nitroOn) then { donn_nitroOn = false; systemChat ("Nitro Off!"); } else { donn_nitroOn = true; systemChat ("Nitro On!"); if (donn_speedometer) then { [] spawn { while {donn_nitroOn} do { cutText [format ["Speed in Km/h: %1", round (speed (vehicle player))], "PLAIN"]; uiSleep 0.5; }; }; }; }; }; }; [] spawn { while {true} do { //WAIT TO BE IN VEHICLE waitUntil {sleep 0.25; vehicle player != player && (driver (vehicle player)) == player}; if ((typeOf (vehicle player)) in donn_nitroCars) then { donn_nosOk = true; donn_airStarted = diag_tickTime; donn_airWait = 1.5; donn_problem = false; [nil, (vehicle player), rSAY, ["nitro", 100]] call RE; [player,25,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies; systemChat ("Press Space Bar to turn Nitro On/OFF!"); nosKeyDown = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this select 1 call kDownFunc; false;"]; nosKeyUp = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyUp","_this select 1 call kUpFunc; false;"]; } else { donn_nosOk = false; }; //WAIT TO BE OUT OF THE VEHICLE waitUntil {sleep 0.25; vehicle player == player || (driver (vehicle player)) != player}; if (donn_nosOk) then { donn_nitroOn = false; donn_airStarted = nil; donn_airWait = nil; donn_problem = nil; (findDisplay 46) displayRemoveEventHandler ["KeyDown", nosKeyDown]; (findDisplay 46) displayRemoveEventHandler ["KeyUp", nosKeyUp]; }; }; }; MISSION FILES: NEW FILES SOUNDS Download the file in the link bellow and unzip it to the NOS folder. Those are the 3 sounds: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0p7xiu69f798rto/Donn%20Nitro%20Sounds%20v2.0.7z?dl=0 MISSION FILES: SOUND DECLARATIONS In your description.ext (this is not a new file), located in your mission folder, you need to declare the 3 sounds useds on Gelid Nitro. You may have other sounds already delcared, if so just add Gelid Nitro sounds along with then. The sound names are nitro, suction and exhaustor: class CfgSounds { class nitro { name="nitro"; sound[]={NOS\nitro.ogg,0.9,1}; titles[] = {}; }; class suction { name="suction"; sound[]={NOS\suction.ogg,0.1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; class exhaustor { name="exhaustor"; sound[]={NOS\exhaustor.ogg,1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; MISSION FILES: init.sqf At the end of your init.sqf add this code: [] execVM "nitro\nitro.sqf"; HOW TO USE 1 - Enter in a car that have Nitro, see list bellow. 2 - You will listem am initial air flow sound (this happens on cars that have Nitro). 3 - Press space bar to turn Nitro On/Off. 4 - When you reach 50 Km/h, the Nitro sound will start, and your car will receive a boost. List of cars with Nitro: donn_nitroCars = [ "car_sedan", "car_sedan_DZE1", "car_sedan_DZE2", "car_sedan_DZE3", "car_sedan_DZE4", "VWGold", "VWGold_DZE1", "VWGold_DZE2", "VWGold_DZE3", "VWGold_DZE4", "car_hatchback", "car_hatchback_DZE1", "car_hatchback_DZE2", "car_hatchback_DZE3", "car_hatchback_DZE4", "datsun1_civil_1_open", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE1", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE2", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE3", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE4", "SUV_Camo", "SUV_Camo_DZE1", "SUV_Camo_DZE2", "SUV_Camo_DZE3", "SUV_Camo_DZE4", "datsun1_civil_3_open", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE1", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE2", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE3", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE4", "GLT_M300_ST", "HMMWV_DZ" ];
  3. Hi guys, need a few updates for the vehicle garage if possible. I need to limit the amount of vehicles per player... Also need to stop overpowered vehicles being stored in the garage. I have updated my player_storeVehicle.sqf with the following code but it's not working, it still stores them : // Developed by [GZA] David for German Zombie Apocalypse Servers (https://zombieapo.eu/) private["_unit","_obj","_wogear","_charID","_objectID","_keyavailable","_keyColor","_added","_objectUID","_key","_class","_noStore"]; if(lbCurSel 3802 == -1) exitWith {hint "No Vehicle selected"}; _unit = player; _obj = StoreVehicleList select (lbCurSel 3802); StoreVehicleList = nil; _wogear = _this select 0; closeDialog 0; _noStore = _obj in ["AH64D"]; if (_noStore) exitWith { cutText ["Woah, that vehicle is too overpowered. You can't store that here!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; _charID = _obj getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; _objectID = _obj getVariable ["ObjectID","0"]; _objectUID = _obj getVariable ["ObjectUID","0"]; if (_objectID == "1") exitWith {cutText ["Can not store mission vehicle.", "PLAIN DOWN"];}; // Check for mission vehicle WAI Script _keyavailable = false; _keyColor = ["ItemKeyYellow","ItemKeyBlue","ItemKeyRed","ItemKeyGreen","ItemKeyBlack"]; if(_charID != "0") then { { if (configName(inheritsFrom(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x)) in _keyColor) then { if (str(getNumber(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x >> "keyid")) == _charID) then { _key = _x; _keyavailable = true; }; }; } count (items _unit); } else {_keyavailable = true;}; if (!_keyavailable) exitWith {cutText ["You need the key of the vehicle.", "PLAIN DOWN"];}; _added = false; if (!