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Found 12 results

  1. Hi !! I've made a custom safezone on my server, and I want to disable loot spawning in this area, how can I do that ? Thanks
  2. Hi there, So I've been wondering about this for a while. When you are in a group with people or in a vehicle with people often there will be commands given (5 MOVE THERE, LEFT, FASTER etc) unfortunatly I've run into a problem where if I have two people in a heli it keeps spamming out "switching to manual fire" making you unable to read any chat at all. Is there a way to disable these automatic commands? Or could there be an option to add a chat filter? aka if I'm in sidechat i want to see direct, group, and sidechat but not vehiclechat. and if im in group i dont want to see side for example. I've been looking around but it seems like no-one has been messing around with the inbuild messaging system
  3. Neurok_


    Is anyone else having to deal with the anti teleport in the updated epoch?
  4. kidZx

    Disable Weight

    Good afternoon everybody. I was looking around the forums for a script that would let me disable the Weight System, but all I found was some old codes from the A2 forums using the DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = false; but I guess it doesn't work on Arma3. Any ideas how to get it disabled or at least some solution the for the Weight system? Thanks in advance!
  5. This little edit will change the run speed of zombies chasing poeple. Change in your compiles.sqf ( You need an own compiles.sqf ofcourse). If you do not, get it from the epoch pbo's: dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf and change the path in init.sqf) zombie_generate = .... wild_spawnZombies = ... to zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\walkers\zombie_generate.sqf"; wild_spawnZombies = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\walkers\wild_spawnZombies.sqf"; and place the following files in your missions pbo https://github.com/DevZupa/Walkers What did i edit? I simple edited the zombie monitor, it force speed to 2 instead of 10 on chasing zombies.
  6. Hello, some months ago i made a script pack, but now I have to disable all AI's and Event Scripts, but I can't find the installation files anymore to see which lines have to be removed. I think i had four scripts with Bots and so on. I think they are "AI Recruitment", "DZAI", "Wicked AI" and "DZMS". Would anyone help me with my issue and disable just all bots? I will send the server.pbo and the mission.pbo. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know how to disable the Radio in the CVPI Police cars from Overpoch. If not, I guess i will take them out, because everyone i know that has got one in the pass has blown it up or sold it after about 5 minutes. I really like the cars BUT the radios SUCK. Thug
  8. Hi, It's possible, for a server owner, to disable BE, on his server, for specific clients? Thankyou!
  9. Hello again, this question today. How to disable the weapons on a particular technique, ie that on the Mi24 or Ka52 missiles did not work (and when you try to shoot the player does not Ban and Kick), and BTR90 worked, or the like?
  10. Hey, guys! There's quite a lot of spamming on our servers side chat, and our player base is kind of torn between having it enabled or disabled. Some say it adds to their experience, some say it takes away from it. Does anyone know if there's a way to enable/disable sidechat client-side? I was thinking if there was a script to do it, it would be pretty cool to (1) make the radio lootable (2) make the side chat a radio feature that you can right click and "Turn radio on", "Turn radio off" to turn side chat on and off. I know that the side chat is a global variable, but even though the text is sent to the client, it doesn't necesarily has to be shown, right? So does anyone know how it's done?
  11. Hey people, So iv been looking around for a Working guide on how to disable the Epoch weight system and the only Topic I found was about Epoch 1.0.3 and didnt work on the latest Version. Would be awsome if somebody told me how to disable that Feature/Link me to a working guide (Hamsters like me dont know how to google yo). Thanks!!
  12. Hi there I have been recently Trying To use the Teleport Feature that Comes with Blue Phoenix Admin tools on my server, However When I attempt to use the Teleport Feature I am Quickly Reverted back to the Location I initially Tried to Teleport From. I believe this Is because of the Anti-Tele Script Within DayZ. If anyone Has A Solution or a possible way to get around this, and disable it that would be of much appreciation. thanks,
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