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Found 76 results

  1. Make Your Own Server Hive Make all your servers run on one database. Sync Character(gear, location) and banks(if using SC) across all servers. Even with different maps Requirements: Working Epoch Server Database Access to your Database and HiveExt.cfg Database Manager (HiediSQL) Common Sense Time In this tutorial we will be combining only 2 servers together, you may add any more server if you like. We will be working with Server 1 - Chernarus and Server 2 - Taviana Configuring your Database Please backup your database prior to applying any of the changes below Using hiediSQL or a similar program to execute these Statements to your database you will be working with -- adding new tables to your Database ~ [GG] Gr8 CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `object_data_1` ( `ObjectID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `ObjectUID` BIGINT(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Instance` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `Classname` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `Datestamp` DATETIME NOT NULL, `LastUpdated` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `CharacterID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Worldspace` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Inventory` LONGTEXT NULL, `Hitpoints` VARCHAR(512) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Fuel` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1.00000', `Damage` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00000', PRIMARY KEY (`ObjectID`), INDEX `ObjectUID` (`ObjectUID`) USING BTREE, INDEX `Instance` (`Instance`) USING BTREE ) COLLATE='latin1_swedish_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=74383; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `object_data_2` ( `ObjectID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `ObjectUID` BIGINT(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Instance` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `Classname` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `Datestamp` DATETIME NOT NULL, `LastUpdated` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `CharacterID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Worldspace` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Inventory` LONGTEXT NULL, `Hitpoints` VARCHAR(512) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Fuel` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1.00000', `Damage` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00000', PRIMARY KEY (`ObjectID`), INDEX `ObjectUID` (`ObjectUID`) USING BTREE, INDEX `Instance` (`Instance`) USING BTREE ) COLLATE='latin1_swedish_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=74383; This will add 2 Extra tables to your database named object_data_1 & object_data_2. These will be used to the 2 servers the objects (bases and vehicles) will read and write from. We want to keep the objects independent for each server to prevent conflicts. Now Execute this script ALTER TABLE character_data ADD Worldspace1 VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]' AFTER Inventory; ALTER TABLE character_data ADD Worldspace2 VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]' AFTER Worldspace1; This will make 2 different worldspace fields for our 2 servers, since they are different maps, we want to keep the positions seperate from other server. But the overall character and gear will Sync on both servers. Configuring your HiveExt.cfg Now to the easy part. Grab your HiveExt.cfg from both of the servers and open them. Find: ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table ;WSField = Worldspace ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? ;Table = Object_DATA For Server 1 Replace to: ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table WSField = Worldspace1 ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? Table = Object_DATA_1 For Server 2 Replace to: ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table WSField = Worldspace2 ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? Table = Object_DATA_2 Make sure both servers are running on same database. Thats it, for a basic 2 server Hive.
  2. Hi all, I am having several database errors coming up in HiveExt.log. I was looking at this because I am having issues: Namely, Players are logging in occasionally as fresh spawns (when they shouldnt), but do not get to choose their gender, just their spawn point, and they still have their coins. The errors I have found in HiveExt.log are very common throughout the log: 2021-05-13 22:11:27 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 205 Params: 76561198278450816:19:-1:-1: 2021-05-13 22:11:27 HiveExt: [Information] SQF Failed to pass both player coins and player bank values skipping update 2021-05-11 19:57:59 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 310 Params: : 2021-05-11 19:57:59 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:310::| 2021-05-11 19:50:12 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 303 Params: :[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]]:-1: 2021-05-11 19:50:12 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:303::[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]]:-1:| 2021-05-09 22:05:49 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 306 Params: :[[motor,0],[palivo,0],[wheel_1_1_steering,1],[wheel_1_2_steering,0.202],[wheel_2_1_steering,0],[wheel_2_2_steering,0],[karoserie,0.178]]:0.076: 2021-05-09 22:05:49 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:306::[["motor",0],["palivo",0],["wheel_1_1_steering",1],["wheel_1_2_steering",0.202126],["wheel_2_1_steering",0],["wheel_2_2_steering",0],["karoserie",0.177915]]:0.0762477:| I have no clue how to chase these errors, if anyone could assist me in fixing these, i'd be super grateful. These errors are very frustrating to the players on my server understandably.
