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Found 24 results

  1. Hello Survivors, I play on a server which has arround 60~80 FPS for me. Ping is 130ms. Hardware is i7-6700k, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM and I tested the game on a HDD and SSD. Both the same failure. Expansions/Mods: Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Arma 2 PMC, Arma 2 BAF, Epoch, Overwatch 0.2.5 Deinstalled and downloaded again 3 times. Still the same bug. Nvidia Driver is uptodate! I just have my regular survival, when suddenly this appears: I need some help I have no idea how I can solve the problem! Goodspeed, ~blue~
  2. I have some issues with my server fps. I hope you guys can help me, already tried to change: basic.cfg start-parameters I have some cleanups running on my db, so I hope thats not the problem. here are some infos: Server: Windows 2012 R2 i7-6700 @ 3.8Ghz 32 GB Ram SSD Connection speedtest.net (tested on diffent servers): 700-900 Mbps up and down start parameters: -config=xxx\config.cfg -ip=xx.xx.xx.xx -port=" + $port + " -profiles=xxx -cfg=xxx\basic.cfg -name=xxx -loadMissionToMemory -maxMem=2047 -exThreads=1 -world=Tavi -noCB -autoinit [email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayzOrigins1795;@DayZ_Epoch1061;@DayZ_Epoch_Server" current basic.cfg: current basic.cfg: language="English"; adapter=-1; Windowed=0; 3D_Performance=1; Resolution_W=800; Resolution_H=600; Resolution_Bpp=32; MinBandwidth=1097152; MaxMsgSend=128; MaxBandwidth=524288000; MaxSizeGuaranteed=256; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=64; MinErrorToSend=0.0049999999; MinErrorToSendNear=0.025; MaxCustomFileSize=0; class sockets { maxPacketSize=1430; }; i've modified my s_fps.sqf to see number of objects in diag_log like this: while {true} do { diag_log format["SERVER FPS: %1 PLAYERS: %2 OBJECTS: %3",round diag_fps,playersNumber west,count allMissionObjects "All"]; uiSleep 60; }; WITHOUT WAI Missions: Line 496: 0:01:15 "SERVER FPS: 29 PLAYERS: 1 OBJECTS: 1723" Line 730: 0:02:18 "SERVER FPS: 45 PLAYERS: 2 OBJECTS: 5919" Line 748: 0:03:18 "SERVER FPS: 47 PLAYERS: 5 OBJECTS: 5929" Line 782: 0:04:18 "SERVER FPS: 48 PLAYERS: 7 OBJECTS: 5937" Line 814: 0:05:18 "SERVER FPS: 48 PLAYERS: 8 OBJECTS: 6117" Line 848: 0:06:18 "SERVER FPS: 47 PLAYERS: 9 OBJECTS: 6144" Line 870: 0:07:18 "SERVER FPS: 46 PLAYERS: 11 OBJECTS: 6218" Line 903: 0:08:18 "SERVER FPS: 39 PLAYERS: 13 OBJECTS: 6334" Line 953: 0:09:18 "SERVER FPS: 45 PLAYERS: 12 OBJECTS: 6426" Line 976: 0:10:18 "SERVER FPS: 40 PLAYERS: 12 OBJECTS: 6478" Line 1005: 0:11:18 "SERVER FPS: 35 PLAYERS: 12 OBJECTS: 6517" Line 1031: 0:12:18 "SERVER FPS: 38 PLAYERS: 12 OBJECTS: 6508" Line 1048: 0:13:18 "SERVER FPS: 38 PLAYERS: 13 OBJECTS: 6537" Line 1062: 0:14:18 "SERVER FPS: 39 PLAYERS: 13 OBJECTS: 6540" Line 1080: 0:15:18 "SERVER FPS: 35 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6543" Line 1106: 0:16:18 "SERVER FPS: 33 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6612" Line 1126: 0:17:19 "SERVER FPS: 30 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6645" Line 1230: 0:18:19 "SERVER FPS: 30 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6671" Line 1259: 0:19:19 "SERVER FPS: 30 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6722" Line 1278: 0:20:19 "SERVER FPS: 28 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6824" Line 1372: 0:21:19 "SERVER FPS: 26 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6991" Line 1434: 0:22:19 "SERVER FPS: 25 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7124" Line 1452: 0:23:19 "SERVER FPS: 25 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7185" Line 1509: 0:24:19 