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Found 93 results

  1. ip - Discord.gg/9m99XxM NEW SERVER UP AND RUNNING.. FULL OF AI, PVP HELL... Stop in and ask Pickle Rick or OTROD for a free tank
  2. Made a quick static ai mission that spawns on restart. 12 ai patrol the compound 4 Static m2's 1 Heli Patrolling the compound Crate for who ever clears all the ai. Some screenshots of the compound https://github.com/Trapxxgods/Wai-Static-Mission
  3. my first work in editin :) https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202515_1-jpg https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202245_1-jpg DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq97j7x59362kqe/CASTLEai.sqf?dl=0 AI M2 NEED WAI: https://pastebin.com/GJMnPvZP ON THE MAP: https://pastebin.com/cyqH9rNV https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq97j7x59362kqe/CASTLEai.sqf?dl=0
  4. Does anyone have info or tutorials on how to add static AI to a custom base? Something like patrolling AI and respawn on server restart? Im currently on Arma 2 Dayz Epoch Chernarus map.
  5. Aloha all We start our new Epoch Cherno Redux Server (Funserver) ip: Features: -increased Atagonist Spawn -Vehicle Patrol -Npc Patrol -Missions -F4 Player Menu ( WIP) with craft bike and quad) -Igiload Mods: -RDS Civilian Pack (the good old A2 Vehicles) -No Strider and Ifrit
  6. Dango

    Sarge AI

    Description Disclaimer: This is the initial release for Epoch. This addon is not meant to be mod specific but some issues may arise. Please also note that I am not the original author of Sarge AI but I have been supporting it since version 1.5 in Arma 2. This is an AI system that is intended to simulate real players roaming the map, scavenging, looting and engaging in combat. Unlike other AI systems Sarge AI designates two factions as friendly and only one faction as hostile. This approach provides a simulated pvp/pve environment that changes depending on how players react to the AI. If a player fires and hits a friendly unit the entire group will become hostile and return fire. AI groups will perceive a player that has fired and hit one of it's members as hostile until the group is dead or the player is dead. AI are configured to treat any player with a specific amount of respect one of two ways. If the player has respect below the threshold they will be considered hostile and treated as an enemy by all AI. If the player has respect above the threshold they will be considered friendly only by the friendly factions of AI. If a player shoots or kills any AI the player's respect will be changed in one of two ways. If the AI target is from a friendly faction the player will lose respect for each shot and kill. If the AI target is from a hostile faction the player will be rewarded respect for each shot and kill. There are three (3) factions of AI within this feature: The Survivors Fighting for survival as most of us are; These AI do not wish to start unnecessary conflict as they intend on living as much as any player. These AI will assume every player is friendly unless they are given reason to think otherwise. They often wear toned down military apparel and civilian clothing and should be easy to spot as to not frighten unaware players. The Military As the dominant force in a wasteland of fugitives and other life threatening obstacles the military takes no chance when it comes to combat. Dressed in high level military apparel and the weapons to back it up these NPCs will roam about the area they spawn in and neutralize any threat they encounter. Don't be a threat ;) The Bandits With no apparent loyalty to anyone but the small group of others they travel with these NPCs will roam the map surviving any way they are able to. These AI will steal any loot they encounter and attempt to kill any player they encounter. Outfitted with respectable weapons and head wraps to protect their identities from the authorities these AI make for a formidable enemy. AI can be static or dynamic based on a grid overlay. AI can be bound to the block they spawned in or allowed to freely roam (experimental). AI vehicles are static and are being worked into a dynamic option. Vehicles will patrol within a marker and will not leave the marker unless in combat. Known Issues All AI are hostile. This is not intended and I am still working out how best to configure what determines if a player should be considered hostile or not. Download Sarge AI
  7. So here I am going to post what I have been working on for quite a while now, well started some 4 months ago, and have nearly completely working. I am hoping that posting this here will inspire the community to assist in bringing back this absolute badass ai script to life. This is the stock 1.5.2 SargeAI Framework that you can still download. Right out of the box it does "function" in Epoch but with an extreme amount of errors. I have already modified this version to eliminate most errors, however, most of the Urban Patrol Script is broken. Here is where we begin to demolish the myth that Sarge is dead! https://github.com/Arstan13/SargeAI-Genesys for install... this is nearly fully working. Ive had very limited number of errors to include
  8. Units are not spawning not sure what I did wrong. https://pastebin.com/FrScw6nd https://pastebin.com/SeETUnRy
  9. https://github.com/andgregor/dayZ-AI-Bus-Route While testing this old script in Epoch, I got an issue: When I ride on the bus which an AI is driving, the bus start driving well. But after running about some ten or hundred meters away, the bus suddenly stop and damage me as if there's an invisible barrier in front of me, and it starts bouncing like a football there. I want any idea to make the script works well. --- I have changed a part of init_bus.sqf from to to make it work in 1061, and player_axebus.qf to to make it work for any player skin.