  3. Dayz.Epoch.1.0.62 - 3d.Editor.Live.Mission with Database interaction -=Youtube Demo=- What is this A custom mission file for the purpose of testing/writing scripts for DayZ Epoch without the need of a server. It emulates the dayz_server and dayz_mission files, so you can write scripts using the 3d editor. No need to use a dayz_server for debugging anymore. We all know how time consuming that is. Features Full Database integration (yes thats right... [:)] I would suggest to have a maximum of 100 objects in your object_data table for faster results. Took 5 min to load 10000 objs from my real database, so also make sure you dont go crazy with the MaxVehicleLimit, MaxDynamicDebris values in the init.sqf Fully working GUI, zombies, hit registration, addactions, everything! Write code and execute it on the fly. No need to start a server and join with a client to test things. 100% of your scripts will work! (dynamic weather, default loadouts, custom scripts etc) 2 setups. A default 3d editor player with a default loadout or a Real database character based on your UID Includes most of BIS_fnc functions, so actions like BIS_fn_invAdd will work (i've added most common ones...more included though...check details bellow.) Everything works...when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING !. (Spawning objects on mission start, traders (buy/sell), maintenance, character update, events, stats...etc) New Features! All .FSM files have been converted to .SQF meaning the mission acts as a full fledged server / client merge. New character creation has been ignored though, so the server expects that the client that is about to connect exists in the database. The server will start, wait for a 'fake client connection to happen' (you pressing the Preview button), and then it will load your character from the database, spawn Hive objects and create new based on your MaxVehicleLimit values etc, then initialize the events and finally spawn the character to his worldspace location. Use AdminTools to spawn any Perm, Temp vehicle you want, including buildings, crates etc. Building objects is working as expected with a little AddAction trick. Unfortunately the primary display (eg: findDisplay 46) isnt working inside the editor. That means that building stuff or placing objects is very hard to do since we can't 'capture' keystrokes. Further details below after the Installation instructions. Arma2Net is not allowed by Battleye anymore, so i am using extDB3 now. Requirements: A mysql server on the same machine as your Arma2 editor. Well...a remote PC would work as well...just make sure YOU ARE NOT using your original database. Make a copy of it!. This mission will interact with your database ! If you don't have a mysql server on your pc...i suggest you get WampServer. It's the easiest php/mysql server out there. Installation Head over to the GitHub where the project is. Click Download on the right sidebar, and extract the rar file. Copy the 3d.live1062.DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus mission file in your \My Documents\ArmA 2\missions\ folder If your active Arma profile is not the default one, then you probably should extract it in the \My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles 2\missions\ folder, otherwise you won't be able to find the mission inside the editor. Copy everything inside "Arma2OA root folder" in your root Arma2OA folder (the same folder where @DayZ_Epoch_Server, MPMissions are). The real_date.dll...(Thanks to killzonekid) is used to get your machine's date/time to be used for live day/night cycles inside the game (...you can set a fixed day if you want...details bellow). The tbbmalloc - tbbmalloc_x64.dll files are provided by extDB3. They shouldnt interfere with your normal game, but they are needed for the mission to be able to connect to your MySQL server. (Make a backup of your original ones if you want, just be safe.) EATbaseExporter is used by the AdminTools, and allows you to export bases to an .sqf format so you can import them afterwards to your server. Now edit -=START HIVE MISSION=-.bat which was placed in your Arma2 folder, and fix the paths to their proper values. If you are using DZLauncher then the @Dayz_Epoch folder is probably where i placed it myself. Battleye needs to be disabled inside the editor otherwise the extDB3 addon will not work. The .bat is taking care of that. It will disable Battleye after 7 seconds. Depending on your machine, if you see that the time isn't sufficient, raise that value a little bit. A sample Database has been provided with me as a character and a basic loadout. You can of course use your own database, just remember to delete most of your Object_Data table vehicles. The more vehicles you have there, the longer it will take for the dayz_server to spawn them. If you just want to write a script independent of cars etc...why wait 5 minutes for the server to spawn 10000 vehicles :) Open "ArmaOA\@extDB\extdb3-conf.ini" and add your test database data there. I named the test SQL DB dayz_cherno [dayz_cherno] IP = localhost Port = 3306 Username = dayz Password = mypass123 Database = dayz_cherno # dayz_cherno is the name of the database (change it in both values) # localhost is your mysql server (could be an IP value as well) # 3306 your mysql port # dayz is your database username # mypass123 is your database password When the game launches, press Alt+E, select Chernarus, then Load mission 3d.live1062.DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus Open \My Documents\ArmA 2\missions\3d.live1062.DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus\init.sqf Go to line 61 and start editing the values there. DB_NAME is the name of your database (same as the extdb3 config file). Add your PlayerUID value (same as the DB one) in line 72. (That the player you want to load from the database) Depending which map you want to use, you have to change the dayZ_instance variable and also the MarkerP values (line 62) based on your mission.sqm file. Its for the Hive to spawn random vehicles, roadblocks and mines at proper locations based on the map. Just read the comments there for how to get the values. Its really simple. Just copy paste stuff from your mission.sqm file. Default setup vs Database setup There are 2 ways of initializing your player. A live database player based on his UID in the character_data table (coordinates, medical states, inventory etc) A default 3d editor player with a basic loadout. (Ignores Hive Loadouts and initial vehicle spawns) Default setup (extDB3) [DefaultTruePreMadeFalse = true;] This option is now the default one, because it's so much easier to set up, plus a lot of things have changed in the 1062 Epoch version. I couldn't totally separate the server files from the client files, so in the end a Database is necessary for the Mission files to work properly. To setup your character with this method, leave DefaultTruePreMadeFalse to true; Everything is database based..so no need to do anything else. The mission will start with all your stats, inventory, conditions and spawn you where your world coordinates are. Premade Character Setup [DefaultTruePreMadeFalse = false;] This setup DOES NOT initialize the character based on a database entry, or does any HIVE related queries on mission start. (like load objects etc). Instead it uses some premade stats that you set, and only uses the Database on updates (buy vehicles etc) The loadout of the player is set in the init.sqf in line 77 player setVariable ["CharacterID", "1", true]; // Set here the characterID of the player. It can be anything...just leave it 1 if you want. player setVariable ["playerUID", "111111", true]; // Set here the playerUID of the player you want to have. player setVariable["Z_globalVariable", 100000]; player setVariable["Z_BankVariable", 100000]; player setVariable["Z_MoneyVariable", 100000]; player setVariable["humanity", 11000]; player setVariable["humanKills", 10]; player setVariable["banditKills", 20]; player setVariable["zombieKills", 30]; player setVariable ["friendlies", ["222222","333333"], true]; //Both DZE_Friends and this must be set for friendlies to work properly DZE_Friends = ["222222","333333"]; Everything else should work fine with the database....like traders, salvaging, etc...Unfortunately since the 1062 ver had many differences from the 1051 one, i couldn't really make this Profile option a standalone one, without any