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Found 17 results

  1. Custom textures for player skins. This guide will show you how you can change textures on an excisting skins IF this skin supports the texture. In more detail, I will show you how to give admin a certain skin on command. You can use this for other ideas ( clan skins, event clothing, make fun of the admin skin?). Screenshots (My work): Screenshots (raymix): As you can see, you can make some nice stuff with custom texture The first one is build on a civilian model ( default ) and raymix uses a different one ( i dont know which one that is) NOW HOW DO I DO THIS 1) in your compiles.sqf add a public event handeler inside if (!isDedicated) then { add "PVOZ_adminSkin" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _obj = (_this select 1) select 0 ; _colour = (_this select 1) select 1; // this can also be a color or an image (color format = #(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,1) _obj setObjectTexture [0, _colour]; };(THIS ACTIVATES admin skin on all clients) 2) now in your init.sqf, add the following at the bottom { _adminated = _x getVariable ["adminated",0]; if( !isNil "_adminated" && _adminated != 0)then{ _x setObjectTexture [0, "gui\upg\admin.jpg"]; }; }forEach playableUnits; // if your antihack doesnt allow this use nearestObjects[player, ["Survivor2_DZ"],25000]; ( this will check all players if they have adminate active and reskin their skin) , THIS IS SO IF a client LOGS IN HE ALSO sees that the admin has adminskin on) 3) to activate , i'll show u how i do it in infistar I add a option "Suit up" above "teleport to player" add them to each level u want adminadd = adminadd + [" Suit UP",adminskinning,"0","0","0","1",[0,0.8,1,1]]; now look for admint2me = { and add ABOVE: ( change the image path to your image) adminskinning = { PVOZ_adminSkin = [player , "gui\upg\admin.jpg" ]; // (or color , "#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,1)" ) publicVariable "PVOZ_adminSkin"; player setObjectTexture [0, "gui\upg\admin.jpg"]; // (to also see it yourself) player setVariable["adminated",1,true]; }; To deavtivate your skin, just change into another skin! The skin image must be in your missions pbo IMPORTANT BATTLEYE Add the following exeptioon to publicvariable.txt in your battleye folder on line 2 or 1 ( depends how it is made) on the FIRST line that start with 5 add add the very end ( see there is a space between this and the last item) !="PVOZ_adminSkin" IMAGE SIZE: 1024px x 1024 px !! example images: (MINE, quickly made with limitted time ^^) raymix probably did this quite better https://www.dropbox.com/s/crd2qjk2zczj8kb/admin.jpg?dl=0 or CHANGE THIS TO 1024 x 1024 to work ( By Sukkaed)
  2. Hey guys, went through every single skin from ow and pulled out the ones that weren't just repetitive skins to reduce clutter since as you can see this is huge, but this basically fixes an issue where if you were to wear this skin it prevents it from vanishing after restart. Goes in your variables.sqf where it says "AllPLayers =" Then skin list of course. Hope this helps someone. This is for your variables.sqf Saw some mess ups, fixed em :)
  3. As the topic suggests this allows a player to recover the skin from the dead body. On death, it activates the script which then checks for the players model and adds the clothing parcel associated with it to the inventory, assuming the player has space. If he doesn't, it will then add the item to the players backpack. There is an install read me in the .zip file, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you. download here If you like the script, please consider donating below.
  4. Since updating to 1051 several people have been complaining that sometimes their character seemed to go back in time after they had logged in. Untill today I couldn't pinpoint what was happening but now i think i found it. Sometimes when a player changes skin, his or her character stops updating from that point on. Resulting in progress loss when they logout and log back in, even simply going in and out the lobby will "reset" their character to the state they were in just before they changed clothes. One user even reported that he died » ragequit » after logging back in a few hours later, was alive and had most of his gear back. He asked me if i did a rollback on the database, which we did not. It did not make sense to me but now i'm figuring he had probably just changed skins before and got reset to that. Could anyone confirm this issue? Or did i mess it up all by myself :P
  5. Hey Guys i wonder if theres an option to switch weapon textures- IN game like with vehicles etc... . I played around with MAS1.8 and changed some textures in the client side. Heres my AWP Lightning strike from CS GO And Running in Epoch on my Server.
