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Found 10 results

  1. Huge changes! So @Goose on the Epoch Discord helped me setup a Github Repo for this and I've gotten it all laid out clean and very neat!! All the links and everything are in there: Repo: https://github.com/Epoch-Guides/Epoch-1.0.7-Server-Install My discord; RobbieW#6655 (dont abuse this)
  2. Some time ago I started a youtube channel doing DayZ Epoch tutorials. Surprisingly, my DayZ Epoch server install video has amassed over 2500 views (and people say this game is dead). Here are some updated videos for There are other videos on my channel that are still relevant. How to Install a DayZ Epoch Server Things you will need to download: PBO Manager MySQL Community Server 5.7.22 HeidiSQL Notepad++ Notepad++ SQF Highlighter (optional, but highly recommended) 7-Zip How to Upgrade Your DayZ Epoch Server to an Overpoch Server Things you will need to download: Overwatch Server Key Overwatch mission.sqm (to copy and paste from) My Overpoch Loot Tables My Non-ZSC Overpoch Trader Files Midget Porn (Just kidding) How to Install Epoch Admin Tools Do not install these with infistar. How to Install Wicked AI for DayZ Epoch and Overpoch How to install infistar admin tools/antihack and infistar's free BRC rcon tool Fix for the unfortunate error in infistar v1448 How to make Battleye filter exceptions for Infistar and other mods Downloads Eraser1's scripts.txt Exception Generator Ebay's Guide to Battleye Filters How to Install Ebay's Testkit Download Battleye Filter Tutorial using Ebay's Testkit and infistar's BRC rcon tool Server Install: Troubleshooting "session lost" and "wait for host" type issues. How to install BattlEye Extended Controls for automatic restarts I am planning on doing more of these when I get time.
  3. Setting up an Epoch for Arma 3 server on your PC. Below is the procedure I have used to set up A3 Epoch servers on my desktop PC. These servers are useful as a test bed when I try out things like the many scripts being released for Epoch. Updated for Epoch RC This How To is based upon the Install.txt provided with the Epoch server files. If your server does not start up you may have missed a step or be lacking essential software. For additional information, please refer to the Epoch developer's Wiki which provides considerable additional information. http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/A3Epoch:Arma_3_Epoch#Server_Setup_.26_Information For an excellent guide on troubleshooting, refer to the FAQ at For another take on this How To, which provides a more comprehensive discussion of the different things you need to consider for server setup. What you will need: A good text editor like Notepad ++ (freeware) Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 30 min a bit of patience. Stage I: create a server directory and add all needed files to your server directory. 1) Create a new directory on the disk you wish to use for your server. Mine is on an SSD drive E: Lets call it: E:\Arma3Server for this tutorial. 2) Open your ..Steam\SteamApps\Common\Arma3 directory. Mine happens to be in E:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Arma3. 3) Copy everything from that directory to your new server directory E:\Arma3Server. 4) Download Epoch Mod from here http://epochmod.com/download.php. Unpack the .rar file. 5) Copy @Epoch to your new server directory E:\Arma3Server. 6) Download the Epoch Server files https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/master/Server_Install_Pack. 7) Extract the archive, and copy all files and folders in it to your E:\Arma3Server directory. Stage II: Adjust the settings for your database: 8) Open the DB folder of your E:\Arma3Server directory. 9) Open redis.conf using Notepad ++ or another text editor. It will look like this. 10) Change Changeme9832 in the "requirepass" field to a password you wish to use for your database server such as client321. 11) In your E:\Arma3Server folder, find and open @EpochHive. 12) Open EpochServer.ini using Notepad++. In it there will be a section titled [Redis] which looks like this: 13) now change the password to the one you set above for redis.conf, which for this example was client321. Stage III: Complete configuration of Epoch Server Settings. 14) Next, in EpochHive.ini you need to specify the path to be used when starting the battleye on the serverside. Look for the following section: Change the BattlEyePath to the one appropriate for your server. In our example, this would be E:\Arma3Server\SC\BattlEye Now save and close EpochHive. Stage IV: Configuring Automatic Restarts and other related issues. In the past automatic restarts have usually been accomplished using BEC, a freeware tool. For reasons outside the scope of this how-to, development and support of BEC was discontinued and Epoch has been moving to integrated Battleye in various ways including providing functions for automatic restarts. If you wish to use BEC, you can download it using the link below: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15716 In order to run BEC, you will need to redirect its efforts to phone home. Instructions on how to do so are listed in the post by Dwarfer in this thread. You will also need to set the correct path to your Arma3Server\SC\Battleye folder in the configuration file for BEC which normally would be: Arma3Server\BEC\Config\Config.cfg. BEC does still provide valuable functionality such as the ability to play certain messages periodically, but you can also schedule server restarts or utilize other features if you wish. . Alternatives to BEC for automated server restarts: Please see the release notes for Epoch for details on the built in automated server restart functions. The new method for automated server restarts is recommended if you are setting up a new server. To use the built in server restart functions, open @epochhive\epochconfigs.hpp In the first line, change serverRestart = false; // true sends #shutdown command to server after the time specified in ForceRestartTime to serverRestart = true; // true sends #shutdown command to server after the time specified in ForceRestartTime 17) Stage V: Create your server startup file. 18) Open a blank document and past the following into it then save it in your E:\Arma3Server directory as something like A3Epoch.bat. Note that if you are using Notepad++, its default is to save files as text files. Select *.