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Found 443 results

  1. Hi, i just set up my server and i get this error when logging in 'Waiting for Server to start authentication'. After around 60 - 120 seconds it stops and puts me back into the connection screen. I don't really understand my server log, but here it is: http://pastebin.com/TnucFenL If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Hello everyone seem to be having troubles moving from Arma 2 to Arma 3 with getting Epoch Chernarus to load done everything right but does not seem to work might be doing something wrong but am not too sure followed all of the instructions on all websites and still does not want to load the map maybe someone here can help me and show the right direction
  3. i just picked up an arma 3 server through FPSGamers.com, and have no idea how to implement the chernarus map. i have the battle eye mod already installed on it as well as the epoch. i have searched the forums but have only found how to do this with a dedicated server. any help would be appreciated.
  4. Greetings. I need help installing maps Sahrani supported. When you perform the installation of Dayz Commander, using of course the mission 18 and start the server it says it can not load the mission and it still runs in console than stop. No installation instructions for the map, as there used to be no longer, so I'm asking in general, while the map is loaded too, but I added it to the other maps. Thank you for your help, what, where and how to download the server side without downloading them useless for the client.
  5. hey guys, yesterday i have change the area from my special trader now become i the message 1 not enough in stock all this scripts have i installed single-currency plot management door management 3.0 advanced trading snap/vector building buyed version infistar group management SafeZone SafeZoneAI DZMS WAI DZAI sorry for my bad english i comes from germany:)
  6. hey sorry for my noobness but im new to this and iv come to a brick wall, i got all my scripts working on my server but just today i made changes to my init.sqf and for some reason some scripts aren't showing up anymore and if one does another one wont, im not sure if theyre ment to be in some sort of order or what but ill attach my init.sqf to the post if anyone can tell me whats wrong with it ill be eternally grateful. init.txt
  7. Hello all, i am having problems with the snap build pro. I just installed the script to my server, everything with the snap build works great but all my other scripts are now disabled/not working. Safe zones, loadouts, tow/lift, are the ones that are not working now. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alec
  8. So I am wondering how I would set up a day/night cycle. Example: Most of the day irl (21hours) is day and (3 hours) is night. I believe I need to mess around with the hivext.ini and download and install BEC, but there is not clear guide or any confirmed method to make this work. Much thanks -Aurora Edit 1: I want it to be 11:30pm-2:30am (1/8 restarts) to be night time.
  9. For days I was having a issue like many others where I would launch Arma 3 trying to play any @Mod Folder game type. The game would either crash before I got to the lobby, :angry: in lobby or when character load had just finished. :angry: :D Get your facepalms ready lol. :P Step 1: Open Arma 3 launcher Step 2: Click Mod tab Step 3: Browse files for Mod you would like to add Step 4: Add Mod or Mods to Launcher click OK (please note that there are boxes that u can click via left of mod added. Which you will need to make sure is white if u want to run that specific mod and or add-on. Check them or uncheck them like you would've enabled or disabled them via config option back before all this launcher craziness). Step 5: Click PLAY button bottom left hand of launcher after you made sure the @ mod folder box you want to play is checked. Step 6: Browse through server list , double click and enjoy. :wub:
  10. Hi So I've been trying to install Zupas single coin currency with global banking into my server all day today and yesterday and I haven't been able to get it working what so ever. Firstly I had conflicting scripts with DZGM but I think I might of possible resolved that issue by moving the definitions in description.ext higher than the HUD I have installed. Now, I can load into my server lobby, I receive the mission file but get stuck at "Waiting for character data from server". With a never ending timer. My .RPT file has now shown no errors from what I can see so I have no idea where to look that may be causing problems. I need this script installed so I can further progress on to installing other scripts that are needed. I just haven't been able to get anywhere. If anyone could lend a helping hand, I'd sure appreciate it a lot! Whether that's identifying my problem somewhere or if I just install my backups and install a fresh. Skype: Polly900 Regards :) :D
  11. Hello, I was wondering whether it is possible to increase the amount of hit-points for certain building materials ingame. I would like to increase the amount of bullets/damage it takes to take down wooden structures on our servers. I am happy with the cinder/metal item hit-points. Does anyone know whether this is possible and where i would look to do this? Thanks Marko
