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Found 21 results

  1. Good evening at all! I'm Antonio, and I've already built servers with Nitrado, to have fun with friends, and we say they were pretty good. Now after a few months I still subscribe to a server with Nitrado and I saw that I also have Infistar Admin tools. I can not find the configuration procedures, and even a list of keys to use or how to get into the admin tools. Anyway I came in and with the F2 button I see the menu, when I close it with the esc key then it does not let me enter. I probably make mistakes or misses. Where can I find a step-by-step setup guide ??? Thanks to who has time to devote to me. Antonio - Italy Good job everyone, and very very thanks Sorry - google tralator
  2. When i try to use spawn items or esp i get kicked off and its says Battleye: Public Variable Restriction #0)
  3. NOTICE For those who want to use this in 1.0.6 Instead of using this one, I suggest visiting the following thread for game version 1.0.6 and up The tools are partially updated for the new release. Most features are working so far and it can be downloaded from here (follow the readme for install): https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools/tree/TestBranch IMPORTANT: Under NO circumstances should you download this tool from a different source. I have been notified of numerous virus downloads listed as my work (usually second page of google and farther). I have petitioned to have all of the ones I know of blacklisted and have sent virus profiles to all major antivirus companies. If you find a .exe in any work claiming to be mine, it is a virus and should be shredded. Please only download from MY github link or the links in this post. My github repo will NEVER be removed and if I leave the project and someone wishes to take over, they will be given rights to the repo. Features: For help with Administration: Multiple Admin levels Spectate players "Display code" for locked vaults/doors "Create key" for vehicles with lost keys Force lock and unlock vehicles without keys Base Destruction - Destroy all buildables/vehicles within a customizable radius Spawnable crates with weapons, items, and supplies Spawn locked or temporary vehicles via the menu or a custom-made graphical vehicle menu (screenshot) Other features: Godmode Teleport self (or others to you) Flying Invisibility Delete and repair/refuel vehicle on crosshairs ESP - display players, zombies, safes, tents, vehicles, and AI on the map ...and more! Installation, changes, additional information, FAQ, credits, issues and everything else can be found at the project page on Github: Epoch Admin Tools on GitHub Click here for an install tutorial video for the tool I have been informed that some places block GitHub, so here are direct links hosted by me: Newest full release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pjvj07u5yemo7we/Epoch-Admin-Tools-master.zip?dl=0 Beta build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xm6t1k3gvp3t8ex/Epoch-Admin-Tools-TestBranch.zip?dl=0 If you have an improvement you would like to add, make a pull request and make these tools even better! Error Reporting: BEFORE posting an issue on Github or on this forum: If you think you might have installed it incorrectly, follow the YouTube Video Install Tutorial Try reinstalling the tool. You more than likely missed something important. Do a quick search on this forum for a fix to your problem. Check your server's RPT log for errors. This will identify 99% of problems with the menu. Be ready to copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin or Gist in an issue or in the discussion forum for help with troubleshooting. If your problem persists after doing the above: Open your arma2oaserver.rpt file in a text editor and copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin and post your issue in this forum with the rpt log. If you post something like "It doesn't work" I will not acknowledge you. Not giving all possible details in the first post simply makes it take longer to resolve and will waste everyone's time. I am hard pressed for time these days so if you won't take the initiative to provide information, I won't ask for it either. I am not trying to be mean, but I am quite tired of getting 5 or less word posts that provide no information other than this person has some kind of problem somewhere on their server that may or may not be related to this mod. If the problem you are posting is a bug and not a general install problem then post it to this forum AND to the github issues page. I have been asked by someone if they can donate to the project so I am adding the link here. I have invested a good deal of time into this so if you find it useful please give a little donation. (DONATE) I also accept Crypto Currency: Bitcoin: 1GkzMzwnVwVpnUCVFaAyLDsgD9cqSfigdm Litecoin: LbUrUxXzA557VeTWXM8jP7hNf3uZHEqW5b A sincere thanks to those who made a monetary contribution to this project: calamity, CRHASH, BMovieQueen, zixxel, 8BitSigdom, Anarior, f3cuk, Caveman1, Nathan, [member=WootyWoop], [member=Terrance Smith] A huge thanks to those who make the community a better place by answering questions on this project: @juandayz, @EditedSnowHD Please leave your name in a note if you donate so that I can list you above.