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7250" Line 1536: 0:25:19 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7350" Line 1546: 0:26:19 "SERVER FPS: 22 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7363" Line 1586: 0:27:19 "SERVER FPS: 22 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7425" Line 1612: 0:28:20 "SERVER FPS: 22 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7434" Line 1631: 0:29:20 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 7434" Line 1660: 0:29:49 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-B:1 (Thoron) REMOTE Thoron - Fixing FPS" Line 1671: 0:30:20 "SERVER FPS: 28 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 6226" Line 1705: 0:31:20 "SERVER FPS: 28 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 6211" Line 1727: 0:32:20 "SERVER FPS: 31 PLAYERS: 16 OBJECTS: 6222" Line 1762: 0:33:20 "SERVER FPS: 34 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6281" Line 1783: 0:34:20 "SERVER FPS: 33 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6309" Line 1810: 0:35:20 "SERVER FPS: 47 PLAYERS: 9 OBJECTS: 6329" Line 1828: 0:36:20 "SERVER FPS: 47 PLAYERS: 7 OBJECTS: 6342" Line 1836: 0:37:20 "SERVER FPS: 47 PLAYERS: 7 OBJECTS: 6345" Line 1848: 0:38:20 "SERVER FPS: 48 PLAYERS: 7 OBJECTS: 6360" Line 1874: 0:39:20 "SERVER FPS: 46 PLAYERS: 1 OBJECTS: 6323" Line 1875: 0:40:20 "SERVER FPS: 46 PLAYERS: 2 OBJECTS: 6323" WITH WAI: Line 624: 0:42:12 "SERVER FPS: 44 PLAYERS: 3 OBJECTS: 3552" Line 1227: 0:43:14 "SERVER FPS: 48 PLAYERS: 8 OBJECTS: 6099" Line 1261: 0:44:14 "SERVER FPS: 47 PLAYERS: 10 OBJECTS: 6129" Line 1292: 0:45:14 "SERVER FPS: 43 PLAYERS: 13 OBJECTS: 6246" Line 1324: 0:46:14 "SERVER FPS: 42 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6372" Line 1378: 0:47:14 "SERVER FPS: 32 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6422" Line 1448: 0:48:14 "SERVER FPS: 30 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6438" Line 1468: 0:49:14 "SERVER FPS: 30 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6562" Line 1504: 0:50:15 "SERVER FPS: 28 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6682" Line 1524: 0:51:15 "SERVER FPS: 29 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6681" Line 1558: 0:52:15 "SERVER FPS: 28 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6757" Line 1587: 0:53:15 "SERVER FPS: 28 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6781" Line 1668: 0:54:15 "SERVER FPS: 24 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6943" Line 1704: 0:55:15 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6978" Line 1728: 0:56:15 "SERVER FPS: 24 PLAYERS: 14 OBJECTS: 6976" Line 1744: 0:57:15 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6967" Line 1763: 0:58:15 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6961" Line 1788: 0:59:15 "SERVER FPS: 21 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 7044" Line 1836: 1:00:16 "SERVER FPS: 20 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 7062" Line 1876: 1:01:16 "SERVER FPS: 21 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 7078" Line 1894: 1:02:16 "SERVER FPS: 20 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 7084" Line 1927: 1:03:16 "SERVER FPS: 21 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 7091" Line 1955: 1:04:16 "SERVER FPS: 21 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 7091" Line 1961: 1:04:35 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: B 1-1-C:1 (Thoron) REMOTE Thoron - Fixing FPS" Line 1977: 1:05:17 "SERVER FPS: 23 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6393" Line 2004: 1:06:17 "SERVER FPS: 22 PLAYERS: 15 OBJECTS: 6388"
  3. harcosgoogle

    Fps boost?

