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Found 444 results

  1. DimitriPokki

    DZGM help

    Hellou . Found the problem that a simple player does not see anyone to invite to the group. http://prntscr.com/68hlua The admin appears players... http://prntscr.com/68i7bd P.S Sorry for my English
  2. Hi guys, I got this error in my server.RPT if (!_actionSet) then { s_player_holderPickup> 21:12:38 Error position: <_actionSet) then { s_player_holderPickup> 21:12:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _actionset 21:12:38 File z\addons\dayz_code\init\object_BackpackAction.sqf, line 13 21:12:38 Error in expression < getVariable["actionSet", false]; Can't figure out the reason, this is my object_BackpackAction.sqf private ["_holder","_type","_classname","_name","_actionSet"]; _holder = _this select 0; _type = _this select 1; _classname = _this select 2; // Exit if player zombie if(player isKindOf "PZombie_VB") exitWith {}; _name = getText (configFile >> _type >> _classname >> "displayName"); _actionSet = _holder getVariable["actionSet", false]; if (!_actionSet) then { s_player_holderPickup = _holder addAction [format[(localize "STR_DAYZ_CODE_1"),_name], "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\object_pickup.sqf",[_type,_classname,_holder], 20, true, true]; player reveal _holder; _holder setVariable["actionSet", true]; };
  3. Hey guys! The question is simple and already included in the title. Can I somehow make the WAI AIs attack armoured vehicles like the BTR-90? Also, how does that rocket launcher stuff work? I enabled the rocket launchers for the missions in the config but there are no NPCs with AT launchers and if I manually add NPCs to spawn with AT launchers for each mission, the launchers don't disappear at death even though I enabled that option in the config, too.
  4. I'm a server owner who just went threw two spine surgeries in a row. I'm a bit out of it lately due to many prescriptions and am having a hard time concentrating threw this script implementation. If anyone could help would be amazing. I have my pbo's server works good. Player base just wants plot for life and i've failed implementing it 3 times and not sure why. Thanks
  5. GermanBolle