  4. So here it is, as requested. An addon for NoxSicarius's Admin Tools V1.9.1 What does this script do? View player's cash & bank balance Add/Remove player's cash currency Add/Remove player's bank currency Simple as that. Saves you a lot of time when testing/compensating/rewarding or whatever. What do I need for this addon? Zupa's + Soul's NoxSicarius's Note: this script uses the same hud files as Zupa's Single Currency script. You must have those files in order for this addon to work. Download Download available here! [GitHub] Mirror link available here! [upload.ee] Installation Download and extract the files from link provided above UnPbo/extract your mission's .pbo file Copy the Currency folder to: \{YOUR EXTRACTED MISSION FOLDER}\admintools\tools\ The full path should look something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions\DayZ_Overpoch_2.Tavi\admintools\tools\Currency\ Open file description.ext from your mission's root folder Add to the bottom of the file: //Single Currency manipulation addon by Rocu #include "admintools\tools\Currency\currency_dialog.hpp" Close & save description.ext Open file admintools\AdminToolsMain.sqf from your mission's root folder Find: _EXECscript8 = 'player execVM "admintools\tools\AdminBuild\%1"'; Add below: //Single Currency manipulation addon by Rocu [] execVM "admintools\tools\Currency\currency_functions.sqf"; Find: ["Humanity Menu >>",[],"#USER:HumanityMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"], Add below: ["Currency", [],"", -5, [["expression", format[_EXECscript1,"Currency\currency.sqf"]]], "1", "1"], Save & close AdminToolsMain.sqf Re-pack your mission folder That's it! You're done. Screenshots Additional notes Note that removing more money than someone actually has just makes the target's currency go to 0 instead of a negative value. However if you have bank limit activated it does NOT listen to that. It will just go above bank limit. This is just to give the admins more 'play room' with this addon if they want to test with values above the limit whereas a negative value will just cause errors. Warning! Before applying this script make sure to backup EVERYTHING (including database). I have not tested this script with every single patch/mod/script that there is so the outcome might be different if you have drastically different mod files than the original. This has been tested on: Epoch Chernarus / Arma Patch 1.63.125548 Overpoch Chernarus / Arma Patch 1.63.125548 Overpoch Taviana 2.0 / Arma Patch 1.63.125548 I have NOT tested this script with Soul's other DLL versions. If people other than Soul's V1 DLL can test this out let me know how it turns out. But I know for a fact that it won't work with Zupa's 999 DLL. If people demand I can make a separate version for that (not really that hard) but I think that DLL is obsolete and should not be used at all. Credits Zupa for making the Single Currency script of course Soul for marvelous dll files NoxSicarius for Admin Tools mgm for requesting this script All the helpful people @ Epoch forums
  5. Hi.(Sorry no speak English) I do not understand how one could solve,Admin tools install https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools }; initialized = false; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; progressLoadingScreen 0.05; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\publicEH.sqf"; progressLoadingScreen 0.1; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\medical\setup_functions_med.sqf"; progressLoadingScreen 0.15; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "admintools\config.sqf"; // Epoch admin Tools config file call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "admintools\variables.sqf"; // Epoch admin Tools variables if (_verCheck) then { #include "DZE_Hotfix_1.0.6.1A\init\compiles.sqf" }; what's next? I do not really know what to :/ Thanks
