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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, so i´m not sure... can somebody give me a tutorial of how to install an admin tool (spawn, teleport, god mode etc) on a private server that runs I would mich appreciate it Thanks :) Edit: Got it! But my vehicles are exploding when i enter them. Ideas to fix ? And if i want to spawn weapon kits, it kicks me out if the game (restriction) And last question. Do you know how to ad the AS50 / M107 to a private server again ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm trying to connect to an Epoch server. (that is running But whenever I try to connect, it says "You are running an outdated version of Epoch ( Please install the latest version." when I AM running, on the title screen to the right it also says I'm running but DayZCommander says I'm running, I have tried reinstalling many times, I have tried manually installing the files and nothing has worked. Can somebody help? (Btw, the server I'm trying to connect to is [MGT] Epoch Panthera, which is a server that is constantly full) EDIT: It somehow fixed itself, I just had to leave it alone for a couple of hours. EDIT 2: It's acting up again, it seems to do it at random and it's REALLY annoying, I will actually need help this time XD
  3. I was playing on a custom/private Epoch (using v1.0.2.4) server today, when this happened... I was trading with a vendor a few minutes before a restart. I had broken down some 10oz gold bars into regular gold bars (8-10oz. into 80 regular). I hurried back to my base before server restart and logged out. Now (after restart) when I try and load in to the server, from the lobby, I get the following message. "This server is running an incorrect version of the server side application. You cannot play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact the DayZ Epoch staff." I fear the reason I cannot load in is because I had gold in my "overflow" primary inventory. I have never logged out with items in overflow before and am afraid this is the root cause. There are people currently on the server, and the admins are unavailable. Is there a way to clear my player data, attached to my GUID? Is there anything else I can try and/or has anyone else run into this issue? Also, I am able to load in to numerous Epoch servers, just not my favorite. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  4. Hello, I'v tried updating my server for about 2 hours now (I must be doing something wrong) My old version: New Version that i tried to get to work COULD anyone please type down steps by steps on how to update the server? (I know this question has been asked before, but I cannot find any good answers for it)
  5. I still have a black screen issue and in the RPT log it said there was an error in the Serverplayerlogin.sqf at line 81 Because the get position array is setup wrong
  6. HI, My players can't abort from game, they keep having to ALT+F4 out. Any idea why this could be happening? Or what is the file that controls it? Thanks. Ringo
  7. Hey. Myself and others get kicked from the server(AddWeaponCargo Count Restriction) when unlocking a safe. The safe gets opened, but the players get kicked. This also occurs when I'm re-opening a safe that I've already entered the combination for. This didn't start until after I updated the server to All the Battleye filters are updated also. AddWeaponCargo log Anyone got any tips?
  8. Whenever I try to connect to a server from DayZ Commander, it authenticates and then just hangs in loading screen forever. If I run Steam as administrator and launch OA, I can connect to servers fine. Is connecting via Steam as administrator the only way or can people connect via DayZ Commander?
  9. Me and my clan have a server (not the owner) and we just updated not too long ago and we are getting stuck at waiting for host wen trying to join it could someone help us? we are using Vilayer to host the server.
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