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Found 92 results

  1. Hello thought I would share some of the cherno additions i have made, some of these when they were made, were designed to give the map a bit more of the standalone feel 1.) Checkpoints. see screen shots for locations. checkpoint north of factory east coast, centre of electro town, main road between elector and cherno, main road between cherno and balota airfield. https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104403_1_zpsmbnhw8dl.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104354_1_zpsy4wffhvd.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104617_1_zpst76fsi6m.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104454_1_zpsmaojsdnt.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104624_1_zpsjoiqnuwx.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104617_1_zpst76fsi6m.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104709_1_zpsmw4unygi.jpg 2.) North Klamenka military base, on main road between Klamenka and Pavolo https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104814_1_zpskfimheva.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719104807_1_zpshkmtliih.jpg 3.) FOB west. class Item21 { position[]={1177.399,195.34067,7586.7783}; name="FOB West"; text="FOB West"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorRed"; }; postion incase you want to add a marker for this. https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719110347_1_zpsbsc98afn.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719110402_1_zpsdkqtqhjl.jpg 4.) Klen Castle, on Klen hilltop https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719110151_1_zpsbrxrvgdz.jpg 5.) JunkYard. https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719105916_1_zpsedkmmk1a.jpg https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/leoa1981/epoch additions/20190719105909_1_zps84egwkib.jpg Download: https://github.com/Don2k7/epoch-map-additions for a guide on how to add these check this forum post. https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/45135-tutorial-how-to-make-custom-map-content-1062/
  2. Winter Gaming is a gaming community, that was created in early 2018. We're currently running DayZ Epoch server. Winter Gaming is a project created with passion – for players from players. On our server, the rules are equal for all players – no Pay2Win, no benefits for donating. Server IP: Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ECBVKGA Website: http://www.wintergaming.eu Forum: http://www.wintergaming.eu/forums Server Configuration: Building Maintain - 10 Days Abandoned Vehicle Unlock - 7 Days Abandoned Safes/Lockboxes Unlock - 10 Days Building Limit – 250 Objects Max Base Height - 30m Features: High FPS XP System (with awesome Perks and Trader) JSRS Compatible Wear Zombie Skin Plot Management Door Management Snap and Vector Building 20k Starting Money Coin System Running Zombies Ai Missions Ai Convoys Custom Loot Custom Locations Custom Traders Hidden Trader Selling Rare Items Toggle Grass/Environmental Sounds Deploy Bike/Motorcycle/Mozzie Walk Amongst The Dead Harvestable Hemp Tow/Lift Repair/Rearm – Service Points Bury Bodies Take Clothes Locate Vehicle Paychecks every 30 minutes Spawn Selection Abandoned Safe Mission Indestructible Metal/Cinder Bases Blow up door and more! I hope to see You on the server!
  3. For the epoch community!!! HI mates, this time I bring the airport northeast. Imagen.1 imagen.2 imagen.3 1. create folder "custom_maps" and put in your server. // You can put the name that you want. 2. put into the custom folder "NEAF_S4M.sqf" // You can put the name that you want. 3. in your server_functions.sqf Files Here!!! P.D: I'm still working on this, I'll update it again...And sorry for my english.
  4. Happy to announce the launch of our new custom server. DayZ Epoch Chernarus To connect search for "v666" in your DayZ Launcher Server Modes/Mods/Addons Romero Style Zombies Snow & Cold Weather Effects (temp+breath) Custom Intro Radio Broadcast Spawn Location Options Safe Trader Areas Roaming/Driving/Flying AI Excursions AI Mission System Random Events Auto Re-fuel at any Gas Station Day/Night Cycle w/6 Hourly Reboots ++Many more to come! Want something added? Request it here Don't forget to register here for your own custom load-out and access to our community forums Note: This server is both PVP and PVE. We dont believe in giving players rules but cheating in any way will result in lifetime ban from whole community.
