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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there! Not my first work, but also not the best! I'm just starting a own server, and adding a bit of customstuff for the future players. I wanted to share that stuff with you, so you can use it aswell, if you going to like it. Screenshots at the end Quote Tested on a ARMA 2 DAYZ Epoch server - I also changed the important "Map_" classnames to "Land_" so there will be loot in all the barracks, and the Super market :) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2winspp45saavs/balota.sqf 1. Create folder for all your buildings in your dayz_server.pbo // Skip this if you already got one! 2. Put the downloaded balota.sqf in this folder" 3. Go to your dayz_server.pbo again, head to the "init" folder, and add at the bottom from server_functions.sqf this: 4. Repack your dayz_server-pbo, upload it again - There you go! Screenshots: If youre are interested in the server, take look here: Community Server by Impact eSport Thanks for tuning in! If you find any bugs, just let me know them!
  2. We all know that feeling, you just got your server tweaked and optimized just how you like it and an Epoch update comes out! OH NO! what do we do? Wait for the mod authors to release their own patch? Hell no! We diffmerge! If you followed my guide on how to override mod files, you may be asking "what happens if the files we overrode changed on an update?" well the answer depends if it was changed. Here is how you can locate all the changes if there are any and make the changes needed to keep your server running. What you'll need: Diffmerge, A working copy of DayZEpoch Server, modifications Difficulty: Advanced Scenario 1: An epoch mod update came out and you being a good admin want to make sure there were no changes made to your reference file. For this guide, we will assume you modified the variables.sqf by using my tutorial Locate the files you have made changes to Locate the original file Diffmerge the two files and compare changes, merging where necessary Right click your original file and select "Diffmerge->Open With Diffmerge" Click "Browse" on the 2nd line referencing the "right" file. Note diffmerge always goes from left to right. Meaning the file you wish to change or update needs to be on the right hand side! Here's what the diffmerge window looks like, note the changes in red. You can see where we added the new class reference. If we click the down arrow (Next Change) we can scroll all the way to the right and see where we added our new skin That's it. Just take a look at all the changes and use your reasoning to determine if you need to make changes. If you are being studious, you may have noticed a few more changes near the bottom of the file represented by the red "-" on the left. Ignore these, normally you would only see the top two changes.
  3. Hi, i have a pve server on chernarus that has alot of a.i on it. I have moved on to a dedicated machine and the performance hasn't really improved that much, but a little improvement ofc. So i've heard about something called headless clients, and that it could improve performance alot. My question: Is there anyone out there that could help me install such a thing? I can offer some sort of donation if you would be interested in helping me out.
  4. How to set Dayz Epoch with TADST2.6 I have problem with Hive (HiveExt(0): [information] HiveExt Database(0): [Error] Error 1045 (Access denied for user 'dayz'@'localhost' (using password: No)) ). How to fix and How to set for TADST2.6(This is progarm run server)
  5. Edit: tutorial removed by request. will be working on a more specific tutorial in the near future.
  6. Hi guys, as the title says we are trying to migrate a Dayz.st server to a dedicated box. we have all the databases from the old server but we are struggling to get the server running. i got it showing in dayz commander but gets stuck on waiting for host. so i decided to start a fresh following multiple guides online and i just cant get it working. does anyone have experience with this? i know we shouldnt have dived into the dedicated world without researching what we needed to do but we had like two days to migrate it before the server was going to be shutdown so we had to start there, and now it bitten us on the ass. could any of you gents bail us out? we have full access to the box and can potentially get a remote session going. im sure we are missing something simple but im crap at reading error logs, besides most of the guides are for setting up new servers where as ours is existing. ive followed guides to the tee and then replaced database files with our existing DB but it just isnt playing ball. Please help. i would even consider paying soemone to go through it with me and teach me along the way but i am more than happy for someone to just get it running and then i can setup my own test server to practice we just need it running ASAP as our regular players etc are waiting on the new server details. :( again i know we shouldnt have gone for the dedi without researching but it was a split second decision.