Database interaction. So in order for you to minimize any errors in the log file, i would suggest you load my sample db file provided, and also change those CharacterID and PlayerUID values in PLAYER_Data and CHARACTER_Data tables to the ones you set up here, just in case.... The Premade character setup is for people that want to fast debug a script they are making and don't want to wait for the Hive to load all map objects and authenticate the player first. Further Details to change (in both Profile Cases) The description.ext, mission.sqf, mission.biedi files have your character's name in them. Just search for the word Sandbird in all of them and change it according to the PlayerName value you have in your Player_DATA table for your PlayerUID value. Example taken from description.ext. DONT change the actual My_Player text. The mission file needs that string to read what you typed in the name field. class My_Player { name="Sandbird"; face="Face20"; glasses="None"; speaker="Male01EN"; pitch=1.1; }; Important info Init.sqf values DefaultTruePreMadeFalse = true; // True: Read player's data from the database (based on UID), False: the normal player the editor has StaticDayOrDynamic = true; // A static date is set at the bottom of \dayz_server\init\server_function.sqf. Set this to false if you want real time/date inside the mission. DZEdebug = false; // Set to true if you want a more detailed log file Enable Keyboard actions (menu option) // (findDisplay 46) wont work inside the editor. That means that building stuff or placing objects is very hard to do since we cant 'capture' keystrokes. I kinda fixed this with a trick. In order to build something first you have to initiate the building action (holding the object in your hands) and then scroll with your mouse wheel and select Enable Keyboard actions. This will create a layer on your screen capturing your keystrokes thus allowing you to change orientations etc. Pressing ESC twice after and it will close the fake display and return to normal play mode. You will have to do this every time you want to build something. Related to coding Since the Editor has some limitations because its not a real server some things will never work. For example: _playerUID = getPlayerUID player; will never work in the editor. To get the _playerUID you have to do this: _playerUID = player getVariable ["playerUID", 0]; This is the most important thing to remember. Lots of scripts use getPlayerUID. You have to remember to change it every time you want to use it. Of course the player value is just an example here. If you were inside a loop and it had (getPlayerUID _x) then you have to rewrite it like this: (_x getVariable["PlayerUID",0]) findDisplay 46 does not work in the editor. If you are using/making a script that uses Display 46 try using my Enable Keyboard action. It might work in your case. publicvariableServercommands don't exist in the editor. There is no server to accept the command. If you want to use addpublicvariableeventhandler you can do it with call/spawn commands. You can find the handlers usually in the PublicEH.sqf. Example: PVDZE_plr_Save = [player,dayz_Magazines,false,true]; publicVariable "PVDZE_plr_Save"; can be written like: PVDZE_plr_Save = [player,dayz_Magazines,false,true]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_plr_Save"; // keeping this so when you move the code to the real server you remember to add it. [player,dayz_Magazines,false,true] spawn server_playerSync; // what to call is usually inside publicEH.sqf. In this case search for PVDZE_plr_Save in the PublicEH file and check the call it makes in the end. You could also change the publicVariableServer to publicVariable. That should work inside the editor. But keep in mind these changes wont work on the live server, since one command broadcasts something to the server while the other just to the client running it. I would suggest you keep the original value and do the PublicEH call instead, marking it down with some debug comments next to it, so when you are done and want to transfer the files to your live server you just remove the call and everything should work as expected. Don't forget to change the paths when you are adding addons to test/modify them. For example, notice the differences here: player_switchModel = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\player_switchModel.sqf"; player_checkStealth = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_checkStealth.sqf"; The first line will look up for player_switchModel.sqf inside the editor mission files, while the 2nd one will go to the @Dayz_Epoch map file and get the .sqf file. Same thing applies for the dayz_server files (server_functions.sqf). Once you are done with your script and you have added new compile lines, you need to fix them back to their proper values before you upload them to your live server. If you are missing any BIS_fnc functions then check the folder dayz_code\system\functions and see if it's available there to include it in the compiles.sqf. Set DZEdebug = true; in the init.sqf. And ALWAYS check your RPT log file for debugging. Its located at : %AppData%\Local\ArmA 2 OA folder. Related to mission file included You'll notice when you start the mission there are 2 bots standing there. If you double click the soldier you'll see that he initiates this script scripts\BotInit.sqf. I left that in purpose in case you want to do some scripting that requires 'another player', and you want to initialize the fake player like that. The other bot can be deleted. I just left it there because i was testing a Tag Friendly script, and needed a 3rd 'player' that has me as a friend. I've included a simple Fireworks script i made a while back only this time i used some better effects taken from aliascartoons work. Just add a 'SMAW_HEDP' into your inventory and right click on it to test it out. Here is how the old script used to look like Fireworks. Also you'll find a little 'hat script' in the files, just right click a 'IRStrobe' item to add a hat to your player. Both script were written inside the editor using the mission file above...just a small example to show you how easy it is to write code there. The @extDB folder contains a folder called debug_files. These .dlls (when replaced the ones provided) activate a more detailed log file (found under arma 2 operation arrowhead\logs folder). It will show ALL MySQL queries going in/out of the database. Very useful if you are running any custom SQL queries and the RTP log file isn't enough. Final Notes These are heavily modified files...Dont overwrite them with your own files. Add to them instead of replacing them. If you are writing scripts that dont require the server to restart, then you can just go to 2D editor and press Preview again after you make the changes. No need to hit Restart. As long as you are doing changes that doesnt affect the Hive loading you can basically run things on the fly. For example in the init.sqf at the bottom i added a Add BankMonkey example. That command just loads the custom\money.sqf and shows a simple extDB3 example on how to select/update a DB table. Since this command doesnt require the server to restart, you can just hit Preview, test things out, and if you want to make changes, go back to 2D Editor, edit your changes in the money.sqf file and hit Preview again. No need to hit Restart and wait for the dayz_server functions to do their thing again. The whole purpose of this project was to not waste any more time trying to code on this god forsaken Arma engine. And a personal note....You will NEVER find an easier way to code stuff for Dayz....period. This is the fastest way to write code and see it in action. Hope this code will help you write code faster and easier ! ### Credits This mission file would not be possible without the help of these addons/people DayzEpochTeam | http://epochmod.com killzonekid | http://killzonekid.com extDB3 | https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/Home ebayShopper | https://github.com/ebayShopper/TestKit JasonTM (for the latest beta AdminTools)| https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/44863-release-epoch-admin-tools-v-1107-test-branch/
  4. Im setting up a new epoch 1.0.6 server with very little addons/mods installed, and when i was testing i realized safes/plotpoles/walls etc werent saving to the server database. Anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?