  6. iam sorry if this is in the wrong place but i need some help.iam using infistar admin tools on my arma 3 epoch server.ive gone in as admin and the menu works great.also gone in as a normal player took my uid out of admin tools.and iam getting welcome messages as admin.if i hit f1 i can bring the menu up but cant do anything.if someone could help would be great.ive contacted infistar about this but no reply.iam 100% sure ive installed it right.if someone could join my server and test this ill send you the password and connection info.thankyou
  7. PrivateHiveTools 2.0 - Manage Players /Objects / Vehicles - Livemap with Tracker ( Chernarus, ChernarusPlus, Lingor, Namalsk, Ovaron Panthera2, Utes, Altis, Stratis, Sauerland, Takistan, Zargabad, Napf ) - Telport Players & Vehicles - Rcon, kick, ban, banlist edit, restart, lock, unlock - Trader Shop Editor and more... DEMO NORMAL DOWNLOAD ( PHP files only) READY2GO DOWNLOAD ( with Apache2 WebServer from xampp-portable-win32-1.8.3-4-VC11 build ) **Special thanks to bFe, for Norwegian translation. ! Reality & Lite Hive schemas will not be Supported anymore for version 2.0 ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EpochPrices DEMO DOWNLOAD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SurvivorStats ( 30.3.2014 - UPDATED TO 0.0.3 ) DEMO DOWNLOAD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WebMaps the map package contains following maps: Chernarus, ChernarusPlus, Lingor, Namalsk, Ovaron Panthera2, Utes, Altis, Stratis, Sauerland, Takistan Zargabad, Napf DEMO DOWNLOAD ************* SPECIAL THANKS **************** EPOCH - Community & vbawol Open DayZ - Community Bohemia Interactive Rocket all tools powered by nightmare @
  8. DnD feel powers I have working so far.... but many bugs need killing and settings need tweaking. - Ninja Teleport ( puff of smoke at both points of teleport) - Zeus Teleport ( lightning bolt strike before player appears) - Zeus's Fury ( lightning strike target) - Lucifer's Rage ( meteor strike type strike) - Necromancer's Prey ( spawn 2 zombies by clicking map) - Psychic's Curse ( ESP, humanoids always, toggle vehicle view) - Human Torch ( Set on fire and fly around) - Finger of God ( Point and it dies) - God's Blessing ( Fully heal, option to make target a god) - Wanderer's Knowledge ( Constant information on players location, dir, etc) - Observer's Knowledge ( Constant information on what player is looking at) - FIghter's Wrath (Punch some fools) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tisIA7cavPs
  9. Ok, so this is an issue which I'm sure has affected someone here. I have both scripts for SingleCurrency (1.1 I think?) and AdminTools and there seems to be a clash... Basically between "dialog.hpp" and "defines.hpp", they have RscTextT, RscListBox, RscShortcutButton and a few others all of which are contained within both files. But because they are in both files, I get stuck on waiting for host when joining my server, and then an error which says something about "RscTextT, Line 18 Member Already Defined" If I head into the two .hpp files and change the variable names, the Admin Tools stop working... i.e. I can't open any of the Admin Tools menus... So is there an easy way of getting Admin Tools to work with Single Currency? Thanks!
  10. was hoping someone might be able to help me with the admin menu that comes with the server hive files, everything is working great but just wanted to know if there was a way of adding in the @MAS weapons to the spawn menu as wanted to test to make sure they are in the server and working, for the life of me I cant find any while looting but then hard to find anything in epoch (which is way its so good) loving the mod tho! thanks in advance to any brave person able to help me tackle this burning problem, would very much like to get some sleep at some point! :D
  11. canip0010

    Admin tools

    Hello guys. I cant find a admin tool to my dayz.st server. Can you please help me with that?
