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Found 116 results

  1. juandayz


    hey any knows how to call fn_unconsius.sqf with other script? i making a script and a i need generate on the other player a fainthing. something like knockout. guess i need to call a new custom fn_unconsius.. with compiles.sqf too i have it my question is if is possible call the unconsius trough the script
  2. juandayz


    Im working in a new script and need to know if anyone knows how is the code to add/remove humanity if player do some action. heres the script.. in blue whers players must be gain humanity
  3. WHAT THIS DOES This script adds a scroll wheel option for a crafting menu. It allows you to use items to craft other items. If you have the right items and or tools in your inventory it will then start an animation and take the items out of your inventory and delete them, then spawn a crate next to you with the item you selected to craft in it. If you dont have the right items it will give you message saying what you need to craft it. I got the idea from Crafting Script) and thought I could change this up and craft all kinds of useful items. Right now you can craft a Ghillie suit, Lockbox, Bipod and range finders. Feel free to add or change any of the items. One example of a crafting recipe is the ghillie suit. You need to have a pelt,(for the Suit) a green paint can and a brown paint can,(for the camo colors) and need a Hatchet(for tool to cut up pelt for suit). It will then remove all items except the Hatchet and bam, you got a ghillie. If you guys have any ideas on what else to add in to menu and/or recipes for items, please share and I can do my best to add them in. Any help or ideas will be much appreciated and am always looking for suggestions on how to write my scripts better. DOWNLOAD HERE: https://github.com/drsubo/Crafting_Menu/tree/master There is a readme.txt included that explains how to install. If need any further help, feel free to ask.
  4. I was looking at the post on cleaning up traders using redis-cli and wondered if one can change the number of items, such as for the case where the trader inventory reaches 100. Can it be set to 10 where it is greater than 50 as an aexample? Here is the original post:
  5. I have finally got my ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch Cherno server open to the public with over 31+ modifications and working scripts! I have a proper Tow & Lift script. And we are a Advanced Trader & Coin System server now as well. I will be adding custom AI missions and Loot zones very soon. Come and check my server out. We are the former owners of DayZ Rapture & Gamers World! Server IP= If you would like to see a list of scripts we have added to my server come check my official server website out! Hope to see you there! Server Website: http://strangeabyss.com/
  6. juandayz

    Server side Msgs

    Hello. I solved it. use if u want to call msgs from server side. calling it from init.sqf in "If isServer" section: heres the code.
  7. juandayz

    Heal Script

    HI, i want make a lil church whit a AI trader priest who heal players by some coins. I know how to set up the priest and churh, but.. if posible make a script to heal ?
  8. juandayz

    Restricted Zones

    Hi, i using this in a restricted zone for banditis. and need to know if is possible restore weapons if player bandit leave the zone after the 30 seconds warning heres the code:
  9. Welcome to the server GET REKT! EPOCH Server NAME: [ENG/GER] GET REKT! EPOCH 0.3.7 [PvP|HIGH FPS/LOOT|AI MISSIONS|JSRS3] SERVER IP: You can use the JSRS3 Dragonfyre 2.5 Sound MOD Scripts that we are using: -igload -andre convoy -vemf missions -nofatig - Cargo containers and more... !ADMIS ARE ALLWAYS ACTIVE! OUR MAIN GOAL IS SERVER PERFORMANCE THAT YOU CAN ENJOY THE BEST EPOCH EXPIRIENCE POSSIBLE! !FEEL FREE TO JOIN US!
  10. Guest

    3D Editor Scripts?