  5. I created this because i wanted an easier alternative to the log-rotator.cmd included with epoch. I also dont want to rotate my logs everytime i do a database backup. This creates a backup of your dump.rdb (your database) and sorts it in a folder named YEAR-MONTH (e.g. 2014-12). the actual filename also gets a date and timestamp like "Epoch-20141230_2205.rdb". So by using this you will get your backups nice and sorted with a folder for every month of the year. Step 1: create a batch file inside your C:\-arma3 server path-\DB folder (where redis-server.exe is located)and name it backup.cmd. Insert the code below: ::::::::::::::Created by Fivenine @ NibbleGaming.tk:::::::::::::: :::::::::::::: CONFIG :::::::::::::::::: :::: Set your Arma3 Server base installation directory below. set arma3srvpath=C:\YOUR ARMA 3\SERVER FOLDER\HERE :::: Set your Redis Password and IP below (found inside Redis.conf) set Redispass=ChangeMe set RedisIP= ::::::::::: ADVANCED CONFIG :::::::::::: :: Don't touch anything below this point unless you know what your doing. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: Set Time and Date SET _CUR_DATE=%DATE% SET _CUR_TIME=%TIME% ::Setting date FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/.- " %%a IN ("%_CUR_DATE%") DO SET MONTH=%%b FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/.- " %%a IN ("%_CUR_DATE%") DO SET DAY=%%c FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/.- " %%a IN ("%_CUR_DATE%") DO SET YEAR=%%a :: Setting Time FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=:." %%a IN ("%_CUR_TIME%") DO SET HOUR=%%a FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=:." %%a IN ("%_CUR_TIME%") DO SET MINUTE=%%b SET FOLDER_NAME=%YEAR%-%MONTH% SET BACKUP_FILE=Epoch-%YEAR%%MONTH%%DAY%_%HOUR%%MINUTE%.rdb :: Forcesave Redis Database redis-cli -h %RedisIP% -a %Redispass% save ::create folders if exist "%arma3srvpath%\DBbackups" goto createYDfolder mkdir "%arma3srvpath%\DBbackups" :createYDfolder if exist "%arma3srvpath%\DBbackups\%FOLDER_NAME%" goto startbackup mkdir "%arma3srvpath%\DBbackups\%FOLDER_NAME%" :startbackup copy "%arma3srvpath%\DB\dump.rdb" "%arma3srvpath%\DBbackups\%FOLDER_NAME%\%BACKUP_FILE%" :: Done exit step 2: Download Redis from here https://raw.github.com/mythz/redis-windows/master/downloads/redis64-latest.zip and copy redis-cli.exe from inside that .zip to your DB folder. step 3: Done! Now just run backup.cmd to perform your backup. I include it in my restart procedure using simple batch files. You can also schedule it to run using windows task scheduler or whatever suits you best. Having problems? I'm not sure if this works with every time and dateformat. So depending on where you live you might get a weird date and time format on your folders and files. If you do, simply create a batch file, call it timetest.cmd and insert this: @echo off echo %DATE% echo %TIME% timeout 120 Run that batch file and then copy paste the output here and i'll help you out.
  6. Hello everyone. I would like to ask for help regarding a problem I have been having on my server. Items stored in the vault are not being stored in the SQL database. I have tested with the safe and the lockbox and both are not working but with the tent it works and saves the items in the database after the server restart. ArmA2OA.RPT: https://pastebin.com/X2cT7BBU arma2oaserve.RPT: https://pastebin.com/rqFNGbDy server_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/ZVWAzgNP Please help me. My players do not want to stay on the server because of this and if I remove the safe and leave only the tent (which is what saves the items) they will cry hahaha
  7. ***PLEASE HELP*** 2017-12-13 16:25:01 HiveExt: [Information] HiveExt 2017-12-13 16:25:01 HiveExt: [Critical] Cannot create database: Error loading database module: DatabaseMySql Ive tried changing the password to the database and user in the Hiveext.cfg For some reason whenever i join the server its all fine, but as soon as i log in as it says 'game started', it proceeds with the error 2017-12-13 16:25:01 HiveExt: [Information] HiveExt 2017-12-13 16:25:01 HiveExt: [Critical] Cannot create database: Error loading database module: DatabaseMySql then the server closes itself. I have no idea now how to fix this issue as no one else has posted about it from what ive seen and i could really do with any help if anyone knows how to fix this error, im probably just being stupid. Thanks
  8. Had a fellow community member approach me about a serious question regarding removal of a vehicle mod and how to proceed. Situation: Mas vehicles was installed but host realized that CUP vehicles and weapons were already configured within Epoch for easy setup and start. So what we want to do here is get rid of those vehicles. Most mods use a common string for their mod in the class names. In this case it is "mas_" so we will check the classname for a partial match. If it finds the match, lets kill the vehicle and remove the database entry. At the end of EPOCH_server_loadVehicles we can add this code. after this line of code: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_server/compile/epoch_vehicle/EPOCH_load_vehicles.sqf#L228 if(_class find "mas_" > -1)then { [_vehicle,""] call EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle; }; Start up the server with this code installed. Let the server fully start up. Remove the code and restart the server again ENJOY! ps. Someone asked why not do a _vehicle setDamage 1; Well do we really want to blow up a bunch of vehicles and possibly damage bases and other vehicles? NO