  12. I'm trying to get an Epoch server going on my Windows Server 2012 dedicated home server. I get everything copied over, set up, and running; no errors reported in server message box. I join the server using my external IP and it'll work fine until I quit and try to relog. When I relog it goes through everything as it should gets past authentication and everything but sticks on the loading screen just before I should get in and I can even hear ocean sounds. I did see some people have this issue, but, it's client-side. I know it's not client-side since I can join other servers no problem and if I restart my server I can get back in. I check the server message box after I get stuck and there's still no errors so I'm at a complete loss as to what's happening. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Also, sorry if someone has posted this issue before, I've searched for days now and can't find anything on it.
  13. Hi! I was hoping anyone could find/make me a SQL query that would add the Overwatch items into the Database, I currently have one but I'd like the new weapons and stuff to be in separate menus, not all the Overpoch Assault riles to be in the normal Vanilla "Assault Rifles" tab and Overpoch Pistols in the vanilla "Pistols" tab etc etc. I had one before on my old server but I had to reset my PC and I lost the file to do it, I have looked around and I can't find the one I used :/
  14. How do I go about adding these too the same line without getting this error? Codes in question Error http://pastebin.com/ys3gU7pp
  15. Hi so ive been overhauling my servers and adding a few addons recently and just about a week ago a admin in my dev server with me noticed how the he couldnt get any epoch or custom actions (the ones that are executed/put in the fn_selfactions file)to show up on his scroll wheel but he was able to get actions like gear,get in and scripts that execute the action them selfs. For example I have door management and when i scroll I can get the unlock button to show up and then it will display the door management lock/unlock dialog but when I scroll on a door I own/placed I cant get the door managment scroll action to show up, because the unlock door action is in the dayz code i beleive thats why actions that aren't in my custom self actions file will show up so i suspect something to do with a loop etc. This only seems to start happening after the servers been up and had a player connected for about 10-20 minutes but before that time everything shows up fine, I checked my RPT file (both client and server side) and nothing is spiting out that involves any mention or reference of the custom self actions file or scroll wheel actions in general ive also tried commenting out some addons actions like vehicle paint etc and it doesn't seem to help. fn_selfactions.sqf Any help greatly appreciated thanks
  16. TRUCKA: AI COAST TRANSPORT This is based in axeman bus routes! RESUME: - A truck that goes from Kamemka to Berezino and then from Berezino to Kamenka. - Junk removed from the coast road. - Truck driver humam behavior. - Horn comunication. - Smart Driver, no abuse from players. - The truck is show on map as a red arrow, for everyone. Example of driver humam behavior: Inside the truck, if you ask too much to the driver stop the truck or ask for stop and don't leave the truck, the driver will ignore next asks from you. If the truck stoped to get a player, and you ask, right after that, for the truck to stop, the driver will not stop. If you take long to embark, the truck will leave you at the street. If there is shot activity on the area, the truck will not stop for players on the street or for players in the truck that ask for stop. HOW TO USE: If you is on the street, go in the direction of the truck and it will know you want to go in, the driver will sign the horn tree times. If you is on the truck, press space bar to ask for the driver to stop, the driver will sign the horn two times. BADIES: infiSTAR remove vehicles custom binds even if you set Remove Custom Binds to false, some work arround is needed. INSTALLATION: 1) Unpack this file inside your mission folder: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=37025560196997886183 2) Add those lines at the end of your init.sqf: if (isServer) then { [true] execVM "trucka\init_bus.sqf"; }; if (!isDedicated) then { [] execVM "trucka\player_axeBus.sqf"; };3) You also need one custom sound, the horn: Add this code to your description.ext file. If you already have a class CfgSounds, add just the class donnBus_horn to your class CfgSounds: class CfgSounds { class donnBus_horn { name="donnBus_horn"; sound[]={trucka\horn.ogg,1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; 4) Remove junk on the coast street: Some code need to be changed on the server file server_functions.sqf: Find that: _position = RoadList call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _position = _position modelToWorld [0,0,0]; waitUntil{!isNil "BIS_fnc_findSafePos"}; _position = [_position,0,10,5,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; And change it to that: //DONN - AX BUS while {true} do { _position = RoadList call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _position = _position modelToWorld [0,0,0]; waitUntil{!isNil "BIS_fnc_findSafePos"}; _position = [_position,0,10,5,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; if ((ATLToASL [_position select 0, _position select 1, 0]) select 2 > 10) exitWith {}; diag_log format ["[DONN JUNK] Position %1 not OK!", ATLToASL [_position select 0, _position select 1, 0]]; }; //DONN - AX BUSThis will avoid spawn of junk (if you have then set to > 0) on the coast.
  17. Hey, this is going to be a really nooby question but... How can I add these two onto the same last line of the description.ext #include "admintools\dialog.hpp" #include "custom\snap_pro\snappoints.hpp"
  18. Pede

