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Found 14 results

  1. Pretty much every Asset from Arma2OA is inside, but NO: tanks, TWS, or other gamebraking shit! Well balanced, team-based PVP made from Epoch Veterans for Epoch Veterans! A bit harder than the rest, a bit more to explore and alot more to build! Build your own Aircraft-Carrier if you want to! Welcome to DNG Epoch Napf! Server IP : Port: 3333 Join our Forum: DNG.wtf Join our Teamspeak: ts.DNG.wtf The Best Hardware! Right now we are on a 8 Core Xeon Dell Blade, 3,8Ghz on turbo, Database is in a RAMDISK, 10Gbit Connection from UK. Powered by Redrawinternet.com - thank you guys to make this possible again! The Best Software! Pretty much every script has been tested in the last 3 years, from random Nukes over AI-sectors on Aircraftcarriers - we had them all. Besides some own coding, only the best stuff is inside now, everything is well BALANCED to get the best epoch-moments you can imagine with this stoneold game. The Focus in Development was always PERFORMANCE, so you will get the best FPS here, trust us. Even Serverside; up to 10.000 objects with no problem (we would never waste a database this much) ,expect arround 6.000 objects in a few months - - we try to never let it getting higher than this to always have a LAGFREE and performant gameplay for everyone! Expect continued work over the whole phase - balancing will be always watched and corrected if we need to. Automated DB-backups every 5 Minutes, always the last antihack and also support over teamspeak or website nearly 24 hours a day. The Best Community! We had Youtubers, streamers, coders, big-clans and lone wolfs. 3000 Players a month on the old hardware. May you remember our old name... We are about to build that up again! Expect more Games, Mods and other content soon on DNG.wtf The most Admins are from Germany but we also have some from Sweden/Czech Republic/Russia, at least 20 years old and we all have 1000+ hours on our Arma2. Server language is usaly english, but you are free to speak whatever you want (we autotranslate everything anyway). NO DONATION CRAP! Yes, youve heared right; NO LOADOUTS, NO PERKS, NO BASEKITS, NO NOTHING but Epoch for Veterans! (fixed max viewdistance for EVERYONE, grass for EVERYONE (still much fps, try us), no "starterkits" - cmon its epoch) And now a boring list of the features, but you may will read it anyway: Radiation Zone: One Zone on the map is is fucked up due a nuclear fallout! There is also AI which have a chance to get the rare item for blow up safes! Day/Night: We have around 3h day and 1h night. Deploy Anything: Deploy Bike/Gyro/Jetski/StaticM2 Surprisecrate: Can be anything from building material to gold. Spawnselect: ESSV3 by Ebay, well selected points and no parachute to keep the DayZ-feeling. Groupmanagement: Persistent over restart. Advanced Trading: Faster, lighter, better! Missions: WAI/DZAI in good random locations and in Cities. Plus: they also have 12000 Blood, like you! Rockets against Vehicles included. They wont drop the LMGs they have, without them its to easy and dropping them would ruin the balancing. ClassSystem: Diffrent loadouts based on humanity. Lift/Tow: Balanced lift/tow! Plot4Life: Plot only removeable by Owner/Friends. Virtual Garage: To keep the map fresh and the server fast; store your vehicles safe! Thanks GZA David! Service Points: Autorefuel and Repair (costs Gold) on every fuelstation. Alchemical: Its called "CRAFT MORE" here to keep the confusing down, nearly every buildable item has been added! 800+ Buildables! Snap/Vectorbuild: You should know the script. Simply awesome what you can build now. 1StepBuild: You dont have to wait when you wanne build something. Better be patient on setting up an anbush! Colors: Dont like the high-colored default colorfilter? Choose another one from rightclick the mapitem. Selection will be SAVED! (and dont copy my script from the missionfile, copycat - this is really fishy) Drops: Different Suppy-drops, type, ammount and loot is choosen automaticly by playercount to get it balanced every time. All markers do respawn after death. FastZeds: They belong to epoch and should be in! Blow Up Safe: With a Safebomb you are able to crack a safe! Bicycle Break: No more "accidents" due some hill driving; use the space key to break. Indestructible: Is only CINDER, METAL, and of course all indestructible-category items in the CRAFT MORE Rearmed: Armed Mv22 (yes, armed), rearmed Ka52 (just pkm), An2 with M134, F35 PKM and more! NoAmmoOnSpawn: No vehicle will spawn with ammo, you have to find or buy it if you wanne have fun with the big toys. Earplugs: on F1 key Coins: No bank on our server, thats to easy. You can store coins at your safe or lockbox! Heli Crashes: Windschelm, the Arma3 Propilot, is flying arround... gg Windschelm Custom Cleanup: Wrecks and deployed bikes will despawn when nobody is near to get more fps. Nitro: DZE_4 Vehicles (tuned ones can be bought at every trader city) can use Nitro to drive faster. (no Redbull needed) NoRadar: Armed vehicles, lets say the KA52, are rearmed to PKM only and have and overlay over the radar, so no armed radar vehicles at all. There are still radar vehicles available, there is the Pchela1T and the An2 Civ. Both unarmed ofc. +++ Expect very well made balancing, made from epoch-vets for epoch-vets, to keep you busy for 1000 hours - if you really want to!
