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Found 72 results

  1. LostandCrazyGamerZ Presents DayZ Epoch All on a Dedicated Workstation Hosted By DizzY Himself. Specs Dual Xeon Quad Core Processors 8GB DDR3 RAM SSD Featuring: ESS - Enhanced Spawn Selection Hero and Bandit Selects. Group Management – Talk in group and know where your friends are Plot Management – Add yourself and your friends to your plot pole for easy building. Door Management – Eye scan and easy adding friends and removing – No more sharing combos Alchemy Crafting with GEMS – Buildable’s with functions, Working Vending Machine, Working Stove, Working Fridge and more to come. (still in progress on the 106 update) Walking Zombies – Don’t think that they are any easier though. Plot Pole 4 Life – Don’t ever have to pick up and place plot pole down for GEM crafting or regular building Plot poles also are Zed Free Zones.. NO more Zombies in Bases. Snapping Pro – Snap your base together in now time. Build Vectors – Rotate your walls and floors in any direction. Elevators – only useable by plot pole owners and friends. (still in progress with the 106 update) Custom Add-ons to Map Custom Traders Carpenter Trader – A place to buy wooden things (chainsaw as well) RPG and GEM Trader – A place Where you can buy RPG’s and Grenade Launchers and Much more!! The Junkyard – A place to buy all your junk needs (Sledge head, Handle, bulk cinder blocks and more!!! Lost and Crazy’s Gun Emporuim – A trader that has almost ever variant of gun the Epoch!!! Safe Trader Zones Anti backpack Stealing, Godmode, Vehicle God while in trader. Custom Missions The Missions on this server is one that sets them apart from the rest Red missions are minor missions 62 variants of missions to keep one busy, These are low loot missions, small box, medical supplies, building supplies, guns, food, and ammo. You never know what the box will be. you might get a set of bandages or might get some cinder. come test your luck Green Mission are major missions 30 variants to keep one busy. These missions have large crates at them with lots of guns, more building supplies, more medical supplies and so on. these have more ai at them to create a larger challenge then the red missions. Orange missions are black-market, gun emporium mission, Junk Yard Trader Missions, and more specialty missions, missions with hot-wire kits, Cinder Walls, Gems and more!! These missions have AI at them that carry M110s, MK17's and more. Watch out because the AI might have a RPG and take out that vehicle you try to run them over with. Then the BIG BLUE missions, these are team missions, hardest of all and has best payout.. Briefcases/building supplies and lots of them. Larger Big blue missions spawn in custom map locations built in map editor and have m2 emplacements and a heli that patrols them, the smaller blue missions are in the large cities such as Cherno and they have m2 emplacements and a m113 tank that protect them All these missions have been modified so they have to be done on foot. To hanance the feel of missions and increase those skills. Claim Vehicle – Claim mission and map spawn vehicles. TOW/LIFT Tow/Lift with all vehicles, Locked vehicles will not tow or lift Auto Refuel – Auto Repair - Reammo Self-Blood Bag – right click and action menu No DECAY!! Server Rules: No whining It’s DayZ You Die Keep S*** talk to a min Keep Trolling to a Min and No Spamming Side Chat and no Talking on Side chat No Racism No Raging, It’s DayZ – A Game DayZ has Bug’s and Glitch’s So Deal with it! No camping major trader cities and no camping or killing around Novy Sobor Parking Lot in cherno! No stealing in major trader cities (vehicles included) No leaving vehicles in trader cities (Bash, Klen, and Stary) Vehicles Can be left in the public parking lot.. Please no Helis No bases or safes or lockboxes within the novy sobor town or 500m of traders on tavi and cherno 200m on namalsk. Do not trust anyone Do not talk in side You can build anywhere but blue mission locations. You can raid any base - Protect them Plotpoles Do not put plotpoles inside of things such as walls and trees and rocks - You must be able to remove them yourself. Hold peoples base hostage - request ransom is allowed Camping bases is allowed Blowing Up vehicles is allowed Remember These are PVP