    Thank you for checking out my post, A few days ago i posted a thread about roads moving in 3D Editor, Then we came into a discussion about adding scripts to your map, wich place stuff. Now i would like to know, if there are more site's like this: http://killzonekid.com/arma-building-bridges/2/ Only then with more things to add, like citie's or a secret airfield or so.. I hope you guys could help me out. With Kind Regards -EditedSnowHD The Netherlands
  11. Ok so I'm writing my first script to put into my epoch server because no one else seems to have done it (at least how i want to do it). I've written petty much all the way up to where the AI pilot has to target the way point (a map click position). All I want the pilot to do (A10 is the jet btw), is fly towards the location, on approach drop a couple of bombs and then leave! Essentially I just need help figuring how to get the pilot to target the location (there is a red smoke marker made also at the location) and just fire bombs before flying off to a reasonable degree of accuracy. Here is my script: private ["_unit","_cashMoney","_costStrike","_flyHeight","_notEnough","_jetPos","_dir","pPos","_jet","_oid","_jetType","_target","_mark","_group","wp","_x1","_x2","_y1","_y2","_disTarget"]; disableserialization; _unit = _this select 0; _costStrike = 50000; if (unit == player) then { _cashMoney = player getVariable["cashMoney",0]; //Get the amount of money in players wallet if (_cashMoney < _costStrike) then { _notEnough = _costStrike - _cashMoney; //Find how much money short the player is to call the strike [format["<t>You need %1 more coins to call the aistrike!</t>",(_notEnough)],0,0,2,2] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; } else { _cashMoney = _cashMoney - _costStrike; player setVariable["cashMoney", _cashMoney,true]; [format["<t>The airstrike is inbound!</t>"],0,0,2,2] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; //AIRSTRIKE clicked = 0; hint "Click on the map where you require the drop." openmap true; onMapSingleClick { onmapsingelclick{}; _target setPos [_pos select 0,_pos select 1, 0]; clicked = 1; openmap false; }; waitUntil {(clicked == 1)}; _jetType = "A10_US_EP1"; _flyHeight = 1000; //Create the AI Jet on the edge of the map _pPos = getPosASL _target; _jetPos = [(_this select 0)+1000,(_this select 1)+1000,1000]; _oid = str(ceil(random 999999)); _jet = _jetType createVehicleLocal _jetPos; _jet engineOn true; _jet setPosATL _jetPos; _jet setVariable ["ObjectID",_oid,true]; _jet setVariable ["ObjectUID",_oid,true]; _jet setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; _jet flyInHeight _flyHeight; _dir = [_pPos,this] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _jet setDir (90 - _dir); _jet setVelocity [(50*(sin _dir)+100),(50*(cos _dir)+100),0] _group = createGroup west; _unit = _group createAgent ["US_Soldier_Pilot_EP1",_this,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit assignAsDriver _jet; _unit moveInDriver _jet; _unit setRank "COLONEL"; _jet removeWeapon "MaverickLauncher"; _jet removeWeapon "SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"; _jet removeWeapon "FFARLauncher_14"; //Mark the location _mark = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle [(getPos _target select 0),(getPos _target select 1),(getPos _target select 2)+2]; /* Essentially this is what should now happen: + The AI jet has been created. + As the jet approaches the target it will slow down to a reasonable speed to drop + the jet lowers to 70m when it is within 1000m of the target and slows to 150km/hr + 30 seconds after flying away it will be deleted */ _x1 = (getPos _jet) select 0; _y1 = (getPos _jet) select 1; _x2 = (getPos _target) select 0; _y2 = (getPos _target) select 1; _disTarget = (sqrt((_x2-_x1)*(_x2-_x1))+((_y2-_y1)*(_y2-_y1))); if _disTarget > 1000 then { _jet flyInHeight 1000; _jet setVelocity 200; } else { _flyHeight = 70; _jet flyInHeight _flyHeight; _jet setVelocity 150; }; _wp = _group addWaypoint [position _target, 0]; [_group, 1] setWaypointType "SAD"; [_group, 1] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [_group, 1] setWaypointBehaviour "RED"; [_group, 1] setWapointStatements ["true","_jet flyInHeight _flyHeight;"]; //From here the code shall be to drop bombs when in 50m range of the map click location, i just dont know how to do so. }; };
  12. Hi there. I hardly need an explanation how to redirect epoch compiler (all or partial) to use modified scripts. Basicly in A2 we've been pulling whole complies.sqf to MPMission pbo and changing the path of scripts to compile (worked thru variable). Since A3 im totally confused. Simply i need to redirect this: /x/epoch_code/compile/traders/EPOCH_NPCTraderMenuFilter.sqf to /mpmissions/mymission.pbo >> "EPOCH_NPCTraderMenuFilter.sqf" Thanks.
  13. I am having problems getting overpoch weapons to spawn anywhere i am only getting epoch weapons i have tried everything from changing loot chance and even adding more spawns for weapons if anyone could please help that would be great. I am not stengy I want a high loot server
  14. Thug