    Hi. How can server-side fps be increased? Database clean? Script?Mod? Clean? (Not game settings) Thanks
  4. lwbuk

    1.0.6 server fps

    Just curious as to see what sort of server fps people are getting with a completely clean 1.0.6 install. I've set up a test server with a game host to play about with and surprised to be only getting around 40 with just me online occasionally rising to 45.With another player it drops to about 35-38. I'm guessing this is due to all the added default stuff like group and plot management that the clean version didnt have. I would get a solid 49/50 fps on a game host with those files with just me online. Im considering getting a dedi box again, so would be good to see what sort of fps others are getting on both dedi box and game host.
  5. Getting about average 10 more FPS on 3 servers. I believe @BigEgg gets the credit for figuring out this one. @ndavalos wrote the code below to temp fix it and @icomrade patched it for the next update.... but unless you follow the github issues, (and you should) you may have missed this one as its buried in a post i made several weeks ago. this code goes at the bottom of your init. see this for more info https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1926 edit: this code will need to be removed when comes out. Posting this because ive spoken with 2 other server owners who hadn't seen this info. if (hasInterface) then { dayz_rollingMessages = { private "_showText"; disableSerialization; _showText = { private "_textLine"; 15 cutRsc ["RSC_DZ_Messages","plain"]; _textLine = (uiNamespace getVariable "DZ_Messages") displayCtrl 4099998; _textLine ctrlSetStructuredText (parseText _this); _textLine ctrlCommit 0; }; if (typeName _this == "ARRAY") exitWith {(_this select 0) call _showText}; //Special or multi-line message if ((diag_ticktime - Message_1_time) < 5) then { if ((time - Message_2_time) < 5) then { Message_3 = Message_2; Message_3_time = Message_2_time; } else { Message_3 = ""; }; Message_2 = Message_1; Message_2_time = Message_1_time; } else { Message_2 = ""; Message_3 = ""; }; Message_1 = _this; Message_1_time = diag_ticktime; (format ["%1<br></br>%2<br></br>%3", Message_1, Message_2, Message_3]) call _showText; }; };
  6. Hey. Update 1.0.6 is very low FPS. graphics settings do not help. FPS blocked about 15-25. + not included steam overlay windows 7 home base sp1 amd FX(tm)-8120 Eight-core processor 3.10 GHz (8cores) 8gb nvidia GTX 1050 palit old version 60+ fps (40+ city) plz, help!
  7. Been noticing some stramge things which I cant explain. Currently I have the server running on 2 cores, hyperthreading is off. Its a 4.0ghz processor. It runs about 15% on each core with 15 players on, but server fps drops to between 5-9. If I change the affinity on the fly to just one core, the core runs at 100% but the server fps instantly increases to 25-30. Can anyone explain this, I dont really understand this whole aspect of the server and would like to know more about it.