  5. [HGW]Fast Crafting|WAI|Coins|Overpoch|SemiMili| SERVER IP: Features: infiSTAR Anticheat High FPS R Alt for menu Coins System & Bank WAI Missions Fast Crafting Starter Kit Key Maker Lottery Advanced Trading Custom buildings Remote lock/unlock vehicle Changing code for lockboxes/safes/doors Staff: Kunta Kinte, JDSlayer, PokerJoker
  6. Downlod https://ln.sync.com/dl/043e1b3c0/wkrywtzv-idjkp722-wzfqg9g6-53b7xfyj
  7. Hello, I am apart of the Global Chaos Gaming community. We currently are hosting a modified Arma 3 Epoch server, we have very active staff aswell as active community members, I urge you to stop by and check us out! TeamSpeak: ts.globalchaos.net Website : http://www.GlobalChaos.net
  8. Hey guys, I feel that this should be simple, is probably made clear somewhere, and that i'm just very stupid but I cannot seem to create custom zones on my Epoch 1.0.6 Chernarus server. I have tried as others have suggested and taken the code from mission.sqm which relates to entering and leaving trader cities and the like, increased the 'class item' from 6 to 7 then tried adding my own coords and description as below: class Item6 { position[]={066127,150,2572}; TRGDEF name="zonecherno"; expCond="(player distance zonecherno) < 250;"; expActiv="[""Chernogorsk"",false,""enter""] call player_traderCity;"; expDesactiv="[""Chernogorsk"",false,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; }; I assume the problem lies with the 'position' numbers. I tried to decipher what they were from other locations and replicate but no joy...
  9. Hello community, I am working on a custom mission that takes place over the waters of Chernarus. Its actually an Aircraft Carrier mission I had on my server in 2014. However I can't seem to get loot to spawn on the ship. Has anyone had any success in spawning custom loot boxes over water or on the carrier? Thanks!
  10. Hollow's Caves South http://www.CraftDoge.com This is the Second in a series of Caves on Chernarus, I am adding them one by one so you can chose the ones you like and add them individually, i have left them bare so they can be customized. Included in the download is the mission and biedi. As always, use it as you wish. Cave Series: Caves North: Caves South: Caves Prud: this build has three caves, two on the mountainside, and one on a small island Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/pxgLj Download: http://www.craftdoge.com/downloads/ Tutorial: click the download link above and download the South_Cave.zip Unpack your dayz_server.pbo Add the following code to the bottom of your server_functions.sqf located at: dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom\South_Cave.sqf"; Create a folder named "custom"(if you dont have one) and place the South_Cave.sqf you downloaded, inside the custom folder. Place the custom folder in the root of your dayz_server.pbo then repack and upload your pbo. I haven't included a map marker in this build. Known bugs: You cannot get out of boats or water vehicles inside the island cave, it will put you on top of the cave, only fly small helis into the cave.
  11. For the epoch community!!! Hi mates, This is a simple and light trader that I use on my server. Imagen.1 imagen.2 imagen.3 1. create folder "custom_maps" and put in your server. // You can put the name that you want. 2. put into the custom folder "Shero_S4M.sqf" // You can put the name that you want. 3. in your server_functions.sqf Files Here!!!
