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Found 4 results

  1. CSAT: Admin-Tool & Anti-Hack A free & pretty admin-tool and anti-hack. UPDATE I was very ill, I'm no longer ill(ish). Which means that I'm now working on CSAT again at long last. I've been working on it for the last 3-4 days and have already got a handful of new features implemented and made quite a few improvements on what was already there. I won't be working on this as much as I used to, I gotta keep my health in check, but the days I do work on it I'm gonna go HAM on this keyboard. Screenies: Patience, you must have. Video: Ain't nobody got time for that. Files: Computer says no. Ideas: If you have any ideas of what you might like in an admin tool, let me know. Features: (Fractional List)
  2. MrRaiz0r


    Hi! We are looking at putting in safezones at the traders and we want the Epoch safezones used in ArmA 2 where you had godmode and such. With the new system and the admin menu running at the same time as soon as a player gets GodMode he/she gets banned...the only way to turn off the ingame antihack is to remove the AdminMenu at the same time. I find the AdminMenu to work quite well but this is really a dealbreaker atm... Does anyone know if there's a workaround? Would really appreciate it. *IF NOT Please let us remove the automatic AntiHack system and keep using the AdminMenu!*
  3. speaR

    New Helicopter isnt working

    Mornin guys, having soem issues getting the new ch53 to work for me. I'm running a dedicated server with Epoch and Overwatch on it. Well,my only problem is (well it isnt really a problem but its a pitty that..) the CH53 doesnt spawn if people try to buy it. Spawning it in with my admin tools isnt working too. The rpt logs say: Thats all i found in the logs searchin for CH53. I had similar problems with the vodnik, but fixed them easily removing it out of the banned vehicles from the overwatch files.. Would be nice if someone knows what to do :-)
  4. Hey all, so i´m not sure... can somebody give me a tutorial of how to install an admin tool (spawn, teleport, god mode etc) on a private server that runs I would mich appreciate it Thanks :) Edit: Got it! But my vehicles are exploding when i enter them. Ideas to fix ? And if i want to spawn weapon kits, it kicks me out if the game (restriction) And last question. Do you know how to ad the AS50 / M107 to a private server again ? Thanks