  6. I have finally made a release able version of my skin trader, it is far from being done but it works great. The skin trader has all skins from Arma but if your on Overpoch or any other Addons on your server, you can easily add the skins to the list of either men or woman clothing. Before you buy a new skin you have to make sure your not wearing a backpack, once you bought a skin you can no longer use the epoch skins to change into any other skin you need to buy the skin on top of the list to do this again. As this is not a final release any bugs or problems are all welcome and i will try to solve them. Video Q&A Installation: Download link here. 1. Open description.ext at very bottom add this: //Skin Trader #include "Skin_Trader\dialog\common.hpp" #include "Skin_Trader\dialog\SkinGui.hpp" 2. Open your custom variables and change this: //Model Variables Bandit1_DZ = "Bandit1_DZ"; Bandit2_DZ = "Bandit2_DZ"; BanditW1_DZ = "BanditW1_DZ"; BanditW2_DZ = "BanditW2_DZ"; Survivor1_DZ = "Survivor2_DZ"; Survivor2_DZ = "Survivor2_DZ"; SurvivorW2_DZ = "SurvivorW2_DZ"; SurvivorW3_DZ = "SurvivorW2_DZ"; Sniper1_DZ = "Sniper1_DZ"; Camo1_DZ = "Camo1_DZ"; Soldier1_DZ = "Soldier1_DZ"; Rocket_DZ = "Rocket_DZ"; AllPlayers = ["Survivor2_DZ","SurvivorWcombat_DZ","SurvivorWdesert_DZ","SurvivorWurban_DZ","SurvivorWsequishaD_DZ","SurvivorWsequisha_DZ","SurvivorWpink_DZ","SurvivorW3_DZ","SurvivorW2_DZ","Bandit1_DZ","Bandit2_DZ","BanditW1_DZ","BanditW2_DZ","Soldier_Crew_PMC","Sniper1_DZ","Camo1_DZ","Soldier1_DZ","Rocket_DZ","Rocker1_DZ","Rocker2_DZ","Rocker3_DZ","Rocker4_DZ","Priest_DZ","Functionary1_EP1_DZ","GUE_Commander_DZ","Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","Haris_Press_EP1_DZ","Pilot_EP1_DZ","RU_Policeman_DZ","pz_policeman","pz_suit1","pz_suit2","pz_worker1","pz_worker2","pz_worker3","pz_doctor","pz_teacher","pz_hunter","pz_villager1","pz_villager2","pz_villager3","pz_priest","Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","Drake_Light_DZ","CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","FR_OHara_DZ","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","Graves_Light_DZ","GUE_Soldier_MG_DZ","GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2_DZ","TK_Special_Forces_MG_EP1_DZ","TK_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","TK_Commander_EP1_DZ","RU_Soldier_Crew_DZ","INS_Lopotev_DZ","INS_Soldier_AR_DZ","INS_Soldier_CO_DZ","INS_Bardak_DZ","INS_Worker2_DZ"]; To this: AllPlayers set [count AllPlayers, "Bandit1_DZ", "Bandit2_DZ", "BanditW1_DZ", "BanditW2_DZ", "Survivor2_DZ", "SurvivorW2_DZ", "Sniper1_DZ", "Camo1_DZ", "Soldier1_DZ", "Rocket_DZ"]; 3. Now look for this in your Mission.sqm class Groups { items=2; Change it to: class Groups { items=3; Now look for this at around line 1155: class Item1 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={8810.7705,138.52499,11751.518}; id=50; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="FunctionsManager"; leader=1; lock="UNLOCKED"; skill=0.60000002; }; }; }; After the "};" add this: class Item2 { side="GUER"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={6303.8,0.001,7795.03};//Trader City Stary azimut=138.222; special="NONE"; id=101; side="GUER"; vehicle="UN_CDF_Soldier_SL_EP1"; leader=1; skill=0.60000002; init="this allowDammage false; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0;this enableSimulation false;this setcaptive true;this addAction [""Men Clothing"",""Skin_Trader\open_dialog.sqf""];this addAction [""Women Clothing"",""Skin_Trader\open_dialog2.sqf""]"; }; }; }; 4. Now copy the Skin_Trader to your MPMissions folder. Infistart FIX Open AHconfig.sqf and find this: /* ALLOWED Dialogs */ _ALLOWED_Dialogs = [-1,106,2200,6900,6901,6902,6903,420420,41144]; Change it to this: /* ALLOWED Dialogs */ _ALLOWED_Dialogs = [-1,106,2200,6900,6901,6902,6903,420420,41144,20001,20002,20003,20004,20005,20006]; Future Plans: The ability to preview the skin with a better camera view. Change log: 0.6 Removed all the clothing from men and woman that are being used by traders from any map. Removed all woman clothing that din't work, only civilian left now. Credits: Original script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12113
  7. Do somebody know if I can change the textures for vehicles? (like e.g. in altis life) And if yes, how? Thanks :)
  8. Can anyone say me, how can i add a method, that the skin change for new humanity is random and work this script? I have found this in this forum. private ["_humanity","_model","_oldBackPack","_oldBackPackType","_newBackPack","_backpackWpn","_backpackMag","_countr"]; if (isServer || isDedicated) exitWith {}; // Humanity Skins waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_animalCheck"}; _oldBackPack = unitBackpack player; _oldBackPackType = (typeOf _oldBackPack); if(_oldBackPackType != "") then { _backpackWpn = getWeaponCargo unitBackpack player; _backpackMag = getMagazineCargo unitBackpack player; }; _humanity = round (player getVariable["humanity", 0]); //Check Survivor if (_humanity > -5000 && _humanity < 5000) exitWith {}; if (!