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Found 2 results

  1. Headless Client

    As you all know is doing pretty bad at performance comparatively. Once I used to run 3 servers in with 70 slots each. 2 servers used to have 70 players throughout a 2 hour session and it used a single database for all three servers with 180 players in peak. We used to encounter almost no problem except when hackers lag the server :P. Server used to have desyncs but not that noticeable ones. The thing is in with a single server and just 40 players and even with Ramdisk and other utilities to boost server performance (I never used Ramdisk before back when we had 1051) we get much more desync than when we had totally filled 2 servers and almost half filled 3rd server sharing single db. So, I would like to know how effective will it be if we use Headless Clients. And if so what functions or scripts would you recommend offloading to the headless client. I have never used an headless client before. I would also like to know performance results and reviews from people who's using or have used headless clients before. Also what do you think of using different machines with about 5-15 ms latency to run headless clients on. Do you know any other way to run more than 1 instances of HC on same machine? If you guys could educate me on this topic, I will start developing an headless client as a community project.
  2. UEP BattlEye Extended Controller Installer This is an installer created by me under the Unified Epoch Project to allow server hosters to easily and properly install BEC into their servers on any epoch map. FEATURES: Auto Downloads and installs the latest BEC into your server Supports GUI dialogue options for users to configure BEC settings Comes with a pre set up scheduler that will auto restart server every 3 hours Officially supported by the BEC creator and can be found on their site! Download: https://github.com/bbatton/UEP_BattlEye_Extended_Controller_Installer Donate A Beer If You Like The Installer!