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Found 21 results

  1. Hello Everyone i need +- 50 people to test my server i want to see if anyone is going to lag or not its just a few things i want to try befor i buy the server. If you are will to help please inbox me your number and i will send you an sms what date we will test it (Will sms you no matter where in the world you are)
  2. I installed a headless client on my server. Ai is spawning but lagging hard. It takes lots of minutes that the ai see any player... Some Server Infos: Processor: i7-3770 RAM: 16 GB Graphic-Card: None Sorry for my english but i hope that anyone could help me.
  3. Ill be as brief as possible. I took out a 30 slot epoch server with a host in December and its grown pretty quick. It got to a point where the server was getting full every night with more people trying to join, so I raised the slot limit through the host to 40, and thats where it all started going wrong. Lags, random crashes, several times during each restart, data not saving, things spawning where they were days before etc. Most of all though, the server fps is horrific. Earlier after a restart with just me online, it was 15fps. With 10 people it dropped to 10fps, with 30, 5 fps, above that it hits 2fps sometimes. The database has about 5k objects, Ive got WAI and DZMS, plus DZGM, adnavced trading, coins, self blood, logistics, build bike and a few others. Restarts are every 2 hrs. Also have infistar. Before the upgrade to 40 slots, I had very few issues, now its bad. My last restart, about 25 people joined straight in and server fps hit 4 straight away. My host blames me entirely and refuses to accept thier may be a problem elsewhere, although they did admit they have another high pop server on my box. They told me to remove all scripts and try running it, but most of the scripts they provide anyway, so they shouldnt be selling a server that cant run them. At one point they said my ISP was to blame. They think Im a fool, as Im pretty ceertain my isp doesnt run thier servers! I put the exact same files and database on my test server with a different host and with just me online server fps was 45 straight off and stayed above 30 for a good while. Im looking at getting a dedi box, but in the meantime, apart from removing every single script that makes the game fun, is there anything I can do to help raise it a bit. Ive lowered the ai, lowered the zombies, remove the crash spawn events, deleted a load of the database, played with the basic.cfg. Im at a loss really. When it hits 5fps, WAI stops spawning and players moan there are no missions. Im almost certain the host has oversubcribed the box, but I cant really proove it and they wont ever admit it, the did offer to move me to a new ip on a different box though. Any help wuld be most appreciated! If you want any files like rpt or whatever, then let me know, although I turned logs off at the request of the host to try again some more fps,so it doesnt record much, just inifistar stuff mainly.
  4. Hi! We moved from a GTX hosted Overpoch Chernarus that got popular and started to have lag issues, to a dedicated box. We rescripted it and started with a new database. The hardware is good on it as far as I know and its guaranteed 500mbit connection that can spike to 1 gbit. However usually when its close to full after a couple of hours or now even sometimes earlier it starts to lag, people get kicked or signature check cancels out. I have help from one guy that has a good clue on scripting and Im still learning, but would be nice with some help on this issue. Regards Jonas
  5. It's a fact that ARMA has a dated architecture that only recently received some optimizations for multiple cores and utilizing them for different purposes (multi-tasking and multi-threading). There are several ways for you to optimize your server-side performance to get the maximum speed out of your Epoch server (because Epoch loads so many building items, it requires even more processing power). Before I continue there is a fundamental thing you have to know and consider when you configure your Epoch server: * Every client will load and have to calculate everything that occurs on your server, meaning: - Every client has to load ALL base building items - Every client has to load ALL the vehicles - Every client has to load and calculate ALL AI movement - Every client has to load and calculate ALL clan logos/custom graphics Another thing to consider is the fact that there is something called ragdoll and physics in ARMA 3, basically it is a set of calculations applied to each player body, each AI-body, and each car, and for a moment, also every placed building block. All vehicles run physics-calculations in real-time 24/7 (100% all the time) this means that for every car you have on your server, the server and each client will have to run the calculations for physics on that vehicle all the time. Naturally more calculations are required when something happens to that vehicle (driving, getting shot at, colliding, etc.) but essentially the computing power for all these physics & ragdoll items will take a toll. Furthermore, all inventories and contents of traders, tents, vehicles, etc. are fed from the database in real-time, essentially the more items a container holds, the heavier the load on the server for each time that inventory is loaded. So if you have, say 300 items in a container, all those 300 will load in a big packet, which sucks some server performance. The less a container can hold, the less strain on the server. Now, multiply physics, and inventory calculations per client, the more clients connected, the more vehicles driving, swimming, running, flying, inventories getting opened, the more the strain on each client, and on the server. A lot of this information is also sent from the server, and Arma 3 Epoch is one of the most bandwidth-intensive games out there. When the bandwidth is maximized on either the server-side or the client-side, you will see a yellow chain link in your bottom right corner, or a red chain link, depending on how overloaded the server or the client is with data. This is also when you will see lag happening. Whereas "desynch" (client and server not having the same information, and thus weird things happen) and rubberbanding (which looks like teleporting/warping) is usually a combination of over-stressed CPU (server and or client-side). It is also important to know that in player interaction, the weakest link is usually the cause of the issues, for example: It doesn't matter if you are connected with a 1Gbit connection, with an awesome CPU and GPU, if the server is overloaded, that's the problem, you can't fix it clientside. But the same thing is if you and your friends are connected and your friend has a shitty Internet connection and/or computer and happens to be driving the car. He will lag/desynch based on his low-performance equipment, and that will affect you, and anyone trying to blow that car up (because the car will behave erratically). Virtual Machines It should also be known that the arma3 server-file has issues with running on virtual machines (VMWare, or XenServer, etc.) essentially the performance output gets negated by as much as 30% if you run it on the same hardware as a dedibox, ARMA 3 is currently (2014-12-30) not well-optimized for running on Virtual Machines. Dedicated, native servers will see better performance than a VM. How do I combat/fix this? With these basic fundamentals in knowing how the server works, you as a player need to know that connecting to a server with hundreds of vehicles, or tens of thousands of buildables, or tons of AI-missions will not necessarily be a good thing for your game experience. While there may be plenty of content to have fun with, the experience with all that content will soon turn sour when your client FPS sinks (because the server has low performance, or is under too much strain (yes this affects clients too, if the server is the weakest link, all clients suffer)) your gameplay and experience will suffer too. Currently, the thoroughly tested, recommended max settings for cars on an Epoch server is 150, and the max amount of buildables is 1500 and the max amount of container content is 1500. This is the default settings in Epoch and it is what makes it possible for a server like Mellys to run 100 clients connected, with little to no issues. Yes, there will be a struggle to find a car, but the experience for each player will be as optimal as ARMA 3 Epoch can be with 100 players connected simultaneously. The only possible compromise if you want to have more vehicles, more buildables, more missions, etc. is to allow for fewer clients (less than 100 players). It doesn't matter if the server has SSD-drives, or 1Gbit up and down, or 32GB DDR5 RAM on a super-high cache Xeon-processor. The arma3server-binary can't handle more than a certain amount of load anyways. No logs, memory handlers, and toggles If you run a server with hyperthreading you should use the following toggle (do NOT combine it with cpuCounts=X or threads=X, etc.): -enableHT If you want to squeeze some more performance out of your server with an optimized memory allocator, use the following (download fred's dll here https://github.com/fred41/tbbmalloc_arma/raw/master/dwarden/uptodate_bins.zip ) and place its contents in your dlls-directory where you have arma3server: -malloc=tbbmalloc IF you want to squeeze some extra FPS out of the server you can also turn off RPT-logging (not recommended if you are having issues or are actively tracking other problems/reports) by using: -nologs Setting the processor priority higher is also recommended: -high Server shutdowns The recommended shutdown hours currently for optimal performance is 3 hours, the reason why we have to shut down the server with certain intervals is because of essentially two reasons: 1) Memory leaking (binaries leak RAM, and start performing poorly and thus need to be terminated and restarted) and 2) Clutter (basically a bunch of loops that get stuck due to poor code, vehicle explosions that take up unnecessary bandwidth, corpse clutter, and other things that are a detriment that increases over time on server performance). Hardware - CPU ARMA 3 is processor clock dependent first (both client- and server-side). Having a CPU clock of 3.9GHz or higher is recommended. Intel Xeon-processors have been proven to perform better than regular non-server CPU:s. - RAM More than 8GB per server has not been reported to make any difference whatsoever unless you run a lot of other things or multiple servers on the same machine - Hard Drive Speed SSD-hard drives improve loading performance severely, which means quicker reboots and startup-times for the server, but after the server is loaded everything is handled from the computers RAM, which is much faster than SSD-drives currently. - Bandwidth Expect an ARMA 3 Server have been reported to use around 1Mbit per connected client (server-to-client upstream bandwidth). This means that with 50 players, you will need about 50Mbit upload. The server downloads much less data than this. -------------------------------------------------- Bottom line As a server owner you really need to consider the factors involved: Amount of vehicles (more than 150 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of buildables (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of storage space (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Your server performance is measured in FPS and CPS - the standard FPS without load will be about 49-50FPS server-side, server-FPS and client-FPS are not the same thing, it is not as vital for server-FPS to be so high, everything 15FPS or higher will leave little to no issues. The same thing goes for CPS, which is the processing power used for Artificial Intelligence and non-gamebased calculations (like the AntiHack). The same principle for AI applies to this, the two values should be about the same normally. These values are heavily affected by (in order of performance-drain): 1) Connected clients, 2) Amount of vehicles 3) Amount of buildables 4) Contents of inventory --------------------------------------------------
  6. It seems like every overpoch server I've tried to play on since the update lags pretty bad and averaging 20 fps and below. Is there a way to fix this or is it just overpoch?
