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Found 83 results

  1. -PROBLEM SOLVED- G'day, Survivors. I am having an issue on my server where vehicles which spawn randomly around the map repair themselves upon server restart. I use this config in my init.sqf which successfully spawns the vehicles in damaged and with low fuel... DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 75; DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100; DynamicVehicleFuelLow = 0; DynamicVehicleFuelHigh = 25; ...However upon each server restart the vehicles repair themselves (the fuel remains low however) and for the life of me I can't figure out why this is happening. DayZ Version -DayZ Epoch Scripts Used -DZAI | -DZMS | -Right Click Actions (Suicide, Smoke Drugs, GPS Scan) AntiHack - InfiSTAR Server Host - GTXGaming My HiveEXT.log and arma2oaserver.RPT logs are not showing anything out of the ordinary. I'm not sure if it matter, but all Planes/Helicopters and Boats have been removed from the server via the dynamic_vehicle.sqf. In addition, all of the traders and trader cities being removed by removing the call for the CfgServerTrader.hpp in the description.ext. If there is any other info I can show to assist in fixing this problem please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  2. To unlock vehicles left in your traders over a server restart, open your epoch_server.pbo In epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_vehicles.sqf Find if (_allowDamage) then { Just above that, add this A3E_SafeZonePosArray = [ [[18451.9,14278.1,0]], //Altis East trader [[13333.5,14494.3,0]], //Altis Central trader [[6192.46,16834,0]] //Altis West trader ]; { if (_vehicle distance (_x select 0) < 200) then { _vehicle lock false; diag_log format["Vehicle %1 left in trader unlocked @ %2", _class, mapGridPosition _vehicle]; }; } forEach A3E_SafeZonePosArray; Pack pbo and you're good to go
  3. How would I go about adding custom vehicles to my server? I want to have an F35B with no weapons. I know how to remove the weapons, just cant find the file for the jet itself to edit.
  4. Howdy folks, sorry to ask what should be an obvious and easy thing, but my searches over the last two days haven't found me a current answer. Apparently in the older versions of Epoch, you would add vehicles by editing the allowedvehicleslist, however that seems to have changed in later versions, as the list is no longer there. I found some documents that state it's in the mission.pbo, some that state it's in the epochconfig.hpp (there's a reference to it but no actual list), and some that state it should be somewhere else in the epoch_server_settings, but I've come up completely blank. Does anyone happen to know where this is in the current (Epoch 1.0) release? Considering most documentation I'm finding is several years old, I can only assume I'm looking in the wrong places. :(
  5. Connection Info: Addons: @EPOCH Steam Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ApricotCrew Discord: https://discord.gg/tHVsxqU Team Speak Server: Web (under construction): http://apricotcrew.com/ Group Description: Apricot Crew—a gaming community built on mutual respect Are you tired of TS servers full of dictators, crazy rules, and painful disruptions to your gaming experience? Look no further, you finally found a place to call "home." Apricot Crew is a community of like minded gamers. If you respect us, we'll respect you. For the love of the game, have fun! P.S. We started this server as a bunch of friends who wanted a dedicated place to play Epoch. Come try it so we can have more people on at once...
  6. look man, its fun and all, but, its not fun when theres nobody on regular-ish airdrops with some pretty good stuff admins usually on noob friendly
  7. [SOLVED] All below has to do with a spawned in truck being used as a loot crate. this setHit [""wheel_2_3_steering"", 1]; I know that the 2 points to the right side of the vehicle. 3 points to the middle tire. The 1, if let at 1 removes the tire. I'm i right so far? If so, if I lower the 1 to lets say 0.50 it will leave the tire on and have 50% damage?
  8. Hi! Repair and Salvage Script
  9. Hi. There is a problem with closed vehicles, Example: Spawn locked vehicle bug,Buy locked vehicles,Sell locked vehicles (error code) No one writes that I could shut it down. Photos links: https://prntscr.com/f8ut13 - No lock menu https://prntscr.com/f8utap - trader spawn bug https://prntscr.com/f8utjo - lost car,added key 1(one) he was able to lay down the vehicle,But it does not work afterwards
  10. Birgitte