Servers.. WATCH YOUR BACK!! Being A Bandit is allowed - if you do not want to be killed then go to a PVE server Please only bother the admin on real issues. No asking the Admin for free stuff Learn to make copies of your keys The Admin is not a Key Maker No Duping, Glitching or Hacking - If caught you will be banned no warnings or mercy will be shown. Acting or impersonating a hacker can cause you to be kicked, and possible temp ban or perm ban. Maintenance Rules: Vehicles laying around and untouched for 10 + days will be deleted - keep them updating by accessing them or unlocking and locking them. If noticed a player has not been on in 30-60 days then the base and safes will be removed. Databases can only grow so big so unused items can cause massive database lag. - Do not ask admin for players valuables that you did not earn. Thanks and enjoy Come Check Out The Hard Work in Action Overpoch Cherno - Overpoch Namalsk Server Server Owner: DizzY DizzAsteR Server Admins: Apex, Baibro, Geriatiric Hero Server Team Speak:
  2. All credits for @mudzereli i just upload again the old version for all guys who still needs this. New version for epoch 1.6.1 here: INSTALL: 1-you will need a custom compiles.sqf (If u already have one skip it) 2-Download the folder from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ayhd8dpagz9a0s/deployAnyDropthefolderinsidetoyourmpmissions-instance-.rar VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! paste the "overwrites" and "addons" folders into mpmissions\your instance\ 3-Now open your custom compiles.sqf 4-open your init.sqf again the install its done. Now if u need add some click actions open : \MPMissions\your instance\addons\bike\ config.sqf follow the original guide into this file to know how add new click actions.
  3. Hey few days ago i posted a new and stupid mod "whistle" ,but from here comes the idea to made a tie up players and whistle zeds to come and eat the player tied up. I ask for help of everyone here, can be nice made a new script/mod thogeters I think use the old knock out system as base to write it: BASE MODS: INSTALLING: (WORKING): (07/3/17)
  4. With this players can knock out others, and stole blood, and abuse. BASED IN KNOCK OUT SYSTEM OF PLAYER2 original : http://opendayz.net/threads/release-player2s-knockout.12533/ *Install: u will need a custom fn_selfActions.sqf . compiles.sqf , variables.sqf , PublicEh.sqf 1-making this custom sqf. paste fn_selfActions.sqf . compiles.sqf , variables.sqf , PublicEh.sqf in MPmissions\yourInstance\custom\ Now go to your init.sqf and change your lines by this lines in blue. (if u already have all this customs or just a few.. just add all you dont have.) 2-Go to your custom fn_SelfActions.sqf find: player removeAction s_player_studybody; s_player_studybody = -1; and add below player removeAction s_player_knockout; s_player_knockout = -1; player removeAction s_player_force; s_player_force = -1; player removeAction s_player_sblood; s_player_sblood = -1; Find: //Dog if (_isDog && _isAlive && (_hasRawMeat) && _ownerID == "0" && player getVariable ["dogID", 0] == 0) then { if (s_player_tamedog < 0) then { s_player_tamedog = player addAction [localize "str_actions_tamedog", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\tame_dog.sqf", _cursorTarget, 1, false, true, "", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_tamedog; s_player_tamedog = -1; }; add below //#### KNOCKOUT #### _unconscious = cursorTarget getVariable ["NORRN_unconscious", false]; if (_isMan and _isAlive and !_isZombie and _canDo and !_unconscious) then { if (s_player_knockout < 0) then { s_player_knockout = player addAction [("<t color=""#FF9800"">" + ("Knockout!") + "</t>"), "fixes\knockout.sqf",cursorTarget, 0, false, true, "",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_knockout; s_player_knockout = -1; }; //############################## //********abuse/stole blood if (_isMan and _isAlive and !_isZombie and !