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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, This script is extremely simple. 1 - In '@epochhive/addons' add the following pbo (traderATMs.pbo) : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63143678/epoch_scripts/traderATMs.pbo 2 - In your 'MPMissions' folder, unpack 'epoch.Altis.pbo' 3 - In your unpacked 'epoch.Altis' folder, open init.sqf and add the following at the very top : if (isServer) then { execVM "\q\addons\traderATMs\init.sqf"; }; Note : if there is no init.sqf in the root of your unpacked 'epoch.Altis' folder, just create one. 4 - Repack 'epoch.Altis' into 'epoch.Altis.pbo' That's it ! **EDIT** Optimized following Kroenen's suggestions
  2. Wouldn't it be nice to give server admins the option to change the speed of the ATM ? For my taste it's much too slow and if you're not in a safezone you have nearly no chance to get/ depot your money. It needs too much time in my opinion.
  3. Hello Everyone! My question is, where is the Bank Account Krypto stored in? In a .txt file on the server? Or where? Regards H03LL3
  4. Hello, i've been playing a lot this period and i want to list some of the strange things i've discovered. I use to play with my clan members that doesn't seem to have my same issues, so i'd like to know if someone else is having them. What arma3 build and what Epoch build you are using. -> Arma 3 v / Epoch Player status not saved: on every official server The server you were playing on: Every official server ( but right now playing only on Skaronator.com - !Join TS for new PW! EpochMod.com) What it was you were doing: Logging out, at every relog, Stamina is resetted to 0 and Hours Aive the same Is it repeatable: Every time Traging items and Kryptos: The server you were playing on: Every official server (but right now playing only on Skaronator.com - !Join TS for new PW! EpochMod.com) What it was you were doing: Trading items with any trader to gain Kryptos or gaining usueful items. After relogging, kryptos are 0, items traded are still in the inventory (partially) and items gained from trader are vanished Is it repeatable: Every time No interaction: The server you were playing on: Every official server (but right now playing only on Skaronator.com - !Join TS for new PW! EpochMod.com) What it was you were doing: Every specific period of time (usually between 20 and 30 minutes of playing) i'm not able to interact with the lootable objects: trash, couches, wardrobes etc etc. The only way to be able to loot them again is to relog Is it repeatable: Every time I hope this could be usueful for something. Regards (Edit note: i've removed the Session Lost cause it seems the problem has been solved. Maybe it was a my problem and not a mod/server problem)
  5. I'm really new to Epoch but not to Arma 3. But the whole the Krypto currency is kinda confusing to me. Can you keep your krypto after you die or not? I was playing and I looted stuff then sold them. Some guy kills me and I didn't pay attention to how much krypto I had after respawning, so I didn't know if I had krypto still or not, but I had about 90 krypto before I died. I go back to my dead body to pick up my remainings and while I was still in my inventory, I realize I still have my krypto. Later on, I die again and I lose my krypto after respawn. I don't get it. So is there a way to keep your krypto after dying? Did my body have the krypto? I don't know :l I need someone to clear this up for me. Thanks Also, I'm playing on AIA terrain package servers... Servers with Chernarus because I love DayZ and which is why I started playing Arma 3 Epoch.
  6. As the title suggests, players are asking how to bank their krypto, but I haven't found an ATM or phone booth anywhere. Am I just missing it? lol
  7. Vartex


    If I die do I lose my money or do I have to store it somewhere?
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