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Found 102 results

  1. Hi everyone, my names Gavin and i just recently got back into epoch/overpoch and decided to get a server through gtx gaming. i'm not experienced in adding scripts. yes the directions are usually good by i just cant follow along. i'm open and ready to learn. it'd be great if someone could help me along installing some common scripts so i can learn and get the hang of adding scripts myself. Thank you!
  2. juandayz

    Fluctuating prices

    hey.. i was thinking start to work in a fluctuating prices for trades cities. Have think to ways. 1- using sql 2-using sqfs. I cannot write anything in sql cuz i dont know nothing about it... so i decided the second way. At first.. i need remove all content on mission.sqf (dayz_server.pbo/missions/instance/). Second make a unique market..and put the AI traders again. 1 group of marchants for a standar prices and a Second Group for Fluctuating prices. 3- i will need rebuild the server_traders_cherno_11.sqf (coins system) with the new Ai traders and add new items/categories/prices to the .hpp files into Config/Category/ To call the Ai traders i can use the init.sqf into : then into fluctuatingprices.sqf: So my question is: to get all working i need delete all the original traders spawned with this line in init.sqf (_nil = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\mission.sqf";) and respawn again once server delete the AI spawned with the function fn_spawntraders. This is possible? (despawn and respawn the original traders). or maybe just make the buildings for trades cities into this line: _nil = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\mission.sqf"; and into fluctuatingprices.sqf... make 2 functions.. one for Ai traders with lowers prices and other with AI traders with normal prices.. something like this:
  3. i want to share it... make it sometime ago.. but never was tested (so really dont know if works or not)....(VERY SORY FOR POST SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT TESTED-but i dont want loose it :) ) its about a trader who offer the cure to the Z virus.... you can get sick and suffer an epilepsy attack,lose blood,lost humanity..get sick and get in pain or get a reward,and humanity if works. The install process its the same as "alchemy lab". INSTALL: virus.sqf ( put into MPMISSIONS/YOURINSTANCE/CUSTOM/ ). 2-Now open your server_traders_cherno_11.sqf ( for coins users ) or server_traders.sqf ( for goldbars users) and choose one of the traders IDs. The trader you pick will have the option to execute the alchemy lab in this example i will choose RU_Functionary1 3-In your CUSTOM fn_selfactions.sqf: find: if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (_cursorTarget isKindOf "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { above paste: if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (_cursorTarget isKindOf "RU_Functionary1")) then { if (s_player_virus < 0) then { s_player_virus = player addAction ["<t color='#ff5200'>Try Virus Cure</t>", "custom\virus.sqf", [], 5, false]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_virus; s_player_virus = -1; }; 4-Near of the end of fn_selfactions: Find lines in grey and add only lines in blue.
  4. ***ALLOW PLAYERS TO TRY TO CRAFT EMERALDS USING AN ALCHEMY LAB WITH A SPECIFIC TRADER*** ...Players will need have a ItemSledge && Goldbar && SilverBar in inventory... 1-Create this sqf: alchemylab.sqf ( put into MPMISSIONS/YOURINSTANCE/CUSTOM/ ). NOTE: if u wanna change the items to allow the script (change _hasitem and _remove variables and in if (_rand <= 200 && _rand > 121) then { you also will need change the two player addMagazine ) Also you will need a sledge but you can change it by another tool in _hasSledge variable. 2-Now open your server_traders_cherno_11.sqf ( for coins users ) or server_traders.sqf ( for goldbars users) and choose one of the traders IDs. The trader you pick will have the option to execute the alchemy lab in this example i will choose RU_Functionary1 3-In your CUSTOM fn_selfactions.sqf: find: if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (_cursorTarget isKindOf "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { above paste: if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (_cursorTarget isKindOf "RU_Functionary1")) then { if (s_player_alchemylab < 0) then { s_player_alchemylab = player addAction ["<t color='#ff5200'>AlchemyLab</t>", "custom\alchemylab.sqf", [], 5, false]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_alchemylab; s_player_alchemylab = -1; }; 4-Near of the end of fn_selfactions: Find lines in grey and add only lines in blue.
  5. This is a small script to make home made bombs. Thers a Time Delay to select, a countdown and "Bip,Bip" sound :D VIDEO: 1-Path to every bombs sqfs: custom\bomb\ 2-Create: bombtimer.sqf: (used for all bombs). 3-in descriptions.ext (into class sounds). (ONLY PASTE LINES IN BLUE! THE OTHERS LINES ARE FOR REFERENCE) 4-DOWNLOAD BOMB SOUND : http://www.mediafire.com/download/7yjzis8htqfb952/bomb.ogg ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *THERS 4 KIND OF BOMBS (Choose one , two or all of them... works togheter.) : SIMPLE BOMB// SIMPLE STICKY BOMB// STICKY BOMB WITH DEFUSE OPTION// VEHICLE BOMB ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SIMPLE BOMB: (WITHOUT STICKY-WITHOUT DEFUSE). Dedicated to @chi who put "like" in all my post. TNKS chi! SIMPLE STICKY BOMB: (WITH OUT DEFUSE OPTION). Dedicated to @theduke he wanna broke some tanks :D VID: STICKYBOMB WITH DEFUSE Dedicated to @Cherdenko VEHICLE BOMB INFISTAR USERS: TNKS TO @theduke for it
  6. I made an DayZ Epoch Chernarus server for friends with some scripts. Does anyone know other cool, useful scripts we could use? When I finished this 'project' I will give it to some newbies, who has problems with setting up a server. The current scripts are: - Walking Zed - DZAI - WAI - DZMS - Snap Building Pro - Take Clothes - JAEM Evac Chopper + modified call by Radio - Service Point - Ai Recruitment - Salvage all vehicle parts - Animated Helicrashes - Self BB (Epoch) - custom Trader - custom map Content (Kamenka Ore Mine, Big Hemp Plantation, Weedfarms) - custom Startgear - Nox's Admintool + SafeZones + Custom Debugscreen - Combo-Key-Changer - Vehicle Key Changer - Plot Management - Harvest + Smoke Weed - R3F Lift and Tow - DayZ Group Management - Spawn Selection - Right Click System Bug fixes and others: - Waterbottle(1-9oz) can now be filled, too - Smelting fixed - Waterbottle can be filled on Outhouse