_isAnimal and _unconscious and _canDo and (player distance cursorTarget < 3)) then { if (s_player_force < 0) then { s_player_force = player addAction [("<t color=""#FF9800"">" + ("Abuse") + "</t>"), "fixes\forced.sqf",cursorTarget, 0, false, true, "",""]; }; if (s_player_sblood < 0) then { s_player_sblood = player addAction [("<t color=""#FF9800"">" + ("StoleBlood") + "</t>"), "fixes\sblood.sqf",cursorTarget, 0, false, true, "",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_force; s_player_force = -1; player removeAction s_player_sblood; s_player_sblood = -1; }; //********end of abuse/stole 3-Now go to custom compiles.sqf find: player_sleep = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\player_sleep.sqf"; add below: player_knockout = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\knockout2.sqf"; player_sblood2 = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\sblood2.sqf"; player_force2 = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\forced2.sqf"; 4- in custom variables.sqf find: canRoll = true; place above: dayz_knockout = []; dayz_sblood2 =[]; dayz_force2 =[]; 5-in custom PublicEH.sqf find: "PVDZE_obj_Fire" addPublicVariableEventHandler {nulexp=(_this select 1) spawn BIS_Effects_Burn}; place below: "dayz_knockout" addPublicVariableEventHandler {nul=(_this select 1) call player_knockout}; "dayz_sblood2" addPublicVariableEventHandler {nul=(_this select 1) call player_sblood2}; "dayz_force2" addPublicVariableEventHandler {nul=(_this select 1) call player_force2}; 6-Now, in MPMissions\yourinstance\ create a folder called "fixes". Then create and drop into all this .sqf knockout.sqf knockout2.sqf forced.sqf forced2.sqf sblood.sqf sblood2.sqf
  5. Hi , Me and a friend have recently bought a arma 2 server and looking for help with adding mods and general scripting. kind regards Andy
  6. Hello, i have the problem on my server if i conect over Arma 3 Launcher that there are no mods shown, that cause the problem that many people try to concect over the launcher and get kickt because the launcher dosent load the epoch mod for the server. how can i change it that it says "Needed mods = Epoch"? on the pictures below is what i want for my server please help me!!! thanks
  7. Hello, i have the problem on my server if i conect over Arma 3 Launcher that there are no mods shown, that cause the problem that many people try to concect over the launcher and get kickt because the launcher dosent load the epoch mod for the server. how can i change it that it says "Needed mods = Epoch"? on the pictures below is what i want for my server please help me!!! thanks
  8. This is a Guide to install the most common mods. (Without Plot4life...but with persisten plot after player die using plotmanagement and a very usefull script to add you as owner the plot automatically). This is NOT a support for any mod just a guide that i use to install all this mods in a fresh server.. thers some "fixes" for mods when his steps become a lil confuse. And if u respect the order to install each mods can be most easy and quick. Mods to install: Follow this guide to get a epoch fresh server. INSTALLING: few tips before start: 1-Single Currency 3.0. 2-Before proceed... we need make some changes: 3-Now is time to make some customs files (fn_selfactions.sqf/compiles.sqf/variables.sqf). 4-Making the calls for this 3 new files: (fn_selfactions.sqf/compiles.sqf/variables.sqf). 5-We already have SingleCurrency installed.. its time to Install Advanced Trading: 6-ADMIN TOOLS (skip if u gonna use infistar or other adm mod). TIME TO TEST ALL THIS NEW MODS: go with traders, try to buy and sell using advanced trading menu, test money storage , restart your server and see if the money still are into the storages. 7-INSTALL SNAP-PRO: 8-PLOT MANAGEMENT: 9-Time to make some configs: This is for prevent players stuck on loading screen: 10-INSTALL deploy anything 2.8.1 11-INSTALL GROUP MANAGEMENT. 12:INSTALL ESSV2 (Spawn slection) 13-INSTALL TOW & LIFT. 14-INSTALL :REARM - REFUEL -REPAIR 15-MAKE A SAFEZONE.sqf 16-MAKE YOUR DEBUG MONITOR. (toogle with scroll menu) SKIP IF U ALREADY HAVE ANOTHER 17-AUTORESTART FILES: 18-Restrict Buildings Near Defined Areas ( i forgot this great complement..remember this when BiggEgg give the "like" sory! ). 19-OPTIONAL ADD YOU AUTOMATICALLY AS OWNER WHEN YOU PUT THE PLOT. 20-INSTALL DART (KICK/BAN/MSG Players). **IMPORTANT** IF URE INFISTAR USER AND BOUGHT VEHICLES NOT SPAWNING YOU CAN TRY THIS FIX by @zachtucker18 shared by @sercanatici Others Servers Packages: (already installed). Tnks to: and hope you make all of this work :) OPTIONAL: Here you got some others greats mods that you can use and try to install using the originals guides.
