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Found 12 results

  1. So im trying to install Epoch admin tools onto my server and ive tried like a thousand times now and every time i install it i get "waiting for server to start authentication" 140 seconds later im kicked for script restriction battleye #42 here is a picture of my RPT https://gyazo.com/f91cd347291d029f8a674aba7bf73f13 I could really use some help solving this error because i just don't know what to do.
  2. Hello im looking for a scripter that can install quit a few mods and also add tanks/jets to my server........ nothing that has not been done already, im sure of it im new here and if this is in the wrong place im sorry !!!!!! if interested contact me by steam suprstar64 or email @ [email protected] thank you !!!!!
  3. Good evening dear Epoch Forum! I am trying in vain since 3 days a DayZ server Epoch sit up. Just always comes the error "This server is running at incorrect version of the server-side application" I did everything for this tutorial made "[How To] Setup A DayZ Server [Highly detailed 70+ Steps]" My Errorlog looks like this: http://pastebin.com/6CjSwdTh and http://pastebin.com/N4r6LEdj Should you need anything else I can give you the calm and I hope you can help me! With Best Regards R0lling
  4. Hey guys, I have a problem with my Epoch Server. It's the map Chernarus if this is important. So I didn't change anything and today I get this Error message: 19:31:48 Error in expression <then{ _dir = _worldspace select 0; if (count (_worldspace select 1) == 3) then > 19:31:48 Error position: <count (_worldspace select 1) == 3) then > 19:31:48 Error count: Type String, expected Array,Config entry I really don't know how to fix that. Please, i need help! PS: Sorry for my english, I'm a german guy 19:31:8 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 105
  5. Issue: I've setup my sever, database, etc and I go to run my server. The ArmaII OA server window pops up and all looks well. When I go to check DayZCommander (to test via or use another computer on the same network) I see that the server is down (red and 0/0 and 10000 ping). However if I try to connect to it, I do. But when I finish loading the EPOCH screen I get an error saying "~can't play this because it is dependent on deleted content. m113, pook, jetski and some other guys" and it kicks me out. All the while I can see, via the Arma II OA server window, that I connected and requested data from the server and that I "disconnected" on my own. My Question: What am I doing wrong? I've got all of these files in the @DayZ_Epoch folder. My guess was for some reason when the server tries to address the pook.pbo (or whatever the file is) file requests it can't find them but I have no clue why. Other side notes: I am running this on a dedicated server (running windows server 2012 r2 [can downgrade to 2008 if needed]). Can I do this or is there an issue I don't know about? Am I required to run win7, 8, or linux? router is already setup with port forwarding (plus I can connect to the server so I know that is not the issue) firewalls are set off current (no issue there) machine: lenovo thinkserver, Xeon e-1225v3, 16gb ram, 256 ssd (nothing else running on it at the moment) => no hardware limit that could be the cause. *if you need more info I'd be happy to give it but I figured I'd keep this sort...er* Thanks guys/galls
  6. I've searcher all over you tube and across many forums but have not been able to find ANY tutorials on how to setup the latest version Dayz Epoch Server. The main website written tutoiral is very un-explanitory & i struggle to understand it, and i would appreciate some sort of step by step, tutorial on how to do the whole thing, excluding port forwarding i know that. Also i'm not accepting any suggestions of paying money to get one hosted because i just want a small server for me and a couple friends to screw around on, practise at the game epoch & learn about scripting so we can help on another server.
  7. Hello, I run a DayZ Epoch Panthera server and I need someone to help script or teach me how to... As you already know I am willing to pay for this service. I host from SurvivalServers.com Scripts I would like to add. Helicopter Roping Walking Dead Zombies Self Bloodbag Deployable Bike God Mode Traders Towing/Heli Lift Custom Loading Screen Refuel Custom Buildings Drink Water from Sources Flip Vehicle Ground fog Custom Loot Tables Aircraft Carrier DayZ Epoch Mission *As you can tell I know up-to-nothing when it comes to scripts. I do need a teacher and a scripter for my server. -Contact me by emailing me at [email protected]
  8. cr_meth

    help us, please

    we need help scripting we set up a new server, but our knowledge is way to low. i would like to learn more about scripting on a more professional basis. so i was hoping to find someone who is willing to hook me up with the right information or people. scripting selfbloodbag/autorefuel debug monitor indestructable cinder/metal floors traderzone infistar server updates looking forward to hear s.th. thx ts
  9. Hello! I have just purchased a brand new Day-Z Epoch server, but I am currently having some issues finding out how I can install Sarge AI to my server. If you know how please get back to me in reply to this thread, or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  10. Me and my clan have a server (not the owner) and we just updated not too long ago and we are getting stuck at waiting for host wen trying to join it could someone help us? we are using Vilayer to host the server.
  11. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that someone who has owned a server or has had some prior experience/knowledge that could help me with my issue. I want to start a server for DayZ epoch with my mates. I've been on several servers and I realised that the admins can teleport and spawn boxes of items inclusive of weapons and building materials. I think this would be very useful for my server when I start it. I would like to know if there are any server providers that have this kind of admin tools or if a third party program like Dart would be able to do this. I am completely new to this and would like to learn how to install it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello guys, I have recently tried to create with somebody else an own Dayz Epoch Server but we have currently issues with adding a customized loottable... We are not able to find to find the filedirection and really want to customize the loot of barracks (e.g readding the DMR which got removed, adding some of the "Not banned" arma weapons (no stingers, rocket launchers)). We tested already cal.50 by spawning them in and they worked perfectly fine so I assume you can readd these to the loottable again. So yeah our question is how do you customize the loottable, I searched all day for a solution and didnt find one at all. However the only thing I seem to be able to customize is the zombie loot drop, but thats it. Also another thing: Maitenance of buildings, how does it affect your buildings? If its enabled does it mean buildings despawn if they are not maintained propper? If so how do I disable that?
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