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Found 36 results

  1. Hello i am knew to this and i need someone to show me the ropes Steam IGN:Hanse
  2. Was wondering if theres a way to kick new steam accounts say a new accounts that arent any older than 60 Days or so? Hackers just using new accounts.... Kinda annoying Thanks :)
  3. Hi I'm new around here so please go easy on me :P Myself an a few others have started a new overpochins server called [SS]|Overpochins|Coins|ActiveADMINS|FullCustom|Semi-Militarized IP: Me and a few others have added some features/scripts like unpack little bird,towlift,missons,bankmoney ect... but were having problems finding a working sector b script which isn't out of date an a origins build trader w/buildings. Would appreciate it if anyone could help us an would be willing to give you guys who help some goodies on the server to start with. The server only holds upto 20 people so far but we will increase it when a few more people join. Using GTX servers. Cheers.
  4. Hello Everyone, Contact: [email protected] I enjoyed dayz epoch so much that I decided on making a new 2017 server, I notice Arma 2 OA is going downhill, I want to offer a high quality hosted server for players that want to join. Details: -Epoch -No specified date of release but stay tuned, I need to talk to friends about funding -Many plugins (snap vector pro, slow zombies, advanced traiding, tow and lift, roaming AI not too difficult, etc.) -The map will be Panthera since it was very enjoyable and fun, unless there is a large amount of people that want a different map, or if we get enough donations we can set up a second mapped server. -We will listen to people's criticism, ideas, votes, questions and requests. -We will host weekly or even daily events that includes volunteered participants, such as maybe races accross the map to win a prize, a large shootout in a town till last man standing, or building competitions. all events will yield large and amazing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. Take this short survey please: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/9023264/To-make-the-ideal-DayZ-Epoch-server Date of release: Maybe a month or less. Stay tuned. Hope you are interested, this server will be hosted for a while, if donations are made. Spread the word. Best Regards -Bear Grylls
  5. I would like to change the look of the inventory , I have seen a few. I found the necessary files but not where to call . files are locate in: \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\gui\gear and i found this: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/RscDisplay/RscDisplayGear.hpp any idea?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a scripting wizz who can help me integrate a series of EpochServer & MPMission files into my current files using TC admin (GTX Gaming)... sounds easy but I'm not entirely confident so am reaching out for help on this one. Fully prepared to pay for your valued service.. and just as happy to accept any gracious charity should you prefer Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks!
  7. Hello! Me and 2 of my friends who are new to arma and dayz are looking for an overpoch server, region Europe if possible. Cherno or Napf preferably. Thanks //Cookies
  8. Hello all! I have one problem,before 0.02 i play every day without problem.Yesterday i download 0.2 after that i have massage error YOU WHERE KICKED OFF THE GAME soo i try all to fix that. Soo i download 0.2 delte old @Epoch folder and copy new 0.2 in arma 3 directory i try verify chace and no help. If any one can help me ty.
  9. Hello Guys, I was told I definitly need to install the newest Epoch Build (9) to fix the server crashes when looting. Im currently running Build 4. But i cant find a way to install the newest release without loosing everything. Is there a method to do this woithout loosing all stuff ? Thanks for your help. Have a nice day, best regards Mumys
  10. Hey Epoch-Users, I want to move one of my existing traders and its vehicle spawnpoint, beucase some helis will be destroyed beucause they are too close to another building. So is there any possibility to import the exisiting map with all the traders etc and move them around with the arma edior ? I normaly edit my map by using the M3Editor but i dont know how to import the trader confugration. Or is there another way to move a trader ? Thanks for helping me out. sincerely mumys
  11. Dezz


    When i join a epoch server with epoch 0.3 i get kicked with the message ''You were kicked off the game'' every time and nothing fixes it. I tryed verifing and deleting old folders in the directory. Nothing works!
  12. I am Brand new to epoch, hell im brand new to steam.. and online gaming... im normally an xbox 360 guys but ive been watching people play Dayz for a long time and I got the balls to go buy it. And now I don't know anyone who plays this game and im not even sure how this works or anything. really looking for someone who can help me out with everything please. Will pay in friendship xD
  13. ~snip~ Credit to NoxSicarius Credit to Blue Phoenix Credit to Monky Credit to Hangender You may edit this to your liking. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. ~snip~ JAYS ADMIN TOOLS FREE EDITION v1.4 Hello, thanks for taking the time to look at this thread. These are admin tools for those who own a server and dont have $40 for the infiSTAR.de tools These admin tools are developed by JAY Skype: jay.ap2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not Sell this for profit Do not distribute this Thanks :3 Screenshots! The Dialog Player and Vehicle locator Give Ammo to help you and players Executor for those developers Teleport for admins finding players/cars Punishing/Locating Player List Epoch Functions Deleting objects Damn, I forgot the Loadouts....anyway there is loadouts! loadouts = { imagine something here }; DOWNLOAD: v1.4 ~snip~ DL Up Tomorrow SOME PICS WERE TOO BIG AN HAD TO BE REMOVED! SORRY! Installation: Go to your Mission Files Open init.sqf add this to the bottom: [] ExecVM "JAY_AdminTools\MLOADSTART.sqf"; Customize the MLOADSTART.sqf to your admins Player Id's AND YOUR DONE! Enjoy :P @JAY skype: jay.ap2
  14. Just curious. I've played a lot of DayZ Epoch on Arma 2 and loved being able to play on a variety of maps and locales. Does anybody know if we'll ever get to experience Arma 3 Epoch on a map other than Altis and Stratis? I haven't done a lot of research on this yet, so there may already be a post or other news regarding this. Thanks, guys! Mozart