  8. -Do Or Die Gaming Epoch Server- Taru Pod Script Custom AI Missions with dynamic loot Auto Ear Plugs Armed Vehicles/Helis Active Admins Custom in-game player map markers Active TeamSpeak with plenty of open channels to invite your friends and chat ZCP PVP Mission Great FPS *Apex DLC added content* TS3: ts3.doordiegamers.com http://www.doordiegamers.com
  9. Hello, I love playing the epoch mod for arma 2 but I have one problem. FPS! I have no problem playing any other games with no fps problem. Though when I play games like arma 2 or arma 3 My fps ranges from 10-30 on all low settings. I have talked to server owners ect about the problem and they tell me my cpu is not strong enough to run it. Though I have a 3.90 ghz cpu. I have tried everything from GPU acceleration to 1, lowered render in game and lowered quality but still bad fps. I have heard the engine is not quite optimized. After the dayz standalone update I can run it on max setting no problem, I have been told to get an intel cpu but I dont want to spend a fortune on something so stupid and pointless. Thanks so much - Wolfy Motherboard: MSI 970 Ram: 16 GB Hyper X ddr3 Cpu: AMD Fx 4130 Quad core 3.90 ghz HDD: 3TB "Not sure brand ebay got the hook up :D" GPU: 750 Ti MSI 2gb GPU2: 750 Ti Asus 2gb Fans: 4 Be Quite Fans "With A positive air flow: PSU: 750w
  10. Ill be as brief as possible. I took out a 30 slot epoch server with a host in December and its grown pretty quick. It got to a point where the server was getting full every night with more people trying to join, so I raised the slot limit through the host to 40, and thats where it all started going wrong. Lags, random crashes, several times during each restart, data not saving, things spawning where they were days before etc. Most of all though, the server fps is horrific. Earlier after a restart with just me online, it was 15fps. With 10 people it dropped to 10fps, with 30, 5 fps, above that it hits 2fps sometimes. The database has about 5k objects, Ive got WAI and DZMS, plus DZGM, adnavced trading, coins, self blood, logistics, build bike and a few others. Restarts are every 2 hrs. Also have infistar. Before the upgrade to 40 slots, I had very few issues, now its bad. My last restart, about 25 people joined straight in and server fps hit 4 straight away. My host blames me entirely and refuses to accept thier may be a problem elsewhere, although they did admit they have another high pop server on my box. They told me to remove all scripts and try running it, but most of the scripts they provide anyway, so they shouldnt be selling a server that cant run them. At one point they said my ISP was to blame. They think Im a fool, as Im pretty ceertain my isp doesnt run thier servers! I put the exact same files and database on my test server with a different host and with just me online server fps was 45 straight off and stayed above 30 for a good while. Im looking at getting a dedi box, but in the meantime, apart from removing every single script that makes the game fun, is there anything I can do to help raise it a bit. Ive lowered the ai, lowered the zombies, remove the crash spawn events, deleted a load of the database, played with the basic.cfg. Im at a loss really. When it hits 5fps, WAI stops spawning and players moan there are no missions. Im almost certain the host has oversubcribed the box, but I cant really proove it and they wont ever admit it, the did offer to move me to a new ip on a different box though. Any help wuld be most appreciated! If you want any files like rpt or whatever, then let me know, although I turned logs off at the request of the host to try again some more fps,so it doesnt record much, just inifistar stuff mainly.
  11. Two years ago I built this computer with a Radeon HD 7950 and an AMD FX 4100. dayz was running how i expected (low ish fps) my cpu was bottlenecking my gpu. about a month ago I upgraded my cpu to the AMD FX 8350 thinking that I would get better fps in dayz. I did notice an increase but not what I was expecting, after upgrading my cpu I have been getting around 30-40 fps out in the open. in any town it is terrible, I am lucky if i get 15 fps. I am concerned about this because a cousin also built a computer at the same time with about the same performance parts, (Intel i5 3570k and GTX 660). my concern is that he gets 50-70 fps in the open and 30-50 in towns while I get only half that. thanks
  12. Hello, i have setup a local server with xampp. My CPU is I7 Quad, GPU is GTX 750TI and 8GB RAM. Resolution is 1920x1080 and all settings are max, disabled shadow, antialias, postprocess and vsync. I stripped the epoch object table, so there are no cars nor buildables. I use WickedAI and DZAI, slow zeds and some other scripts and 5 small custom map addons, but my fps are 25 near the shore and 35 in the wilderness. Is this normal or can i do something to increase the fps with this resolution?
