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Found 3 results

  1. can i get a short explanation of how these settings might be changed and the effects of the changes... i get the idea but wonder what the limits are for these "antagonistChances[]" the second part of each item "0.06" what are the ranges what happens if i change it to "0.50" can it be changed to "1.75" and some of them have "0" what does this mean ? antagonistChances[] = { // {"type", chance} "Epoch_Cloak_F",0.06, "GreatWhite_F",0, "Epoch_Sapper_F",0.12, "Epoch_SapperG_F",0.06, "Epoch_SapperB_F",0.03, "I_UAV_01_F",0.12, "PHANTOM",0.03, "B_Heli_Transport_01_F",0, "EPOCH_RyanZombie_1",0.12, "I_Soldier_EPOCH",0 };
  2. So i saw some cool vids depicting a giant rock monster called the Construct and theres a page about it on the epoch wiki, is this thing still being added to the game? personally i think i giant raid boss is an exellent idea. would be cool if he had more than a base melee attack tho, like if he would throw parts of buildings, rocks, and cars at people.
  3. Ma12tian

    New Antagonist Idea

    I did a quick search and didnt see any threads mentioning this idea. I thought it would really add to the game to have an aerial antagonist. We are used to only having to be concerned with the enemies on the ground and feel like we are nigh untouchable while flying. An aerial antagonist that could attack players on the ground as well as those in the air would add huge amounts of suspense. Just imagine being in a helicopter and suddenly you hear a screech, you start looking around frantically trying to get a glimpse of your aggressor. You spot the beast closing in on you from behind and immediately go full nose down in your helo to try and squeeze out just a little more speed. As you crest the next hill you glance back to see nothing but blue sky. You have escaped...for now. You land at your base and climb out of your aircraft, you are obviously shaken by the event. You breathe a sigh of relief and begin walking to your door but by the time you hear it it's too late.A shrill cry pierces the air and you are lifted into the sky! The last thing you know in this life is that the ground that was getting smaller is now getting exceptionally big...exceptionally fast. What do you guys think? Is it viable?