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Found 107 results

  1. Hi all. So I seem to have an issue with traders ( I can't get the menu on scroll wheel. I'm running with a few mods, but NOT a serverpack or anything, just a vanilla install with the following added one at a time: Using the NEW style traders (could this be related?) DZAI (server side AI) Busroute (in mission.pbo) Mission System (server side & mission.pbo) Remote messages (Maca Server side & Mission.pbo)) Admin tools (Blue Pheonix, in mission.pbo) Auto Fuel (via KH actions - mission.pbo) I have added an extra trader in, but tested after that, and was working! I used a model that isn't used anymore (old trader one), tied them into the right tid's etc - all worked fine. Basically the traders DID work - then suddenly stopped, without any changes having been made ot the code! - So I suspect it's an intermittent fault :( Once or twice I had to right-click zoom in on the traders to make them work, but not that has no effect. RPT message I suspect may be related: 9:13:33 "TRADE: Trade Request by ClientID: 5 Character: [Name Redacted] REMOTE TraderID: 5390 BuyOrSell: 0" Similar threads with no answer to speak of: http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/269-arma2oaserverrpt-messages/ From June http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1447-error-in-expression-with-trade-request/ From this month Any help would be great :) Anyone have ideas? EDIT: Oddily though... when I try to trade, and check the RPT file, I don't get that error... Could it be that someone did manage to trade, and that message I quoted above is normal? As when I try to trade (get no scroll option) , I don't get the rpt comment :S EDIT 2: Okay - so I delete my characters data from character_data and also player_data - Went to re-test, and once I zoom in on a trader, it works! Odd... I don't think this is a 'solution'; as such, but maybe it helps to bugfix? Seems like my guy wasn't synced properly or something? He also couldn't scoll wheel on vehicles that are locked - Sounds odd I know, bu tdynamic spawned vehicles = fine, locked ones - NO scroll option other than geart! - I mean, no locked message etc... After deleting all his character and player data & respawning, all was fine! Anyone have ideas?
  2. After several days running I'd like to compile a few bugs together in one place. I did a straight DayZ.st install. Compiled my addon mods into it (there aren't that many) and we were pretty much off and running within an hour. Inventory Wipes: Began to get reports of random inventory wipes after the first restart, I do have DZE_BackpackGuard = false set in my init.sqf (I just didn't want to deal with the bitching). Regardless they were random and not always from the same players. Sometimes backpack contents were wiped, sometimes main magazine or secondary slots were wiped but never all at the same time. About a day later I logged out and after logging back in my entire main magazine was missing, though my primary weapon, secondary slot items and backpack were unaffected. Potential causative issues are being identified as potentially logging out anywhere near a storage object, safes, tents and sheds have all been within 5m of players reporting this bug since it started happening. Trader Bugs: First "bug" is that you can't initiate the trader menu without first iron sighting over the trader to get the context option. Once its actually gotten on that trader you don't have to iron sight again until next restart. Stary Traders have 3 traders that are set to Friendly trading only, and a few that are neutral. This is confusing players. Aircraft dealer at NWAF is supposed to be neutral but he will not trade with neg humanity players at all.
  3. The traders wont work when I scroll wheel over them. I did just install Krixes self-Bloodbag, does that have anything to do with it?
  4. Hey all. I'm running at the moment, and trying to solve an issue. A couple of my traders are not working (no option on scroll wheel for them). It's odd - all are working apart from 2 (they are at different trader cities to each other). I'm happy to try to fix it, but just wondered if anyone knew where abouts in the files the traders were placed - Are the trader characters, and their triggers, placed via sqf files, or are they in the database? Thanks guys
  5. Hey All Me and my friend are having a private server, and we just got the new patch (v. and the trader menu doesn't show up, and we can't trade with them at all. Is it just us that are having that problem or ?. - Hope somebody can help us. Map: Chernarus Version: Privat server - With custom scripts on
  6. Hello guys! :) Here you go! Working traders for IslaDuala on Epoch 1.0.2 (Still working on zombie spawn removal!) Files affected: - mission.sqf - traders and trader map objects - mission.sqm - sensors and map markers - server_traders.sqf - db trader options The release package is designed to and should be working on most epoch isla duala servers! ROLLING CHANGELOG: - Epoch 1.0.2 - Isla Duala Traders 1.0 - 95% Complete // Added: * 3 trader cities (Nubak, Pinley and Camara) * map markers (shows trader locations in map) * bandit dealer (Kirabo) * hero dealer (Kingala) * black market dealer (Aeroporto Tasmera) * airplane dealer (Aeroporto Molatia Inl.) * 2 boat dealers (Swonto and Canto) * 2 wholesalers (Kingala and Kirabo) * killboards (killboards by every trader area) * ambient background music (plays ambient music when you are entering a trader city) * added working lights and natural looking market objects to every trader area * added campfire to trader areas * trader city welcome sensors (shows when you are entering a trader city) // Still work in progress: * zombie safesone (remove zombies from trader areas) Download the server files here: http://www.dayzgo.com/wp-content/uploads/files/IslaDualaTraders10.rar (Will continue to develope the Trader Cities and Trader files!) Also check out our custom version of Epoch Isla Duala: Epoch Isla Duala - DayZGO Edition v1.2.1 http://www.dayzgo.com
  7. Hello, I have been working on importing the traders from Chernarus into Duala, so far it's complete and fully functional. The only issue I'm having is the map markers for the traders not working with all players. So far it works perfectly for me and some players but others cant see them, my assumption is that this is caused by a client side issue what do you guys think? Attached are my traders and mission SQF formatted for Duala. Keep in mind these are very basic trading post since my focus was getting the traders added. Traders Duala.zip
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