  10. I have been looking at different Ai scripts but none seem to work for of dayz epoch. If someone can put me in a direction that I can atleast start on ,or know a script that I can use then let me know. I have tried Wicked and DZAI realease for but I keep getting errors when I try to get it to run on my server or my server just will not load.
  11. Hi. why is not working? Napf map. (Test coordinated) WAI 2.2.0 wai/static/default.sqf config if(isServer) then { //Custom Spawns file// /* Custom group spawns Eg. [ [18707,17069.5,0.00152969], // Position 4, // Number Of units "Random", // Skill level of unit (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", or ["Random","at"], // Primary gun set number and rocket launcher. "Random" for random weapon set, "at" for anti-tank, "aa" for anti-air launcher 4, // Number of magazines "Random", // Backpack classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Gearset number. "Random" for random gear set "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ] call spawn_group; Place your custom group spawns below */ /* Custom static weapon spawns Eg. (with mutiple positions) [ [ // Position(s) (can be multiple) [18703.4,17068.6,0.0014534], [18707,17069.5,0.00152969] ], "M2StaticMG", // Classname of turret "easy", // Skill level of unit (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Bandit2_DZ", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Bandit", // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". "Random", // Primary gun set number. "Random" for random weapon set 2, // Number of magazines "Random", // Backpack classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random" // Gearset classname, use "Random" or classname here ] call spawn_static; Place your custom static weapon spawns below */ /* Custom Chopper Patrol spawn Eg. [ [18707,17069.5,0.00152969], // Position to patrol [0,0,0], // Position to spawn chopper at 2000, // Radius of patrol 10, // Number of waypoints to give "UH1H_DZ", // Classname of vehicle (make sure it has driver and two gunners) "Random", // Skill level of units (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ] spawn heli_patrol; Place your heli patrols below */ /* Custom Vehicle patrol spawns Eg. (Watch out they are stupid) [ [18707,17069.5,0.00152969], // Position to patrol [18707,17069.5,0.00152969], // Position to spawn at 200, // Radius of patrol 10, // Number of waypoints to give "HMMWV_Armored", // Classname of vehicle (make sure it has driver and gunner) "Random", // Skill level of units (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ] spawn vehicle_patrol; Place your vehicle patrols below this line */ /* Paradropped unit custom spawn Eg. [ [18707,17069.5,0.00152969], // Position that units will be dropped by [0,0,0], // Starting position of the heli 400, // Radius from drop position a player has to be to spawn chopper "UH1H_DZ", // Classname of chopper (Make sure it has 2 gunner seats!) 5, // Number of units to be para dropped "Random", // Skill level of units (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", // Primary gun set number and rocket launcher. "Random" for random weapon set, "at" for anti-tank, "aa" for anti-air launcher 4, // Number of magazines "Random", // Backpack classname, use "Random" or classname here "Bandit2_DZ", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Gearset number. "Random" for random gear set. "Bandit", // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". true // true: Aircraft will stay at position and fight. false: Heli will leave if not under fire. ] spawn heli_para; Place your paradrop spawns under this line */ //Sector 1 [ [18707,17069.5,0.00152969], // Position 4, // Number Of units "Random", // Skill level of unit (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", or ["Random","at"], // Primary gun set number and rocket launcher. "Random" for random weapon set, "at" for anti-tank, "aa" for anti-air launcher 4, // Number of magazines "Random", // Backpack classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Random", // Gearset number. "Random" for random gear set "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ] call spawn_group; diag_log format["WAI: Static mission for %1 loaded", missionName]; };
  12. Hi! How to add custom ai spawn Dzai or Wai? Napf map Explanation of DZAI_spawn_units (For spawning infantry AI) [ "1489.94,3657.41,0.002", //This is the marker name to be used as the patrol and spawning area. 2, //This trigger will spawn a group of 2 AI units. 1, //Weapon grade setting. 1 = weapon chosen from Military loot table (see below for explanation of Weapon Grade) true //(OPTIONAL)* Respawn setting. True: AI spawned will respawn (Default). False: AI will not respawn. Spawn area will be deleted when all units have been killed. ] call DZAI_spawn_units; Not worked.
