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Found 7 results

  1. [SOLVED] Would like to run the old flyby.sqf on my servers. Don't know what I need to make it work with Also, does anyone have any of the old events working and willing to share? Here is the link to the script https://pastebin.com/eRk5phkc If anyone is willing to help, I will buy you a beer in game Heck I will buy you a case. lol EDITED 4 PM EST 7/10/2017 Can someone tell me where the supply_drop and crash_spawner is located. I went to dayz_server\modules and the only thing in the scripts was this; // Using vanilla care packages now. // The version was outdated and needs a full rewrite. These files have to be somewhere, just need a little help with finding them.
  2. Since updating to 1051 several people have been complaining that sometimes their character seemed to go back in time after they had logged in. Untill today I couldn't pinpoint what was happening but now i think i found it. Sometimes when a player changes skin, his or her character stops updating from that point on. Resulting in progress loss when they logout and log back in, even simply going in and out the lobby will "reset" their character to the state they were in just before they changed clothes. One user even reported that he died » ragequit » after logging back in a few hours later, was alive and had most of his gear back. He asked me if i did a rollback on the database, which we did not. It did not make sense to me but now i'm figuring he had probably just changed skins before and got reset to that. Could anyone confirm this issue? Or did i mess it up all by myself :P
  3. Since 105 or 1051 (since 105 was only around for a day before 1051 came out...) I have had strange goings on with humanity. Sometimes and for some players, not all, it randomly doubles either each time they relog or at server restart. I haven't been able to pin it down more than that. The problem last month was quite rare so, I didn't bother with it after a quick google didn't find anything. However, over the last 2-3 weeks it has developed into a more serious problem. It seems to be happening to some players, not all and the same players. It can happen 3-4 times a day for some players and has resulted in them having humanity in the +/- millions. I have googled around again and can't see anything posted....? I have tried the obvious and systematically turned off and on all additional scripts/changes for the last month and haven't been able to narrow it down to any of them either. We are a pretty loaded server with all the usual popular scripts: DZ Group Management, Enhanced Spawn Selection, infiSTAR, Logistics, WAI, EMS, infiSTAR SafeZones to name a few... The server is high population and a managed virtual server so, unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a dev server to test with and have to be careful with what I'm doing with the live based on the population. Is anyone else seeing this problem at all on their server? Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  4. Since the update of Epoch to 105/1051 there have been a lot of players reporting that they get stuck at the load screen on servers that have updated which, includes my server, GoG's World. Also, since we went back to arma2oa version 1.63.112555 (non Steam version but still on Commander), some players are having problems joining even though they have that version installed. If you follow these simple steps, on servers with this version combination, both problems are resolved 100% to our knowledge: Stuck at Loadscreen? On your PC, go to \Users\yourname\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\MPMissionsCache and delete everything. These are just cached mission files and will be downloaded each time you join a server. (Unhide this folder tree if it is not there by selecting show hidden files and folders in folder options) (If you still cannot find this try searching for the folder name) Restart your PC Rejoin the server through either DayZ Commander or the multiplayer lobby of arma2oa Keep Getting Kicked Trying to Join? Go to DayZ Commander settings and uncheck the 'Launch Using Steam' option in 'Steam Options' Join the server again using DayZ Commander If the above didn't work, reinstall your arma 2 in Commander EVEN if it says you are already on version 112555. Rejoin the server using DayZ Commander As I mentioned earlier, these steps above have worked in 100% of reported cases on my server. Depending on which problem you are experiencing, please follow the steps above exactly. It would really help the community if you or, anyone you know who has read this and tried it, whether it worked or not, could please report your/their feedback. I really hope this helps a lot of people. Good luck!
  5. Since upgrading arma2oa to 11255, I started getting this error in my rpt: ============================================================================== 18:12:56 Error in expression <; _weapon = weaponState _attacker; if (_weapon select 0 == "Throw") then { _we> 18:12:56 Error position: <_weapon select 0 == "Throw") then { _we> 18:12:56 Error Undefined variable in expression: _weapon 18:12:56 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\fnc_plyrHit.sqf, line 11 ============================================================================== I was hoping it would go away with the Epoch upgrade to 105 and then 1051 but it didn't. Then I hoped it would go with the arma2oa upgrade to 125402 but it didn't. However, it did change slightly from Epoch 1042 to 105: ============================================================================== 20:19:24 Error in expression <; _weapon = weaponState _attacker; if (_weapon select 0 == "Throw") then { _we> 20:19:24 Error position: <_weapon select 0 == "Throw") then { _we> 20:19:24 Error Undefined variable in expression: _weapon 20:19:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\fnc_plyrHit.sqf, line 12 ============================================================================== This is the only error in my rpt apart from the usual client/server: object not found spam. I'm running quite a few scripts including: WAI, DZMS, Set View Distance, Free Refuel Repair & Rearm, Lift & Tow, Safe Zones, Building Snapping, Additional Buildings, Lights, Deployable Bike, Take Clothes, Suicide & infiSTAR. Is anyone else seeing this? Can anyone help? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Our server is running When became available for download I setup a local test server. I got everything up and running with then installed the requested mods. (I could join the local server, tested everything, every mod runs great.) Now, can I simply update my server (not the local one) to via the hosts (GTX) config/updates control panel and then upload my files/folders? (Obviously making sure everything goes in the right place and follows the same paths.) Or are there differences I should be aware of? (Files that control things like the Hive/db connection and .bat files wouldn't be uploaded.) I compared my folder/structure layout to that of the live stuff and it looks like it would be fine. Thanks.
  7. Having just spent the 2 days (including planning) upgrading from 1042 to 105, I now see there is a hotfix, 1051 available. Is there any chance, for those of us that have already spent a lot of time going through the upgrade, to get some instructions on a delta of the changes and what files need to be changed from 105 to 1051 so it isn't such a massive exercise starting all over again? I have a looked through the server file changelogs and installation instructions but, can't see anything like this at all. If it already exists and I haven't looked in the right place, I apologise but, please point me in the right direction. Would make my life a lot easier if I could get this? Thanks
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