  12. Yo guys, I installed/putted in Admin tools for my dayz epoch server, But every time i try to join its stuck on "waiting on server to start authantication" and the little counter goes really fast, al though you should spawn at 4/5/6it goes beyond that.. after a while when you wait a little longer it takes you back to the lobby screen... And then you can do it all again, but it wont let me join my server / playing it... (and btw i broke my wrist yesterday, so it took a very long time to typ this with one hand :/) (and im also a biginer to when it comes to scripting..) so pleas keep that in mind :P thnks for checking out this post, and if you have a way to fix this.. pleas respond... (this is the link were i got my admin tools from: https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools#installation ) Greets EditedSnowHD
  13. Yo guys, I installed/putted in Admin tools for my dayz epoch server, But every time i try to join its stuck on "waiting on server to start authantication" and the little counter goes really fast, al though you should spawn at 4/5/6it goes beyond that.. after a while when you wait a little longer it takes you back to the lobby screen... And then you can do it all again, but it wont let me join my server / playing it... (and btw i broke my wrist yesterday, so it took a very long time to typ this with one hand :/) (and im also a biginer to when it comes to scripting..) so pleas keep that in mind :P thnks for checking out this post, and if you have a way to fix this.. pleas respond... (this is the link were i got my admin tools from: https://github.com/n...ls#installation ) Greets EditedSnowHD
  14. So we have quite a few infiSTAR users and threads keep popping up nicely. I'm wondering whether anyone developed anything for admintools yet? Things like: -spawn & pass <n> coins to player -set another player'sbank balance to <n> -set another player's wallet balance to <n> Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I Tried my hand at installing this really spiffy admin tool for my server, And failed horribly. I Was wondering if anybody could do me a solid and put this into a pack for me to DL. https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools If anybody could they would receive my eternal love and a cheap steam game, like 5-10 bucks idk.
  16. Hey all :) I've been banging my head against a wall for hours with this one, if anyone can help... many beans to them :D So, I'm trying to spawn zombies via an SQF file that I can call via execvm - I know the method I want to use to call the file, so that's all good... However I just CAN'T get Zombies to spawn :( I hunted around and found this script, which is supposed to work, however nothing happens :(: I wonder if perhaps the script is old? I checked the client side PBO for \z\AddOns\dayz_code\system\zombie_agent.fsm, and that file appears to be there - so is this correct? Anyone spot any errors with this file? Note: I got this file from an opendayz thread, and it used a sensor entry in mission.sqm - BUT I don't want to call the file that way - could it be my method of execution (trying to just execvm the above file, rather than using a sensor that execVMs it??? Surely not!) Any help would be seriously appreciated :D BTW - I'm running still at the moment, upgrading to later next week - not sure if that effects anything? (e.g. zombie spawn file).
  17. Does anyone have a good in game admin tool that works properly for day z epoch, thanks!
  18. i tryed to use adim tools and i cant find the codes that i need to change that the vihecle wont explode when i get in in the server pbo file can some one sent me to my email his pbo file? or can some one help me please?
  19. Hi, so im wanting to add basic admin tools to my new server like telporting, weapon/vehicle spawning and god mode. ive tried watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mil0hgZzvJo but its not the best guide in the world, i was wondering if anyone that has experience when it comes to adding admin tools to maybe message me on skype, so we can try figure this out, would be much appreciated or if u have a teamspeak server i can also join that if that suits you better. Thanks. Skype; Pew-pew8
  20. I am rebuilding my server from to and all is well until I add in BluePhoenix Admin Tools, I am using the previous version form with some core files rebuilt.(fn_selfActions.sqf) But logging in I get: "You have an outdated Version of dayz_anim installed please download the correct version." and disconnect. This post points to the issue being BluePhoenix Admin Tools. But my configuration is such that I cannot find the exact problem. And disabling the Tool is not something I care to do. Fixed it as far as I know, had to rebuild fn_selfActions, variables, player_spawn_2, compiles, player_monitor so get all the variables to line up. Now im off to go undo all of epoch coder's great work.
  21. Hi Im new here I´m trying to spawn vehicles via script, but my vehicles disappeare 5 sec. after spawning. Please HELP :(
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