  13. I useing DZMS/WAI Mission System. If i changeing cloth i cannot control character my self it's look like ai and can dupe all gear items. how can i block this dupe?
  14. I would like to learn how to make a simple custom AI mission. Is there any one out there willing to help.
  15. Giving out my custom ai alert sound to all the hard working server owners out there! I can't upload ogg sound so email me at ambientwaves and I'll send it to you. To use it with WAI Radio announcements, just replace radio.ogg with mine. See pic for it's location in my setup (GTX server). Please let me know if you like and use it! If you would like some other kind of custom voice-over like this let me know and I can probably do it for you :)
  16. I installed a headless client on my server. Ai is spawning but lagging hard. It takes lots of minutes that the ai see any player... Some Server Infos: Processor: i7-3770 RAM: 16 GB Graphic-Card: None Sorry for my english but i hope that anyone could help me.
  17. Overpoch server!!! Iam trying for days now to get the AI (Wicked AI) to be good! They are dumb. dnt react like they should! They look in the wrong direction shoot 10 meters infront of you etc I tried everything setting every skill set to extreme values changed the user arma2oa profile 2 maximum even with ultra ai but still they are just bad they can only kill u if u play realy dumb and dnt move on an open field. sometimes they work good but most of the times they are realy dumb does anyone have any idea? has their been a problem with arma update or with infistar update cause the ai i remember were realy OP if u set everything 2 max this new ai arent! i even tried dzai that worked awesome in 2015 but have a look at the video see for yourself
  18. deleted
  19. Thug


    For some reason unknown to me, Some where in the last 3 to 4 weeks Laserbatteries are showing up on AI that are shoot down (UH1H). Players are getting banned when they pick them up. This server has been up for over a year. I am the only one that adds files to it. I did not add them. 2:55:08 "infiSTAR.de Log: [BRU-O]Brent (PUID) | BadItem: Laserdesignator" 2:55:08 "infiSTAR.de Log: SERVER kicked PUID([BRU-O]Brent) @" 2:55:08 "["PVAHR_0_t7Q8H1k7D2H0x625x5H4x2Q",["[BRU-O]Brent","PUID","BAN",[66,97,100,73,116,101,109,58,32,76,97,115,101,114,100,101,115,105,103,110,97,116,111,114]]]" 2:55:11 "PKILL: [BRU-O]Brent killed himself" 2:55:11 "PDEATH: Player Died PUID" Any help, I will buy you a 6pack of BEER ingame.....
  20. Hello Forum. After i switched my map from Chernarus to Napf. I havn't been able to see AI's from DZAI or WAI on the map, when using ESP/Map icons. I could see them on chernarus as small red circles with a line, that indicated their looking direction. (picture of it here: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15671-release-wicked-ai-220/&do=findComment&comment=138625) Can anyone help me with that? It will be appreciated :) Cheers
  21. Hello Epoch Community, I do not know much about scripting besides the basics. I am trying to add music that will play when AI hunt down players. I want the music to be played global, and I don't want the music to overlap every time an additional AI patrol joins in to hunt a player. Now, I have tried using tons of scripts on the internet which show the basics of how to play sounds, but no matter what I do I cannot get them to play with AI reinforcements. I have a private server for me and just a few friends, so I want the music to be global. I have the AI as police so I was thinking something like PayDay music to play when cops start chasing the players. I have tried tons of different code but nothing happens. If anyone could help that would be great. If you could also give a step by step guide that would be incredible, because I know little to nothing about where to put the lines of code and stuff.
  22. Totally new to this. I have ai and missions running and now I want to finish it up by adding AI to particular buildings. So players can attempt to take over a bandit stronghold etc. No clue as to how to do this. Running bornholm map. I am not sure if this is done via an editor or if there are releases somewhere I am missing.
