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Found 18 results

  1. Not sure if this has ever come up before but maintenance and maintaining bases currently is only aimed at a very specific set of Epoch players at the exclusion of players like myself. I play regularly on Epoch, 3-4 times a week after work for an hour or two a night (full time job and a family) Playing as a lone wolf sniper as well as not being able to play every day, pretty much excludes me completely from any form of meaningful base building as I simply cannot maintain any form of base as I cannot play often enough to do so. Has there been any discussion within the dev team about this? What about other forms of deterioration of building materials such as an 'age' value whereby say a wooden wall section 1 day old would require a satchel to destroy, whereas after 7 days, it would require only a grenade, something like that. Or just remove maintenance and degradation completely and give each building component a damage value, and add new base building components such as reinforced concrete (scrap metal and Cinder block) that has a huge damage value (almost indestructible, but can only be used for walls and not for floors/roofs) Right now, I am missing out on a significant part of Epoch simply because I have a full time job and family and cannot play the hours required to maintain base parts. That to me seems like a poor way of implementing that mechanic of the game that excludes a certain % of your player base from ever building anything that will last with any meaning. At least add in an alternative to the maintenance system so that server admins can choose between the two?
  2. Hey folks, as of today I have set up a new A3 Epoch server and have some "minor" trouble with it. 1) Maintenance I play singleplayer and therefor the maintenance feature is just annoying, so I wanted to disable it by setting the "expiresBuilding" to "-1", however this deleted all my base structures immediately. I did the same for players and bank accounts, however my player could be loaded just fine (Phew!). Also storage devices (Tipis and Shelves) are all fine. How can I properly disable the maintenance feature? 2) Building Limit I set the requirement for a jammer off, and now I have the issue that I can build max. 5 shelves and 2 tipis (although the last one of them cannot be placed properly!). I want to raise that limit drastically, since this makes a well-sorted base impossible! Anyone can help me with that? Thank you guys in advance, Thief <3
  3. Hello, I was wondering whether it is possible to increase the amount of hit-points for certain building materials ingame. I would like to increase the amount of bullets/damage it takes to take down wooden structures on our servers. I am happy with the cinder/metal item hit-points. Does anyone know whether this is possible and where i would look to do this? Thanks Marko
  4. Hello im very stuck can anyone help me adding a something to stop metal floors etc from decaying i have snap pro,vectors,JAEM,Service Point installed and i have no idea how to stop decay on my server..i have in hive.ini cleanup set to -1...and i also have the god mode code inserted into the mission init.sqf... its hard to find what actually works with the least about of problems
  5. Hallo, Thnks for checking out this post :D So its a while i joined any Epoch server, Im just to bussy with some stuff, but i can remember playing on a pve server with lots of ai on ground and air, with a constant ai patrol where ever you are, and so i decided to build away from all the big cities, and started to build my base in a barn all the way up the the north-west side of the map, picture: http://gyazo.com/343...e4a4268b8064e2d but i still get lost of ai patrol's on my front door, but i builded the barn so there are no hole's that they can get trough, but i discovered they can walk trough my doors -_- and its close to a road, do you guys no any good spot's in chernarus to build my base at, and maybe a little bit more in the middel of the map, cuz i constantly die and then it takes ages to get back to my base, and do it all over again and again. i dont mind building in the middle of the woods, but i also need space to land my chopper's :D Do you guys also have some base idea's or tips, i saw this picture http://gyazo.com/539...3f35e766c66272e and i dont mind building like this, cuz this also looks really cool, but it would be better if its close to an open spot. like this: http://gyazo.com/7d9...ed436c12f9b798d-Although i dont even know where this is :P maybe you guys know? pleas let me know, or if you know where i can build my base :) Greets -Holland
  6. Hey, i read the following Patchnote for the upcoming patch 0.2 and now im a little bit confused. -[New] Base building objects get deleted after 7 days. (Painting walls extends this for 7 more days.) I mean, Base Building is a very difficult and especially the most time consuming part of Epoch. I cant believe that the will deleted every building object when a object reached the expiration of 7 days. Are there any exceptions, like building parts within range of a frequenzy Jammer will be not deleted ? If anybody got a little bit more informations about this, it would be really nice if you share it with us. BB Tbone
  7. OK so i just got the server a few days ago and have managed to get plenty of things working correctly on it so far but in doing so i have managed to break something when it comes to base building. when a player builds some walls or whatever they want it all seems to rotate to the same exact angle on server restart. all the pieces are still in the correct positions they are simply all rotated from whatever angles they were all at originally to the same angle so that everything is parallel to each other... i know you cant simply tell me what i did (atleast i dont think you can since i have so much crap added) BUT i was hoping someone would have an idea of what i should be looking for. possibly a variable name or something that has to do with player built structures where the rotation is possibly being overwritten or atleast tell me how the walls position is formatted in the code. i should also mention that when i check out the individual pieces of walls in the database they all seem to still have the correct values for each so i am assuming this is just some line of code somewhere forcefully changing their rotation on server restart. so any help with what file i should be looking in or what sorts of things i should be looking for would be great, thanks!