  2. Welcome to our Community Anonymous Gaming We are a very active and friendly community. Our special Events take place all weekend from Friday to Sunday! We have very active admins, all your feedback and suggestions will be heard, also we make sure the server is free of hackers and dupers to achieve fair and fun gameplay for everyone! Server IP: Port: 2302 Teamspeak: ts.anonymousgaming.info Website: www.anonymousgaming.co.uk Server Features: Change View Distance Custom Spawn Points Custom Traders Deploy Bike|Motorbike|Little Bird Door Management Weekly Events Group Management Locate Vehicle Plot Management Tow|Lift Ai Missions Running Zombies Ore Mines/Veins ...and more! Join us Today! Hope to see you around! Event Preview:
  3. The 82nd Airborne Tactical Realism Proudly Presents Our Arma 3 Epoch Server. We are known in the gaming world as the Tactical Realism Clan. We play every game using tactics and strategy to achieve victory. Website: www.the82ndab.net Twitter: www.twitter.com/82ndABClan Server Location: Chicago, USA Server IP: (Filter <82ndAB>) Please note: Our server has recently been moved to a new IP: Server full name: <82NDAB>EpochMod.com [ | 1.36] www.the82ndab.net Join our TeamSpeak: PW: Airborne 80 Player Slots Active Admins 8 Hour Restarts 3 Hours Daylight and 1 Hour Night All Welcome! If you are new to Arma 3 or Epoch, feel free to come into our teamspeak . Our members are helpful and willing to help newcomers.
  4. I am currently a player on the server, not an admin, and i would love for more people to join the server. Its been around for a while but has been wiped recently to allow new players to join and start of fresh with everyone else who plays. At the moment to server is populated with around 5-10 people in the day and one weekends 10-20 and we would love to increase those levels
  5. GK Gaming has a brand new Overpoch Chernarus server up and running! The map is fresh and filled with vehicles. Great base locations are up for grabs. The two co-owners of GK Gaming are experienced DayZ players and server admins with nearly 7 years of combined DayZ server administration experience. Overpoch Server: TeamSpeak: Server Features: Very active admin support Regular server-wide events with prizes (Video below) Single currency Advanced Trading 4+ AI missions at one time with diverse weapons, building supplies, and AI vehicles Custom loot tables Added buildings Tow/Lift Advanced Snap Building No kill feed 75m plot poles Plot Management Group Management Door Management Reduced fog, no rain Self Bloodbag Weightless Earplugs Many more future features in the works Here is an example of the types of fun events that regularly take place on our server: (Credit to DeZtRoYaH and Kind-Sir for the creation of the now disbanded Vendetta Gaming Clan. The staff of GK Gaming are former admins of Vendetta Gaming Clan and co-creators of the event in the video) For any questions about our server or our community, feel free to send me a message, join our teamspeak, or send us an email at [email protected] -GSten
  6. Hello! We'd like to welcome all of you to join our new "Walker Nation Epoch" Server! Where we have lots of friendly staff and members, This server is brand new made by a group of friends/acquaintances looking to have one of the best Epoch Servers around! We are looking for more admins in the future and staff members, We plan many Custom Events (Battle royals all the time) We are constantly adding more mods upon request as well. We are currently giving away some basebuilding supply and custom loadouts to newer members as we try and become more populated ! We're not giving out anything too OP, Just some stuff to get you started and transportation to wherever you'd like to build a base. We have our own teamspeak that holds 40 players, ANYONE Can have their own channel in the teamspeak and ALL are welcomed to join! TS IP: Servername: Walker Nation Epoch | AI Missions | Tow | Snap Build | Self Bloodbag | Server IP:
  7. Server Name:HoT DayZ Overpoch Server IP: Map:Chernarus Looking for people to play on this server. For the first month people to play on the server will receive base supply's and benefits. So tell all of your friends to join. The admins steam name is same as my display name.
  8. Check out this Arma 2 DayZ Mod server HERELots of fun, its not pay to win server, and really awesome mods.. Try yours skills out.. And check the server webpage if you want HERE.Dont this Im a boring person. Just get in and you'll see that its an awesome server.