  9. im looking for a good Overpoch server to play on with active admins and a decent amount of players anyone know of anything? would prefer one with a decent set of mods on it nothing special just plot for life, vector building things like that. thanks
  10. U can pick any trader and add option to get a mission. *Mission spawn 4 diferents random crates whit 4 diferents random locations for each crate. once per time. *Mission have a item requiere to start *Mission have a 20 min after same player call it again. *Players needs to find the crate in 15 min or this crate will be deleted. INSTALL: 1-copy any kind of trader ID from your server_trader.sqf or server_traders_cherno_11.sqf for coins system. for example : Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 2-open your custom fn_selfaction.sqf and add this add very bottom: 3-Create a new sqf file save as "quest.sqf " into custom\quest\ folder and paste this inside: *Now launch your server, go infront of Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 for this example , use scroll menu and pick "ASK FOR MISSIONS". done. Configs in quest.sqf :
  11. UPDATED. 07/04/2016 *******************************FOR COINS SYSTEM ONLY****************************************** *4 traders 1-Buy Safe Bonus (pay $5000 and receives each 20 mins $5000 coins). 2-Buy Time Bonus (random pay unique time: $5.000 / $10.000 or $15.000). 3-Buy Time Bonus ( random pay unique time: $10.000/$20.000 or $30.000). 4-WholeSaler in stary. 5-Gypsie (Know your fortune for only $500 coins). 6-Black Jack (pay $500 or $30.000 and play for win $1000 or $100.000). 7-Hooker (have sex for $500). 8-Russian Roulette (win $100.000 or die and lost all your gear). 9-Find used Items (Give 1x Tin bar and find 1 of 33 random items). Install: download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3vkz07kg847g66y/staryCompleteTraders.zip 1-Drop "scripts" download folder into mpmissions\instance11.chernarus\custom\ 2-Go at bottom of your custom fn_selfactions.sqf and paste: 3-now go to @Dayz_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\ unpack the pbo and paste here maps folder. then open your server_functions.sqf and paste at very bottom: **repack your pbo. 4-Go to your description.ext find class sounds and paste lines in red. 5-Now at bottom of your init.sqf 6-Now we need define the wholesaler as a legal trader. Open your Server_Traders_Cherno_11.sqf find lines in red and add lines in blue. 7-at very bottom of same file:
  12. A very little actions using the old deploy bike, petuniaepoch and Harvestable hemp scripts. whit RightClick Actions.*****Tnks "seelenapparat" for your help***** Video: Content: INSTALL: If you dont have DayZ Custom Right Click Actions : 1-Download my folder here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/yijrmlk0ou0y6hu/CLICKACTIONS.zip and drop "custom" folder into your MPMISSION/yourinstance/ 2-If you have extra_rc open it and add: 2-If u dont have extra_rc.hpp use my. Open your Description.ext and add at very bottom: 3-Add Shovel and KiloHemp to your traders. //"ItemKiloHemp" to Neutralbuildingsupplies.hpp//-------//"ItemShovel" to NeutralToolBeltitems.hpp//. DONE! OPTIONAL!!!!! WARNING ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!! preview: Download and drop into your custom\script\ http://www.mediafire.com/download/6fiknw6aassaxpw/erotic.zip *Go to your extra_rc.hpp and add: ***reference posts:*** ***note: i dont have Infistar so dont know if works on it.