  7. hey i was working on anti camper script but i lost my server so cant test , and cant keep working on it if anyone want to test or keep this work i give the codes where i left. first create this path: mpmissions\instance 11...\nokill\ nokillarea.sqf punish.sqf *Now in mission.sqm needs create a new class sensor this is only for test 600mts around Stary
  8. Hello i was trying to help @lonewolfgaming with rubble town event..he wanna delete crates and markers once player loot the crate and not wait for the sleep _wait_time variable (900ssecnds) I think put a check if nearest players and once player get the loot put a waituntil player distance from crate > 50 mts. to delete the crate and markers... else wait the sleep _wait_time variable and delete all. heres is the code for it: rubbletown.sqf this not work.. maybe thers an error in syntax or something?
  9. Hey guys setting up our own server and a bit confused on some installations of mods is anyone out there who can help would be grateful thanks!!!!
  10. The following topic contains addons or rewritten scripts for single currency. Core Scripts Single Currency 3.0 Storage - Zupa New independet release, RECOMMENDED Single Currency 1.1 - Zupa The Scripts that makes this all happen. Currently always start installing the currency with this topic. It will set up your first version for you to choose to update to souls 2.0 updates (recommendend.) In the close future i will make an officia SC 2.0 release. Single Currency 2.0 ( Extension) - Soul The soon to be official release but currently only an update to 1.1. Install 1.1 and update to this version to enjoy the best performace and support on your server. Single Currency Development functions - Zupa These functions provide easy implementation of adding and removing money in your script to support single currency. They should be in the 1.1 and 2.0 release but better check to be sure. Single Currency Traders - Zupa This folder contains compatible traders with the cfgtraders provided. I'll try to extend it as soon as possible, if someone has working traders and is willing to share them to the list, please do contact me. SC Traders Script Extensions Maintain Single Currency (2.0 only) - Mcgough This script allows you maintain at a plotpole with cash. Smelting Items-Coins - Storm This script allows you to smelt your coins into bars and the otherway arround next to a burning object. Admins Tools & Infistar AH Single Currency actions on players - Rocu, Chunk This script allows an admin to remove/give coins from a player. Infistar AH Spectate players bank and cash - PeterBeer This script allows an admin to see cash and bank while spectating a person. Transfer Money from ATM - Rocu Allows you to transfer money form one account to antother one. Scripts made compatible with SC JAEM Chopper Evac SC - Zupa Changes to the original script to work with single currency. Axe Cop Service Points SC - Zupa Changes to the original script to work with single currency. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15464-release-single-currency-axe-cop-service-points-for-sc/ Advanced Alchemical Crafting SC - Zupa Changes to the original script to work with single currency. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16203-advanced-alchemical-crafting-v33/?p=126080 Axe Cop Multy Character Select SC - Soul Changes to the original script to work with single currency. Map Addons/Changes Central Chernarus Bank - Chunk, No Captain Chunk A big bank in stary http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16004-addon-central-chernarus-bank/ Napf Banks - Pwn3dNexus Banks for Napf Napf Banks Banker NPC's - MGM NPC's as bankers http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16597-release-banker-npcs-to-replace-atm-objects/ Sahrani Banks & Changes - KingRaymond795 Banks for Sahrani http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28432-sahrani-map-addons/ Usefull Guides Money on AI - Zupa Allows you to put money on AI. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15737-put-coins-on-ai/?p=117979 Freeze Objects & Banks into place - Soul, Storm Allows you to make an item static, so it will never move. This stops players from knocking over banks. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15485-how-to-stop-users-from-knocking-down-the-atm/?p=121203 Custom Debug Monitor - PeterBeer Guide + files for a more detailed debug monitor. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15437-tutorial-custom-debug-stats/ Custom Default Ammount in Fields - Zupa Allows you to change the default 1 in your bank and give player dialogs. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16591-resolved-in-banking-menu-default-amount-is-prepopulated-with-1/ Remove trade animations - Peterbeer, Zupa Allows you remove the trading animation http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15911-tutorial-remove-animation-for-trading/ Add Traders and TradersItems with Single Currency - Chunk Guide how to make new traders and add items to traders. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16386-tutorial-adding-custom-traders-with-single-currency-extras/ Common Issues -> Fixed Bank Not Saving - Rocu, Soul, Zupa Common Solution to fix bank value not saving to DB. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15924-issue-banking-data-not-saving-for-new-players-fixed/ Fix Money And Bank after skin change - Soul Fixes the reset of money and bank when you change clothes http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15449-fix-cashmoney-bankmoney-loss-after-skinchangehumanity-morph/ Fix - Better trade files - Rocu Fixes the issue of the rpt logs when trading. Does bettter logging of trade activties http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16750-fix-better-trade-files-proper-logging-etc/ More added later Do you think your scripts/addon/guide should get added? Give me a message and i will evaluate the possibility.
  11. juandayz