(typeOf player in ["Survivor2_DZ","SurvivorW2_DZ"])) exitWith { systemchat "<System>: Humanity skin change being run on an existing player."; }; //Check Hero if (_humanity < 15000 && _humanity >= 5000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "INS_Worker2_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWpink_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity < 30000 && _humanity >= 15000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWurban_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity >= 30000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "Camo1_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWcombat_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; //Check Bandit if (_humanity > -15000 && _humanity <= -5000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "Bandit1_DZ"; } else { _model = "BanditW1_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity > -30000 && _humanity <= -15000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWurban_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; if (_humanity <= -30000) then { if (typeOf player == "Survivor2_DZ") then { _model = "GUE_Commander_DZ"; } else { _model = "SurvivorWdesert_DZ"; }; [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; sleep 4; if (!isNil "_oldBackPackType") then { if (_oldBackPackType != "") then { player addBackpack _oldBackPackType; _newBackPack = unitBackpack player; _backpackWpnTypes = []; _backpackWpnQtys = []; if (count _backpackWpn > 0) then { _backpackWpnTypes = _backpackWpn select 0; _backpackWpnQtys = _backpackWpn select 1; }; _countr = 0; { _newBackPack addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackWpnQtys select _countr)]; _countr = _countr + 1; } forEach _backpackWpnTypes; _backpackmagTypes = []; _backpackmagQtys = []; if (count _backpackmag > 0) then { _backpackmagTypes = _backpackMag select 0; _backpackmagQtys = _backpackMag select 1; }; _countr = 0; { _newBackPack addmagazineCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackmagQtys select _countr)]; _countr = _countr + 1; } forEach _backpackmagTypes; }; }; Thank you for help. My englisch is a little mad, sorry
  9. Hello, I have a problem with server. When I change skin, some items from toolbelt disappear. Used scirpts: DGZM, DZAI, DZMS, Gold/coins, Take clothes , Do you have solution? best regards, dominik
  10. Hi (I think ) I remember seen a video of DayZ and players running around in Santa skins… Anyone know anything about that ? The only thing I been able to google is a skin named: Skin_Santa1_DZ But adding it to the vendor, does not do it, so I guess the skin has to be added somewhere else ? Anyone know if it is even possible ? /Luna
  11. Hollowaddiction requested this one from me after being bugged by a female player for a couple weeks. What this does (the way I have it set up) is select a random skin (from the list given) and either spawns the player as that skin OR adds the skin to their inventory at random. This is configurable. You can add it in to your server in a couple of different ways, like as a pay for skin option when right clicking on gold or whatever you want, really. ​ Requirements (PBO Manager and Notepad ++) Easy = Blue <10 Installation Steps - 1. go into your dayz_server\compiles folder and find server_playerSetup.sqf, locate the line that looks like dayzPlayerLogin2 = [_worldspace,_state]; and replace it with dayzPlayerLogin2 = [_worldspace,_state,_randomSpot]; and repack your server pbo 2. open up your mission folder / pbo and open the init.sqf and put this at the bottom : sexcheck = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\sexcheck.sqf"; waitUntil {!isNil ("PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord")}; if (dayzPlayerLogin2 select 2) then { player spawn sexcheck; }; change the filepath accordingly 3. download this file and place it in a scripts folder 4. configure 5. enjoy Credits - HollowAddiction for the idea
  12. HMAF Gaming

    Change skins

    Is it possible to use someones player id to give them a specific skin there character spawns in (instead of survivor) For example if a clan group wanted the urban camo skin; how would i make the players in that group spawn as that character.
  13. Thug

    DZAI SKIN Camo1_DZ

    I hope im posting in right place. If not please dont just tell me im in wrong place. Tell where to post please. Any woo, Can someone tell me how in DZAI to get ALL ai to spawn with same skin (Camo1_DZ). Thank you in advance Thug
  14. Hey! Is there anyway someone could tell me how to script adding a skin to the player because I would like to take advantage of the new Overpoch stalker skins? I was trying to make a script so that when you right click on a default skin like bandit, civilian etc and an option will appear to change your clothes to stalker camo. Problem is I don't know any code to actually morph the player into that skin. I first thought that you could just replace the item in the players inventory with a stalker skin but then I realized there is no actual in game item for the stalker skin So here's what I got so far I tried using this code from the Epoch forums. Will this work? Feedback would be great thanks and if you would like to see the rest of the code feel free to ask [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,"gsc_eco_stalker_mask_duty"] spawn player_humanityMorph; Btw I'm using Maca's extra RC script to implement the option when you right click on the clothes which so far works.
