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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, we run several instances of epoch on our server. Since many other applications require us to run a debian OS, we use wine to run Dayz Epoch. Wine does NOT support The Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package. Not even the 2012 version is in any way a decent build. With this dependency you actively disable any linux based server to run Dayz Epoch. Will you revert this to the 2010 version, which runs perfectly under any operating system? Best regards, Doolittle.
  2. Everytime someone dies on my server, they respawn in the same spot with the same gear. Can someone please tell me how I can stop this from happening?
  3. Hello! Sorry for my "good" English. I have a problem when updating fashion Dayz version to version 1.0.4. Installed version on this instruction: https://github.com/denisio/Dayz-Epoch-Linux-Server After upgrading to version 1.0.4 I run the server and try to connect to it and gives an error saying that the server running not on the correct version. I would be grateful for your help! :( :(
  4. Hey guys A recent issue caused us to completely start a fresh epoch server. Since then, i have managed to fix allot of issues. I now have a issue with the following error that seems to be hitting all players in the RPT logs. Generally speaking players get this with the black screen on login. Usually fixed by pressing ESC. As a admin i find that our infistar menu does not work untill we relog. Similar issues with clients like non responsive traders/safe's etc.. We found wierdly enough even after encountering this issue. if you change your video memory settings to default, ths issue is resolved instantly. Any ideas ? Cheers George
  5. Okay, so I'm fairly new to this forum and I really wish someone had made a post like this before even though its really simple. has some of the stuff I'm going over, and also has some things that I don't so i suggest looking at that because it is necessary. FULLY READ BOTH POSTS Also, make sure you actually update your game! 1. Backup your ENTIRE server folder, mine is named "Dayz Server (E)", and name the backup whatever you want as long as you are able to tell the difference "DAYZBACKUP" "EPOCHSTUFF" "ILYKEBOYZ" etc This includes everything that you use to maintain your server. Make sure you keep the original! 2. Download both the Server AND Client files from DayzEpoch.com 3. Unpack both of these and copy them to your original this will update your server. 3a. DayZ_Epoch_Server_1.0.4_Release Copy straight over these folders; [email protected]_Epoch_Server -Battleye -MPMissions -SQL -Tools Open these and copy contents -Binaries -Configs (The type of server you're running) MAKE SURE YOU GO IN HERE AND CHANGE WHAT YOU NEED TO -Keys 3b. DayZ_Epoch_Client_1.0.4_Release_a1 Copy "@DayZ_Epoch" straight over 4. Now what I did was I ran the server like that, joined, and then backed out and shut it down. I dont know if you have to do this or not. 5. Delete your old Database.dll (Epoch is now using new .Dll's instead. 6. Add back in your mods one at a time and make changes if they don't work! This process seemed to be a lot faster than trying to go through every file and see what changed I should say again that I am new to this and I am not really experienced in this at all. If you see anything that is wrong PLEASE comment so people know what to do instead or what not to do. Also, I know this is a newbie thing so you don't have to tell me, just trying to help people so they have a more enjoyable experience. With the update some stuff has changed (clearly) so here are a few links that helped me find what I needed when I was adding back in my mods Plot pole radius Killed a hacker moved (spawned vehicles exploding) EbayN00B's post in If you have any links that helped you please post those also!
  6. Poncho

    1.0.4 Napf

    So here I am... :) I am with Vilayer, I have tried overriding all files directly through the FTP but this message still remains, I did search for any previous topics on the matter but did not find any. Anyone else had this problem? Or Know how to solve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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