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Found 23 results

  1. McLovin

    Plot Pole Bug

    NOTICE: Duplicate of another question posted in the wrong section. So I've been playing this server that has a number of mods installed. I've been playing it for quite a while with the only errors I've been getting are regarding a 45 round RPK mag being missing, but other than that I've had no errors or any issues loading. Upon trying to place a plot pole, nothing happens; absolutely nothing, like no preview shows up, no prompt saying "starting construction" or anything like that, just blankness. When I try to do it again it says "building already in progress" and I can't do anything, not even lock my vehicle. Is there anything that can be done, or that can explain this phenomenon? To further the understanding of how this came to be, I bought a plot pole from the trader in Trader City Stary and tried placing it near Stary, but not too near it (near a thicket of bushes in the distance). Upon right clicking and hitting the build option, that's when I face my issue.
  2. Hi Folks! I was wondering if theres a way to stop players from removing plot poles that aren't theres? Using a toolbox, crowbar and Etool players can remove Plot poles that dont belong to them, anyway to fix and remove that option? Thanks :)
  3. Plot For Life v2.5 with Snap Pro v1.4.1 & Precise Base Building 1.0.4 (Built for Epoch Current Version Note: If you are also going to use other building mods (Vector build etc) then please check the other mods have been updated to work with v2.5 before installing. If they have not then please use A Plot for Life v2.35 which can be downloaded from the links further down this post. Dropbox: A Plot for Life v2.5 GitHub: A Plot for Life v2.5 V2.4 -> 2.5 upgrade. 1. Download and replace the following files in MPMissions\[Mapname]\Custom\Compile. fn_check_owner.sqf fn_find_plots.sqf 2. Download and merge (see the diffmerge tutorial links further down) the server files found in $SERVERHOME\custom (changes are fairly minimal). That is it. New features. Merged in Precise Base Building from his kind permission. Please show your appreciation to him as well. Core Features. The whole system is is switchable between characterID and PlayerUID by setting a variable. All items built after the mod is installed with have the PlayerUID and the characterID stored for ownership checking (locked buildables will only have the PlayerUID stored as the characterID field is used for the lock code). Includes the code to allow either SteamID or BIS PUID (written by icomrade). You can turn on the plot boundary from the plot pole and remove it. Currently I am using the road cones with lights on top which are also visible at night. They can be changed. Take Ownership is available from the plot pole to the plot poles owner and allows them to take ownership of all buildables in range excluding locked storage (safes / lockboxes), tents, locked doors. This can be changed as it is all controlled via variables. The core idea is that this will align peoples bases to the new system for steamID storage on legacy bases. It also means that raiders can raid a base, replace the plot pole, take ownership and not get full access to locked areas but not have 6 cycles to remove stuff etc after taking over. Depending on the size of the base, number of objects etc this could put a bit of load on the server / DB. It is also turn off or on-able via a variable so you can set it only to allow players to realign their bases and then disable the option. New function to check ownership or friendly status of a given object. Merged with Snap Pro and Modular build framework with permission from Raymix Please show you appreciation to Raymix as well). Uses the modular build system. New functions to reduce instances of common code in the building system. Both are small and precompiled. fn_check_owner.sqf to check ownership and friendly status fn_find_plots to get all nearby plot poles and return a count and the nearest alive one (if one exists). Optimised code changing nearestobjects to nearEntities. Added delay in the Take Ownership function so the Hiveext / DB does not get spammed when taking ownership of large bases. Player_build.sqf is no longer used at all and had been removed from the distribution. Optimised code what has saved between 20k & 30k in the mission package size. Install Instructions are in the zip file (A Plot for Life v2.5). Guides on how to use Diffmerge and how to integrate scripts together. Please backup your databases and thoroughly test before putting live. Report any bugs / suggestions in the thread. Previous version 2.35 Dropbox: A Plot for Life v2.35 & Snap Pro (by Raymix) v1.4.1 GitHub (v2.35 stable): A Plot for Life v2.35 & Snap Pro (by Raymix) v1.4.1 Outstanding issues None reported. Next Version: 3.0 Include a action menu (scroll wheel menu) for plot options and builder / owner management () Beta Testing As it seems theres no with an interest to do any beta testing I need to sweeten the deal. Anyone who helps with beta testing will get access to boobytrapping doors 4 weeks before it is released publicly. The 4 weeks will start from the v2.4 release date and will include any bug fixing period. Boobytrapping Doors - If you have a hand grenade then you can upgrade a locked door to boobytrap it. If the incorrect door code is entered then the hand grenade will be dropped at the position the player was when they boobytrapped the door (make sure you are on the correct side of the door when setting the trap ;) ). Releases Naming convention Previous releases (Majors) Use and Distribution License details. This mod is licensed under the DayZ Mod License Share Alike (DML) license. Usage For people wishing to use the mod for their own servers, please use away. If advertising the mod as a feature of your servers then a shoutout and a linkback to here would be appreciated but is not a requirement. Distribution For people wishing to modify and distribute my code for this mod, the requirements are different. 1. You contact me and ask (common courtesy really). 2. You make it clear who the original creator is and provide a link to this thread. Included mods. A Plot for Life v2.35 (Rimblock). <- is fine. Included mods. A Plot for Life "credits to each addon / script creator" <- is not. 3. The person distributing the mod explicitly states that they are responsible for any issues with their modified version of the mod and not the original creator (i.e. me). 4. Any other requirements under the DayZ Mod License Share Alike (DML) license.