  9. Script from And I just made it 1 .bat file easy to use all you need to do is edit the Config settings section and the command line. Make a new .bat file on your desktop of your windows vps or dedi Paste this in it If you run multiple servers create a file for each server on your desktop all you have to do is change the command lines and the config settings to suit each server on each file. This script will re-run everything from this label :arma2oaserver every time the server cmd box is closed so yes if bec shuts down the server after x amount of hrs the script will backup your sql will re-start Bec & the Server If your server cmd box closes for some unknown reason this will terminate connection with Bec and so Bec shuts down but dont worry the script will backup your database then restart bec and your server (dont believe me try it run this script then close your server cmd box while this script is running and watch the magic lol)
  10. I have setup many Epoch servers over the past 4 years. All of which were built on old PC's I have. Players have no problem getting into game. In the past month I built a Dedicated Server Xeon, Server board, Server memory, etc Installed Windows 2016 essentials on it. Set up a game server, one that has dinosaurs in it. It works! Have the same Taviana Epoch server working on a nomal PC, Players can join! Now on with my problem Installed MySQL for Windows Installed all files for the Taviana Epoch Server Created a data base called tavi_2365 Have port forwarded the port of 2365 Setup new rules for inbound and outbound 2365 in the firewall When I start the server all goes as planned Server starts up Can see the server from my computer When I try to join, I get the lobby and click ok The loading screen comes up and the first white bar runs as normal The second white bar starts and says waiting for server to start authentication Then times out at 120 seconds On my second monitor I am watching the server load It gets to game started and it just sets there Database never starts, get the following error in server RPT 2:09:23 "HIVE: Starting" 2:09:24 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite; _outcome = _result select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 2:09:24 Error position: <select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 2:09:24 Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry 2:09:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23 Below are my Server RPT, Client RPT, HiveExt.ini, and server_monitor.sqf server RPT https://pastebin.com/6M9sG9RB client RPT https://pastebin.com/9ayVMXjF hiveext.ini https://pastebin.com/3wx9VDM9 server_monitor.sqf https://pastebin.com/fUnU09Gp UPDATE PROBLEM SOLVED Had to install all of the Visual C++ from 08 to 17 they were a little hard to find, but I did it. Thanks to all that helped me. @juandayz @icomrade and more below is a pic of what I had to install to get it to work https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/MS Visual C.PNG Here is a link to my drop box for a .rar and a .zip for all the MS Visual C++ that I used to get my dedicated server working. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.rar https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.zip
  11. Sorry for another question! So Ive ordered a dedi box from OVH, the MC-32 one just to see if I could get it working as I have no experience with this at all! Ive installed Win 2012R2 trial, xampp, got all the server stuff done and its all good.. Except! When I start the console, and the game loads, it stops as it should until a player joins. The player joins and on thier screen they see the waiting to authenticate screen and its starts to count up. The issue is, the console sits there saying game started for a while before the hive starts loading, all the while the authenticate screen is still counting up. It gets ato about 80-90 before you actually load into the game, which isnt normal! The database has about 5500k objects, but even so, shouldnt take that long. Ive got the same database on my test server and it loads far faster, and also on my home pc server. Ive messed around with my.ini, but no real difference has been made and Im not really sure what Im doing, Ive just copied other examples off the web. The database is in c:/xammp on a 240gb ssd in raid0 The server files are in c:/epochserver....on the same disk. Im aware databases run better on a seperate disk, But I dont have that option right now. Im guessing its either an issue with speed connecting to the database or something is stalling it from starting quick enough. I read about clean up scripts being run before start up could cause this, and that would make sense, as when loaded into the game, loads of stuff is missing, specifically stuff thats not been mantained or interacted with in the last few days. However I cant find these scripts anywhere, Ive looked using navicat in events, Ive looked using phpadmin and also heidy sql. I can find no reference to any events, querys, functions or anything. In Hiveext.ini, cleanup is set to -1 Any help would be greatly appreciated, Im amazed I got this far on my own, but this one little issue I just cant figure out.