    server_function broke

    why when i put in a lines like execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\addons\addons_init.sqf";or [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\init\AH.sqf"; in the server_functions.sqf none of them will active. Its like something is blockiing them. the server will run but none of the addons will come in. There are no ERRORs in the RPTs about this and it does not even show that they are trying to load. This is a Napf map. Dont know if anyone has heard of this before.
  15. I keep struggelking with spawn selection and group management , stuck at waiting for host did exactrly what i was told to do but sill no progress
  16. Hey , guys.... Im not very familiar with coding or scripting stuff... Much worse than a noob to those stuff. :S Our server is regularly getting hacked ( Instant Loadout and Mass TPn ) these days and the owner/scripter is offline for couple of weeks due to personal reasons. So i was going through the scripts.log to see if i can find anything. Then i noticed the below mentioned logs for 10 guys only. Only they get this log. Not the others. I havent seen these logs before in this scripts and it started recording only when these players joined the server... I would really appreciate if someone could take a look at these and tell me if these logs indicate anything suspicious or if they are just normal logs. 01 - Are these some kind of suspicious / hack related logs ? 02 - If not , then why only 9 guys are getting the same type of logs. ( None of the other players has these types of log ) 01.10.2015 12:35:37: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "_dummy = [_this,"vote_kick"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 13:12:24: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 ""]; _dummy = [_this,"login"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:18: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "dummy = [_this,"vote_admin"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:40: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "my = [_this,"vote_missions"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:42: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "my = [_this,"vote_reassign"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:14: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 #2 "mmy = [_this,"vote_restart"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"13.10.2015 14:25:33: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 " _dummy = [_this,"shutdown"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:10: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "; _dummy = [_this,"players"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";" Thanx Tart
  17. I have been learning how to create addons in Editor for Arma 3. I just don't know where to add the sqf file and the pointer line that I know you have to add. Any help would be grateful.
  18. NuVga OverPoch Server: SERVER INFORMATION: Map: Napf Mods: Epoch / Overwatch 0.25 = OverPoch Server location: Frankfurt/Main, Germany Number of slots: 42 Admins: Kextu and Viper BUILDING: Snap Build Pro v1.4 & BuildingVectors Plot for life (plot management) Max build limit increased to 2000! Free building box. Tell an Admin and they will come over to give you one! Alchemy Crafting Door Management / Eye Scanner Precise Building AI PATROLS + MISSIONS: WAI DZMS/DZAI Dynamic mission spawn locations Roaming land Jeep patrols Sector A (Custom AI Island with High loot) VEHICLES: Salvage vehicle parts Custom tow and lift scripts Refuel, repair at Gas Stations Deploy Bike & Mozzie (Action menu/Toolbox) Costum Vehicle List Masterkey Vehicle NOS TRADERS & LOOT: Fast trading Advanced trading Singe Coin System Custom Traders Custom Lootsystem Others: ESSV2 Custom Spawn Weapon Mods Custom Building / Map Additions DZGM Groupsystem Adjustable Viewdistance (Binoculars)
  19. Hello, I have started a small, mature community of dayz mod players.We are a close-nit bunch who are mainly in our late 20's/early 30's and enjoy a fun, fair dayz experience. I started our own servers due to rampant admin abuse on other servers- so you can expect fair and honest support from the team across both servers. We have an active teamspeak with private rooms available for all. Teamspeak: HelloDave.teamspeak.net Servers We have 2 servers up with slightly different play styles to cater for all: Dayz Overpoch Cherno- Fast paced, heavily scripted PvP oriented server Dayz Overpoch Taviana- Less scripted, more hardcore survival server Connection Details: Search for "Hello Dave" in commander or launcher or visit our website for connection details. Otherwise, connect directly: Dayz Overpoch Cherno: port:2702 Dayz Overpoch Taviana: port:2302 Server Scripts and Mods: Scripts and mods include the following and more: AI Missions Static AI sites Active fair admins Server events High Loot Spawn Locations (air & ground) Starting loadouts Self BloodBag Snapping with vectors Plot management Group Management Eye Scan Single currency (no banks) Rearm/Refuel Deploy bikes & others +much more Feel free to come and join use or have a chat in teamspeak