  12. Hey Survivors, We are looking for Players on our new Server. Server IP: Ts3: HP: tbhserver.com Forum: tbhserver.com/forum We offer you an militarized Server with nearly all tanks and helicopters (T90,M1A1,BMP3,AH1Z and much more) Good FPS because of an Dedicated Server! active Admins! nearly undestroyable bases (Only Doors and Garage-Doors are destroyble, PlotPole not removable by other Players!!!) an Teamspeak 3 Server where you can get your own Channel! Easy Money earning also for Heros, changed prices for fishes and missionloot! 250.000 Coins Starter-Money! balanced Spawnclasses! balanced Trader Buy- and Sell-Prices! Airfields are edited for more Loot and PVP! Scripts: ZSC VG WAI Plot4Life Deploy Bike and Mozzie Mystery Briefcases Self Bloodbag Vector und Snapbuilding ESSV3 Setview Distance Repair/Refuel/Rearm Globalbanking Tow/Lift Slow Zed´s Safe´s 0000 after 9Day´s and much more! Hey Survivor, Server IP: Ts3: HP: tbhserver.com Forum: tbhserver.com/forum Wir suchen neue Spieler für unseren frischen Server. Wir bieten euch eine Militarized Server mit fast allen Panzer und Helis (T90,M1A1,BMP3,AH1Z und vielen mehr) Gute FPS durch einen Dedicated Server! aktiven Admins! fast unzerstörbare Basen (Nur Türen und Tore sind zerstörbar, Plotpole nicht abbaubard durch andere Spieler!!!) einem Ts3 Server wo ihr auf wunsch eigene Channel bekommt! Einfaches Geld verdienen auch für Heros durch anheben der Verkaufspreise bei Fischen und Missions Gegenständen! 250.000 Coins Startgeld! Ausgeglichenen Spawnklassen! Ausgelichenen Tradern Kauf- und Verkaufspreisen! Airfielder sind erweitert mit Gebäuden für mehr Loot und PvP! Scripts: ZSC VG WAI Plot4Life Deploy Bike and Mozzie Mystery Briefcases Self Bloodbag Vector und Snapbuilding ESSV3 Setview Distance Repair/Refuel/Rearm Globalbanking Tow/Lift Slow Zed´s Safe´s 0000 after 9Day´s und noch viel Mehr Wir freuen uns auf einen Besuch von dir !
  13. I have a custom base set up at North West Airfield running Epoch Chernarus. Im trying to spawn a custom loot crate called CustomLootCrate.sqf and it doesn't spawn as expected regardless if I am loading it via []exeVM " custom\CustomLootCrate.sqf"; in the init.sqf or using execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom_crates\CustomLootCrate.sqf"; in the server_functions.sqf suggested elsewhere on these forums. I need some help from an experienced modder please. My CustomLootCrate.sqf is as follows:
  14. **NEW** Manup-PvPvE | v1.0.6.2 | 5-Mil + KITS | Player Teleport | VirtGarage | Banks | Checks | Perks | Cap&Hold | GemCraft | Semi-Mil | High [email protected]@T ============================== M A N U P - - U P D A T E The NEW SERVER is Unlocked! DayZ Overpoch Chernarus IP: This is a PvPvE Militarized Server with High Loot and High Risk $5,000,000 Start coins + Cinder & Metal Base kit ============================== MODS - EDITS - SCRIPTS ============================== > Suicide > Earplugs > Auto Run > Tow & Lift > Safe Zones > Flip Vehicle > Plot For Life > Bury Bodies > Take Clothes > Click Actions > Harvest Hemp > Service Points > Locate Vehicle > Virtual Garage > Player Teleport > Custom Traders > Global Banking > Free Spawn Kits > Tanks and APC's > Attack Choppers > Scan For Players > Deploy Anything > KO Melee Combat > Plot Management > Scan For Animals > Scan For Zombies > Treasure Hunting > Turn On/Off Grass > Snap With Vectors > Custom Trader City > Group Management > Garage Door Opener > Safe Zone Relocate > Custom Action Wheel > Vehicle Key Changer > Humanity Spawn Kits > Custom Event Crates > No Spawn Restriction > Sell On Site Missions > Change View Distance > Custom Debug Monitor > Player Zombie Shields > remote vehicle options > Humanity spawn vehicles > Community Localizations > Humanity Spawn Classes > Custom Military locations > Custom Cap & Hold Missions > Custom NEAF / NWAF / BALOTA > Door Management With Eye Scan > More custom stuff inside .... ============================== Special thanks to @salival for all his help with the conversion. I couldn't of done it with out you! ============================== Thanks For Playing ManUp - Enjoy and Please report any bugs. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/manupsurvival# https://discord.gg/V85spbD
  15. So one of the admins on our community has been playing with the editor for a bit now. Hes gotten real good and his attention to detail is amazing. He made this for our server, and it was so nice, i asked him if he would make a oval track around the racetrack. He kindly allowed me to share it here with everyone to use. The only condition we ask, is please leave the "Elite SLK" made of tires in the middle of the track :) ALL CREDIT GOES TO OBDURATE, admin on Elite SLK gaming community. Here are some pics http://tinypic.com/r/x6dls3/9 http://tinypic.com/r/11gt9g6/9 It is Located South West of Chernarus. About 500m North West of Pavlovo. You'll need epoch and overwatch for this. Download https://github.com/theduke77/Chernarus-Race-Track There are some ambient sounds around the track, if you dont like it, search in the code for sounds and delete the block of code associated with it. Also. We had custom billboards at the entrance of the racetrack. They are commented out in this script im posting (at the bottom of the script). You can make your own texture and uncomment them and change the paths Installation: In your server PBO, place the file in a folder called "objects". If you don't have one, create the folder. In your server_functions.sqf, find this line server_sendToClient = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_sendToClient.sqf"; Add this bellow execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\objects\racetrack.sqf"; Re-Pack your server PBO and enjoy. NOTE: This was in the 1051 legacy forum, but i thought id re-post it here in case some thought it didnt work. Also on the Git now.
