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Found 107 results

  1. Hey I just need some files for this server, any and all you guys can come up with and think it deserve post that shit in chat rn. I want to see some crazy ideas and additions if you got em :) Lets see what you guys can come up with
  2. I wrote a quick script to add autorun to Epoch. Dowload from the link below and read the install instructions in the download. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/Epoch.Altis-Autorun/blob/master/Epoch.Altis/addons/DBD/canRun.sqf
  3. Small script for damage default cities. Do not use largest values on ratio... may causes lows fps. damage_cities.sqf and at bottom of init add: execVM "scripts\damage_cities.sqf"; Done! You also can add other things to damage.. for example _target = [4185.0303,4157.5503,0]; _damage_ratio=150; _server_x= _target nearObjects [["vehicles","Man"], _damage_ratio]; {_x setdammage 1} forEach _server_x; i dont know was usefull for me to simulate a nuclear dessease
  4. Is there any way to keep the values of this variables humanKills //zombieKills// banditKills . after player die? I mean you kill 10 zeds 10 bandits and 10 survivors/heros .. then you die and respawn with the sames values. like humanity variable (persistent). cannot found where is reseted to 0.
  5. anyone know how to remove this from rpt 0:53:48 ["z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_safetyVehicle.sqf","KILLING A HACKER","Haikal Saikal"," IN ","Su25_Ins"] The sqf who spawn it: (located in mpmissions\ and called manually by scroll menu) variables.sqf ( DZE_safeVehicle = ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC","Su25_INS"]; ) i also try comment the line in sched_veh as you know.. the AI is not killed by the comment line.. but i leave the diag_log to see if still rpt spawns.. and it does. and also add the "su25_INS" in dynamic_vehicle.sqf Ohh also i have the "TK_Commander_EP1" in Allplayers = [];
  6. This script creates a caravan of traders who travel around the map - open a small market somewhere for a while, and they leave away to next city. (it's like "Traders In Move" in Install: 1. in your dayz_server.pbo, add a sqf file named "TraderConvoy.sqf" contains below: 2. in the bottom of dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf , add a line to spawn TraderConvoy.sqf that you added like this: this file must be run by "execVM," not "call compile bra-bra-brah" --- Nown Issue: The traders get deleted in safezones by AI remover of SafeZone script.
  7. A while ago there was a wonderful tutorial on how one can use lua scripts to 'restock' or completely remove the invetory for traders which I have been using for some time. Included in that was a script to replace vehicles with vehicle repair kits or other goodies. I wondered if anyone who is more adept at these things would be willing to share an lua script that deletes vehicles altogether. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  8. juandayz

