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Found 10 results

  1. Need help scripting on Overpoch mod on the map cherno willing to pay! skype: gordon.liu22
  2. Hello I am currently trying to add some addons to my overpoch server. I currently have a good amount of addons on my server. They include: SnapBuildPro Custom loot Tables Logistics Vehicle Arma and repair DZAI WAI Trader configs Enhanced Spawn Slow Zombies Those addons are working just fine and I am quite happy with them. However I am having some serious trouble getting these addons to work. It's probably me messing up the coding , but I really need some help because I have attempted installing them to many times. These addons include DZGM Plot4life Plot Management Door management Coin Currency (Causes the most issues!) Build Vectors (Installed, but not working, no errors reported either) I would also like to know how I can make my server fully militarized with some serious AI wondering around with like APC's etc. I hope someone can help me, looking forward to hear from the community and also I have my server files linked in drop box for you guys to take a look at. DropBox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pn77v6u7n6mf8fm/AADpe-t1EJnz25Y4SwhwrmtDa?dl=0
  3. Hello EpochMod community! I am in need of some pointers/help with my ArmA 3 Epoch server. I am used to the EASE of the arma 2 scripting and I am COMPLETELY lost in the ArmA 3 files.....Anyone able to help would be greatly appreciated. Mods I.e. SEM, earplugs, HUD, heck even getting the admin menu to work is hard because the FTP is confusing me so much. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hey All. The meat and potatoes here: I NEED a scripter. Opened up an Overpoch server and bit off more than I could chew. I am self teaching how to do this but even 1 mess up and I could end this before it begins. The server itself is live but not advertised, and will remain that way for about a week or two (or whenever everything works). I have to be fickle about who works on this with me. Needs to be out of school. (So many kids now-a-days can do this, but maturity and scheduling is a big thing) MUST be able to work around a Vilayer system Can put a little time not only into this, but be OK with me learning as you go. Will be able to help with numerous scripts. Will have access to everything you need. Now here is my personal issue. I am medically retired out of the military. Bombs suck. So that means I am home 24/7. I raise a disabled child. Due to these issues I *CAN* work with you on a payment thing if you really need too but I cannot afford much all at once. So *IF* you are doing this for some money you will need to be aware of this up front. Also whoever does help with this will be more than welcome to stay and play / admin as they feel. A spot would always be open to you! Contact me on either of these options! Teamspeak : (Name is Storms, just send a poke!) Email : [email protected] Replying on here. Thank you in advance! SSG Kevin J. Storms US Army Infantry, Retired
  5. Hi everybody i think i have found a huge problem in my server! i have this compile.sqf (actualcompile.sqf).. its almost empty and i saw that i have to copy it from day_code.pbo and not make a new blank file with only the lines i need so now i have copy the compile from dayz_code.pbo and i have added my lines that i need for my scripts in the new compile (newcompiles.sqf) to work but it messed up everything.. the server do start but its not loading my scripts correctly and wholesaler still not working... (sorry for bad english.. not my first language..) Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Nice to be here as a first time server owner after getting my last server pulled from under my feet due to a mod no longer developed (Raarrr). I have moved to Epoch and... well... have no idea what im doing to an extent. I am looking for someone to help me (what I actualy means is "do it" for me) script the following. I am happy to pay as I think its a lot of work, even if its not, I cant do it. Red are the ones I really want, the others would be super nice to have Self blood bag Auto refuel Lift/tow Safe zones Safe zone anti theft (from backpack) Snap building Epoch treasure mission system Epoch AI missions Vehicle flip Debug Custom loading screen (ill design the image - just need it adding) Cannot build bases at some lootable locations Indestructible bases Bases do not degrade Crash sites Max view distance Optional: Set database so I can add buildings (im using the map editor and when I go into Bliss I dont have a "Building" entry to add the script to) Thanks for reading this and fingers crossed :) Aaron
  7. Hey there I am shipping out for boot camp 1/14/2014 and I was wanting to add a few things to my server I already have selfBB'ing, sarge ai and ai missions, Blue phoenix admin tools and towing and load in. I got them thanks to a script package that was real easy to download and install cause I have no scripting skills if someone could help me I have a HFB server and was wanting to add in trader safe zones, Ikea truck supply mission , and a new spawn load-out. But most of all I'm having trouble with the traders running out of stock of items real quick and I don't know how to restock them I tried resetting my server and stopping it nothing works also I would really like to add the m107 to the hero trader if possible so if someone could help me with any of that my Skype username is moore.james94 (don't forget the . between moore and james94) thanks
  8. Could someone help me make have these scripts on my server Cherno? AI missions and supply drops Self Blood Tow/heli lift Indestructible bases Auto refuel So far in these files is AntiTheft and Godmode in traders. Please note the mission.pbo is the Cherno file as my hosting company keeps it like that instead of PBO but server PBO is as normal. My Files are here https://www.dropbox.com/s/243nmw6xcaaew3o/My%20Server%20Files.zip Please and Thankyou My Email is [email protected] or skype me at calvin-dunbar (THEGeek)
  9. I have spent Quite some time trying to Get this tool to work correctly, I have the tool installed and it works great! However Every time the server restarts it rolls back to the same point in time and everyone loses there Precious Gear! (I believe this has to do with The objectUpdate.sqf File) Any help would be Much appreciated, Thanks,
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