  20. Mod Features: This allows user to purchase skins from a menu. You can change skins with a backpack. Humanity is backed up and restored after change. You can make all skins free. Or some/none skins free, set a global price and define up to four additional special pricing for 4 sets of skins. Persistent on logout and login. Removes radio, gps, map, compass and NVG included in some skins but leaves original equipment if equipped before skin purchase (both at purchase and re-log). Supports both Epoch (351 skins) and Overpoch (175 skins) by setting a variable. Known Issues: Even though all skin class names are all unique some of the skins have identical appearances. You have to change back into an epoch skin to use epoch clothes items again (1st one in male and female list - suggest you leave those free) Testing: All skins have been tested to insure that the inventory, weapon, and backpack slots work. Special thanks to my user community for all their hard work in testing, especially iSaeko and Laura. I could not have done this without them! Installation: 1. Download the addon from my github by clicking on this link. (Contains a vanilla epoch chernarus mission.pbo example file). 2. On the lower left corner click on the button "Download Zip" 3 Create a directory called dayz_code and mission_pbo 4. Take your mission.pbo file and extract it into the mission_pbo directory 5. Unzip the zip file you download from my github and move the custom directory into your mission_pbo directory. 6. Copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code.pbo into this new directory (path may vary based on steam installation). 7. Extract the dayz_code.pbo into the dayz_code directory you created. 8. if you do not already have a fixes directory create one. 9. If you do not already have a custom compile then follow these steps otherwise you can skip this step. copy dayz_code/init/compiles.sqf mission_pbo/fixes/compules.sqf 10. Copy dayz_code/compile/player_switchModel.sqf mission_pbo/fixes/player_switchModel.sqf 11. Edit your init.sqf file and make the following modifications: from: //Load in compiled functions call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; //Initilize the Variables (IMPORTANT: Must happen very early) to: //Load in compiled functions call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; //Initilize the Variables (IMPORTANT: Must happen very early) // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon - Skin Changer Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\chameleon\chameleon_init.sqf"; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon - Skin Changer End ------------------------------------------------------------------------from: progressLoadingScreen 0.4; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions to : progressLoadingScreen 0.4; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Skin Changer Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ //call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Skin Changer End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ from: //Lights //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; }; to: ** NOTE - If you are using this entry will already exist with a different comment. //Lights //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------Chameleon Skin Changer Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Activate Player Menu for Tools [] execVM "custom\playertools\activate_player_menu.sqf"; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------Chameleon Skin Changer Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ }; 12. Edit your fixes\compiles.sqf file and make the following modifications: from: player_switchModel = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_switchModel.sqf"; to: // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Skin Changer Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ // player_switchModel = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_switchModel.sqf"; player_switchModel = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\player_switchModel.sqf"; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Skin Changer End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13. Edit your fixes\player_switchModel.sqf file and make the following modifications: from //private ["_weapons","_backpackWpn","_backpackMag","_currentWpn","_backpackWpnTypes","_backpackWpnQtys","_countr","_class","_position","_dir","_currentAnim","_tagSetting","_playerUID","_countMags","_magazines","_primweapon","_secweapon","_newBackpackType","_muzzles","_oldUnit","_group","_newUnit","_playerObjName","_wpnType","_ismelee"]; to: // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Skin Changer Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ //private ["_weapons","_backpackWpn","_backpackMag","_currentWpn","_backpackWpnTypes","_backpackWpnQtys","_countr","_class","_position","_dir","_currentAnim","_tagSetting","_playerUID","_countMags","_magazines","_primweapon","_secweapon","_newBackpackType","_muzzles","_oldUnit","_group","_newUnit","_playerObjName","_wpnType","_ismelee"]; private ["_weapons","_backpackWpn","_backpackMag","_currentWpn","_backpackWpnTypes","_backpackWpnQtys","_countr","_class","_position","_dir","_currentAnim","_tagSetting","_playerUID","_countMags","_magazines","_primweapon","_secweapon","_newBackpackType","_muzzles","_oldUnit","_group","_newUnit","_playerObjName","_wpnType","_ismelee","_hasCompass","_hasRadio","_hasGPS","_hasWatch","_hasMap","_hasNVG"]; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Skin Changer End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ from: //BackUp Player Object _oldUnit = player; to: //BackUp Player Object _oldUnit = player; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Duplicate Item Fix Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ _hasCompass = false; _hasRadio = false; _hasGPS = false; _hasWatch = false; _hasMap = false; _hasNVG = false; if (player hasWeapon "ItemCompass") then {_hasCompass = true;}; if (player hasWeapon "ItemRadio") then {_hasRadio = true;}; if (player hasWeapon "ItemGPS") then {_hasGPS = true;}; if (player hasWeapon "ItemWatch") then {_hasWatch = true;}; if (player hasWeapon "ItemMap") then {_hasMap = true;}; if (player hasWeapon "NVGoggles") then {_hasNVG = true;}; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Duplicate Item Fix End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ from: if (_ismelee == "true") then { call dayz_meleeMagazineCheck; }; to: if (_ismelee == "true") then { call dayz_meleeMagazineCheck; }; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Duplicate Item Fix Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------ if (!_hasCompass) then {_newUnit removeWeapon "ItemCompass";}; if (!_hasRadio) then {_newUnit removeWeapon "ItemRadio";}; if (!_hasGPS) then {_newUnit removeWeapon "ItemGPS";}; if (!_hasWatch) then {_newUnit removeWeapon "ItemWatch";}; if (!_hasMap) then {_newUnit removeWeapon "ItemMap";}; if (!_hasNVG) then {_newUnit removeWeapon "NVGoggles";}; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon Duplicate Item Fix End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14. Edit description.ext add the following lines to the end of the file. //------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon - Skin Changer Start ---------------------------------------------------------------- #include "custom\chameleon\dialog\common.hpp" #include "custom\chameleon\dialog\SkinGui.hpp" //------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chameleon - Skin Changer End------------------------------------------------------------------- **NOTE if you already have installed you only need one common.hpp , comment out the second one by placing a // in front of it. Optional Additional Configuration: ** Enable Overpoch 1. Edit custom/chameleon/ chameleon_init.sqf and change the following: ** NOTE: This variable can be placed in the init.sqf or variables.sqf if you prefer. from: // ************************************************************************************************************************* // Uncomment the line below to activate Overpoch Skins or add this variable to your init.sqf file. Above your chameleon_init.sql call. // CSC_WORLD = "overpoch"; // ************************************************************************************************************************* to: // ************************************************************************************************************************* // Uncomment the line below to activate Overpoch Skins or add this variable to your init.sqf file. Above your chameleon_init.sql call. CSC_WORLD = "overpoch"; // ************************************************************************************************************************* ** Change Pricing 1. Edit custom/chameleon/ chameleon_init.sqf and change the following: //CSCFreeSkins = true; CSCFreeSkins = false; CSCFreePrice = ["ItemGoldBar",0]; // Regular Skin Price CSCGlobalPrice = ["ItemGoldBar",4]; // Do not set to 0 unless you have CSCFreeSkins = true; //CSCGlobalPrice = ["ItemGoldBar10oz",2]; // Do not set to 0 unless you have CSCFreeSkins = true; //CSCGlobalPrice = ["ItemBriefcase100oz",2]; // Do not set to 0 unless you have CSCFreeSkins = true; // Special Skin Prices CSCSpecialPrice1 = ["ItemGoldBar",2]; // Do not set to 0 