_wogear) then { _added = [player, Pricegear] call SC_fnc_removeCoins; } else {_added = true;}; Pricegear = nil; if(!_added) exitWith {cutText ["You don't have enough money.", "PLAIN DOWN"];}; if(_charID != "0") then { [_unit,_key] call BIS_fnc_invRemove; cutText ["Key removed!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; _obj setvehiclelock "locked"; PVDZE_storeVehicle = [_obj, _unit, _wogear]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_storeVehicle"; waitUntil {!isNil "PVDZE_storeVehicleResult"}; PVDZ_obj_Destroy = [_objectID,_objectUID,_unit]; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_obj_Destroy"; deleteVehicle _obj; PVDZE_storeVehicleResult = nil; sleep 2; cutText ["Stored Vehicle in Garage.", "PLAIN DOWN"]; Also would be nice to maybe implement an sql event which removes them out the garage after 14 days if anyone could write that? Merci ! xD
  4. cmEARPLUGS SCRIPT ver 2.0 B) WHAT IT DOES: Earplugs script for Arma 3 Epoch (EPAH safe) - This script allows you to put in "earplugs". - Config.sqf will let you configure almost every possible aspect of the script. - You can now insert and remove the earplugs by pressing a key of your choice. - Current available keys are : F4, F5, INSERT, NUMPADMULTIPLY, NUMPADDIVIDE - You can toggle the hotkey in case you use EPAH and wont be ablt to use hotkeys. - Auto-insert and remove earplugs when getting in and out of vehicles. - Inserting earplugs reduces volume down to about 25 percent. - Removing earplugs restores volume to 100 percent. -Thanks to mgm on epochmod.com for helping with keypress config technique. Here is a link to the github files. https://github.com/computermancer/cmEarplugs B) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Copy the cmEarplugs folder to your mission folder (altis.Epoch) 2. If you have init.sqf, copy the code in this init.sqf to yours. 2a. If you do not have an init.sqf, copy this one over to your mission folder. 3. Copy onPlayerKilled.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf to your mission folder. 4. Config your personal settings in the config.sqf file in the cmEarplgus folder. 5. Edit your battleye filters. Edit the following in your battleye filters. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// scripts.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (BIS_fnc_) First Line: !"bis_fnc_initVehicle" !"BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" !"BIS_fnc_arsenal_type" (displayAddEventHandler ) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) : !"EP_LOOP" (displayAddEventHandler ) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) !"cmKeyPress" ( exec ) Line 22 (23 on notepad++) : !"clock.sqf" ( removeAllActions ) Line 31 (32 on notepad++) : !"onplayerkilled.sqf" (displayRemoveEventHandler) Line 59 (60 on notepad++) : !"cmKeyPress" (removeAllEventHandlers) Line 59 (60 on notepad++) : !"cmKeyPress" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PublicVariable.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// First Line: !"cmEarplugs_hotkeyDIKCodeNumber" First Line: !"PLAYER_REJECT_NotReady1" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// B) WHAT TO KNOW: If you use Epoch Anti Hack, the script will work except for the keypress option. EPAH seems to disable keydown eventhandlers. But auto insert and menu inside vehicle work fine. If you disable EPAH, you can use the keypress toggle as well.
  5. Hello everyone. I know that this problem is widely known and that everyone already posted a topic like this, but i've been experimenting around with this add-on for a long time now (did my research), and I just can't get it right. To be clear, I am using the no bank version on the default hive and I have had this add on work on a Chernarus server, but I am now trying to get it to work on a Overpoch Taviana server. In my RPT file I can not find any error and I have tried to use the mission PBO and server PBO provided by Zupa. When I look at my database in the character table, it does not add anything for the coins pouch. This is obviously the problem but I don't know the fix. So if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please help me out because me and my friends really want this working on Overpoch Taviana aswell as Chernarus. This are the files that I have right now, Zupa's PBO's edited to the settings for Taviana (stuff like spawnzone and instance number): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_r9wDtGfEBwSjRHLVFhekZ6MjA/view?usp=sharing EDIT: Found another post with a potential fix: Tried to add the trigger, did nothing. I will test the other solutions stated on that post later on. Not allot of hope left atm :P EDIT EDIT: Just found out that there is not banking_data table in my Database. There was nothing stated in the tutorial that I needed to make this manually. Maybe this is the problem? If so, how do I create it and with what setup? EDIT EDIT EDIT: Okay, I guess that banking_data table is only needed for SC1.1 and SC2.0, but where does the SC3.0 add-on save the money for the players and vehicles/objects. And what is the format/syntax for this (in other words, how do I add this because there is nothing being added right now). Thanks in advance, NeusAap.