    server delay

    Good afternoon friends, The server is coming along fine with all of your help. I am having some issues that are making game play difficult for my players. At times, the server seems to have a delay with responding to actions. When you try to get in a vehicle, you will get the standard action movement and then stand there waiting for entry. there is a delay, sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, then you are in the vehicle. This also happens when shooting AI or zombies. You fire a head shot and they still can attack you for a few seconds or minutes until they just die. This can have obvious adverse effects and players want to go play something else. I have upgraded my server service to what is supposed to be the best nitrado has to offer so i don't think that is the issue. My RPT log is spamming like this a bunch. What can i do to fix this? Server: Object 3:665 not found (message 99) Server: Object 3:663 not found (message 99) Server: Object 3:665 not found (message 99) Server: Object 3:663 not found (message 99) Server: Object 3:665 not found (message 99) Server: Object 3:663 not found (message 99) If this is in the wrong place please forgive me and let me know where to go. You have all been a great help so far. =o)
  11. Ok, so i've been banging my head for a while with this script. Players have been asking for me to put in some helicopters, but they have rockets. Last thing i need lol So i found this script which removes weapons/rockets, that after a little playing around with, i got it to work properly with the 1051 epoch version. http://opendayz.net/threads/release-remove-weapons-ammunition-thermal-from-vehicle-epoch-version.18044/ This is my issue. For ALL helicopters, after the script was added if i got in the pilots seat, the rockets would still be there. The second i turn on Manual Fire, the rockets were not accessible lol go figure, its arma. Also in the gunner seat the rockets were not accessible. So i thought, lets force players into manual fire mode while in pilot seat. This worked well...on my test server lol When i put it live, i had 2 of my admins try it out. When 2 players get into the heli, the gunner receives a spam chat because the pilot cannot be in manual fire mode while having a gunner... soo yeah lol So now im trying to find a way, or if someone has experienced this.. I cannot leave the code for forcing players in manual fire... Here is a snippet from my code I also tried using removeWeaponGlobal And i noticed some threads talked about RemoveWeaponTurret...but the BI wiki says its just for arma 3.. i tried anyways and it didnt work lol Theres also a second method in that script, but all it does is remove the ammo from that weapon.. with my rearm script, you can rearm the hydras. Any advice would be great...even if its DUKE ITS NOT POSSIBLE... then great, ill stop banging me head lol Thanks
  12. So my main reason is to ask if fellow server admins noticed this issue to? 1 of my players noticed his m900 (hummingbird) is dissapearing, there was no one in the server at that time and he wasnt in his own base when it happends. becouse iam running a zombie mod (it could've been a zombie running into it and pushed it etc.) So the hummingbird got blowed up but no one was there, The chopper was parked like 2 days on the same spot. (.rpt log: Debug Dead vehicle etc.) It was a legit vehicle who got spawned in by the server(not by a admin tool) So that's why im asking in this tread, maybe that someone else has noticed it to? In a nutshell: M900 got destroyed by no one..Rpt.log cleaned it up, (2nd time this happend)
  13. Hi, on my overpoch server whenever i purchase a vehicle from a trader, the arrow spawns, but the vehicle never does. this code is in the RPT aswell. Error in expression < _array select 5; _pos = _worldspace select 1; _txt = getText (configFile > 18:40:12 Error position: <select 1; _txt = getText (configFile > 18:40:12 Error select: Type Object, expected Array,Config entry
  14. Seen a couple of threads now linking to this problem of the server rolling back and not saving the object / vehicle COORDS on restart. - I use PRMS (Added by GamingDeluxe) which restarts the server like BEC Problem with this is that I have my server to restart every 4 Hours and it only restarts every 2 hours? This could be the cause? Threads such as: are similar to to my problem https://forums.dayz.com/topic/68181-1725-tents-and-vehicle-inventories-not-saving/ So if I spawn in a vehicle using Infistar for a player Then the player drives this vehicle around the map anywhere After 2 hours the server will restart prematurely (when its set to 4 hour restarts on PRMS) And will then move this spawn vehicle back to the position to where I spawned it This is the same with players creating bases, or adding items to safes or vehicles. The server simply rolls back to the start of the server restart. I think this could be a problem with a Server_update file as it is not saving the positions but I read on the other thread this is not the case... Any ideas? - Dztance
  15. The short version When the server restarts vehicles reset back to where they were originally were and back to the original state they were in before the restart. Longer version Example. So I take a car drive it from Cherno to the airfield and put some gear in it and shoot out a tire then restart the server, it will be all the way back in cherno in its original condition and without any gear. If I spawn a vehicle and move it to another location and restart the server it will still be there in what ever state I left it in. But then it starts acting like all the other vehicles, always reverting to that spot. So it must only be saving the vehicles the database once after the first restart that they are on the server for then it doesnt update them again. I thought it might be a problem with the server monitor.sqf and replaced it with a fresh one, which did not help. I also tried using the monitor.sqf from my other server that is working just fine and that didn't do anything either. If anyone else has any idea on what to do the help would be much appreciated. This is the last obstacle in the way of my PvP server but its a rather annoying one. If you want to talk to me directly you can find me on my teampseak GOHgaming.mainvoice.net
  16. Basically as the title says, the vehicles on my PVP server are not being saved to the database correctly. They generated and spawn in just fine but if you get in a world generated vehicle and drive it somewhere else it will just revert back to its original position and its original state after restart. Spawnign in vehicles works alright and it even saves their position after you move them, but only on the session they were spawned in. Once you restart the server it too becomes locked in place on where ever you left it and will keep reverting to that spot just like all other vehicles do. I'm gonna guess it has something to do with the publish vehicles or objects files in the mission pbo so I compared those files from my PVE server which works fine to the ones on the PVP server and found that the PVP server's update object and publish object files had a few lines missing that were included in the PVE server's files. So i tried adding in the missing code but that only made it worse. It caused the server to get stuck are trying to get authentication even after wiping the database and puting back in the working server files. To fix that problem i had to completely wipe the server and start back over with vanilla files. Which is why I always make back up files but its still annoying and time consuming. I'm out of ideas. If anyone can help me with this that would be great. If you need to look at the files I can just email them to you.
  17. shote