  15. I personally think there should be some more custom weapons from other mods in this mod. Any sugestions?
  16. Hi guys, Just wanted to say hello. As soon as I learned about Epoch I knew it was the game I had to play! Excited to see the game grow, and lend a hand in testing! For now you will find me hiding in the woods somewhere with the most basic of supplies, just enough to keep the dogs out of my yard! Stop by with food sometimes and chat. I would enjoy that. TheHermit
  17. Hey, is anyone having a problem with the CH53 SS Falling though the floor when you crash? It happens to me alot, I can land it but when I hit something and knock the rotor out it falls through the floor :L
  18. I'm rather new to epoch but very familiar with DayZ SA and moderately familiar with Mod. Ive been playing for a while and have been really wanting to get a group together for epoch being alot of my other gaming friends arent as fond of mod as i am. I can answer any questions you might have and you can add me on steam here http://steamcommunity.com/id/Im_Koi/ if youd like.
  19. Hey guys, I am having a LOT of trouble with learning how to add mods to my new DayZ Epoch server. I am having issues with opening the mission and server.pbo files (I have downloaded practically every .pbo opening tool I can find and they all wont work saying they are missing all these different files on my computer). I did have the mission.pbo open last night, but after a shocking many disaster failed attempts to edit the files to add mods I decided to delete all downloaded stuff and start fresh this morning, but now for some reason it keeps saying "It seems that it isn't A ArmA 2 pbo" and I can not open any of them. I am currently running windows 7 - 64 bit. I have PBOView downloaded and ExtractPbo which keeps giving me the error message of not being able to start due to missing .dll files... I went to that page... where there is heaps of .dll files, and have been clicking them and downloading them but everytime I download 1 it wants the ExtractPbo wants me to download more!!! I tried to use CPBO last night and it was a complete failure for me and I tried Elietness and I couldnt even start it. I am starting to think I repel technology! Or maybe it is because I am female and it hates me lol. Either way, I am in desperate need for assistance. I would love to access admin tools in game, I want to add mods like make bike from toolbox, custom spawns ect. Please help <3 Thanks, BrokenNail
  20. Hi guys, I have been wanting to share my custom areas with the community for a while now and I am going to start with my custom city I made west of Kamenka. I know this has been done many times but I still wanted to share my creation as I wanted to give something back to this fantastic community. This city took a long time to make and a lot of detail and effort has gone into placing buildings, roads and trees etc on top of existing patches on the ground to make it seem realistic. This area is Epoch 1.0.5 ready. All buildings that will be enterable will have no bushes or ground lurking inside them! Link to the .sqf https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/kamenka.sqf Photo album of the area http://imgur.com/a/rlP6m ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Vybor - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases -
  21. Hey Guys, the new helicopter from isnt spawning- Either with my Admin Tool when spawning it or at the trader.. my RPT says: 14:27:50 Cannot create non-ai vehicle CH53_DZE, 14:27:50 Cannot create non-ai vehicle USEC_ch53_E, What can that be ? I got the same problem with the vodnik
  22. Hi all, after a long while playing DayZ Standalone and Dayz Epoch on different Servers we decided to create our own Server for DayZ Epoch Chernarus. I just want to take the chance to introduce our server to you folks and it would be great if someone join and settle up his base with some friends. The first 15 new Player will get a nice starter package to set up a base and start up a little bit easier! Our features: [Chaos Network] English/German DayZ Epoch Chernarus Server [Active Admins, 1000+ Vehicles, more Missions with different level of difficulty, Snap Building, Custom Map with more full loot able Content, Custom Traders, SelfBloodBag, Tow/Lift all Vehicle, Free Refuel, Regular Updates of Content, Savezones and many more...] ( 112555) [VETERAN|3DP:ON|CH:ON|DM:ON][GMT+1]" IP: Port: 2302 On DayZCommander you can also find us with [Chaos Network] http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ An own Homepage with Ticket System and a Facebook Group/Site will come soon. Please share with your friends if you like! Thx and Regards :D Toby_ASS /Server Admin
  23. alright so i haven't been map editing for a while, and when looking through some files i found my old cherno map edit for the old server, since the server isn't running anymore i shall share out this old map edit for those who want something new for cherno. Features Forest / rocks to the north west, north and east. extra fire station and a bunch of other such buildings (cant remember half of what i put there in truth) heres a few pictues http://imgur.com/a/ZXkxW drop box file for sqf download. - https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ycswipux7e2p4r/cherno.sqf p.s. i wont be re editing any time soon and havnt been playing with server files for a while.
  24. Hey der guise! I was hoping one of you could give me a detailed walkthrough on how to add custom vehicles and weapons with their ammo to the traders, I am COMPLETELY new to this so don't throw weird commands at me without explaining them completely please :P Thanks!!
  25. New item suggestion: Duffel Bag Description: Ultra rare loot item (like chainsaw), that when equipped takes up both the backpack slot and the main weapon slot, but provides 200 slots of space. Purpose: Providing a way to move large lots of items more efficiently. Disclaimer* - Sorry for starting a new topic on such a simple post, it does seem a little like overkill. I just couldn't find another thread that this would fit in, and not get lost in all the replies. Thanks for reading!
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