  4. Thug

    Area Maintenance

    Does anyone know how to turn off the Maintain Area for the plot pole? I know it will still say maintain area and maintain area preview, but i dont want it to charge for maintains. Before you say it, I stay on top of my servers and keep them cleaned up. The data base has no functions and events enabled. So its not that. All I am finding in this forum is over 2 years old, still looking.
  5. Hi, sorry for asking this but i need your help. i looked for solutions but couldn't find one. So here's the thing: Someone took the plot pole ownership of our base, now we have found anotherone and it could be from the one who took ours a few hours ago. We want revenge and so we are trying to take the plot pole ownership of his base but it is impossible to do. How do we get this ownership? (I dont know if someone asked it before) Thx, Sholk
  6. Hey guys, Have had an issue sporadically with plot poles despawning, I can't put it down to anything apart from maybe they are despawning due to maintenance. Maintenance works great as per normal for everything else and as fair as I can see nothing is is despawning. Running Plotmanagment with paid maintenance in Hiveext.ini: CleanupPlacedAfterDays = 21 My SetDamageOnAge event in mysql that has changes for door managment by Zupa: UPDATE `object_data` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 3 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') OR (`Classname` IN ('Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked','Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked','Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked','CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ','CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ'))) DZE_maintainClasses in variables.sqf: DZE_maintainClasses = ["ModularItems","DZE_Housebase","LightPole_DZ","BuiltItems","Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ","Fence_corrugated_DZ","CanvasHut_DZ","ParkBench_DZ","MetalGate_DZ","StickFence_DZ","DesertCamoNet_DZ","ForestCamoNet_DZ","DesertLargeCamoNet_DZ","ForestLargeCamoNet_DZ","DeerStand_DZ","Scaffolding_DZ","FireBarrel_DZ"]; my epoch config related variables: DZE_GodModeBase = true; //Buildables will be indestructable from the NEXT restart they were placed if set to true. DZE_requireplot = 1; DZE_PlotPole = [65,65]; DZE_BuildOnRoads = false; DZE_checkNearbyRadius = 30; DZE_BuildingLimit = 500; Attached is a mysql edit of the oldest plot pole on the server, I notice the last updated time stamp is pretty much the same as the creation time, is that right? Could the server be thinking that it hasn't been used so it's removing it? No plot poles on the server have damage on them, either. Any ideas or more info required? Cheers, Scott
  7. Me and My friends were thinking of an Idea of turning off plotpoles for only certain items, Like Sandbags and such, maybe like a DZE_DoorsLocked Variable, so people can Add their own items to it, our Idea in this is so when attempting missions with near to no cover, you can place a sandbag wall (as close to building a trench as we could think of) Would be Great for someone, I do a little bit of scripting but have looked and cant find anything on this, Thanks, ] Leigham
  8. Rai! Often i have people on my server asking me why they can't remove their plot pole. The case is that they lost so many crowbars and/or toolbox broken in the process that they start to think that there is something wrong. I feel like then. So i would like to ask you. This is normal? It's working as intended? Or it's any king of problem my server is having? Thankyou in advance!