    I need help

    Hi Guys, I would like to ask me whether there is such a friendly and could help me to install some scripts because my english is not really the best. I already have several scripts himself down just get some scripts will it just not the way I want, although I precisely according to instructions but for some reason they do not work one then. Already Installed: Self Bloodbag Take Clothes Snap Building Pro Salvage Vehicle Refuel / Repair / Reammo Lift / Tow Deploy Bike bus route SafeZone Single Currency Missions system Are yet to be installed: Plotpole 4 Life Plotpole management Door management Vector Building Vehicle Godmode in Safe Zones or Plotpoles Advanced Trading 1.0 DZGM Group Management It would be really nice if someone could help me here here
  6. So... When i start up Arma 2 DayZ it says Addon 'sauerland' requires addon 'Chernarus and i have downloaded it epoch mod from Dayz Commander. :( I can't play on any Chernarus map and it's the only one i want to play on! :( So if you sweet guys got an answer for this, i'll be more than happy to hear from u! ///Something wrent wrong on the first sentence, mark over it to see it xD///
  8. Hi, I have installed Bec on a private server and i can see that it runs, so when i connect to the server i can see that i am the super admin. but my scheduler.xml and commands.xml are not loading This is my Config.cfg
  9. Howdy I've set up a local A3 Epoch server and I'd like to set it up so I can test-play the game with a couple of friends. This is my first attempt at this so if someone (with a lot of patience :wub: ) could help me.. that would be great! The server ran fine locally, but now that I've assigned an IP-address other than to it; I get the message 'Cannot start host on port 2302'. The port works now .. but the server won't show up in my list... 1: How do I determine the IP-address for my locally run server? (On E: drive) 2: How exactly do I setup portforwarding in my Cisco router? (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Port_Forwarding) I've set it up like this now (http://imgur.com/qOfoC5L).. but it still gives the same error (cannot start host on port 2302) I'm a total noob at this .. and I have a few more questions .. if there's someone out there who's willing to guide me through this, through PM/Skype/TS or something.. I'd highly appreciate it! :wub:
  10. I have tried all sorts of over poch loot tables but I do not get the same out come as to other servers. I have tried upping the loot chances and stuff like that. But my loot compared to other servers is crap. My server = 2 guns per barrack Other servers = at least one gun in every room If some one could tell me maybe what is going on I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!
  11. Hallo, Thnks for checking out this post :D So its a while i joined any Epoch server, Im just to bussy with some stuff, but i can remember playing on a pve server with lots of ai on ground and air, with a constant ai patrol where ever you are, and so i decided to build away from all the big cities, and started to build my base in a barn all the way up the the north-west side of the map, picture: http://gyazo.com/343...e4a4268b8064e2d but i still get lost of ai patrol's on my front door, but i builded the barn so there are no hole's that they can get trough, but i discovered they can walk trough my doors -_- and its close to a road, do you guys no any good spot's in chernarus to build my base at, and maybe a little bit more in the middel of the map, cuz i constantly die and then it takes ages to get back to my base, and do it all over again and again. i dont mind building in the middle of the woods, but i also need space to land my chopper's :D Do you guys also have some base idea's or tips, i saw this picture http://gyazo.com/539...3f35e766c66272e and i dont mind building like this, cuz this also looks really cool, but it would be better if its close to an open spot. like this: http://gyazo.com/7d9...ed436c12f9b798d-Although i dont even know where this is :P maybe you guys know? pleas let me know, or if you know where i can build my base :) Greets -Holland
  12. Hai, I was wondering if anyone can help me a second, I want to add a custom trader menu to the Hero and Aircraft dealer, How would I go about doing that? (Completely basic please, I know very little about Sql and shiz) Thanks!
  13. Had a hacker on tonight who kicked everyone on the server repeatedly He seemed to get them kicked via "CreateVehicle Restriction #61" where he got players to spawn "RUBasicWeaponsBox". Then to add insult he left map markers on the server which cant be deleted(which should come off on reboot). We have his steam ID and profile so currently reporting him. Other than switching on that darn infistar which i really dont want to, is there another way of stopping the map writing and spawning? cheers ned
  14. Hello I am having problem when I add my steamid64 and my GUID to get acesasr the admin panel of the server do everything right but within the game do not have access 'll let the script of 2 files someone here can help me find the error epochAH.hpp adminMenu_High[] = {}; adminMenu_HighSetting[] = {"PLAYER-TELEPORT","MAP-TELEPORT","TARGET-HEAL","TARGET-AMMO","TARGET-KILL","VEHICLEFLIP","BANPANNEL"}; adminMenu_Low[] = {}; adminMenu_LowSetting[] = {"PLAYER-TELEPORT","MAP-TELEPORT","TARGET-HEAL"}; adminMenu_BanReasons[] = {"Traderzone","Hacking","Glitch","Combat Log"}; adminMenu_cryptoCfg[] = {2500,1000,500,100,50,-1000}; //You can find the Key Codes here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes#F1..15 adminMenu_menuKey = 0x3B; adminMenu_infrontTeleport = 0x06; /* AH CONFIG README adminMenu_Owner[] = { {"**************************","BullRaider"}, {"**************************","KiKoZl"}, {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME3"} //<- No comma on the last entry }; adminMenu_High[] = { {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME4"}, {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME5"}, {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME6"} //<- No comma on the last entry }; adminMenu_Low[] = { {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME7"}, {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME8"}, {"STEAMID64","ADMINNAME9"} //<- No comma on the last entry }; ADMINNAME will be used for the Admin log instead of in-game name. Available Settings: "PLAYER-TELEPORT" => Teleport Admin To Player and Player To Admin "MAP-TELEPORT" => Click on Map to Teleport "FREE-CAM" => Free flying Cam "INVISIBLE" => Make Playermodel invisible but other player can still hear your steps "HEAL" => Heal yourself "VEHICLEREPAIR" => Repeair the vehicle you're looking on, or be inside "MAP-PLAYER" => Player Marker "MAP-CORPSE" => Corpse (Dead Player etc.) Marker "MAP-LOOT" => Loot Marker "MAP-VEHICLE" => Vehicle Marker "MAP-AI" => AI Marker "OLD-ESP" => Old 3D ESP "OLD-MAP" => Old Map Marker "TARGET-CRYPTO" => Give crypto to target "TARGET-HEAL" => Heal Target "TARGET-AMMO" => Give Target Ammo "TARGET-KILL" => Kill Target "TARGET-VEHICLEREPAIR" => Repair the Vehicle if target is inside of a vehicle "VEHICLEFLIP" => Flip Vehicle "BANPANNEL" => Access to Banpannel "SPAWN-MENU" => Access to Spawn Menu */ Admins.