  23. Hi there. I've seen on a server I've been on a script for a Convoy and a Communications Center. Only script I can find is ZevMissions but I can't get it to work and by the looks of things the creator doesn't come on the forums anymore. Anyone know of an alternative to this or if anyone plans on making one ?
  24. ANDRE AERIAL PATROL: If it worked and you enjoy it, i ask for a donation. Thankyou! $USD $EURO OBS: The money rewards will only work if you have the coins script. INSTALLATION: 1 - Put the script bellow on server side. 2 - Exec it with execVM. if (isServer) then { _gridN = 15; _mapSize = 15360; //CHERNARUS donn_hwps = []; for "_i" from 1 to (_gridN - 1) do { _wpx = (_i/_gridN)*_mapSize; for "_y" from 1 to (_gridN - 1) do { _wpy = (_y/_gridN)*_mapSize; if !(surfaceIsWater [_wpx,_wpy]) then {donn_hwps = donn_hwps + [[_wpx,_wpy,0]];}; }; }; donn_heliConvy = [ /*0*/["UH1H_DZ",0,["100Rnd_762x51_M240","100Rnd_762x51_M240"],3], /*1*/["UH1H_DZ",4,[],4], /*2*/["Mi17_TK_EP1",5,["100Rnd_762x51_M240","100Rnd_762x51_M240"],5], /*3*/["CH_47F_EP1_DZE",6,["100Rnd_762x51_M240","4000Rnd_762x51_M134","4000Rnd_762x51_M134"],6], /*4*/["AH6J_EP1_DZ",1,[],2] //ARMED (PILOT) ]; //HELI MAIN CONFIG BEGIN _heliFormation =[[0,0,2],[2,2],[4,4,4,4,4],[3],[3],[1,1]]; _heliAltitude =[[60,60,115],[100,100],[50,50,50,50,50],[100],[100],[115,115]]; _heliSpeed =["NORMAL","NORMAL","FULL","LIMITED","NORMAL","FULL"]; //HELI MAIN CONFIG END _spawn = [100,100,400]; donn_heli_HD = { _heliHurt = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; if !(canMove _heliHurt) then { if (_heliHurt getVariable "dncmv") then { _heliHurt setVariable ["dncmv",false,false]; { if (random 100 > 50) then {_x action ["Eject",_heliHurt];} else {_x setPos getPos _heliHurt;}; } forEach crew _heliHurt; }; }; _damage }; donn_heli_unit_HD = { _hurtedOne = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; _ofender = _this select 3; _grp = group _hurtedOne; if (combatMode _grp != "RED" && isPlayer _ofender) then { {_x enableAi "TARGET";} forEach units _grp; {_x enableAi "AUTOTARGET";} forEach units _grp; _grp reveal [_ofender,1.5]; _grp setCombatMode "RED";_grp setBehaviour "COMBAT"; }; _damage }; donn_heli_unitKill = { _unit = _this select 0; _role = assignedVehicleRole _unit; if ((assignedVehicleRole _unit) select 0 == "Driver") then { _vehEject = assignedVehicle _unit; { if (random 100 > 40) then {_x action ["Eject",_vehEject];} else {_x setPos getPos _vehEject}; } forEach crew _vehEject; }; if ({alive _x} count units group _unit == 0) then {donn_heliGrps = donn_heliGrps - [group _unit];}; _unit setVariable ["cashMoney",12500 + (round random 5) * 1000,true]; }; donn_makeAeroRoute = { _origin = _this select 0; _heli_group = _this select 1; _speed = _this select 2; _posBefore = _origin; _posNow = _origin; _wp = _heli_group addWaypoint [_posNow,0,0]; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 65; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointSpeed _speed; _posNext = [0,0,0]; for "_c" from 1 to 5 do { _distToBefore = 0; _distToNext = 0; _found = false; for "_x" from 1 to 200 do { _posNext = donn_hwps call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _distToNext = _posNow distance _posNext; _distToBefore = _posNext distance _posBefore; if (_distToNext > 3000 && _distToBefore > 4000) exitWith {}; uiSleep 0.001; }; if (!