    hey, i need use waituntil and display a scroll menu option in server side using random cases. i had to wait if thers almost 1 player near of my custom crate to execute the random scroll menu option. this works by client side.. but not in server side: *I was trying to replace by it to make its work by server side.. the First waitUntil now works... but no the scroll menu option. any idea?
  12. ALLOW PLAYERS TO SHOWER IN RIVER. When players are near of Lakes they can use Scroll Menu to "Take a Shower in Rivers" *Add Humanity+450/infection chance/time restriction. ***you will need a custom fn_selfActions.sqf*** 1-Create a sqf called showerON.sqf and put it into MPMISSIONS\YOURINSTANCE\fixes\ paste: 2-Now got at bottom of your fn_selfAction.sqf and paste 3- in fn_selfactions.sqf : find: player removeAction s_player_studybody; s_player_studybody = -1; add bellow: player removeAction s_player_shower; s_player_shower = -1;
  13. This is a small addon to get some info about server or something to your player by a scroll menu option. not credits for me, its just a mixture of varius scripts. INSTALL: at bottom of your init.sqf *create this path MPmissions\instance you use \custom\info\ *Paste all this sqf´s into the info folder *create a sqf called : info_activate.sqf info_execute.sqf info_main.sqf (blue lines for text you want) (red lines for name of scripts) 1.sqf (this is only one example, you will need create 8 sqf. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8.sqf) paste into "info" folder *Also if u want, you can execute scripts.. for example if u wanna give players ability of count survived days... then create 2.sqf
  14. juandayz