  6. Hello everyone! I would like to begin this topic by saying; I am a complete total noob in this game/mod. I just bought ARMA III yesterday, and have been trying alot of different mods out. This being my absolute favourite. I love the looting system, trading and i guess i will start to enjoy building a base or atleast a home (when I figure how to). I just have one question for you, maybe two; Are vehicles that you find in the wild locked? Or is it something that I am doing wrong? I took a screenshot to show you the type of car, but that screenshot is somehow lost.. The car was a blue sedan, with some random vinyls on the drivers side. I went up to it, only to find out that there was absolutely nothing I could do with it, there was no options whatsoever. Is there something I am missing in my inventory, or am I just a complete moron for not getting in? Thank you so much, I really appreciate all replys. -Elz
  7. Hello again, this question today. How to disable the weapons on a particular technique, ie that on the Mi24 or Ka52 missiles did not work (and when you try to shoot the player does not Ban and Kick), and BTR90 worked, or the like?
  8. Hello, i cant get in a car on a epoch sever, only option is to tow when i use the mousewheel. mabey i need a key but if i need one, it normaly says "the vehicle is locked" or something like that.
  9. Hi I am not sure this is the right forum, but I give it a go :) I been googling to try and find an SQL to delete cars what has not key in the game anymore, but I am coming up a bit short. I found this: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1007 Tried to do this: SELECT object_data.ObjectID, object_data.ObjectUID, object_data.Worldspace, object_data.Classname, object_data.CharacterID, object_data.LastUpdated, (CASE WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 2501 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyGreen', object_data.CharacterID) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 5001 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyRed', object_data.CharacterID - 2500) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 7501 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyBlue', object_data.CharacterID - 5000) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 10001 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyYellow', object_data.CharacterID - 7500) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 12501 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyBlack', object_data.CharacterID - 10000) ELSE 'ERROR' END) AS `KeyColour`, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `character_data` WHERE `Alive` = '1' AND (`Inventory` LIKE CONCAT('%', KeyColour, '%') OR `Backpack` LIKE CONCAT('%', KeyColour, '%'))) AS InChar, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `object_data` WHERE `Inventory` LIKE CONCAT('%', KeyColour, '%')) AS InVeh FROM `object_data` WHERE `CharacterID` <> '0' AND `CharacterID` <= 12500 AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Land%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Cinder%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Wood%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Metal%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE '%Storage%' AND `Classname` NOT IN ('OutHouse_DZ', 'GunRack_DZ', 'WorkBench_DZ', 'Sandbag1_DZ', 'FireBarrel_DZ','DesertCamoNet_DZ','StickFence_DZ','LightPole_DZ','DeerStand_DZ','ForestLargeCamoNet_DZ','Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ','Hedgehog_DZ','FuelPump_DZ', 'Fort_RazorWire', 'SandNest_DZ', 'ForestCamoNet_DZ', 'Fence_corrugated_DZ', 'CanvasHut_DZ', 'Generator_DZ') But I am not 100% friends with MySql yet, so does this tject in players safes too, to see if there is a key ? or only on players and in backpacks? And the results are that the cars with out key’s ? even the once that says 1 in ‘InChar’ or ‘InVeh’ ? Anyone knows? Or know a better way to remove cars where the key is lost ?
  10. How come some vehicles don't have a specified armor rating, such as the Mi-17? https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/Release_1.0.4.2/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/CfgVehicles/AIR/Mi17.hpp If no armor is specified does it default to something? Or is there another file involved for each vehicle?
  11. psychosis

    Custom Vehicle

    Anyone can help..../? Cant find custom car pack for epoch.. any about that.. cars like HELLO KITTY, bmw , etc
  12. hey, so my server used to spawn around 400-500 vehicles, choppers included and such, but now its only spawning about 100, could this be because of the custom map edits? and if so, what can i do to make vehicles spawn more often and more of them.
  13. Wriggles

    Suicide Bomb

    So recently I was fiddling around with stuff and I found a neat little script to make the AN2 Biplane amazing. If you edit your server_functions.sqf, you can make the AN2 Biplane have two M240 machine guns on the front, completely transforming it. For anyone interested in this, go here: http://opendayz.net/threads/biplane-with-m240-oh-yes.9458/ There is one issue with it however. When you buy an AN2 from a trader or spawn one in via an admin menu, it does not have the guns. Only natural spawning ones have it. Is there any way to make it so spawned/trader bought vehicles have it equipped? My question is would it be possible to add the dumb fire bombs to a certain car? It would act like a suicide bomb. Once triggered it would drop a bomb, instantly hitting the ground and causing an explosion. I saw something like this on another server ages ago where if you had a czech backpack on you had a scroll wheel option to 'Suicide Bomb' (speaking of which, does anyone know how to or have this script?) Any help is appreciated!
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