_found) then {_posNext = donn_hwps call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;}; _wp = _heli_group addWaypoint [_posNext,0,_c]; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 65; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointSpeed _speed; _posNow = _posNext; }; _wp = _heli_group addWaypoint [_origin,0,6]; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 65; _wp setWaypointType "CYCLE"; _wp setWaypointSpeed _speed; }; donn_heliGrps = []; [] spawn { while {{!isNull _x} count donn_heliGrps > 0} do { { _grp = _x; _forceIn = true; { if (_grp knowsAbout _x >= 1.5) then {_grp reveal [_x,4];_forceIn = false;}; } forEach playableUnits; if (_forceIn) then { if (combatMode _grp != "BLUE") then { {_x disableAi "TARGET";uiSleep 0.001;} forEach units _grp; {_x disableAi "AUTOTARGET";uiSleep 0.001;} forEach units _grp; _grp setCombatMode "BLUE";_grp setBehaviour "CARELESS"; }; { if (vehicle _x == _x) then {[_x] orderGetIn true;uiSleep 0.001;}; } forEach units _grp; }; } forEach donn_heliGrps; uiSleep 10; }; diag_log "[COMBOIOS AEREOS] FIM."; }; for "_cs" from 1 to (count _heliFormation) do { diag_log ("[HELI CONVOY] Initialized Spawn! " + str _cs); _heli_group = createGroup EAST; donn_heliGrps = donn_heliGrps + [_heli_group]; _convoy = _heliFormation select (_cs-1); _convoyH = _heliAltitude select (_cs-1); _convoyS = _heliSpeed select (_cs-1); _qtd = count _convoy; _helis = []; {_helis = _helis + [donn_heliConvy select _x];} forEach _convoy; for "_n" from 1 to _qtd do { private ["_firstDriver"]; _heli = _helis select (_n-1); _flyHeight = _convoyH select (_n-1); _motor = createVehicle [_heli select 0,_spawn,[],50,"FLY"]; {deleteVehicle _x;} forEach crew _motor; _motor removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _motor addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{_this call donn_heli_HD}]; _motor setVariable ["dncmv",true,false]; _motor setVariable ["dnishp",true,true]; _motor setVariable ["dnishpq",_heli select 3,true]; _motor setFuel 1; _motor setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; _motor flyInHeight _flyHeight; _ammos = _heli select 2; {_ammo = _x;for "_a" from 1 to 8 do {_motor addMagazineTurret [_ammo,[_forEachIndex]];};} forEach _ammos; _driverCount = 1; _turreterCount = count _ammos; _cargorsCount = _heli select 1; _crewCount = _driverCount + _turreterCount + _cargorsCount; _gunnerPos = 0; for "_y" from 1 to _crewCount do { _unit = _heli_group createUnit ["TK_INS_Bonesetter_EP1",[50,50,0],[],50,"PRIVATE"]; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "killed"; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _unit addEventHandler ["killed",{_this call donn_heli_unitKill;}]; _unit addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{_this call donn_heli_unit_HD}]; [_unit] joinSilent _heli_group; _unit setSkill 0.85; removeAllWeapons _unit; {_unit removeMagazine _x} forEach magazines _unit; _unit addWeapon "RPK_74"; _unit selectWeapon "RPK_74"; for "_pa" from 1 to 2 do {_unit addMagazine "75Rnd_545x39_RPK";}; if (_y == 1) then { _unit assignAsDriver _motor; _unit moveInDriver _motor; _unit setSkill ["aimingAccuracy",0.65]; }; if (_y > 1 && _y <= 1 + _turreterCount) then { _unit assignAsGunner _motor; _unit moveInTurret [_motor,[_gunnerPos]]; _gunnerPos = _gunnerPos + 1; _unit setSkill ["aimingAccuracy",1]; }; if (_y > 1 + _turreterCount) then { _unit assignAsCargo _motor; _unit moveInCargo _motor; _unit setSkill ["aimingAccuracy",0.65]; }; }; {_x disableAi "TARGET";uiSleep 0.001;} forEach units _heli_group; {_x disableAi "AUTOTARGET";uiSleep 0.001;} forEach units _heli_group; _heli_group setCombatMode "BLUE";_heli_group setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _sphere = createVehicle ["Sign_sphere100cm_EP1",[0,0,0],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _sphere attachTo [_motor,[0,0,3]]; }; [donn_hwps call BIS_fnc_selectRandom,_heli_group,_convoyS] call donn_makeAeroRoute; uiSleep (60*20); }; }; 3 - Run the script bellow in client side, with execVM. s_colect_heli = -1; while {true} do { _donn_cursorTarget = cursorTarget; _objVar = _donn_cursorTarget getVariable ["dnishpq",0]; _isHeliLoot = false; if (!isNil "_objVar") then { if (_objVar > 0) then { if (player distance _donn_cursorTarget < ((sizeOf typeOf _donn_cursorTarget)/2 + 4)) then { _isHeliLoot = true; }; }; }; if (_isHeliLoot) then { if (s_colect_heli < 0) then { _heliTxt = "Collect tragedy itens..."; if (alive _donn_cursorTarget) then {_heliTxt = "Collect heli itens!";}; s_colect_heli = player addaction[("<t color=""#6666bb"">" + _heliTxt + "</t>"),"andre_heliConvoy_itens.sqf",_donn_cursorTarget,5,false,true,"",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_colect_heli; s_colect_heli = -1; }; uiSleep 1.5; }; 4 - Put the script bellow in the root of your mission file, with the name andre_heliConvoy_itens.sqf. _motor = _this select 3; _qLoot = _motor getVariable "dnishpq"; _loot1 = [ [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","Mk_48_DZ",[1,1,2]],["addMagazineCargoGlobal","100Rnd_762x51_M240",[1,2,3]]], //Maried Loot [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","M249_DZ",[1,1,2]],["addMagazineCargoGlobal","200Rnd_556x45_M249",[1,2,3]]], //Maried Loot [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","G36C",[1,1,2]],["addMagazineCargoGlobal","30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",[2,3,4]]], //Maried Loot [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","DMR_DZ",[1,1,2]],["addMagazineCargoGlobal","20Rnd_762x51_DMR",[3,4,5]]], //Maried Loot [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","AK_47_M",[1,1,2]],["addMagazineCargoGlobal","30Rnd_762x39_AK47",[2,3,4]]], //Maried Loot [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","NVGoggles",[2,3,4]]], [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","ItemEtool",[2,3,4]]], [["addWeaponCargoGlobal","Binocular_Vector",[2,3,4]]], [["addMagazineCargoGlobal","ItemBloodBag",[6,8,10]]], [["addMagazineCargoGlobal","PartEngine",[2,3,4]]], [["addMagazineCargoGlobal","ItemBandage",[10,15,20]]], [["addMagazineCargoGlobal","HandGrenade_West",[3,5,7]]], [["addMagazineCargoGlobal","ItemBriefcase100oz",[1,1,2]]] ]; if (_qLoot > 0) then { for "_i" from 1 to _qLoot do { _holder = createVehicle ["WeaponHolder",position player,[],1.5,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; { call compile format [ "_holder %1 ['%2',%3];", _x select 0, _x select 1, (_x select 2) call BIS_fnc_selectRandom ]; } forEach (_loot1 call BIS_fnc_selectRandom); }; _motor setVariable ["dnishpq",0,true]; }; Thankyou to Tang0 for more details in the install instructions:
  25. Karmafied

    A3EAI Factions

    Greetings all! I have a private server for only my family to play on. We are playing on Arma 3 Epoch (Australia) and use Face's A3EAI addon. I am trying to figure out how to make the AI have 2 different factions. I don't care if they are friendly towards players or not, I just want gunfights happening randomly instead of ONLY with the players; the AI should be shooting at each other sometimes, too. I've spoken with Face and he has set me on the right direction, but he is very busy and has been more than kind in getting me started; so now I come to the family for help. First, how do I set this code in A3EAI_initserver.sqf to make two factions? I know it's only a matter of 1 and 0 switches, I am just not sure which way. Second, once that is complete, would I just change this code in A3EAI_servermonitor.sqf to match it? And finally, how do I make a case switch that makes the addon spawn either a West group or East group? I feel like it would be here (A3EAI_createUnit.sqf), but I don't know for sure. I am still very new at this. Any and all help is VERY appreciated. Arma 2 and 3 have proven wonderful for my family in terms of spending time together and enjoying each other's company. I am trying to do everything I can to keep it interesting and fun for everyone. Thanks, everybody!
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