  15. ive been trying to setup where a player has a random model skin on new spawn instead of the std survivor skin but no matter what i do i always fresh spawn in as a survivor and no other skin. this is how i have my server_playerLogin.sqf set as if (!(_model in AllPlayers)) then { _model = ["Rocker4_DZ","Priest_DZ","Functionary1_EP1_DZ","GUE_Commander_DZ","Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","Haris_Press_EP1_DZ","Pilot_EP1_DZ", "RU_Policeman_DZ","Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","Drake_Light_DZ","CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ", "TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","FR_OHara_DZ","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","Graves_Light_DZ","GUE_Soldier_MG_DZ", "GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2_DZ"] select floor random 24; }; } else { _isInfected = _primary select 3; _model = _primary select 4; _hiveVer = _primary select 5; if (isNil "_model") then { _model = ["Rocker4_DZ","Priest_DZ","Functionary1_EP1_DZ","GUE_Commander_DZ","Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","Haris_Press_EP1_DZ","Pilot_EP1_DZ", "RU_Policeman_DZ","Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","Drake_Light_DZ","CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ", "TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","FR_OHara_DZ","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","Graves_Light_DZ","GUE_Soldier_MG_DZ", "GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2_DZ"] select floor random 24; } else { if (_model == "") then { _model = ["Rocker4_DZ","Priest_DZ","Functionary1_EP1_DZ","GUE_Commander_DZ","Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","Haris_Press_EP1_DZ","Pilot_EP1_DZ", "RU_Policeman_DZ","Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","Drake_Light_DZ","CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ", "TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","FR_OHara_DZ","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","Graves_Light_DZ","GUE_Soldier_MG_DZ", "GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2_DZ"] select floor random 24; }; }; PLEASE could i get some help on this . thanks even tried this and still no luck . if (!(_model in ["FR_Rodriguez_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2","FR_R","TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","GUE_Soldier_MG,GUE_Commander","Soldier1_DZ","Camo1_DZ","Bandit1_DZ","Rocket_DZ"])) then { _model = ["TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","FR_R","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ"] select floor random 7; }; } else { _isInfected = _primary select 3; _model = _primary select 4; _hiveVer = _primary select 5; if (isNil "_model") then { _model = "Survivor2_DZ"; } else { if (_model == "") then { _model = "Survivor2_DZ"; }; }; RandomModels = [ "SurvivorWcombat_DZ","SurvivorWdesert_DZ","SurvivorWurban_DZ","SurvivorWsequishaD_DZ", "SurvivorWsequisha_DZ","SurvivorWpink_DZ","SurvivorW3_DZ","SurvivorW2_DZ","Bandit1_DZ", "Bandit2_DZ","BanditW1_DZ","BanditW2_DZ","Soldier_Crew_PMC","Sniper1_DZ","Camo1_DZ","Soldier1_DZ", "Rocket_DZ","Rocker1_DZ","Rocker2_DZ","Rocker3_DZ","Rocker4_DZ","Priest_DZ","Functionary1_EP1_DZ", "GUE_Commander_DZ","Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","Haris_Press_EP1_DZ","Pilot_EP1_DZ","RU_Policeman_DZ", "pz_policeman","pz_suit1","pz_suit2","pz_worker1","pz_worker2","pz_worker3","pz_doctor", "pz_teacher","pz_hunter","pz_villager1","pz_villager2","pz_villager3","pz_priest", "Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","Drake_Light_DZ", "CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","FR_OHara_DZ", "FR_Rodriguez_DZ","CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","Graves_Light_DZ","GUE_Soldier_MG_DZ", "GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","GUE_Soldier_2_DZ" ]; if (!(_model in AllPlayers)) then { _numModels = ((count RandomModels) - 1); _model = RandomModels select (random _numModels); }; } else { _isInfected = _primary select 3; _model = _primary select 4; _hiveVer = _primary select 5; if (isNil "_model") then { _model = "Survivor2_DZ"; } else { if (_model == "") then { _model = "Survivor2_DZ"; }; };
  16. Hello i would like to know how to modify the ingame uniforms.Like lets say i want to modify my characters uniform and add a logo on the back of the shirt how is that done??? I allready know how to edit his face but would like to know how to do hes clothing please if anyone knows how to do this please help me. Thank you very much
  17. When I change a skin and move to another location and log out and log back in I go back to where I changed my skin. Any ideas?
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