  16. If you are looking for a nice Server you came to the right place. Falcon Gaming - Overpoch Chernarus - unique and custom - Server Features Custom Color Corrections (6 in total) Change View distance Snap & Vector building Custom Missions Custom Spawn Point Custom Traders Debloy Bike/Motorbike/Littlebird Eject from bugged vehicle Remote Keys Knock out People Handcuff People Build Castle Walls Plot4Life Hang on Jets Jump off your Base (min alt 40m) Roaming Ai (foot/car/heli) Ai road block Spawn select custom Buildings Weed farms and lot more.. Server IP: Edit: If you come on and theres only few players atm, stay anyways and get ready before the players return! We hope you have fun! Cheers.
  17. Hello there! Not my first work, but also not the best! I'm just starting a own server, and adding a bit of customstuff for the future players. I wanted to share that stuff with you, so you can use it aswell, if you going to like it. Screenshots at the end Quote Tested on a ARMA 2 DAYZ Epoch server - I also changed the important "Map_" classnames to "Land_" so there will be loot in all the barracks, and the Super market :) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2winspp45saavs/balota.sqf 1. Create folder for all your buildings in your dayz_server.pbo // Skip this if you already got one! 2. Put the downloaded balota.sqf in this folder" 3. Go to your dayz_server.pbo again, head to the "init" folder, and add at the bottom from server_functions.sqf this: 4. Repack your dayz_server-pbo, upload it again - There you go! Screenshots: If youre are interested in the server, take look here: Community Server by Impact eSport Thanks for tuning in! If you find any bugs, just let me know them!
  18. Overpoch Rezurrection is a server which aims to bring the old school feeling back to the game. That being said we still offer many of the popular scripts and more. We are open to any suggestions which will improve the server. We urge all players, old and new to come try Overpoch Rezurrection. Server ip: Website: dayzrezurrection.com Teamspeak: dayzrezurrection.typefrag.com See you all ingame!
  19. I've just started a new project (well my 2nd one!) which is gonna take a good while. I've envisioned this to be a BIG undertaking of a project by someone who, I would consider myself , is quite an inexperienced content creator. But and a BIG but (NO! Not my arse its not that big i mean the project!) I wanted to create something that would have people eager to go and explore. Anyway this project is gonna be a a difficult project to create, plus I only started it yesterday. I also wanted to give people an idea of what to look forward to, so made a preview video. You will see literally nothing but the blank canvas (other than the first few stone wall foundations) I am using and my idea was to give people an idea of the potential this custom "base" will bring to Chernarus. Anyway, apparently this base is being built in an undisclosed and restricted area of Chernarus and as such, I am not allowed to disclose its location to the general population, but as you can see from this early footage, you may get clues as to where it is. The base wont be open for at least 3 or 4 or even more weeks as I hear the construction employees in that area are always on strike for some stupid little reason or taking tea breaks or having an afternoon kip (Typical Bloody British attitude I hear you all say!) but I have heard on the grapevine that once its finished there will be a small "Premiere" released along with some high definition satelite imagery to show everyone what the finished area looks like. Once completed it'll be available to explore on a single server for a week or two before I consider releasing the blueprints for others to use (that ALL depends how good you can say "Pretty Please" :-P ). Anyway take a peek...