  7. I have been adding add ons to my servers and of course the vehicle count goes up and the lag gets worse. Someone told me to change my scripts. To use _bldObj in stead of _vehicle and _this. Example: _vehicle_2971 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["MAP_nav_pier_C_R30", [4055.5073, 2685.8708, 5.104074], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_2971 = _this; _this setDir 108.386; _this setPos [4055.5073, 2685.8708, 5.104074]; }; Change to this: _bldObj = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["MAP_nav_pier_C_R30", [4055.5073, 2685.8708, 5.104074], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _bldObj setDir 108.386; _bldObj setPos [4055.5073, 2685.8708, 5.104074]; }; They said that it would help with the vehicle count and should help with the fps. With that being said if this is true, is there a program that will replace all the _vehicle_XXXX with _bldObj? OR will note pad++ do it. (i know how to do replace the _this in note pad++) If np++ will, How? Some of my scripts are very large. also the line _vehicle_2971 = _this; has to be removed, because it has number in it i was removing them one line at a time. That sucks. Any help I thank you in advance.
  8. Hi, every once in a while, I will try to join a DayZ (mod) server, and when I do, a command prompt will open saying Battleye failed to install. When this happens, I go to Steam, and verify the files, then launch Arma 2: OA, then Battleye will install succesfully. I just want to know if there's a fix for this, because I'm getting tired of doing this little fix all the time. I just want to play DayZ without problems. Please help?
  9. hey guys anyone having issues when the server gets over 40 people other people cant log in they just sit at the count and after 100 seconds it kicks them back to lobby,if you do manage to get in and you die you will not get back in till the following restart.
  10. -edit- I disabled my zone alarm firewall and antivirus and the issue seems to be resolved now. 1 Every server, joined diffrent ones, same issue 2 Epoch Arma 3 1.30.127372. 3 Joined server, walked around 4 It's repetable for me Everyime I go to join a server after about a minute of playing I started to get "no message received" message and it stays from anywhere between 10-100 seconds then the game continues to play for a few minutes. It happens over, and over, and over and over until it finally kicks me off the server. I played on servers with 50+ people and had 110ms ping and then I tried to play on servers with 23 or less people and I had 56ms ping but same issue. http://postimg.org/image/y5ksq47on/ http://postimg.org/image/x2ywns8r9/ Pc specs OS-Windows 7 64 bit GPU- radeon hd 6670 CPU - amd phenom II x4 965 Memory - 8192mb
  11. hello, we are having a few issues with the server maybe someone knows a fix -vehicles take upto 3 minutes to spawn once brought we are running config traders -when some players get to the count it just times out and they cant join -sometimes when you die you cant log back in -vehicles despawn get this message 22:01:36 "["PVAHR_0_ecicwc_PVAHR_0_ecicwc",["Simple Man","xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","DELETED Vehicle with Invalid ID(0): AH6X_DZ @120026"]]" some things that could cause issues database has 12700 items running maintenance every 4 days server fps drops below 5 even after a restart player fps seems fine server specs 6 core full dedicated 6144mb ram 600gb storage 12000gb bandwidth 30 gb ssd we tried to run the game and database off the ssd but did not make much difference would it help to run the database on a separate machine? can you run more cores to the database? if anyone has this issue or knows a fix please let me know.
  12. Hey there, today I killed somebody and shortly after I tried to loot his corpse + his crypto. When I tried to pick up the crypto I could loot it but the option to loot his crypto persisted, so I could loot him over and over again till the server wasn't lagging anymore. This could be exploited to get nearly unlimited crypto. Best regards, CaptainYarrr
  13. Hey guys, I'm running an overpoch chernarus server on a dedicated box when the server gets to about 30 players we start to see a lot of lag and desync (doors take ages to open,trader menus are slow) I have removed police vehicles fixed clean up script for 112555 running 4 cores for arma and 2 for the database but still seem to have the issue I know it's not the dedicated box itself as I have no issues with other servers I have ran on it and server still gets very high fps,anyone know of any weapons of vehicles which may be glitched that could be causing this? Does config traders make a difference? I know the plot pole for life script causes lag issues(when removed made a big difference) but still have that annoying lag. Thanks guys
  14. Hello all, I am head of staff for our communities TLR division at JGG gaming. I am currently seeking a dedicated coder for hire to help iron out some issues with our server. please respond if you are interested in helping out our community. you can connect to our teamspeak server to speak with me. be sure to ask for Petah
  15. We have ourselves two servers, one of which is very popular and is ranked in the top 200 on game tracker. (170th when I wrote this) We are looking for some help with fixing errors in out RPT file. We are looking for a trusted person of the community to help us out with server FPS. Payment or whatever you would like for doing this is negotiable and I will go over that with you. Get in touch with this post if you are interested. Thank you!