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <?xml-stylesheet href="acs.xsl" type="text/xsl" ?> <!-- This file is only provided as an example file and might not sute your needs/demands/taste. --> <BEAdmins> <!-- Define admins. name : name of the admin. do not need to be ingame player name. guid : match player guid. group : admin level. value must be a number. groupname : name of the group the admin is in, can be named anything. if groupname is empty. it will not advitised when you connect Note: keep <..id= > in order for your admin block. else parsing the file will cause errors. start it at 0 and increment it by 1 for each admin you add. http://www.ibattle.org/install-and-configure/define-admins/ --> <admin id="0"> <name>KiKoZl</name> <guid>********************</guid> <group>0</group> <groupname>Super Admin</groupname> </admin> <admin id="1"> <name>Bullraider</name> <guid>**********************</guid> <group>0</group> <groupname>High Admin</groupname> </admin> </BEAdmins>
  15. Please show me how to add guns to traders like the dmr and as50 or m107 ?
  16. I added extra buildings, then i restarted the server then the server will load up ill be able to play for a bit then all of a sudden the server crashes how can find where or why it crashes, i took off all the extra buildings i have added to see whats the problem.
  17. Okay guys, I have seen a lot of people having trouble adding weapons and items to their traders. I will admit that I was having the same problem as well. So I decided to make a program for myself to help out with the problem. Today I finally decided to release the program to the community to help others out. :) So first things first, You can download the program from Here Check out all of the spoilers for help. When you open it up it will look something like this, depending on your version of windows. And just so everyone feels a little safer. http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/4bfc071e4742ab59a219a0d2e6b4eab6b138023f https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/338be750f28a82f855525615e8ff1f851dd555947e3d4fbee782097068ef5685/analysis/1400816403/
  18. Ok so I run an overwatch server... and currently, people are able to ride a bicycle up to a barracks I added or a castle wall or something, and get off of their bike right next to it which glitches them through the wall. I know epoch managed to fix this by killing the player when they try to do this, but HOW did they do it? I could really use something like this because players are really taking advantage of this exploit. I have a couple fortresses which are rendered useless if the player can glitch in through any wall. Thanks for any help.
  19. Does anyone know how to add vehicles and guns to traders ? Thanks
  20. Hey So I wanted to play overpoch namalsk but i cant connect to any servers. I can connect to the server but when the bar starts to load it gets stuck in the middle and takes a long time to continue to load and after it loads i get the error: "you cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted asc_eu_lights" and a red chain, after i click ok i get kicked to main menu, every single time. Thanks in advance and sorry if bad english.
  21. I need someone to help with the following things: - Godmode trader zones spam you when you look at another player that is tagged as friendly. - DayZ group management does not work (nothing happens when you right click radio and click group management) - I need plot 4 life installed. I will pay someone who can do this. PM me if interested.
  22. hey, Is it possible to add the bloodsuckers to a3 epoch namalsk? would the arma 2 skins work? any help or point me in the right direction would be appreciated.
  23. Hi everybody i think i have found a huge problem in my server! i have this compile.sqf (actualcompile.sqf).. its almost empty and i saw that i have to copy it from day_code.pbo and not make a new blank file with only the lines i need so now i have copy the compile from dayz_code.pbo and i have added my lines that i need for my scripts in the new compile (newcompiles.sqf) to work but it messed up everything.. the server do start but its not loading my scripts correctly and wholesaler still not working... (sorry for bad english.. not my first language..) Thanks!
  24. hello iam kinda new tho scripting and i cant really get the zupa singel currency, P4L, and plot management working on my servevr can any kind oerson help me installing them on my server i whould be really glad if that was possible cause as i said i really cant get it working anyway... here is a upload of the server.pbo and misson file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yuw0w2m8c60u98i/overpochins%20tavi%20dth.rar?dl=0 thx so far // ZowZ DTH
  25. hello ive tryed to get the Zupa coin script and P4L to woring on my server but i cant get it working i whould love to get an premade script pack with atleast the coin script and P4L whould be relly awesome cause i cant get it working... so if some one could share their server script pack with atleast those to scripts in whould be the best. sorry for bad engish :3 and if some one got an big server script pack with those in please share it. oh and btw if some one reading this and might can hellp me with one more thing you know the menu thingy you get from pressing esc ingame were can i change the text at the very top at? running on OverPoch Panthera and iam hosting at GTXgaming dayz all-in-one Best reguards ZowZ DTH
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