  12. My new mod may change the way you play DayZ, simply put this mod enables all players on the server to get the choice of using multiple characters (without having to buy multiple copies of ArmA2:CO :P). I've set up a prototype on my test server with a 3 character selection dialog (see picture below), this may be improved but the base mechanics itself are working great so far. So when you join a server after the loading screen you see a dialog like this: you have to chose one of 3 character slots every time you log into the server, each character slot is completely independent (different humanity and other stats, like different players). the slot count isn't static but I though 3 is a good start, admins can change the character selection dialog to a different number of slots, if you want you can have 100 slots for each player. :D This mod can't be archived with a little script, but I've tried to made the installation as easy as possible. For an overview this is what I've done to get this mod working: Database schema: added one extra column "Slot" to the "character_data" table (the database stays fully compatible to the default HiveExt.dll) Custom HiveExt.dll to add a new method for loading all character data of a player (CHILD:100), also a small change to the current load player method to support multiple characters (CHILD:101). I could have made completely new methods for the login process, but this way only a very few modifications are necessary in the Hive code and the script files, but this also means my modified HiveExt.dll is not compatible with servers who don't have the "Slot" column in the "character_data" table one new script for the server and a small change in the server_playerLogin.sqf (to send the slot id to the hive) for the client files I've changed the player monitor to inject the character selection before the login process (see player_monitor.fsm changes below) To visualize the changes made to the login process, take a look at this state machine diagram of the player_monitor.fsm (changes are highlighted in green): Download latest version for Epoch 1.0.5 and http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/multichar1.3.3.zip Older versions are available here (for other Epoch version since Installation instructions I've tried to make the installation as easy as possible and still do it the proper way and change the files like the Epoch devs would do it. Some steps could be changed and the code simply be put in the init.sqf instead of changing the Epoch files, if you have some experience with ArmA script you can do that but if you follow my instructions it is the best way to do it like this in my opinion. Pre-requirements: a PBO manager and basic knowledge of ArmA script editing. Note: I've added all changed files to the download package, so you can see how they should look like with the changes applied. If you didn't make any custom changes to those files you can also just use them instead of following my instructions to change the files below. run the SQL query to add the "Slot" column to the "Character_DATA" table in your Epoch database: ALTER TABLE `Character_DATA` ADD COLUMN `Slot` TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `PlayerUID`; copy the file HiveExt.dll to the @DayZ_Epoch_Server folder (overwrite the Epoch file) Note: the source code of the HiveExt with my changes can be found here. unpack your dayz_server.pbo and copy the file server_playerCharacters.sqf to the compile sub-folder open the file compile\server_playerLogin.sqf, around line 47 replace _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName]; with _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:%4:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName,_this select 2]; open the file init\server_functions.sqf and add the line server_playerCharacters = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerCharacters.sqf"; after the line 9 BIS_Effects_Burn = {}; repack your dayz_server.pbo unpack your mission.pbo (e.g. DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo) if necessary and copy the file RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp into the mission folder, open the file description.ext and add this line at the very bottom: #include "RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp" unpack your dayz_code.pbo (on your PC @DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code.pbo) and copy the files init\publicEH.sqf and system\player_monitor.sqf to a "custom" folder in your mission folder (if you don't already have custom versions of those files), change the references to those files in your init.sqf to something like "custom\publicEH.sqf" and "custom\player_monitor.sqf" copy my custom file player_monitor.fsm to your "custom" folder (the changes in this file are not easy to reproduce, so it may be best you use my custom file instead of adding the changes yourself) open the file publicEH.sqf and add this line above the line starting with "PVDZE_plr_Login" (around line 54): "PVDZE_plr_Characters" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn server_playerCharacters}; open the file player_monitor.sqf and change the path to my custom player_monitor.fsm so that the line looks something like this: _id = [] execFSM "custom\player_monitor.fsm"; repack your mission.pbo if necessary That's it! Yeah I know not the easiest mod to install, but that is DayZ/Epoch.. I Hope I didn't forget anything, but I think that is all. :P Restrictions (since version 1.1) I've added two restrictions to minimize the possibilities for players to abuse quick character switching: character switch timeout - how often a player can switch to another living character (in minutes), the last used slot is always available and the player can also spawn fresh if he has a dead character or never used slot minimum distance to dead bodies of the same player - calculates the distance to previously died characters of the player (in meters), this will prevent the player from "stacking" two or more characters at the same place (like a base) and switch to another character if one dies There are global config variables for changing the default settings for the restrictions: DZE_CharacterSwitchTimeout = 30; // default 30 minutes timeout (0 to disable) DZE_CharacterMinDistance = 1000; // default 1000 meters min distance (0 to disable) You can add those variables to the config section in the init.sqf. Here a screenshot how it may look like with active restrictions: Disabled character slots are displayed with a red disabled button (cannot be pressed) with info text on the button. If one or more restrictions apply there is also be an info text displayed at the bottom of the screen. Note: at the moment there is no automatic timer or anything to count the timeout down, you have to manually press the refresh button to refresh the character data and last login time. Suggestions and ideas welcome. Also for the character selection dialog what do you like to see on there?
  13. I can't seem to edit my database in Epoch I've added the correct lines into the traders_data, '8024', '[\"ItemRadio\",3]', '10', '[1,\"ItemGoldBar\",1]', '[5,\"ItemSilverBar10oz\",1]', '0', '510', 'trade_weapons'. I followed NoxSicarius's instruction on trader editing here I've followed this tutorial and even added the radio to every Tools tid I could find. I noticed that the table of Trader_items no longer exists, is my database missing tables? I've also noticed some odd things about my tables, like the parts trader for Stary doesn't seem to exist in my server_traders and that my chernarus11.sqf spawns traders that are part of other instances like Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 who is specified as instance 17 in the server_traders.
  14. Hello, I want to create Epoch server but i just met problem with Database. I can play in the server but when i disconnect then reconnect, I start with new character creation. I only see this in redis server: Is this only what i see in the redis, it wont say anything more also if i connect to server and play. Any help please?
  15. Hey hey, Can anybody tell me how i can read stuff from the database ? i want to take the humanity from the database but dont know how i can do this.....