  20. Im putting up my script for a makeover of the NEAF. I did release this before back with Since has come out I decided to retest to see if it would still be fine , which it is. So im reposting it for anyone who might want to make use of it. Just put the following in a new file called NEAF.sqf (or whatever you want to call it and create a new folder called "buildings" (if you dont already have a folder called that) in the root directory of your server pbo. In your server_functions.sqf file in your init folder add the following to the bottom: call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\NEAF.sqf"; I do ask that the credits ARE left in this file and that no other person claims credit for this version of a better North East Airfield. NEAF.sqf: Link to original post which includes images of NEAF:
  21. S4M

    Custom base

    Hi all, It is a base north of chernarus, I created it a few days ago, you can also fill it with AI or use it to your liking. I am changing all my "Custom maps" to the format that you told me @iben , That takes time, not getting along very well with macros. Base_S4M Screenshots Imagen.1 imagen.2 imagen.3 imagen.4 imagen.5 P.D: If someone wants it with some modification let me know
  22. Hi all, I know it's not a great creation but I wanted to share with the community, I hope you like it. put the buildings folder in your server.pbo and add the following line to the very bottom of your server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo. Download: City_AI.sqf Imagen.1 imagen.2 imagen.3 imagen.4 imagen.5
  23. (skip to the end for a tl;dr if you wish) Hello, I'm Dan also known as orangesherbet- haven't been active on these forums for some time but I've been a tester and supporter of Epoch since the early days in 2012. More importantly, I've made lasting friendships with the development team and surrounding community of Epoch Mod. With the release of version 0.5, I wanted to organize an event that would bring all of us together to celebrate the time we've spent playing, testing, and developing (I'm not a dev) the mod! The event itself will take place on Chernarus, where everything started! We will have several activities for participants including a race from Kamenka debug line to NE Airfield, a melee arena, demolition derby, "Tower of Terror" built by community developer and friend SLI, stunt contest, fishing, and base building! I'll be hosting the event on my stream and Discord, but I do want to make it clear that this event is about the celebration of Epoch Mod's development and not a promotion for my stream or Discord server. I would recommend participants join my Discord server as that is where players will be welcomed to chat with each other and the admins to help us stay organized and have fun! Feel free to leave the Discord server at the conclusion of the event if you wish. We do have another Epoch Event in the near future and I will share that information with everyone once we have a date set! tl;dr ------------------------------ Event Info: Date: Saturday April 22nd, 2017 Start Time: 12pm EST / 5pm GMT (Find your time here: http://bit.ly/2pm6kXR via WorldTimeBuddy) Event will be at least 6 hours. Game Mode / Map: Epoch Mod Chernarus Server Information: Event has been completed Discord Server (for information, support): https://discordapp.com/invite/orangesherbet Free to use program- please use the text channel #event for help with anything regarding the event. Mods required for the event (all available on Steam Workshop, total file size over 14gb): Epoch Mod, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Terrains - Maps, CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Weapons, CBA_A3, Ryan's Zombies and Demons Stream channel if you care to watch the event: https://twitch.tv/orangesherbet ------------------------------ Thanks to [VB]AWOL, SLI, Pumba, Konc, Robio, TipsyJack, somyc, Buddha187, and Philanthropy for help setting up this event and [VB]AWOL for providing the event server. Promo image made by SLI. Stay Tuned for server info Saturday morning!
  24. Hi, I'm new for Epoch because I cannot find many servers using AIII launcher. But I choose one and very like this mod. Unfortunately I found only Altis and Tanoa maps, no other like Chernarus for example, which is very good map for Dayz kinda gameplay (for obvious reasons). Why's that?
  25. This is my custom made Balota Airfield design, functional and provides everything you might need when you come across it regardless if it's day or night in chernarus. Features: Functional runway and street lights Refueling stations for planes, yes, even C-130 can land/refuel & takeoff from here 4 Barracks Firestation Industrial Hospital No grass on runway so you can drive as fast as your vehicle will go Images: http://imgur.com/a/KJGLx
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