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Found 7 results

  1. Hi we have a gaming community which is only getting busier and now we are looking for more scripters to help with the servers, people who want to be part of our gaming community. Drop me a private message if you're interested with info on your exp, Cheers
  2. Hi , Me and a friend have recently bought a arma 2 server and looking for help with adding mods and general scripting. kind regards Andy
  3. Basically I am currently setting up my Overpoch server and i need an experienced admin, that knows how to script among other things. As im not that experienced in the server side of things and I need a bit of help as well as map editing. Requirements: Must be 16+ Must have a mic Must have Skype or Team speak
  4. .
  5. Welcome, Since my recent server shutdown, I'm understand how hard it can be to script for servers. So I'm here to relieve stress on server owners who are new to scripting, or if you just need help on single scripts. No I will not "create" a script but I will help individuals with existing scripts and help modify existing scripts. What I do: Full Mission and Server pbos Single Scripts Community/Clan websites Loading Screen Designs (Nothing to Advanced) Payment Models Most jobs here, I will do for free (unless your a asshole). But major projects aka entire mission and server pbos, websites, loading screen designs, or entire servers, yes I will charge you. But I do love doing this so most of the simple questions that come to me, yes I will help you for free. To All That Disapprove I am simply here to help new server owners or to help existing scipters with there or others scripts. I am not here to horde money from people who are incapable of doing it themeselves. How To Contact Me To contact me simply message me here on EpochMod.com, or OpenDayZ.net I will soon have a website going up where you can fill out a form and browse the community postings for DayZ Scripting! -JustThatCool [Edit] WEBSITE STATUS: 51%
  6. Greetings folks I am a survivor that found this game 7 months ago. I really kicked myself for not seeing it earlier, tbh, but somehow I missed it. Ive enjoyed my DayZ experiences tremendously, in general. And Im stoked about all the Work, some of you put into this game, and the wonderful mods being made. Great job, Guys. Modding is probably the best game Development, in the World atm. It makes for the best immersive gameplay, by far and creates great networking, in the process. Ive tried regular DayZ servers, a few of the different maps out there, and have now been playing for 2 months on a new unofficial Epoch server. Met the admin setting it up, and had a great fun time, helping him and the server to build up a regular player-base. He made me a moderator, after a while. And all was well. Lots of glitches, bugs and other issues as you can imagine. Epoch is a real hard thing to make Work properly I hear. And as such, nothing out of the ordinary. A server lives on the whims of the Admins. It rises and falls with them. As it should be. However, 2 more admins soon joined, and took over most of the daily running of it. And suddenly, large packs of AI started spawning on top of everyone, with little chance for us to survive it. Most of the traders were glitched, and didnt spawn the vehicles that players purchased, so they lost all their gold. Many of the regulars stopped logging in, and even though I gave my feedback about the issues to the admins, they just asked me to shut up or go to another server, if I didnt like it. Clearly a change in their attitude and their motives. We was a few holding on to the server, hoping for some reasoning and change to happen, but Things kept screwiing up: lots of unscheduled restarts, traders still didnt work, Plot poles were bugged, so Buildings kept falling apart, AI kept spawning in suddenly, on top of players, 3 Admins, and they only spend their time on adding AI, rather than servicing their player-base or fixing the bugs pertaining the base of the game. Mainly gold, Building and crafting. If those arent working, you might as well play regular DayZ... The server is called: BambiWorld UK Epoch Chernarus Server (IP: Admins were: shaun (Admin) Jim (Admin) Picto Wolf I have come to the conclusions, that either that server is a trap for newbies, where they welcome you, and promise you a lot, and then they invite their Clan-mates from other servers in, to rape the Bambi´s. Which is why they dont much care about fixing the basic bugs. Since they know that people will leave, after being destroyed utterly, by their mates. Might be great fun for them, but for new guys trying to learn the ropes, its really a low blow, imo. Or its just a few newbie idiot Admins, playing with their antfarm with a magnifying lens. So my advice to new people reading this: If you want to learn the ropes in Epoch, I suggest using dedicated servers, and to not trust anyone. And should you use unofficial servers, dont trust the Admins. They arent there to help you. So to shorten the post Down, I thought Id save some new people some anguish, by posting that server here. I bear no grudge, but neither do I think its acceptable for that Newbie-trap to exist, unhindered. Hope you Guys find some good servers, out there, with REAL admins, willing to listen to feedback, and not taking it like a proper, adolescent moron. See ye all in Chernarus o/
  7. Server Owners Looking For Help. Opportunity Here! Hello, my name is ZGLando, a friend and I have started a DayZ Epoch server. We recently parted from an old community, now we are starting anew. The server is already funded, we are looking for an EXPERIENCED person to assist with the creation of the server. The benefits of assisting us is a possibility of becoming an admin on the server. Please realize we're not paying for services, the only thing we can offer is a possible admin spot. We'd greatly appreciate someone getting in contact with me and having a person willingly help us out in creating this server to be the best. If help is substantially great, you could be involved in greater things with our community. We plan in the future of getting things running smoothly. We will eventually if donations are there and people are liking us, plan on getting more servers running. To finish up here, I'd like to give out my contact information, you can find me on the following programs easily. I will be available almost 24/7 (I do business from home). Steam Community : http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZGLando/ Skype: ZGLando We also run a teamspeak server, If you question me in these programs you can get the information directly from me.
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