    Player variable

    tnks. How can i set a variable on player. something like player_injured or infected. for example i set a global variable as false in init.sqf run a script located in mpmissions/....... who change this variable as true. and thers other script who change it again as false if player decided run it. What i need if is player logout whitout change the variable as false.. and log again this variable still be in true. this is what i try: init.sqf scriptmpmissions.sqf scriptmpmissions.sqf (give the option to set xvariable as false again)
  9. Hello Epoch Community i have installed AxeCops fantastic elevator mod and it works great with some tweaking on, what my issue is if i keep using MetalFloor_Preview_DZ as the stop class they disappear. My question is has the name of this item changed in the update, or is there a setting that disallows this item to remain persistent? i have not seen anything in InfiStar that is blocking it either.
  10. (Will cover for now, but will also cover a pack for 1.0.6 later. Some of the scripts are already included in 1.0.6, but a customization will be provided in the pack) I am starting this thread here for a new script pack for which is going to be tested and optimized for FPS. I will create a GitHub Repository for the files (server & client mission PBO's). Please provide suggestions for scripts to include in the pack. Also let me know if you want to participate and work on the pack on my GitHub repository. The goal is to include basic scripts in the pack. I will try to keep the most scripts as realistic as possible. FPS is an important factor. Scripts that will affect FPS too much will not be included or will be disabled by default. The pack will also include a Tool for Windows that will restart and update your server automatically from a GitHub Release or Hotfix. I have created an auto-update system for my server. Configuration can be separated so only the scripts update (Arma2NET files, Server files and Missiion Files) Scripts to include: Script Configuration System (Script can be enabled/disabled and settings can be configured per script) Coin System Customized WAI Mission system Customized DZMS Mission system Customized DZAI Mission system (patrols, custom AI spawns, etc) Advanced Trading Safe Zones Custom Loot Table Self blood transfusion Fog Distance View (Binoculars, RangeFinder) Lift & Tow Vehicles Welcome Message Script In-game Rules Script (with database connection) In-game Update Script (with database connection) Plot 4 Life Snap Building Pro Vector Building Plot Management Door Management Custom GUI Custom Loading Screen Humanity-Level Perks (Bike Spawn, ...) Kill Messages at traders Kill Notifications Convoy Missions Battle Zone (PVP) Custom Buildings Custom Traders (Drugs, ...) Customized Admin Tools (fixed, added starter-packs, anti-hack) Loyalty Reward for Players Automated Database Cleaning (old players, old objects, etc.) Abandoned Vaults Missions (Safes and Lockboxes) Custom Loot Events (Building Material, Supplies, Weapons, Treasure) Animated Heli-Crashes and custom loot (configure heavy/light weapons and loot) Custom Vehicle Spawn List (add/remove vehicles that can spawn) Quest System Most Wanted Mission ... (will be updated soon) Tools to include: Auto-Update for the Pack (Configurable) Trader Configuration Database Cleaner
  11. What is this mod Its a mod that lets you setrange if you right click on a binocular and rangefinder (very easy you can even do it yourself) Any issues plz tell You Need extra_rc.hpp and a costum folder instal guide install link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4szrw32dsuszhxk/AADnUQwQ27tEFNcpmQLYPaO7a?dl=0 1. paste these lines in your extra_rc.hpp so it looks like this IF YOU DONT HAVE THE TEST IN HERE 2. paste the file setview into your custom folder from the download (in your mission file yourinstance\custom dont know if i need to give somebody credits :D
  12. So Grahame kindly helped me install all of the scripts on my server, they have been working like a charm up until last night! I carried out Manual Server Restart and when i Re-Joined the server non of the plugins were showing in game? I checked the epoch.Altis.pbo folder and all of the scripts are there like they should be. Below you'll see my RPT File.. If anything else is needed let me know Paste Bin Link
  13. hello have a lil question about how to set an unit ai as gunner of static weapon. im using this code.. the ai set as gunner as well but after 10 seconds, the ai die alone server side script _spawnstaticsguns = true; if (_spawnstaticsguns) then { _statictype = ["KORD_high_TK_EP1","DSHKM_Ins","M2StaticMG"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _objectsm2 = createVehicle [_statictype, [(_position select 0) - 5, (_position select 1) - 4,0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _objectsm2 setDir 0; _objectsm2 setVectorUp surfaceNormal position _objectsm2; _objectsm2 setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; _objectsm2 setVehicleAmmo 1; //_objectsm2 setVehicleVarName "gun"; sleep 1; _group_gunner = createGroup _center_1; _enemygunner = objNull; _enemygunner = _group_gunner createUnit [_enemytype,_mainpos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _enemygunner moveingunner _objectsm2; //_enemygunner setVehicleInit "this MoveInGunner gun;"; };
  14. A lil joke for your friends... simule a present.. an arma2oa .. free steam key to play. create SteamArma2liberateKeys.vbs save and make click on it to test. (do not worry its just a joke) and send it to your friends.
  15. I JUST LEAVE THIS ONE CUZ I KNOW YOU GUYS GONNA NEED IT.. The very old safezone script by infistar... i was using it in and made some changes to use in 1.6. Instructions: 1. Copy paste the code of below into a file called 16_safezone.sqf - save the file. 2. Paste this 16_safezone.sqf into mpmissioms\instance_11.chernarus\custom\ 3. Open your init.sqf 4. At the very bottom of the file add this line: [] execVM "custom\16_safezone.sqf"; 5. Save the init.sqf and restart your server. 6-WARNING!!! if ure using some kind of mod that allow vehicles with GodMode out of safezones.. then you will need in 16_safezone.sqf change the path for veh_handleDam.sqf by the path that youre using your custom veh_handleDam.sqf this line: fnc_veh_handleDam = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\veh_handleDam.sqf'; 16_safezone.sqf OPTIONAL: @BetterDeadThanZed here you got. REMOVE LOOT FROM TRADER CITIES AND PLOT POLES. (should removes zeds from trader places and poles too)
  16. Hey after two days of try and try i ask for help :P I was remaking my workshop for 1.6 everything is fine.. but the code that i used with base on the old player_build dont save anymore the objets crafted to the database. i was merging it with new modular_build and new player_build.... the objets spawns and can be crafted but after the restart do not get saving. hers the code: if anyone knows where i fail.. please ... :) ... ***i was trying it with and without DZE_permanentPlot also this is not to craft with right click on items... the craft its througt scroll menu the new modular_build.sqf
  17. Hi everyone, my names Gavin and i just recently got back into epoch/overpoch and decided to get a server through gtx gaming. i'm not experienced in adding scripts. yes the directions are usually good by i just cant follow along. i'm open and ready to learn. it'd be great if someone could help me along installing some common scripts so i can learn and get the hang of adding scripts myself. Thank you!
  18. juandayz

    Fluctuating prices

    hey.. i was thinking start to work in a fluctuating prices for trades cities. Have think to ways. 1- using sql 2-using sqfs. I cannot write anything in sql cuz i dont know nothing about it... so i decided the second way. At first.. i need remove all content on mission.sqf (dayz_server.pbo/missions/instance/). Second make a unique market..and put the AI traders again. 1 group of marchants for a standar prices and a Second Group for Fluctuating prices. 3- i will need rebuild the server_traders_cherno_11.sqf (coins system) with the new Ai traders and add new items/categories/prices to the .hpp files into Config/Category/ To call the Ai traders i can use the init.sqf into : then into fluctuatingprices.sqf: So my question is: to get all working i need delete all the original traders spawned with this line in init.sqf (_nil = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\mission.sqf";) and respawn again once server delete the AI spawned with the function fn_spawntraders. This is possible? (despawn and respawn the original traders). or maybe just make the buildings for trades cities into this line: _nil = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\mission.sqf"; and into fluctuatingprices.sqf... make 2 functions.. one for Ai traders with lowers prices and other with AI traders with normal prices.. something like this:
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