  13. #This add a new kind of trader not based in humanity variable as: Neutral,Bandit,Hero. #This new kind is based on friendship with player. #I take friendship as survived days. So if u survived days > 1 then AI trader is your friend and he wanna trade with you. #You can locate this traders in Bash,Stary && Klen. #Also i made a new category where you are free to play with rare items and lower prices (its the main idea). #This is only for coins and advanced trade but if someone want it for gold or without adv just say in this post. INSTALL: DONE! ***if u need test and your survived days cannot let you then go to selfActions and...***
  14. New DayZ PvE/PvP sever up and running with 12 hour resets.The server name is,(Npaf-coins-tws wepaons-lots of AI-PvE/PVP-Mature Admins). The ip is ( The sever map is DayZ Epoch Napf. the mods running are: Coins, Automatic Refule, Base Jumping, Blood Regen over time, Deploy Vehicle, Evac Chopper, Parachute spawning, Plot protection, Self BloodBag, Suicide Script, Tow/Lift, Vehicle Service Points, View Distance, DZAI AI (Roaming AI), DayZ - WAI Missions, Safe Zones, DayZ - DZMS Missions, DayZ Elevators, Snap Build Pro. Sever resets are at 7 pm. U.S. Eastern UTC−5:00
  15. new server just started at the begining of this month come check it out just search AtMusFear some of the mods we have include!!! ADVANCED TRADER WICKED AI DZAI PLOT FOR LIFE SNAP BUILD PRO LIFT/TOW GEM TRADER (BLACKMARKET DEALER) SELF BLOODBAG ALL NEW PLAYERS GET A BASE KIT OF CEMENT!!! (NONE OF THE PUNK A$$ WOOD STUFF) FULLY MILITARIZED SERVER INCLUDING TANKS AND JETS!!!!! FAIR PRICES AT ALL TRADERS AND ACTIVE ADMIN/OWNER i just got tired of not finding a fun server that had things i liked so i started my own so if your interested come check it out and mention you found it on this site and ill give you some free money or stuff or whatever, everyone loves free things
  16. ALLOW PLAYERS TO SHOWER IN RIVER. When players are near of Lakes they can use Scroll Menu to "Take a Shower in Rivers" *Add Humanity+450/infection chance/time restriction. ***you will need a custom fn_selfActions.sqf*** 1-Create a sqf called showerON.sqf and put it into MPMISSIONS\YOURINSTANCE\fixes\ paste: 2-Now got at bottom of your fn_selfAction.sqf and paste 3- in fn_selfactions.sqf : find: player removeAction s_player_studybody; s_player_studybody = -1; add bellow: player removeAction s_player_shower; s_player_shower = -1;
  17. UPDATE V2. for tnks @theduke & @Cherdenko for all the help. NEW WORKSHOP OPTIONS: VIDEO PREVIEW OF NEW OPTIONS: INSTALLING: ***You will need a custom: fn_selfactions.sqf//compiles.sqf//variables.sqf DOWNLOAD HERE:http://www.mediafire.com/download/pyewpbmawt0k1d1/workshopV2.rar 1-IN INIT.SQF 2-IN DESCRIPTION.EXT A- B-Again in description.ext but at very bottom paste: 4-NOW IN CUSTOM FN_SELFACTIONS.SQF A- B- C-Again but now bellow of : if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (_cursorTarget isKindOf "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { D-Bellow it u will find: So steps B,C,D looks: E- 5-IN CUSTOM COMPILES.SQF A- 6-IN CUSTOM VARIABLES.SQF A- B- C- D- ***SO STEPS A,B,C,D looks: (see lines in blue)*** F: 7-NOW YOU NEED GO TO YOUR dayz_server.pbo UNPACK IT. A-open server_functions.sqf find: B-OPEN THIS 3 FILES AND MAKE THE SAME CHANGES FOR EACH ONE. server_monitor.sqf // server_publishVehicle2.sqf // server_publishVehicle3.sqf C-Now take the "fnc_wra.sqf" located in download folder and drop it into ....\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\compile\ Done. You can repack your dayz_server.pbo. 8-CREATE THE PATH AND PLACE DOWNLOAD FOLDER create: ......\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\scripts\ and drop "workshop" folder inside. 9-ONLY INFISTAR USERS tell infistar to notblock the dialogs, so go to your AHconfig.sqf ( tnks @Cherdenko) in there we have to add these two dialofg numbers under: AND ITS DONE.