  9. Hey, guys So I have dayz.st for host, which is terrible, because I have no access to hive.int to change the decay time. And the default plot pole maintain isn't working ,either. When I look at the maintain preview, it shows that 0 building parts in range sometimes it shows a few building parts when the walls are damaged. So is there a way to fix it, or add a SQL event to database that damage the base a little bit so players can maintain it Thanks :D
  10. Hey,guys So, my host is Dayz.st and they are terrible, I have no access to hiveext.ini to change the base decay period. And the base maintain isn't working either, When i go to maintain base, it shows "0 Building parts in range" But I noticed when the walls are damaged, you can maintain the base, but not the whole base, just a few, like two, three building parts. I wonder if there is a way to fix the maintain or add a SQL event to database that does a little damage to the base so players can maintain. Thanks ! :D
  11. I created a MySQL trigger that will update a characters plot pole with their new CharacterID once they die. In MySQL Workbench CE connect to your mysql server. open the dayz_epoch db right click on character_data and select 'Alter Table' click on the Triggers tab at the bottom. Select After Insert from the list and click Add Trigger Replace the generated code with the below and select Apply DELIMITER $$ DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS dayz_epoch.`character_data_AINS_plot`; CREATE TRIGGER `dayz_epoch.character_data_AINS_plot` AFTER INSERT ON dayz_epoch.character_data FOR EACH ROW -- Edit trigger body code below this line. Do not edit lines above this one BEGIN DECLARE oldCharacterID INT; SELECT CharacterID INTO oldCharacterID FROM dayz_epoch.character_data WHERE PlayerUID = new.PlayerUID AND Alive = '0' ORDER BY CharacterID Desc LIMIT 1; IF (oldCharacterID IS NOT NULL) THEN UPDATE dayz_epoch.object_data SET CharacterID = new.CharacterID WHERE Classname = 'Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ' AND CharacterID = oldCharacterID; END IF; END My next attempt will be to have the characters buildables follow them as well so that they can remove their walls and what not. What this does sets the players previous plot pole from their old characterID to their new characterID when they rejoin and select a new character. UPDATE: In addition to the above I have written scripts so that you do NOT have to restart the server... I have tested these and have worked for me. Unpack your dayz_server.pbo file and open compile/server_playerLogin.sqf. find dayzPlayerLogin = [_charID,_inventory,_backpack,_survival,_isNew,dayz_versionNo,_model,_isHiveOk,_newPlayer,_isInfected]; at the bottom and just before this line add if (_isNew) then { diag_log format["Player %1 Character %2 is NEW", _playerID, _charID]; [_charID, _playerID, _playerObj] call server_changePlotsOwner; }; open server_functions.sqf and add DeadPlayerPlotObjects = []; just above BIS_Effects_Burn = {}; now find server_maintainArea = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_maintainArea.sqf"; and add this code just below it server_changePlotsOwner = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_changePlotsOwner.sqf"; open server_playerDied.sqf find: _newObject setVariable["processedDeath",diag_tickTime]; if (typeName _minutes == "STRING") then { _minutes = parseNumber _minutes; }; diag_log ("PDEATH: Player Died " + _playerID); and add the below code just above it _allPoleObjs = allMissionObjects "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"; _playerOwnedPlots = []; diag_log format["Running pole stuff for char %1", _characterID]; diag_log format["All Poles: %1", _allPoleObjs]; { diag_log format["Pole: %1",_x]; _ownerID = _x getVariable["CharacterID","0"]; diag_log format["Owner of pole: %1", _ownerID]; if (_ownerID == _characterID) then { diag_log format["Owner: %1 == Char: %2", _ownerID, _characterID]; _playerOwnedPlots set [(count _playerOwnedPlots), _x]; }; } forEach (_allPoleObjs); diag_log format["Player owned plots: %1", _playerOwnedPlots]; _player_death_object_record = [ _characterID, _playerID, _playerOwnedPlots ]; diag_log format["Player death records: %1", _player_death_object_record]; DeadPlayerPlotObjects set [(count DeadPlayerPlotObjects), _player_death_object_record]; diag_log format["DeadPlayerObjects: %1", DeadPlayerPlotObjects]; now create a new file in the /compile folder called server_changePlotsOwner.sqf and add private ["_charID", "_playerID", "_playerObj", "_oldCharID", "_playaID", "_plots", "_removePlayerObjects", "_loc", "_dir", "_objCharID", "_classname", "_obj"]; _charID = _this select 0; _playerID = _this select 1; _playerObj = _this select 2; //Check if player had any plots diag_log ("Hello New player"); diag_log format["Your ID: %1 - %2 - %3", _playerID, _playerObj, _charID]; diag_log DeadPlayerPlotObjects; diag_log format["Dead players count: %1", (count DeadPlayerPlotObjects)]; { diag_log