  8. Does a plot pole prevent other players from removing items? Tank Trap Kits Sand Bags H-Barriers Metal Panels I put up a plot pole and some metal panels and two other players told me they did NOT get a mouse wheel option to remove the metal panels. So, I assumed that meant it was the plot pole preventing that option from showing up... which is great! However, later on I died and when I got back to my base I did not expect to get the option to remove the metal panels until I had a chance to remove and replace the plot pole (since plot poles are tied to your "life") but I did have the option. So this makes me second guess whether or not the other two players didn't get the remove option due to the plot pole or some other sort of issue they were having (such as recently changing skins or something). Note: My experience above was with Epoch v1.0.2.5. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I was wondering why no players can build on a fresh server just started with the Lingor island 1.5 from Armaholic. It shows the count down but pressing any button does absolutely nothing, and the only way to cancel the build is to run around. The server currently has nothing but admin tools installed on it I believe. Everyone is running the latest version of epoch as well. Any ideas as to why we can't all build at all?
  10. I am having an issue on my server with the modular base building. I have been building my base and have the roof partially done. Everything is going great. I am continuing to build my roof, but I have gotten to a point to where I place a metal floor where I want it, hit the key to build, and it raises itself up the instant constructions begins. When I say "raises up", I mean it raises a complete building height higher than where it was placed. The result is I have a partially built floor/roof and the rest of the items are a story higher. The weird thing is that I have checked in the database and the floor is set at the exact height of the other items placed correctly. For example, that part of the building has a correctly placed floor at [312.009,[6638.28,2686.02,14.218]], but the one placed adjacent to it at [310.887,[6642.09,2682.62,14.234]] is a complete story higher in game. I have adjusted the height directly in the database, restarted the server, and I can move the height a bit, but it remains much higher. When I get to a point where I enter the height at around 12.5 or lower, it comes back down to normal height, but now the floor is waist high in the room. Not sure if anyone else has seen this, or if there is a fix for it? For reference..... I have the following mods installed: Self Blood Bag Sarge AI Missions CPC Nametags Strip Clothes Indestructible Buildings by CPC PS - I have built 3 stories on this particular base with no issues whatsoever up until this point.
  11. I would like more ways to get scrap metal. Maybe a method of mining mountain rocks for ore and crafting that into scrap metal ? Fire or even a kiln required.. It would allow for base building without having to go into town to find / deconstruct metal parts. Have just started on base building but is my first thought. I may be missing a trick here. Was sorely tempted to take an Axe to our lorry, that we use as as a store for all the buildables, just to get metal. Think I broke a tyre.. The woodwork is fantastic, in that wood can be gained from the environment, naturally metal can be too. would this be a step too far in allowing massive base building 'off the land', obviously the incentive to visit the cities/towns is still there for health and goodie collecting reasons..
  12. Ok, so I noticed when trying to place a ''Large door frame'' with a door, I get kicked and the following message appears: You have been kicked by BattlEye: CreateVehicle Restriction #48, I gave the item to my friend, and he says he also gets kicked when trying to place it. Any idea what might be wrong?
  13. Hi all, First post here so hopefully it's in the right place. I have placed a 30m plot pole at the location I wish to build my base. I have crafted a workbench and it is in my inventory. However when i right click on it and choose 'build workbench' a message comes up saying something along the lines of "must be within 30m of plot pole" when I am standing right next to the pole itself. Without the workbench I cannot place any of the other buildings down. Any ideas? ShadowForce.
  14. Hey guys :) Does anyone have base building 1.2 / improvements 0.3 working on epoch that they could share the files for? I've been struggling with getting this sorted for a bit, so any help would be super-cool! Thanks :D
  15. Hey, So there is a lot of discussion about bases being perma or not... The argument for perma bases (which I am for, by the way!), is that it's not fair that someone can spend weeks building a base, only to have it removed in one evening when they are not online. The argument against perma bases seem to be that its more realistic, I see the point here too - IRL, people WOULD be able to raid & destroy your bases, although not as easily as when someone leaves the game IRL for work/sleep etc! That's the point here then, right? In Real Life, you'd ALWAYS have someone at the base - hell, you'd likely sleep there and have someone posted on guard to wake everyone to defend it if needed, right? Trouble is, we can't do that on DayZ, as we ALL need sleep, some go to school/college/work etc... So how about being able to 'buy' from the traders (hire?) a small group of AI guards (a set number, like 1 sniper, 2 gunner, 1 scout and a medic?) that are only friendly to your GUID or PlayerUID (database)? Obviously this would mean trouble for your clan mates, but then again, there could be a warning with 60 seconds to enter the right PIN code for the guard. The AI guards, when purchased, would appear at your base (plot pole? - so you'd have to have a placed pole to be able to purchase). This way, players bases are guarded while they sleep or work IRL, but they are not perma, as if bandits are good, they will be able to wipe out all the guards then destroy/raid the base. Prob quite a bit of coding, but I'd love to see this, and I'd even be happier using Epochs non-perma base building if I knew it was guarded so that one lonely sad geek couldn't wander up with a few tools and take it all apart unhindered!!!
  16. LOTS of DayZ Epoch server admins seem to like base building 1.2 / improvements 0.3... Myself, I am holding OFF installing any of the recent Epoch updates because it doesn't currently work with BB 1.2... This seems a shame, as Epoch is AMAZING!!! I love it! But I much prefer the base building 1.2 / imp. 0.3 system for base building, and I am keen to update Epoch, but don't want to due to the incompatibility between BB 1.2 and the most recent Epoch updates :( I think it would be just AMAZING for Epoch to run base building 1.2 / Imp. 0.3 as standard, so it works in all updated versions of Epoch by default :D Honestly, that would make an already awesome mod, just, well... the epitome of awesomeness! What do you guys think? Would you like to see BB 1.2 / Imp. 0.3 as standard in future Epoch launches??? Vote now :D
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