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Found 107 results

  1. Hi All, I have recently started up an Epoch Server Panthera with a couple of mates. It is running quite smoothly, but we are having a bit of trouble customizing it with Scripts. We will be happy to pay someone install these scripts for us and possibly explain the process as well. We are using Vilayer. We are looking to have added: - Debug Monitor (standard) - Auto refuel at any fuel tanks -Admin tools (admin abilities: Teleport, God mode, invisible skin, zombie shield, Spawning items/Vehichles, killing payers, Spectating Tool) -Deleting garbage/barricades from the roads (clear roads) -Self bloodbag -Epoch heli crashes -Animated helicrash -Heli lift -Vehicle tow -Vehicle flip -Custom loadout -Dayz Dual admin debug monitor -AI missions -Take Cloths - Custom Day/Night cycle Im not sure if all of these are compatable with our Mod. Please PM me if you are able to help and i will forward our TS channel. Thanks, -maxichunder
  2. hi. if someone can help me with some scripts for taviana i really need your help:))
  3. Could someone help me make have these scripts on my server Cherno? AI missions and supply drops Self Blood Tow/heli lift Indestructible bases Auto refuel So far in these files is AntiTheft and Godmode in traders. Please note the mission.pbo is the Cherno file as my hosting company keeps it like that instead of PBO but server PBO is as normal. My Files are here https://www.dropbox.com/s/243nmw6xcaaew3o/My%20Server%20Files.zip Please and Thankyou My Email is [email protected] or skype me at calvin-dunbar (THEGeek)
  4. i am not good with heli lift/towing. i need help adding to my server please someone help!
  5. Hiya! Made some changes to my server, added the following scripts; BTC fast roping R3F towing & lift Self bloodbag Custom debug Dynamic weather Refueling Antihack All of the above work just fine. But im guessing i did something to mess up the base building. I tried adding the indestructible base building fix, thought this was the cause and reverted the dayz_server.pbo and fn_selfactions back to original files. Did not help tho. http://pastebin.com/6js355M2 Hopefully someone can take a look at the rpt log from a recent bootup. I see that there are some errors in there, unsure of what they are tho. Have gotten some reports of people loggin back in and loosing their gear, any help to all the errors would be greatly appreciated. (mostly the basebuilding that needs fixin.)
  6. Hello everyone! I'm kinda stupid and can't figure out how to add addons to my server. I got Xampp and Navicat all set up, but I'm just wondering where I put them. I'm kinda lazy so I'll just C&P what I wrote on the DayZ subreddit (nohelpatallthere), "Hey-oooo. I've recently been wanting to make my own Epoch server, and I have. Its fine and all, but I want to add stuff to it. Stuff like this, this, and this (I know that the civi pack already has SOME vehicles in it, as I wish to add all vehicles from the pack.) Thing is.... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. If anyone could type out or point me to a step by step guide, I would love you forever(fullhomo). I would also wish to add firestations and barracks n such, which I am assuming I need a World editor like the MAP editorupgrade, which I yet again have no idea to use." I'm kinda hopeless and I apologize for that. If someone could just tell me the basics of adding stuff and editing the map, "I would love you forever(fullhomo)".
  7. I can help you for free, donations would be nice. :) I can almost script anything from self blood to base building. Just add me or Email me. Email [email protected] Skype kylekoenig2016 Website http://dayzfallendead.cu.cc/ Youtube :D www.youtube.com/biablo60
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