  18. /////////Allow players by right click on Etool to: *Build Small Houses: (Survive 2 days + 4 WoodWalls + 1 FloorCelling) *Build Medium Houses: (Survive 5 days + 2 CinderWalls + 1 FloorCelling) *Build Large Houses: (Survive 8 days + 4 CinderWalls + 1 FloorCelling) *Build Hero Hospital Tent : (Survive 2 days// PlayerHumanity+5000 // 2 WoodWalls + 1 FloorCelling) //////////INCLUDED: *Only 1 house per plot area restriction. *Info Menu about requiere items and days survived in plot pole cursor target. *Heal script for Hero Hospital Tent. *Houses recognized as Maintein Class. *Remove option only for owners (not tested on friends but it should work). *Keep Same position after restart. PICS: /////////INSTALL: *First at all you need a custom fn_selfActions.sqf, variables.sqf ,compiles.sqf *And DZE_ click actions mod: 1- your custom fn_selfActions.sqf : A: B: ***So step A & B must look like this: C: D: E: *Done with selfActions.sqf 2- Now in your Custom variables.sqf A: B: C: 3-Now in your Custom compiles.sqf A: 4- Extra_Rc.hpp if u use group management. 4- extra_rc.hpp if u DONT! use group management. IF DONT HAVE Extra_rc.hpp AND URE USING DEPLOY ANYTHING (Tnks @Cherdenko) open your config.sqf in addons folder and add the lines in blue **** download all sqf from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/orbkco94qn9s4vp/crafthuouses.zip (FIXED) ////////IF U DOWNLOAD THE FILE YOU DONT NEED NOTHING MORE, JUST PLACE "custom" download folder into "Mpmissions\your instance\" //////////////////////////// ***IF DOWNLOAD LINK IS DEAD THEN: 5-Create the sqf´s and folders. A: FOLDERS SQFS (drop all sqf into "Mpmissions/your instance/ custom/ scripts/house/" )
  19. Hallo, Ich möchte euch meinen neuen Server vorstellen : DayZimKopf Dayz Epoch! Ich habe knapp einen Monat mit Modifikationen und Tools verbracht und bin stolz nun endlich das besondere Ergebnis zeigen zu können! Mods auf DayZimKopf: - Group management - Plotpole for life - Plotmanagment - AI Systems WAI & Wicked AI & Patrols - Bus Route with AI from Cherno to Elektro - Deploy and Pack mozzie/bike - Self Bloodbag - Weapon Mods (Silencer/TWS) at right click - Fill & Sell Oil Barrels - New Custom cities - Custom Spawn selection with Halo/Ground - Custom Class System - Air support drops - Extended action menu - custom debug monitor - Snap Building Pro - suicide - Lift / Tow - Fastrope - Supply drops - alchemy - trade from vehicle - Blood regeneration - weed fields and trader - Doormanagement - Heli / Boat Patrols - Zombie Horde from Cherno to Stary - Paint vehicle - Communication Script - Plot for Life - flip vehicle - Evac Chopper - custom HUD - High FPS - no bombs / no heavy armed vehicles (only medical tanks and no jets) - balanced missions with secrets - best server hardware - Carepackages - Infistar AntiHack Tool - VIP Donator Classes - No Base despawn - active Admins - custom traders .. Und noch viele mehr! Jede Woche werden Events veranstaltet! ____________________ Server IP: TeamSpeak 3: Webseite: http://DayZimKopf.de ____________________ Admins sind jeden Tag aktiv und sind = Xray, Martin, Stfu, Thor Wir kennen uns alle schon Jahrelang und sind ein eingespieltes Team! Würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir ein wenig Feedback gebt! Bei Fragen oder Anregungen gerne bei Steam anschreiben: DZiK | Xray Freundliche Grüße, XRAY
  20. You can use knife to cut you and drink your own blood to quench thirst. make a new sqf called drinkblood.sqf and put it into MpMissions/yourinstance/custom/scripts/ here we have 2 ways to call the script. 1-if u have DZE_rightclick actions call it by extra_rc.hpp or 2- use scroll menu to call it. 1-CALLING WITH extra_rc.hpp go to your extra_rc.hpp and paste lines in blue. Done: open your inventory, right click on knife "drinkblood" 2-CALL IT WITH SCROLL MENU make a new sqf named drinkblood_init.sqf now go to very bottom of init.sqf and paste Done: use your scroll menu and pick "DrinkMyBlood"
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