format["player object found: %1",_x]; _oldCharID = _x select 0; _playaID = _x select 1; _plots = _x select 2; diag_log format["Old Character: %1 PlayerID: %2 Plots: %3", _oldCharID, _playaID, _plots]; if (count _plots > 0) then { if (_playaID == _playerID) then { // User was found { // assign plots to new character diag_log format["Type: %1", typeOf _x]; _x setVariable ["CharacterID", _charID, true]; diag_log format["Plot %1 is now owned by %2", _x, _x getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]]; } forEach (_plots); _removePlayerObjects set [count _removePlayerObjects, _x]; }; }; } forEach (DeadPlayerPlotObjects); DeadPlayerPlotObjects = DeadPlayerPlotObjects - _removePlayerObjects; Thats it... feel free to remove the diag_log lines if you want. Now save all the files and repack your dayz_server.pbo file. I'm trying to get object swapping to work so that there is no need for the database triggers but having issues with that part. For now the above works fine
  12. So I'm trying to figure a way to implement a method to limit the number of plot poles that a player has deployed. The only way that I can figure to do it is when a player goes to place a plot pole, the script checks every item, filtering for plot pole, and looks at the owneruid to determine if the current player already has X number in existence. Anyone have any better, more subtle, ways of accomplishing this? I figure searching through every object will cause some serious heartburn for client performance when they try placing a plot pole, thus the reason I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks!
  13. Hey developers, I have a base build already, jammer is up, but we wanted to build extra garage, so we made a foundations. I press on build, and it just drops down, without chance to position it or anything else, if i try to move it, it says jammer restriction. So we cant build using foundations once jammer/plot pole is set. Hope u can fix this in next patch. Best regards, Eggroll
  14. is ther a way to increase the "object" amount for plot poles within 30m? im having an issue with doing some towers and it gives me that error. so is there a way? and how would i go about changing it? Thanks
  15. Hey please help me i need to extend the distance for the building limit at the moment it is 30 meters and I want to make it a bigger radius but I don't know how to? Please help...
  16. Hello! I'm setting up a epoch server with a collegue and we have some troubles with the mantain function, we want to activate this function for 14 days. Our problem is that dagamed objetcs / walls can be mantained normaly but in the next server restart they are fine again ( you get no mantain option either in the objets or just the plot pole). It also seems that time doesnt affect on structures dagame. We are using Plot for Life and Plot Management on the server. This is our setup on hive: ;This is a comment ;Comments above a certain setting will provide it's description ;The format for a setting is ;Variable = Value ;If you see a commented line of that form, it means that the setting is optional, and the Value shows the default ;To change from the default, simply uncomment the line and change the Value [Time] Type = Custom Offset = +1 [Database] ;Currently, only MySQL is supported Type = MySQL ;Hostname or IP of the server to connect to Host = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Port to connect to. The default is the default listening port of a server of the selected Type ;Instead of specifying Port, you can specify Socket and set Value to the socket name Port = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Database name to connect to. Database = ;Username to connect with Username = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Password to authenticate with (default is blank) Password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Characters] ;The field name that Player's IDs are stored in (unique per game license) ;IDField = PlayerUID ;The field name that Player's World Position and rotation is stored in ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table ;WSField = Worldspace [Objects] ;Flag indicating whether hiveext should detect vehicles out of map boundaries (X < 0, or Y > 15360) and reset their position to [] ;Note: YOU MUST have a proper dayz_server.pbo that supports this feature, otherwise you will get script errors ;You can find that file under the SQF directory for your server version ;ResetOOBObjects = false ;EPOCH SETTINGS ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from Table = Object_DATA CleanupPlacedAfterDays = 14 ;Negative values will disable this feature ;0 means that ALL empty placed items will be deleted every server restart ;A positive number is how old (in days) a placed empty item must be, in order for it to be deleted [ObjectDB] ;Setting this to true separates the Object fetches from the Character fetches ;That means that the Object Table must be on this other database ;Use = false ;The settings here have the same meaning as in [Database], and are only used if the setting above is set to true ;Type = MySQL ;Host = localhost ;Port = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Database = xxxxxxxxxxx ;Username = xxxxxxxxxx ;Password = xxxxxxxxx