  13. It's a fact that ARMA has a dated architecture that only recently received some optimizations for multiple cores and utilizing them for different purposes (multi-tasking and multi-threading). There are several ways for you to optimize your server-side performance to get the maximum speed out of your Epoch server (because Epoch loads so many building items, it requires even more processing power). Before I continue there is a fundamental thing you have to know and consider when you configure your Epoch server: * Every client will load and have to calculate everything that occurs on your server, meaning: - Every client has to load ALL base building items - Every client has to load ALL the vehicles - Every client has to load and calculate ALL AI movement - Every client has to load and calculate ALL clan logos/custom graphics Another thing to consider is the fact that there is something called ragdoll and physics in ARMA 3, basically it is a set of calculations applied to each player body, each AI-body, and each car, and for a moment, also every placed building block. All vehicles run physics-calculations in real-time 24/7 (100% all the time) this means that for every car you have on your server, the server and each client will have to run the calculations for physics on that vehicle all the time. Naturally more calculations are required when something happens to that vehicle (driving, getting shot at, colliding, etc.) but essentially the computing power for all these physics & ragdoll items will take a toll. Furthermore, all inventories and contents of traders, tents, vehicles, etc. are fed from the database in real-time, essentially the more items a container holds, the heavier the load on the server for each time that inventory is loaded. So if you have, say 300 items in a container, all those 300 will load in a big packet, which sucks some server performance. The less a container can hold, the less strain on the server. Now, multiply physics, and inventory calculations per client, the more clients connected, the more vehicles driving, swimming, running, flying, inventories getting opened, the more the strain on each client, and on the server. A lot of this information is also sent from the server, and Arma 3 Epoch is one of the most bandwidth-intensive games out there. When the bandwidth is maximized on either the server-side or the client-side, you will see a yellow chain link in your bottom right corner, or a red chain link, depending on how overloaded the server or the client is with data. This is also when you will see lag happening. Whereas "desynch" (client and server not having the same information, and thus weird things happen) and rubberbanding (which looks like teleporting/warping) is usually a combination of over-stressed CPU (server and or client-side). It is also important to know that in player interaction, the weakest link is usually the cause of the issues, for example: It doesn't matter if you are connected with a 1Gbit connection, with an awesome CPU and GPU, if the server is overloaded, that's the problem, you can't fix it clientside. But the same thing is if you and your friends are connected and your friend has a shitty Internet connection and/or computer and happens to be driving the car. He will lag/desynch based on his low-performance equipment, and that will affect you, and anyone trying to blow that car up (because the car will behave erratically). Virtual Machines It should also be known that the arma3 server-file has issues with running on virtual machines (VMWare, or XenServer, etc.) essentially the performance output gets negated by as much as 30% if you run it on the same hardware as a dedibox, ARMA 3 is currently (2014-12-30) not well-optimized for running on Virtual Machines. Dedicated, native servers will see better performance than a VM. How do I combat/fix this? With these basic fundamentals in knowing how the server works, you as a player need to know that connecting to a server with hundreds of vehicles, or tens of thousands of buildables, or tons of AI-missions will not necessarily be a good thing for your game experience. While there may be plenty of content to have fun with, the experience with all that content will soon turn sour when your client FPS sinks (because the server has low performance, or is under too much strain (yes this affects clients too, if the server is the weakest link, all clients suffer)) your gameplay and experience will suffer too. Currently, the thoroughly tested, recommended max settings for cars on an Epoch server is 150, and the max amount of buildables is 1500 and the max amount of container content is 1500. This is the default settings in Epoch and it is what makes it possible for a server like Mellys to run 100 clients connected, with little to no issues. Yes, there will be a struggle to find a car, but the experience for each player will be as optimal as ARMA 3 Epoch can be with 100 players connected simultaneously. The only possible compromise if you want to have more