* from the drop down menu for choosing the file type before saving you A3Epoch.bat: Again, the you will need to adjust the paths in this file to suit those for your server. 20) Stage VI: Configure BattlEye 21) Open the SC\Battleye folder and rename example-BEServer.cfg to BEServer.cfg and change the RConPassword. 22) Create an empty text file and save it as bans.txt in the SC\Battleye folder. Save and close the above configuration files. 23) Stage VII: Starting and joining your server. 24) In your E:\Arma3Server folder find and open the DB folder then click start-redis. 24) If you will be using BEC, go to your E:\Arma3Server\BEC folder find BEC, and start it. 25) Start Arma 3, select Play, then multiplayer and finally in multiplayer select remote. Enter the IP and port for your server, which in our example is 26) Also in your E:\Arma3Server directory should be the A3Epoch file you created above under step 18. Find it and click it. When you do, the Arma3server console should open after slight delay, and you should see information including the port number you used above in your A3Epoch startup file. If you are using BEC, once the Arma3server is running, BEC should go through a few steps then indicate it has successfully connected to the server. 27) You should now be able to join your server.
  4. So I've been wanting to create a private ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch server for a bunch of my mates to play on, however I dont have a dedicated machine and want to run it on my PC. So I looked at the server download files on the GitHub page and followed the ReadMe, however I absolutely cannot figure out how to get the MySQL server and DB set up. I have downloaded MySQL Server on my PC and created the admin role, root passwords and ran it as a windows service. I now have no clue how to create the database and am wondering if anyone can help me set this up or let me know if I've done anything wrong. I can add on Steam or Discord if need be for convenience.
  5. Every time i try and join my server its stuck at waiting for authorization and the logs say "failed to get id". Any idea whats going on here. I am very new to server hosting so please explain in easy terms. :)
  6. I have been finding that some people on my server has been losing base walls and floors even though DZE_godmodebase = true; , it has no effect on anything built inside the plot radius. So i have come to the conclusion that base items might receive damage on age and this ultimately being removed by server cleanup script. So my question is if I drop this event below will that stop me and others from losing base walls and floor? Or at the minimum update it without any cinder wall items? like this and set damage to 0.001:
  7. I have a few noobly questions: What is the difference between a dedicated server and a not dedicated server?What would i need to set up a server that would still run events even without anyone logged on?What maps can I play Arma 3 Epoch on?I had an Arma 2 Epoch server on my machine some years ago and I wish to do the same with Arma 3. I have looked at a few guides, including the one in the Epoch Wiki (wasn't able to get steamcmd working), and they all seem to advocate different methods. Any advice and points in the right directions are appreciated.
  8. So.. My server worked great not too long ago. Well I had to put it away for a few days. When I turned it back on, everyone logs into this multiplayer lobby now.. What am I doing wrong? Please help! Thank you.
  9. Guest

    Can someone help?

    I have set this up three times for my son in various different ways...I'm really close but pretty pissed off at this point. When I have his account connect to the server, it starts to load and then the following errors in the attached log file. I can't copy and paste it here either......the Internet is not better off with all this opensource stuff...it just means crappier programming and more headaches for veteran computer people.
  10. I realize that there are a good many videos out there on how to setup a DayZ Epoch server, but this one in particular uses MySQL Workbench (Which I have found is not used in ANY video). I recommend using MySQL Workbench because it is free and you don't have to go through some back alley to get it like Navicat Lite. The tool is much better than Navicat Lite and gives you all the power you need over your server SQL for editing traders, players, vehicles, and whatever else you need to. I have gotten a good amount of positive feedback from this video and this gave me the idea to post it here. I figured it has helped a good deal of people on youtube and that it may help a good deal of you here. If you have any issues setting up a server this video should get you up and running in no time. Install Video
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