  17. Hey fellas, I am on a mission to see if people have found any sort of plot pole bugs with the new epoch patch. If so please comment below and try to be as specific as possible with the issue. Thank you in advance :D
  18. This may be a stupid question but i cant find anything that specifically answers this. On an indestructible base server, if you have built a base and have your plot pole down and locked inside but then you get killed. Can someone then place another plot pole next to your base and start dismantling or taking the locks off the door? As far as i understood how the plot pole works. A plot pole once placed and after you have been killed, will not let anyone build on the plot until the plot pole gets replaced. Do i understand this right? Basically exactly this happened to my friends base. He had control of the plot pole and placed it inside. We got sniped outside of the base with the doors locked. When we got back some guys had placed a plot pole nearby but im pretty sure it was past the 30m limit of our plot pole. It looked like they were trying to place a plot pole so they could dismantle the base.
  19. So as most of you know from the changelogs in patch they made it A LOT easier to disable plot poles. I tried exactly what they did which is [ADDED] DZE_requireplot override variable added. DZE_requireplot = 0; in init.sqf disables plot pole requirement to build. but for some reason it is not working and I did it EXACTLY as they said. Any ideas on why its not working? Extra details: I'm using HFB servers.
  20. Plot pole maintenance is no longer updating objects in the database. This worked as intended prior to the update, but now appears broken and is likely related to this issue as well.
  21. Does a plot pole prevent other players from removing items? Tank Trap Kits Sand Bags H-Barriers Metal Panels I put up a plot pole and some metal panels and two other players told me they did NOT get a mouse wheel option to remove the metal panels. So, I assumed that meant it was the plot pole preventing that option from showing up... which is great! However, later on I died and when I got back to my base I did not expect to get the option to remove the metal panels until I had a chance to remove and replace the plot pole (since plot poles are tied to your "life") but I did have the option. So this makes me second guess whether or not the other two players didn't get the remove option due to the plot pole or some other sort of issue they were having (such as recently changing skins or something). Note: My experience above was with Epoch v1.0.2.5. Thanks!
  22. You know this might seem a bit off in DayZ but.....I've always found it a little odd that in mods like Epoch and Origins, you spend all this time building stuff to keep your things in and stay safe in....but the minute you die...you have to survive a run all the way back to your stuff just to get back to it. This might seem a little care bear, but is it entirely impossible in the Arma system to reset a player spawn point by using a constructible object like a sleeping bag which could be placed in a base to basically have a player respawn at their base on death? I realize this seems a little against the grain of how DayZ works, but I've gotten quite a few complaints from players that play on my server that they get killed by someone camping their base and then they can't even get back to their base due to the long run and/or the base being blockaded by the people that killed them. Is it possible to get constructible beds/sleeping bags that could then prompt the character on creation to ask whether they want to spawn randomly or at home? And perhaps a way to make the "at home" spawn cause them to spawn say at 6000 blood (to immersively emulate the need for recuperation from a near death experience perhaps). Anyways is this something that is feasible? Is it something that even makes sense in Epoch? I think I'd like it...if I knew specifically how to do it myself but I'm only just coming to grips with Arma modding myself...but it seems like this could be done with some additions to player_death.sqf.
  23. Hi all, First post here so hopefully it's in the right place. I have placed a 30m plot pole at the location I wish to build my base. I have crafted a workbench and it is in my inventory. However when i right click on it and choose 'build workbench' a message comes up saying something along the lines of "must be within 30m of plot pole" when I am standing right next to the pole itself. Without the workbench I cannot place any of the other buildings down. Any ideas? ShadowForce.
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