  16. How would we go about forcing a save/database write (update?) after a trade (with NPC) is completed? I've had reports of players buying vehicles, logging out then logging back it and still having the cash that was supposed to be consumed by the trade. Maybe a forced save wouldn't be CPU efficient if used on all traders, maybe just use it on weapons & vehicles traders. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
  17. Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/skbtforarma/ [RELEASE] Arma 2/3 Server Keepalive Batch Tool 1.2.2 I wrote this for our old A2 Epoch server in hopes of making a very simple and light-weight easy to use keepalive/restarter, it was very useful, thought I'd share with the public. This tool has developed on these forums considerably and now has many many more features that make administering and controlling your server much easier. Keepalive Status Window Keepalive GUI Keepalive GUI Configuration Properties Feature Archive: -Gui- ADDED IN 1.2.2: Higher core support for setting affinities (up to 100 cores O.O) ADDED IN 1.2.2: New status icons in config window for batch/server status ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added a new control bar in config window, to control keepalive/server -Core- ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added an exit batch check and new file to set this flag externally to close the keepalive. Auto start Database/Arma server and BEC if any one of them fails Logs events in real-time with a console display Easy configuration for any arma server (arma/arma 2/arma 3) Ability to Auto restart using BEC Scheduler (check readme for details) Ability to manually restart from an external program (eg, Web Service on same machine) Keepalive for the Keepalive (if batch crashes or something, it will keep running regardless) Auto log file rotation *added in 0.8.0 Auto Database Backup *added in 0.8.0 Ability to use 7zip to archive logs and/or database file *added in 0.8.0 Keep Arma Server Monitor active (Optional) (addon for arma 2/3) *added in 0.8.0 Keep Teamspeak Server Active (Optional) *added in 0.8.0 Database Interval, Minutes between DB Backups *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep ASM server monitor alive. *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep Teamspeak server alive. *added in 0.9.0 Log backup and db backup locations configurable *added in 0.9.0 Lets arma close nicely using #shutdown on automatic restarts (BEC Scheduler required) *added in 0.9.0 Manual Action Timeout configurable. (How long will it take you to upload new pbos?) *added in 0.9.0 Configuration settings for ASM logging capabilities. Check batch settings. *fixed in 0.9.1 Ability to configure another process to keep alive (such as a HC client or another server using a renamed exe file). *NEW IN 0.9.2 Project on Sourceforge and GitHub. *NEW IN 0.9.4 Crash Detection! Will force close any crashed processes! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Affinity and Priority settings! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Sleek GUI for managing and installing SKBT for multiple server on the same machine/network!*ADDED IN 1.0.0 Keepalive instance shortcuts to start menu and desktop. ADDED IN 1.0.1 Usage of parenthesis and spaces in path names fully! ADDED IN 1.0.3 Allow bec_flag_dsc parameter, (fix BEC auto closing due to no update signal). ADDED IN 1.0.3 Ability to change log detail level. Added in 1.1.0 Can forcefully delay between ONLY restart events 3 batch files in custom folder to aid in hooking code before certain events, more info inside those files (Check readme or more info) Tooltips to all configuration options Custom process tab! Keep any process you wish alive with your server (up to 100 extra processes!). ADDED IN 1.2.0 Heartbeat for external programs to know if the Keepalive is active. ADDED IN 1.2.0 Downloads: NOTE*: Please use the sourceforge/Github repositories to download. [LATEST RELEASE] DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - GUI Installer tinyupload.com DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - No Gui (Manual Install) tinyupload.com Mirrors on SourceForge / GitHub Development Snapshots available as standard. [OLDER RELEASES] For older releases please use the github/sourceforce release lists. *Latest Release: Please be advised the download links in this post are not the latest. SKBT was updated after the latest official release but do not fear! You do not need to build it! To download the latest binary of SKBT click here (sourceforge/skbtforarma/Master/Bin/Release/skbtInstaller_win32.exe) Check the commit logs on SF/GH for updates and changes. edit- Updated to (Only on repo)
  18. The short version When the server restarts vehicles reset back to where they were originally were and back to the original state they were in before the restart. Longer version Example. So I take a car drive it from Cherno to the airfield and put some gear in it and shoot out a tire then restart the server, it will be all the way back in cherno in its original condition and without any gear. If I spawn a vehicle and move it to another location and restart the server it will still be there in what ever state I left it in. But then it starts acting like all the other vehicles, always reverting to that spot. So it must only be saving the vehicles the database once after the first restart that they are on the server for then it doesnt update them again. I thought it might be a problem with the server monitor.sqf and replaced it with a fresh one, which did not help. I also tried using the monitor.sqf from my other server that is working just fine and that didn't do anything either. If anyone else has any idea on what to do the help would be much appreciated. This is the last obstacle in the way of my PvP server but its a rather annoying one. If you want to talk to me directly you can find me on my teampseak GOHgaming.mainvoice.net
  19. Basically as the title says, the vehicles on my PVP server are not being saved to the database correctly. They generated and spawn in just fine but if you get in a world generated vehicle and drive it somewhere else it will just revert back to its original position and its original state after restart. Spawnign in vehicles works alright and it even saves their position after you move them, but only on the session they were spawned in. Once you restart the server it too becomes locked in place on where ever you left it and will keep reverting to that spot just like all other vehicles do. I'm gonna guess it has something to do with the publish vehicles or objects files in the mission pbo so I compared those files from my PVE server which works fine to the ones on the PVP server and found that the PVP server's update object and publish object files had a few lines missing that were included in the PVE server's files. So i tried adding in the missing code but that only made it worse. It caused the server to get stuck are trying to get authentication even after wiping the database and puting back in the working server files. To fix that problem i had to completely wipe the server and start back over with vanilla files. Which is why I always make back up files but its still annoying and time consuming. I'm out of ideas. If anyone can help me with this that would be great. If you need to look at the files I can just email them to you.
  20. I recently acquired a dayz overpoch server and the data base is not saving. Also the coins aren't working either. It could be from the same issue but I'm not sure. I'm willing to pay 40 bucks to repair the server and add eye scan. Or 75 to build a whole new server. Friend me on steam if your interested . Mr_Pepsi_178.
  21. Issue: periodically, players report that they are unable to join the server because of an error that the server can not load the player inventory. In every case this is remedied by deleting the character. I assume that the database entry has become corrupted at the most recent player logout or disconnect but have not systematically evaluated this possibility. Epoch version through (most commonly with the latter). Server: Hardware: 12 core VDS / 12 GB RAM, 6 cores dedicated to the Epoch instance of Arma 3 server. Arma ver: 1.54 performance build 7 Mods: VEMF, Blckeagls build 3.54, Halves spawns, traders, service points and messaging; IgiLoad, CMearplugs, a player menu, Scar-Mag repack, DP-temp groups, and custom CfgConfigClient.hpp and CfgPricing.hpp. Server FPS ranges from the low teens to 40s depending on numbers of players and AI. World limit currently = 3500 objects / 1500 storage. Vehicle count ~400. Logs show frequent object not found errors since the update to Arma 3 1.54. The most recent log file can be accessed using the dropbox link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/adp6zjke2s4ef7v/arma3server_2015-12-24_14-49-33.rpt?dl=0 Any suggestions for eliminating these issues would be appreciated.