  16. I am getting some errors about my DZMSbox.sqf and it happens LOADS of times in the RPT log starting on like 1878. Im sure this is one of the main causes of why my server has some bad FPS at the moment. Can you help me find the error? Attached the box.sqf and my RPT log. Thanks! ERROR 23:52:28 Error Missing { 23:52:28 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSBox.sqf, line 115 23:52:28 Error in expression <ate addWeaponCargoGlobal [_item, 1]; The code looks all fine to me. Thanks for all the help! KCR DZMSbox.txt arma2oaserver.txt DZMSWeaponCrateList.txt
  17. Been having issues with my DB from what I can tell, just after restarts and at random times between restarts the lock/unlock functions and trader menus become extremely slow, and vehicles don't spawn when buying them. If players relog it sometimes fixes it, but im thinking this is a database issues. I currently have 3 added databases on the mysql server, one for Altis Life for A3 which is constantly running with one server, and shared with another server when I bring it up for testing. I then have 2 epoch databases, one running all the time for my main server and one for a test server when I bring it up. Wondering if it could be something Im missing with the config? Current CFG is [mysqld] pid_file = "mysql.pid" key_buffer = 16M max_allowed_packet = 2M sort_buffer_size = 512K net_buffer_length = 8K read_buffer_size = 256K read_rnd_buffer_size = 512K myisam_sort_buffer_size = 128M log_error = "mysql_error.log" table_cache = 64 thread_cache = 16 query_cache_size = 64M innodb_buffer_pool_size = 1024M innodb_additional_mem_pool_size = 32M innodb_log_file_size = 256M innodb_log_buffer_size = 10M innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 2 innodb_lock_wait_timeout = 50 I can provide anymore information and would really appreciate some help/advice with this. Cheers, Luke.
  18. Does anyone experienced the latest BattlEye v1.212 client update makes massive client side lag spikes? Pings and FPS-es are good, but the screen freezes for a 0.2 second in every 1-2 seconds. It happened today after players updated their BE client DLLs from 1.208 to 1.212.
  19. When I try to play Dayz Epoch, I get low fps. I can play any other dayz mods with at least 25-40 fps. But in any epoch server, The max fps I get is 20. This might be high ping, I try to join low ping servers, but Dayz Commander has difficulty sometimes giving accurate ping. I have messed with settings, arma2oa.cfg, and launch parameters to get better performance but it does not help. Does anyone know how to fix?
  20. Good morning, I have been running a Epoch server for about three months on my community's Dedicated server, recently (since updating to 1.0.3) i have had a lot of issues with de-sync / lag. I was wondering if any one would be able to shed some light on whats going on, What i know from my own analyzing; Is that the de-sync is not a result of to many clients connected, as i have had as many a 20 people on with no problem but there can be de-sync with only 1 - 2 people on the server. I have recently i have noticed that the de-sync only occurs during these hours, 18:00 pm - 01:00 am. i have check but as far as i can see there are no additional scripts or programs running during this time, no sql quires or such. My start up command: -server -ip= -world=empty -nosplash -cpuCount=8 -exThreads=1 -maxmem=2047 -noCB -port=2372 -profiles=D:\TCAFiles\Users\name\26\arma2CO -bepath=D:\TCAFiles\Users\name\26\arma2CO\BattlEye -cfg=basic.cfg -config=config.cfg -name=instance_11_Chernarus -mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; My Basic Config: language="English"; MinBandwidth=192000000; MaxBandwidth=1073741824; MaxSizeGuranteed=128; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=64; MinErrorToSendNear=0.0099999998; MinErrorToSend=0.001; MaxCustomFileSize=0; Windowed=0; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=93750; Resolution_Bpp=32; serverLongitude=2; serverLatitude=49; serverLongitudeAuto=2; serverLatitudeAuto=49; My server stats for the last 7 days;
  21. Hi, Just wondered when 1.0.2 is due out? - has a much lower fps in rpt logs than other versions for me, and I saw here that 1.0.2 was expected to make this better? :D PLUS... can't wait for 999 SQL :D yay! Just wondered, looking at the rolling changelog, when it is due out? Thanks :D
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