    [Paying] Custom plugin

    Hello all, I need help scripting a custom plugin, the script function is kinda secret so i cant give too much information here please send me an PM if you are a good SQF scripter and think you can help me out. Thanks!
  19. I have a dayz overpoch server running at the monent and its going well, I have quite a few mods implmented but i would really like a coin curreny system working on my server, I am currently hosting via villayer and would love somone to get this workign for me, ill give you $150 to get it going, If your intrested join my ts:atl01.bargainvoice.com:7124 and talk to me Nubs Johan or email me at [email protected] thanks heaps
  20. <?php $file = 'C:\wamp\www\Killboard\EPChernarus1\PhitLog.txt'; $searchfor = 'Chernarus'; header('Content-Type: text/html'); $contents = file_get_contents($file); $contents = str_replace("(DayzNorway)", "(DayZNorway.com)", $contents); $pattern = preg_quote($searchfor, '/'); $contents = str_replace("DayZ Instance: 11", " Map: Chernarus ", $contents); $pattern = "/^.*$pattern.*$/m"; $contents = str_replace("PKILL", "Player Killed", $contents); $contents = str_replace("CLOG", "Combat Logged", $contents); if(preg_match_all($pattern, $contents, $matches)){ echo "<strong>"; echo "<div style ='font:11px/21px Arial,tahoma,sans-serif;color:#2983CB'>Killboard Epoch Chernarus: <br>"; echo '', implode(" <br>", $matches[0]); echo "</strong>"; } else { echo "No kills yet. Looks like everyone is playing nice."; } ?> Hey guys, my killboard looks like this. But i need some help here. I am trying to make it use array_reverse to read it in descending order, this to get the newest kills at the top. I couldnt make it work unfortunately. Could someone clean up the code and make it in descending order for me? I am sure those str_replace functions can be done in a cleaner way than i did it in :p Kimz
  21. hello :-) I'm stuck, I'm working on for weeks: on this :-) already looks fuller and better, but that is not the topic, build or edit I can very well, but at the scripts I'm stuck.... I want to spawn boxes with loot there (random positions or static positions) I know it's basic scripting, but have never used previously occupied myself with server-side spawn... suitable scripts which exactly match I have found here: the scripte work already, it's just a fine tuning... One probem is the "Crate" or "Box" spawns allways, really allways in the water or under the "island". box or crate script looks so: as I said, always spawn under the island :( he apparently recognizes the reconstructed too late tried everything: boxscript start later (with sleep), I can sit and watch as they fall through the floor or a building ?!? change the high, change 100 times the position, and allways is the box under water :( with the test AI Bot is everything good, which is always where I want it, script look like this: The ai spawn works good, he stand there :-) But as I said, I'm new to scripting. A few good links would certainly be helpful, or if someone could explain something to me I would be very grateful ( with AI setting or a very simple AI spawn script, with more than one bot :-) INFO: this is not a AI mission for public release Many thanks in advance otherwise a lot of fun and thank you
  22. http://gyazo.com/99a887d10b5abf42bc9529864703a0c1 could someone plz help me
  23. Hi, I am developing a server for a person and he has a list of scripts he wants in, but the one problem is, I dont know how to install the scripts. Im using Vilayer hosting, if you could tell me how that would be great!
  24. Hey, guys. I don't know what happened, whenever I or other players join right after server restart, all the wreck makers(UralWreck, UAZWreck, etc) will show up on the map, and they will be gone if you relog. Sometimes players see them too. This is getting annoying because there are like 30 wreck makers on the map. I use InfiStar, and when i turn on the wreck under map marker, I can only see suplly crate, I wonder if there is something wrong with my InfiStar. this is a screenshot http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/707400959799937797/014890DE0133744CE9729A88FEE7C0F474392CBD/ This is my RPT log don't see anything strange, btw anyone knows about this ? if (!_actionSet) then { s_player_holderPickup> 14:48:59 Error position: <_actionSet) then { s_player_holderPickup> 14:48:59 Error Undefined variable in expression: _actionset 14:48:59 File z\addons\dayz_code\init\object_BackpackAction.sqf, line 13 Thanks
  25. DimitriPokki

    DZGM help

    Hellou . Found the problem that a simple player does not see anyone to invite to the group. http://prntscr.com/68hlua The admin appears players... http://prntscr.com/68i7bd P.S Sorry for my English
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