CSCSpecialPrice2 = ["ItemGoldBar10oz",1]; // Do not set to 0 CSCSpecialPrice3 = ["ItemGoldBar",6]; // Do not set to 0 CSCSpecialPrice4 = ["ItemGoldBar",7]; // Do not set to 0 Change the CSCFreeSkins to true to make all skins free or adjust individual variables for the prices you want and then add or remove skins from the list array to match. ** DZE Banking System If you are using and have replaced custom/playertools/player_tools_main.sqf you will need to uncomment the following lines. from: playermenustart = [ ["",true], ["Chameleon Male Skins Menu",[],"", -5,[["expression",format[_EXECscript1,_pathtochameleon + "male_dialog.sqf"]]],"1","1"], ["Chameleon Female Skins Menu",[],"", -5,[["expression",format[_EXECscript1,_pathtochameleon + "female_dialog.sqf"]]],"1","1"], // ["DZE Piggd Banking System >>", [], "#USER:bankmenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"], // ["Weather/Time Menu (Local Only) >>", [], "#USER:WTMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"], ["", [], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "0"], ["Main Menu", [20], "#USER:playermenustart", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"] ]; to: playermenustart = [ ["",true], ["Chameleon Male Skins Menu",[],"", -5,[["expression",format[_EXECscript1,_pathtochameleon + "male_dialog.sqf"]]],"1","1"], ["Chameleon Female Skins Menu",[],"", -5,[["expression",format[_EXECscript1,_pathtochameleon + "female_dialog.sqf"]]],"1","1"], ["DZE Piggd Banking System >>", [], "#USER:bankmenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"], // ["Weather/Time Menu (Local Only) >>", [], "#USER:WTMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"], ["", [], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "0"], ["Main Menu", [20], "#USER:playermenustart", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"] ]; 15. Repack your mission pbo and upload to your sever. Original Framework and Dialog based on from Email: [email protected] Website: Piggd Dayz Gaming Donate to piggd
  21. SFT Overpoch server can be found on arma server list or on dayzlauncher by simply searching for SFT. We have active admins with many scripts to improve our server. All new players will recieve a vehicle, but will be for a limited time. Bring a friend you will receive a briefcase of gold between you. Bring 3 friends you will receive a base building pack. Current scripts on our server: -Vector/Snap Building -Coins -Advanced Trading -Group Management -Lottery (unfinished) -ATM's around map -Select Spawn/Class Hope to see you on the server. If you have any questions about the server reply to this post or join our teamspeak server:
  22. I require someone who can install several scripts on my server relatively quickly. <Removed by Richie> if you can help me!
  23. Welcome to DayZ Overpoch ChernarusRP ! Version: DayZ Overwatch 0.25; Epoch; [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch; -- INFO -- This is a public RP(roleplay) server. There are many modified locations on Chernarus, a lot of custom scripted content, AI, and non-abusive admins. Our focus is to make DayZ public and be played the inwhich it was supposed to be played. The scripts we have are Self Bloodbag, Auto refuel, Mission Systems, Roaming and Dynamic AI, Custom Traders, Snap Building, Custom bases/base building scripts, a few more vehicles, Tow And Heli Lift, Tamable Dogs, character selection, service station, modified and more locations, custom loadout system, anti backpack theft, Safezone Trader, Custom Zombies, Car Radio/Radio/Music Player and a lot of secret stuff I am not going to tell you because I want you to have fun. -- Rules -- 1) No Cheating with scripts or mods 2) No KoS (kill on sight), you may only kill once you made contact and know who the victim. You may not kill the victim of a robbery IF they are complying 100%. 3) New Life Rule(NLR). Once you die, you may not remember anything from your previous life and you may not return to the location in which you were killed (and who your killer was). 4) Roleplay and Be Realistic! Do not change your backstory after you have met someone, always stay in character. 5) Do not combat log or ghost. ! Have Fun ! ! We hope to see you on !
  24. hi im wondering if there is anyway to possibly get a script to access other skins such as CTRG and nato fatigues? many thanks Robbo
  25. Ok so I have an idea that I just thought of but I dont have the experience or know-how to even begin thinking how it would work. The idea is implementing a soundscape mod like JSRS or L_ES into a server, but without the need of players to download it. I feel as if Arma 3 is seriously lacking depth of detail in the sounds. An epoch server with something like this on it would be amazing, whether you needed this or not prior to joining the server.
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