  9. ForeverZ Epoch Mod Auto refuel Self Blood Bag Tow & Lift Vehicle Salvage Vector & Building Snap Deploy Bike Roaming AI Repair & Rearm Stations Static AI Missions Custom trader's Static AI Missions ON Coast Roaming AI Custom Buildings Custom Airfields Custom Crashsites Starting Loadouts Wai Missions New Player Starter Packs For Bringing 2 or more friends Teamspeak Server Active Admins Anti Hack Great Community of Players Share it with your Friends!! Server Website:Foreverz.enjin.com Teamspeak: Foreverz.ts.nfoservers.com
  10. BritWolf is yet another fun Dayz Mod Overpoch/Epoch server! IP: Teamspeak: If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact use on our website: http://www.britwolf.co.uk You can identify admins by the [BritWolf] Clan name -Random A.I. -A.I. Helicopters -Missions -Service Stations (Based at airbases) -Smart Snap (Easy building) -Trader God On -Tow And Lift -Deployables (Helicopters and SUVs) Need help? Feel free to email us! [email protected]
  11. Turning Dawn Epoch Chernarus Who we are: This server aims to give you the best DayZ experience you can get. We plan to give you a almost vanilla server but with a hint of epoch. Will this server need funding or ever go down? No it wont I pay for it fully, this server will never go down, unless I become broke or die and no one pays for it. Both aren't likely! Why should you play on this server? We are a true survival server and roleplay server. We have active admins as well as some active players. Admin: Aurora Overview: Mods: Self Blood Bag Deploy Bike Snap Build Pro Plot for Life Vector Building Custom Debug Radio Tow/lift vehicles Custom GUI WIA Missions (or AI Missions) Crate Missions Dynamic Traders Safe Zones Vehicle Service Points Tons of custom loot spawns 2 Added traders Going to add: Bountys Service Gold (limited time) Day/Night Cycles (one restart is 3 hours of night) Changes to game files: 600 build limit Plot poles 60 Meters No weight system Plot for life Fast build Rules: 1.)Respect all players (no racism or extreme profanity). 2.)No hacking or duping of any kind. 3.)No sky bases. Must be structurally sound. 4.)Respect admins. 5.) No camping safe zones. 6.)Kamikaze are allowed (not in safe zone)(under reason of course). 7.)No Glitching. 8.)No VON on side chat. 9.)No Combat Logging. 10.)English only in side. (You can use radio for other languages) 11.) No Stealing in safe zones! For new players! We will for a limited time give you a building starter kit to help you start on a new base. Its free doesn't cost money. Complimentary of the server. How to join: Server IP: Teamspeak IP: tschi1.vilayer.com:9991 Make sure to have epoch downloaded as well. Nothing else is required other than Arma 2, Arma 2 OA, Dayz, and Epoch ( -Aurora As based on Original Just Chil.
  12. Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community, > Good Morning/Day/Evening Dear Community We at NOGaming would like to indtroduce our new server to you. We are a gaming community which exists since 3 years a funny bunch of experienced players.We decided to create this server in order to create a more balanced unique gaming experience you wont forget too fast. We would really like to invite you guys to visit our Server Wir von NOGaming möchten euch unseren Server etwas näher bringen und euch diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen, was dieser beinhaltet und in wie fern wir diesen weiter ausbauen möchten. NOGaming exestiert schon seit ca. 3 Jahren und ist eine kleine Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir haben uns entschlossen diesen Server zu erstellen um ein einmaliges Spielerlebnis sowie PvP-Erlebnis zu bieten, das ihr nicht so schnell vergessen werdet. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Features:Aktive Admins 21+ > Active Adims 21+Wicked AI / Dynamische AI Missions > Wicked Ai and Dynamic Ai ImplementedAdmin EventsCoins by SoulSnap Pro incl. Build VectorsBike Deploy & Deployable BuildingsCustom Spots/Maps, Crafting, Traders, SafeZones, Loadout, Loottables, Textures, MapMarkersAntiHack300+ Custom Spawn Vehicles (incl. 200+ Spawn/Coast)Modded PlayerHudServicePoints (Refuel/Repair)Self BloodbagSSD24GB RAMHigh Lootund noch viel mehr... > and much more.....Come and check us out ;) Wie kann ich auf NOGaming.de spielen? / How can I join the Server? Dazu müsst ihr einfach die DayZ Commander Startparameter für den Overpoch Mod unter Settings in die Startparameter: [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch eintragen. Vorraussetzung ist natürlich ARMA2 und ARMA2:OA und das ihr den Overpoch sowie den Epoch Mod im DayZ Commander herunterlädt. You just have go in you DayZ Commander under settings and add the following Start Parameters: [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch Prerequisites are of course ARMA2 and ARMA 2:OA as well as the Overpoch Mod and the Epoch Mod Server IP: TS³:
  13. Server IP: Teamspeak3 IP: ts43.gameservers.com:9349 Hello DayZ Forums! We have a server here for you, A server that is offering an amazing experience for you and your friends, Whether you wanna roll alone on this server or with a group we encourage you come, We have our own private teamspeak so you can make some friends if you don't have any! Our server has a lot of AI missions, (And we like to have our own events) let me tell you about our favourite. There's a small close quarter walled in town inbetween Kabanino and Vybor (Custom town) We like to give everyone something like a Lee Enfield, Double Barrel shotgun or an AS50 and just have a call of duty style free for all or 2v2 tournaments, This prize is usually some sort of military vehicle or building supplies (Nothing too overpowered we need to keep it fair) This server will also provide you with some unique new features such as: C130 crashsites, A bus driver on the coast that will pick you up and drop you off at different bus stops on the coast. We also have such things as SNAP building, Self bloodbag, towing, Safezone traders, No carry limit. Now a very important thing to go with Epoch is the bases so let me tell you a little bit about them. We are going to make it soyou can build unlimited amount of stuff in the plotpoles so you have no limitations on your base, We're gonna make the bases indestructable only when in a plotpole (So if you take their plotpole somehow you can destroy their base) This way you wont log in every night with your base destroyed (If you are smart) It's something I believe will keep the PvP players happy making their base raiding require some thinking and skill and the players who aren't so much into getting their bases raided everynight happy cause if you keep it smart you keep your stuff. The staff on this server would love to have all of you, the server is just starting to launch and we've just fixed all the problems in order to get it ready for players, we're growing pretty fast as word from our friends to other friends is coming out about our server, We plan to become pretty big and we'd love to have as many of you here as possible. One thing to note is that ALL staff members will be playing legit just like everyone else on the server, None of us will be spawning anything in without approval from the server Owner and developers to fix problems/bugs. We keep it fair here and that's the only way to play If you want you can come talk to myself in the teamspeak channel (Kathrak) and we can talk about the server or just life, or just roll together and get some good loot! I'd love to see you on the server! Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favour.
  14. Welcome to DayZ.... ...and learn, how to survive! Become a Part of a very special Journey through Napf. Find your way to the Zombie Hordes and create your own Hideout. But it will be hard. Friendships are not normal for DayZ - and never will be! Peppermints Epoch Napf EPOCH FOR LIVE! NO MORE OVERWATCH Server IP : Server Version 1.63 - 125548 Join our Steamgroup: Link - Go here also for help! Some have troubles to join Our features.... - - - Tons of working and fine balanced Scripts (e.g. Lift / Tow , Safezones , Service Points, "Fast Sale out of Cars" and more.) - - - indestructible Cinder and Metal. - - - Spawnselect. - - - Sector Z and U.S.S Nassau as Special with awesome Loot. - - - Active Admins with a huge Knowledge about Scripting. - - - Fresh Database since 10.07.2014. Many good spaces for Bases. - - - A "New Player Friendly" Community. Most of the People are playing for Months now at Peppermints. Get part of it! Our very own Specials... A totaly self scripted "SectorZ" and the "U.S.S Nassau" where people can fight for rare and special Loot. It will be very hard. The Goverment left Napf to settle the last "Hideout" close to Pfeffikon to get rid of the Infected. They dont trust anyone and fight for their lifes. Covered by high equipped Guards, Helicopters and more. You and your group need special Tactics and Equipment to clear the "Peppermint Special" Sector Z or the U.S.S Nassau. Leveling System.... - - - Choose. Want to be a Bandit? Think about it. You can gain five Levels of each Class (Bandit / Hero). Every Level gives you a little Advantage. Better starting Gear, Health reg. and other stuff is waiting for you! - - - Custom Skin while spawning for the different Levels of each Class. Now you see, who you can trust or even not trust! Special Missions... The Admin Team is working Day by Day to create new - fantastic - Missions. You want to get rid of the standard? Join Peppermint! Special Achievements / Cars / Weapons will spawn in some really special Missions. Important Note : Crafting at Roads and in Cities isnt allowed. This was made, to prevent the well known Camper Towers. Most of the Epoch Servers are tooo easy. Peppermint isnt. It is fair but well balanced. You wont get a Huge Cinder Base until 2 Hours. But in a Team, you can achieve everything. Peppermints is against any kind of Hacks. Duper / Glitcher / Hacker will get banned. Special: Their whole Team will get banned also. The safes and the inventory form everyone will get checked Day by Day. This is an Advantage for every normal gamer! Ruleboards are in every Traderzone. Rules need to be accepted. Just to keep up the fun for everyone. Breaking will cause a 30 min Ban. Special Performance!!!! Peppermints Epoch is running on a well organised root. Working with the newest Hard- and Software and some Awesome Admins. Due to the Headless clients, the Server is running like a "Beast". Want to enjoy the enhanced Version of DayZ Epoch? Then Join us today. The Server: Peppermints Epoch Napf Server IP : Join our Teamspeak: Teamspeak IP: Epoch-gaming.de See you soon... ...against the "Z"s
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