  22. As posted before, 0.3.6 brought some problems. That seems like also include all containter generating events - cant find any shipwrecks, nor containers, nor veins. Also I investigated and found some issues in Epoch interacting with Redis DB since 0.3.6 - Seems like there are large delays and data loss on GET/SET. I suspect this can happen because of server scripts enviroment breach. Checked on vanilla.
  23. MySQL DB backup v1.1. Note: This script is included in the DayZEpoch 1.0.6 distribution (when released). What is it. This is a Windows batch file (.bat) which will backup your MYSql database(s) for you. If you add it to Windows scheduler it can also run automatically at a frequency you define (every 15 minutes for example). Features. - Backup tables, triggers and events. - Housekeeps old backups after user defined number of days. - Resulting .sql files can be loaded in to a SQL client and run against a MYSQL database to recreate the structure and data from the backed up database. - Server DateTime format independant (works for MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY date formats). - Can be scheduled with Windows scheduler. How to use it. Create a .bat file (call it something like DB_Backup.bat) and paste the following in to it. @REM *** PARAMETERS/VARIABLES *** SET BackupDir="[Where you want to save the backups]" SET mysqldir="C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin" SET mysqlschema=[Your DB schema name] SET mysqlpassword=[your DB password] SET mysqluser=[your DB user login] SET housekeepafter=5 for /F "usebackq tokens=1,2 delims==" %%i in (`wmic os get LocalDateTime /VALUE 2^>NUL`) do if '.%%i.'=='.LocalDateTime.' SET ldt=%%j set datestamp=%ldt:~0,4%-%ldt:~4,2%-%ldt:~6,2%.%ldt:~8,2%-%ldt:~10,2%-%ldt:~12,2% @REM *** EXECUTION ***@REM Change to mysqldir c: cd %mysqldir% @REM dump/backup ALL database, this is all in one line mysqldump -u %mysqluser% -p%mysqlpassword% --databases %mysqlschema% --routines --events --triggers --quick >%BackupDir%\%mysqlschema%_backup.%datestamp%.sql @REM - Housekeeping forfiles -p %BackupDir% -s -m *.sql -d -%housekeepafter% -c "cmd /c del @path" Configuration Input your DB connection details and desired backup save location. All details that need changing are in []. Make the changes without the []. e.g. SET mysqlschema=[Your DB schema name] may change to SET mysqlschema=EpochDB SET BackupDir="[Where you want to save the backups]" May change to SET BackupDir="c:\DB-Backups" Housekeeping will clear any .sql files that are over housekeepafter number of days old. You may need to confirm the MySQL path for the mysqldump exe as it may depend on your provider. Add "read" (without "") at the end of the file to require an input for debugging. This allows you to check the test backup is ok and troubleshoot any issues. Remove it when automating or the .bat file will never close. Automation can be done via Windows task scheduler. Create a basic task and then edit the tasks parameters after creating if you want to backup more than once a day. The option is only available after the task is created. Revision History. Current version: v1.1 Changes: - Amended code to cope with US & UK date formats when calculating the resulting .sql files datetimestamp included in the filename. Previous versions: v1.0: Initial version. Possible future improvements. I may add an option to compress (zip) the files if there is enough interest.
  24. I have a simple question regarding my server database. I'm having an issue regarding maintaining my base (0 Building Parts In Range) so I checked the event that sets damage in my database. This is the SQL event I have UPDATE `Object_DATA` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 3 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') )I noticed it says "Object_DATA", the table in my database is called "object_data". I'm curious is this is the reason it's not damaging the buildables? Are the tables/events case sensitive? Also just to make sure, this SQL will damage the buildables every 3 days correct?
  25. Hello, So I used reality dayz package for a very long time. They have a very good working donator gear package with datavase function. I thought it would be cool and nice to have that in the epoch package aswell. I'm not good at arma coding, I do understand the code when reading it but thats it. Maybe someone here can help or maybe even the epoch dev crew wants this in a release ? PlayerLogin.sqf // Check custom inventory for new characters if (_model == "") then { _key = format["CHILD:999:select replace(cl.`inventory`, '""', '""""') inventory, replace(cl.`backpack`, '""', '""""') backpack, replace(coalesce(cl.`model`, 'Survivor2_DZ'), '""', '""""') model from `cust_loadout` cl join `cust_loadout_profile` clp on clp.`cust_loadout_id` = cl.`id` where clp.`unique_id` = '?':[%1]:",str(_playerID)]; _data = "HiveEXT" callExtension _key; //Process result _result = call compile format ["%1", _data]; _status = _result select 0; if (_status == "CustomStreamStart") then { if ((_result select 1) > 0) then { _data = "HiveEXT" callExtension _key; _result = call compile format ["%1", _data]; _inventory = call compile (_result select 0); _backpack = call compile (_result select 1); _model = call compile (_result select 2); }; }; }; create table if not exists cust_loadout ( id bigint unsigned not null auto_increment, inventory varchar(2048) not null, backpack varchar(2048) not null, model varchar(100) default null, primary key pk_cust_loadout (id) ) character set utf8 engine=InnoDB; create table if not exists cust_loadout_profile ( cust_loadout_id bigint unsigned not null, unique_id varchar(128) not null, primary key pk_cust_loadout_profile (cust_loadout_id, unique_id), foreign key fk1_cust_loadout_profile (cust_loadout_id) references cust_loadout (id), foreign key fk2_cust_loadout_profile (unique_id) references profile (unique_id) ) character set utf8 engine=InnoDB; Anybody that can help me with this? Please let me know :)
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