  7. Hey guys, I've been running dayz servers on dedicated machines since august of 2012. Here are just a few of my favorite tools to help get the admin job done! These may not be helpful to users who do not run dedicated. DB Tool: dbForge for MySQL - yes it is a paid product but if you are familiar with MS Sql Mgmt Studio, this will feel very familiar to you. In may ways it is better than MSSMS, with support for command line backups and restores, not to mention great access control and SQL query profiling. I absolutely love this product and would recommend purchasing it. The feature that really sells this for me is autocomplete, similar to intellisense, it helps write clear and concise code. Log File Analyzer: LogExpert - Freeware software that makes real-time analysis of log files a breeze. Supports real time tail with filtering and highlighting. Diff and Merge Tool: Diffmerge - Excellent for getting binary differences in files. Want to verify an update made changes to file X? diffmerge! File/Folder Search Tool: WinGrep - Linux users will be familiar with grep and how useful it is. WinGrep provides us a graphical interface to query files or directories for reference to your search string. Supports quick and regex searches. Great for looking up GUIDs in log files and finding references to variable names. Service Control: Daemon tools Pro - Another paid solution. This program allows us to make services out of executables. For those uninitiated, services are like linux daemons. They monitor an EXE to make sure it is up and allow us to run pre and post startup commands. While there are free versions of similar software, this is simply the best. Also grants access to remote web panel for admins to restart/stop/start services remotely. PBO Packer/Unpacker: PBO Manager - Pretty much a requirement if you plan on doing any modding in arma2. Honorable Mention: PHP, PERL, Python - Great scripting languages that will help make automated tasks a bit easier. Hope this little bit of information helps new admins out there to get a hold on their servers. Got a program that does the job better? Let me know in the reply section.
  8. Can someone please help me install infastars antihack I have tried myself using all the instructions but It hasn't worked so please help I have teamviewer if needed
  9. Hi all. So I seem to have an issue with traders ( I can't get the menu on scroll wheel. I'm running with a few mods, but NOT a serverpack or anything, just a vanilla install with the following added one at a time: Using the NEW style traders (could this be related?) DZAI (server side AI) Busroute (in mission.pbo) Mission System (server side & mission.pbo) Remote messages (Maca Server side & Mission.pbo)) Admin tools (Blue Pheonix, in mission.pbo) Auto Fuel (via KH actions - mission.pbo) I have added an extra trader in, but tested after that, and was working! I used a model that isn't used anymore (old trader one), tied them into the right tid's etc - all worked fine. Basically the traders DID work - then suddenly stopped, without any changes having been made ot the code! - So I suspect it's an intermittent fault :( Once or twice I had to right-click zoom in on the traders to make them work, but not that has no effect. RPT message I suspect may be related: 9:13:33 "TRADE: Trade Request by ClientID: 5 Character: [Name Redacted] REMOTE TraderID: 5390 BuyOrSell: 0" Similar threads with no answer to speak of: http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/269-arma2oaserverrpt-messages/ From June http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1447-error-in-expression-with-trade-request/ From this month Any help would be great :) Anyone have ideas? EDIT: Oddily though... when I try to trade, and check the RPT file, I don't get that error... Could it be that someone did manage to trade, and that message I quoted above is normal? As when I try to trade (get no scroll option) , I don't get the rpt comment :S EDIT 2: Okay - so I delete my characters data from character_data and also player_data - Went to re-test, and once I zoom in on a trader, it works! Odd... I don't think this is a 'solution'; as such, but maybe it helps to bugfix? Seems like my guy wasn't synced properly or something? He also couldn't scoll wheel on vehicles that are locked - Sounds odd I know, bu tdynamic spawned vehicles = fine, locked ones - NO scroll option other than geart! - I mean, no locked message etc... After deleting all his character and player data & respawning, all was fine! Anyone have ideas?
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