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Found 83 results

  1. I was just thinking that since Epoch already has most of the civilian vehicles from this wonderful pack, why not include the rest of it? Obviously I don't mean adding anything like tanks and such (maybe the armored repair vehicles since tracks are usually easy to break) but stuff like the other police vehicles, the military transport trucks, the ridiculous fire engine thats massive because it looks lovely, etc. Also it would be a quick way of injecting basic items like new backpacks, weapons, and skins into Epoch to make a mod that has come so far to take it's seat upon the throne of best DayZ mod. (At least in my opinion) Link to the Armaholic Page : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17447
  2. Hey all, Any way to add AI with vehicles to Epoch events? I'm going to have a play with it myself too, just wondered if anyone had done it already to save me some time! Here is the code I am looking at adding vehicles to Cheers :D
  3. Hello Epoch people, Just thought it would be incredibly awesome to have some more militarized vehicles like the Dingo. The ACR vehicles are pretty freaking awesome along with some of the objects that come with it like the rising water objects. They can be used for flood and stuff. Just let me know your thoughts and ideas reflecting this idea. Cheers Retra
  4. Vehicles, tents, etc storage capacity is determined by 3 limits: maximum number of ammunition, weapons and backpacks. What does the maximum number of backpacks represent? Does it reffer to maximum number of empty backpacks you can store in a vehicle/tent? If so, how do you even do that? Because I can't pick up a backpack as an item, I can only equip it on the character and that's it.
  5. Hi Guys! Just wondering... With vehicles that get sold: 1) Does the amount of global vehicles get reduced? So, say if there is a MAX limit in my init.sqf of 100 vehicles, and I have 100 on the server... If a player sells 10 vehicles, is the number of vehicles on the server then classed as 90, thus allowing 10 more to dynamically spawn??? Thanks :)
  6. Hi Im new here I´m trying to spawn vehicles via script, but my vehicles disappeare 5 sec. after spawning. Please HELP :(
  7. Hi all! Just wondered if a list exists, with the classnames of the vehicles & weapons that Epoch (map_eu I guess?) supports? Thanks :D
  8. Hello peoples, first i wanted to thank the makers of the mod and the whole community for this amazing mod. I´ve been playing for a while now and there is an issue with the vehicles that seems little strange to me. There are huge differences in armor/durability values between different (unarmored) vehicles. The SUV for example can be destroyed with like 20 rounds of a PDW SD to the engine while a BMW takes more then 6 magazines from a DMR (to the engine) and will still drive. Is this a know issue or maybe even intentionally implemented? For explanation: On the server my team plays armed vehicles are not very common (as for example the armored SUV costs 600 gold and selling prices of most items are very low in general, M4A1 CCO sells at 1 gold) so most people use the common (unarmed/unarmored) cars. Best, Role
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