    electrify fence

    well after 3 days i decided ask for help :) working on electrify fances.. i have it working... my unique issue is i need only electrify the fence around a plot area. but with my way i was electrify all fences in the map... its cuz im. using the objet name to recognize the fence.. but i dont know another way... if anyone can helpme .. heres the script. i execute it trouht a hpp button. init_electrify.sqf electrify.sqf
  15. is there any way to execute the player_built actions rotate, down and rise objets on a script executed out of right click actions? for example... i deploy this objetc using the scroll menu: (works fine, its writed on db and keep his position... but not have "ghost" preview and cannot choice where put it.) try it... objet attach to player...can rotate up, down... but when press "space bar" dsnt appear into the world
  16. I set this, AI spawns but not attack the player. IF i change hatched by any other weapon for example makarov,, then AI attack as well. maybe needs setup ammo in hatched? but sintax dosnt work with setAmmo. its there any other way to call setAmmo? removeAllWeapons _crazy; _crazy addWeapon " MeleeHatchet_DZE "; _crazy setAmmo [primaryWeapon _crazy, 1000000];
  17. Hi everyone, First of all, I would like to thank all for your time and hope to create new gaming relationships with you all. My Friend and I are owners of a gaming community called Half Gamerz, we currently own other game servers, and would really want to host an Arma3 epoch server. However, the problem we are facing is that neither one of us know how to build and manage a server like this. We currently own a Windows 2008 private dedicated server box with over 32 GB memory, we would like to know if there is a community who would like to co-own this server and manage the entire server for us. If your interested please let us know... Also to forum moderators I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, I am new here; feel free to move this to the correct place if needed. All we ask is that, there is a way to be able to community with you and your community either by Teamspeak3 or Discord. Thank you, StarLord
  18. juandayz


    hey any knows how to call fn_unconsius.sqf with other script? i making a script and a i need generate on the other player a fainthing. something like knockout. guess i need to call a new custom fn_unconsius.. with compiles.sqf too i have it my question is if is possible call the unconsius trough the script
  19. juandayz


    Im working in a new script and need to know if anyone knows how is the code to add/remove humanity if player do some action. heres the script.. in blue whers players must be gain humanity
  20. WHAT THIS DOES This script adds a scroll wheel option for a crafting menu. It allows you to use items to craft other items. If you have the right items and or tools in your inventory it will then start an animation and take the items out of your inventory and delete them, then spawn a crate next to you with the item you selected to craft in it. If you dont have the right items it will give you message saying what you need to craft it. I got the idea from Crafting Script) and thought I could change this up and craft all kinds of useful items. Right now you can craft a Ghillie suit, Lockbox, Bipod and range finders. Feel free to add or change any of the items. One example of a crafting recipe is the ghillie suit. You need to have a pelt,(for the Suit) a green paint can and a brown paint can,(for the camo colors) and need a Hatchet(for tool to cut up pelt for suit). It will then remove all items except the Hatchet and bam, you got a ghillie. If you guys have any ideas on what else to add in to menu and/or recipes for items, please share and I can do my best to add them in. Any help or ideas will be much appreciated and am always looking for suggestions on how to write my scripts better. DOWNLOAD HERE: https://github.com/drsubo/Crafting_Menu/tree/master There is a readme.txt included that explains how to install. If need any further help, feel free to ask.
  21. I was looking at the post on cleaning up traders using redis-cli and wondered if one can change the number of items, such as for the case where the trader inventory reaches 100. Can it be set to 10 where it is greater than 50 as an aexample? Here is the original post:
  22. juandayz

    Server side Msgs

    Hello. I solved it. use if u want to call msgs from server side. calling it from init.sqf in "If isServer" section: heres the code.
  23. juandayz

    Heal Script

    HI, i want make a lil church whit a AI trader priest who heal players by some coins. I know how to set up the priest and churh, but.. if posible make a script to heal ?
  24. juandayz

    Restricted Zones

    Hi, i using this in a restricted zone for banditis. and need to know if is possible restore weapons if player bandit leave the zone after the 30 seconds warning heres the code:
  25. Welcome to the server GET REKT! EPOCH Server NAME: [ENG/GER] GET REKT! EPOCH 0.3.7 [PvP|HIGH FPS/LOOT|AI MISSIONS|JSRS3] SERVER IP: You can use the JSRS3 Dragonfyre 2.5 Sound MOD Scripts that we are using: -igload -andre convoy -vemf missions -nofatig - Cargo containers and more... !ADMIS ARE ALLWAYS ACTIVE! OUR MAIN GOAL IS SERVER PERFORMANCE THAT YOU CAN ENJOY THE BEST EPOCH EXPIRIENCE POSSIBLE! !FEEL FREE TO JOIN US!
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