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Found 5 results

  1. We've been talking about events on our server to keep the players happy and a lot of people seem to be up for a Battle Royale type thing. Maybe even a maze where first one out gets a prize. I got thinking about amending the so I could simply roll my mouse-wheel and select an option to teleport everyone to the starting area/next to me. I'm looking at the various protective dome scripts players have written for the teleport code. So, couple of quick questions: 1: Is what I want to achieve possible? (There's no restrictions in place to prevent mass teleport?) 2: Would teleporting 10-20 players at once or in quick succession cause problems (lag/de-sync)? I think this would be handy for future events. Like moving everyone to the starting line for races etc. Any further ideas/suggestions are more than welcome.
  2. So i am starting a new overpoch server and i have a copy of infistar anti hack and admin tools, everything is smooth so far but the only issue i am having is that i can not teleport, none of my admins can. They select the player and click TP and it sends them to the player for a brief second then sends them right back to were they were. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi guys! I've been having a problem on my dedicated server for around a week now and have been attempting to figure out the cause! However I am struggling to do so.. The situation is when a player logs out or disconnects there is a chance that they will be tp'd to the coast, with all of their gear. This also occurs for some players on a server restart. I have no idea what the cause can be, but I know it must be within my server or mission files and not client side. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  4. ive smashed my face into the internet trying to figure out why i cannot teleport with admin tools by BluePhoenix. its the same issue many have had with previous versions of epoch where i teleport some where and im bounced between both places untill i press space of which im then put back where i was(i had this working in epoch all the other features of admin tools works minus the weapons cuz i didnt go thru battleeye to fix that part. i can find sufficent weapons with out that part. my update to from has been smooth otherwise. ive tried most everything ive found on the subject, n the ones i havent where due to the solution not being posted. any help would be cool. if i have to for go tp for now i will, planning on getting a real server and not running it on my pc for my friends and i
  5. brenden97

    [HELP] Anti-teleport Disable

    Hi there I have been recently Trying To use the Teleport Feature that Comes with Blue Phoenix Admin tools on my server, However When I attempt to use the Teleport Feature I am Quickly Reverted back to the Location I initially Tried to Teleport From. I believe this Is because of the Anti-Tele Script Within DayZ. If anyone Has A Solution or a possible way to get around this, and disable it that would be of much appreciation. thanks,