vehicles, more buildables, more missions, etc. is to allow for fewer clients (less than 100 players). It doesn't matter if the server has SSD-drives, or 1Gbit up and down, or 32GB DDR5 RAM on a super-high cache Xeon-processor. The arma3server-binary can't handle more than a certain amount of load anyways. No logs, memory handlers, and toggles If you run a server with hyperthreading you should use the following toggle (do NOT combine it with cpuCounts=X or threads=X, etc.): -enableHT If you want to squeeze some more performance out of your server with an optimized memory allocator, use the following (download fred's dll here https://github.com/fred41/tbbmalloc_arma/raw/master/dwarden/uptodate_bins.zip ) and place its contents in your dlls-directory where you have arma3server: -malloc=tbbmalloc IF you want to squeeze some extra FPS out of the server you can also turn off RPT-logging (not recommended if you are having issues or are actively tracking other problems/reports) by using: -nologs Setting the processor priority higher is also recommended: -high Server shutdowns The recommended shutdown hours currently for optimal performance is 3 hours, the reason why we have to shut down the server with certain intervals is because of essentially two reasons: 1) Memory leaking (binaries leak RAM, and start performing poorly and thus need to be terminated and restarted) and 2) Clutter (basically a bunch of loops that get stuck due to poor code, vehicle explosions that take up unnecessary bandwidth, corpse clutter, and other things that are a detriment that increases over time on server performance). Hardware - CPU ARMA 3 is processor clock dependent first (both client- and server-side). Having a CPU clock of 3.9GHz or higher is recommended. Intel Xeon-processors have been proven to perform better than regular non-server CPU:s. - RAM More than 8GB per server has not been reported to make any difference whatsoever unless you run a lot of other things or multiple servers on the same machine - Hard Drive Speed SSD-hard drives improve loading performance severely, which means quicker reboots and startup-times for the server, but after the server is loaded everything is handled from the computers RAM, which is much faster than SSD-drives currently. - Bandwidth Expect an ARMA 3 Server have been reported to use around 1Mbit per connected client (server-to-client upstream bandwidth). This means that with 50 players, you will need about 50Mbit upload. The server downloads much less data than this. -------------------------------------------------- Bottom line As a server owner you really need to consider the factors involved: Amount of vehicles (more than 150 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of buildables (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of storage space (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Your server performance is measured in FPS and CPS - the standard FPS without load will be about 49-50FPS server-side, server-FPS and client-FPS are not the same thing, it is not as vital for server-FPS to be so high, everything 15FPS or higher will leave little to no issues. The same thing goes for CPS, which is the processing power used for Artificial Intelligence and non-gamebased calculations (like the AntiHack). The same principle for AI applies to this, the two values should be about the same normally. These values are heavily affected by (in order of performance-drain): 1) Connected clients, 2) Amount of vehicles 3) Amount of buildables 4) Contents of inventory --------------------------------------------------
  14. So, i admin a server and keep getting an fps problem! It spikes from 50 fps to sub 10 every 3-4 secs. I have an i5 - 750ti - 8gb ram. On build When i died i would go back to multiplayer menu, rejoin server and my fps would be fine. After and fix b, it now gives the fps problem until server restart. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. I can not find a single relevant thread, after some time looking for a solution! Many thanks :)
  15. hello, we are having a few issues with the server maybe someone knows a fix -vehicles take upto 3 minutes to spawn once brought we are running config traders -when some players get to the count it just times out and they cant join -sometimes when you die you cant log back in -vehicles despawn get this message 22:01:36 "["PVAHR_0_ecicwc_PVAHR_0_ecicwc",["Simple Man","xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","DELETED Vehicle with Invalid ID(0): AH6X_DZ @120026"]]" some things that could cause issues database has 12700 items running maintenance every 4 days server fps drops below 5 even after a restart player fps seems fine server specs 6 core full dedicated 6144mb ram 600gb storage 12000gb bandwidth 30 gb ssd we tried to run the game and database off the ssd but did not make much difference would it help to run the database on a separate machine? can you run more cores to the database? if anyone has this issue or knows a fix please let me know.
