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Found 5 results

  1. I currently run an Overpoch Server and everytime a player dies the vehicle disappears and goes back to its original location. I cant figure out what the issue is. Here is my RPT. I get this issue repeatedly in RPT Error Position: <}; > Error Missing { File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 458 Error in expression <_done = true; publicVariable "sm_done"; }; Error position: <_ret;> Error Undefined Variable in expression: _ret File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\bis_fnc\fn_selectRandom.sqf, line 24 Error in expression < call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; I just don't know why any of this would affect vehicles resetting their position upon player death.
  2. deltagi

    SQL events

    I was wondering how I would make this mod Is there any tutorials for SQL evnets out there? Where do I put this bit of code? DROP EVENT IF EXISTS resetVaults; CREATE EVENT resetVaults ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Sets safe codes to 0000 if not accessed for 14 days' DO UPDATE `object_data` SET `CharacterID` = 0 WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `CharacterID` > 0 AND `Classname` IN ('VaultStorageLocked') AND `Inventory` <> '[]' AND `Inventory` IS NOT NULL Thanks Aurora!
  3. hello, I wonder where I can find something TUTORIAL to install AUTO RESET, I've tried a few and I'm not getting. i try this, but I put my public ip and he's the error that it can not connect -- I'm new to mount dayz epoch servers. my server is full dedicate, xeon in amazon, 200mb down, 180upload i need help for this help!
  4. Has anyone else experienced this on Epoch (AO patch 12255)? We've had 7 or 8 players in the past 3/4 days complain of humanity resets. I think all of them have been after a death. (I will double-check this when our server hosts get our server back up and running. It's down for the new AO patch I think.) I'll list the mods we have installed and update as I remember them: BTC Lift MF-Tow DZMS Service Point by Axecop Hero Perks (another admin copied this and made a Bandit perks version, code here) Welcome Credits/Message Infistar Safezones Snap Build We have database functions to restore trader stock but that's about it. I don't think we experienced this once on but we also had slightly different mods so who knows. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
  5. Hey guys, im completely new to DayZ Epoch and i have 1 Question: Is it normal that, after changing a server, you always getting a new character with no equip..? (I never died or sth like that until now)
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