  16. Hello there, I wanna just share you this excellent guide to increase your knowledge & your FPS on Arma 3 Check this out ---> http://day0.com.au/forum/arma/638-arma-3-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide
  17. Before I start blabbing on about the server I just want to state that this server has insanly high FPS compared to the average epoch server. I have a fx 8350 and a gtx 770, I was getting about 65+ fps in the middle of cherno!!! Hello everyone, today i bring you a new Dayz Epoch server. Me and a few friends have been on this server for the past few days getting it up and running for everyone to join but now after all our hard work it is available for anyone to join and play on!!!!!!! Server Features Indestructable Bases Self Bloodbag Refuel/Repair Stations Deploy Bike AI Missions Active Admins Spawn with gear ( mk12 + two mountain dews) Admin Events Supply Crates Thanks for clicking on this link and again if you want to join the IP will be below. IP -
  18. drsubo

    FPS relog?

    Ok so when I log into my server I get around 60 fps entire time im playing but if I log out the next time I log back in my fps is at 15 and stays like that the whole time until I dy and spawn in fresh then its back up to 60 fps. Even if I join in fresh, 60fps, log out, come back in 30 sec later, fps is 15 again. No matter how many time I relog or anything it stays low around 15 fps until I die and start fresh again. Same with all the other players. Any idea what could be causing this. Makes no sense to me and I cant find out whats causing this. Im running on the new arma steam patch 125548 and overpoch Please any ideas. Thanks
  19. We have ourselves two servers, one of which is very popular and is ranked in the top 200 on game tracker. (170th when I wrote this) We are looking for some help with fixing errors in out RPT file. We are looking for a trusted person of the community to help us out with server FPS. Payment or whatever you would like for doing this is negotiable and I will go over that with you. Get in touch with this post if you are interested. Thank you!
  20. We have ourselves two servers, one of which is very popular and is ranked in the top 200 on game tracker. (170th when I wrote this) We are looking for some help with fixing errors in out RPT file. We are looking for a trusted person of the community to help us out with server FPS. Payment or whatever you would like for doing this is negotiable and I will go over that with you. Get in touch with this post if you are interested. Thank you!
  21. Need any information about raising FPS server, and the reasons why the FPS can drop. The majority of players on my server FPS jumps from 15 to 60. The forum can not be searched by keyword "FPS" to collect this information here. Thanks!
  22. All credit goes to Nasdero and Kengglol for this. I've been having some serious server fps issues used to run around 45 ish then dropped to 8-15 and i couldn't work out why. I've rented a new Dedi box installed vanilla and then added mods - only 1 player on - same issue as above. I came across this post: I removed the Bell heli from 2 servers and bang fps back up to 45+ 3 steps you need to do. 1 delete all pooh_13 objects in your objects_data table 2 to stop re-spawning delete all pooh_13 lines in the dynamic_vehicle.sqf make sure last entry comma removed (epoch_server) 3 remove the entry pooh_13 in the mission.sqm file (mpmissions) not only has FPS increased but the server CPU utilization improved hope it helps Cheers
  23. When I try to play Dayz Epoch, I get low fps. I can play any other dayz mods with at least 25-40 fps. But in any epoch server, The max fps I get is 20. This might be high ping, I try to join low ping servers, but Dayz Commander has difficulty sometimes giving accurate ping. I have messed with settings, arma2oa.cfg, and launch parameters to get better performance but it does not help. Does anyone know how to fix?
  24. Hello, I seem to have great FPS in normal dayz, but i only get around 15-20 fps in Epoch. I have also done everything i could find on other forums to help fps, but nothing is working. Here are my specs Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_gdr.130913-2141) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: GA-78LMT-S2P BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8190MB RAM Page File: 2759MB used, 7350MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Card name: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x679A) DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz) Device Type: Full Device Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_679A&SUBSYS_32201682&REV_00 Display Memory: 6894 MB Dedicated Memory: 3054 MB Shared Memory: 3840 MB
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