    I need help please

    Hello, first of all sorry about my english. Im new at server scripting, but i would like get some help about what is happening at my server. I log in to my server, i put 5.000 coins at my safe in my own base, took one random vehicle, go to random spot and i parking it at forest (resart will come in 1 hour). When i log out, and log in back after restart, then my vehicle is at my base back, My money its gone from safe. I lose items inside vehicles, safes etc. Every restart. Well what i can do to fix it? I read posts at forum can be cache player or something. But i dont know its like data base its not sync with server, or i dont know. I dont have enought knows for explain better. So, i will apreciate all help and all comments. And if i have to post a log of some files just say me and i will do fast than i can. Thanks for beeing here epochmod.com
  18. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have a epoch arma 3 server. I want to add the Ifrit and a couple more vehicles to the spawn list. Also I want them to be able to be sold. Is there something more then just adding them to the spawn list?
  19. Thug


    I am building the FATA Map, and I have a problem with Spawn Velicles spawning off the map. Also the missions that come from dayz_server\modules are spawning off the map. Here is a picture of the spawns below with the world cords on the corners and center: This link will show whats going on somewhat. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/fata map.jpg My question: Is there a way to make them spawn on the map.. NOTE they are not boats, the ones off the map are Helis and planes. Here is my init.sqf below https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/init.sqf Does any one have a heli spawn script, so I can get them on the map?
  20. Hello there! Yesterday I had my third session of Epoch. I played with two friends who were new to the game, too. When we decided to build our first base and gathered wood etc. a tank showed up with three or four soldiers. They relly tore us apart within 3 minutes and I was barely able to kill one of the enemies and hit them with a HE rocket (without any effect) before they rolled over my crippled legs. They took our cars, our loot and our gear we had equipped. Nothing wrong with that - dying is part of the game and I really like all DayZ-like mods for this feature. Even if the fight is kind of unfair, like 5 vs 1. Still ok with me, that's the game. But an armored and armed vehicle? Left aside that we were noobs, I do not even know the vehicles name. I do not think something like this tank should be implemented into this kind of gameplay. There already were issues in Arma 2 mods with op vehicles. Maybe I am wrong and you guys like that. Well, I don't. So I am done with Epoch after two days and will take a look at Exile. As far as I know (from the Exile Wiki) there are no armed tanks there. Please let me know your opinion on that. Thanks you guys!
  21. Ok so last night someone came to my ts just to ask me if he could donate to use my paintshop... obviusly i could not just allow this, but he insisted that i should take his donation and i told him that i would not promise anything but i was already planning on posting it soonish on the forum. he was so happy about this, that he decided to donate to me anyway and since i was so flattered by this "move of generosity", i decided that today would be the day to "reveal" it for everyone. so here it is ... PaintShop by Halv: [screenshots below, maybe video comming soon]. this all started with me fiddling with the sliders in the gui editor wanting to use these for something, so i started making this gui to allow me to set a custom colour on vehicles ... later it kinda "grew a bit" and became what it is today where you can use it to set textures on basicly any "vehicle" in arma 3. for now, only uniforms and backpacks are persistant, but im hoping this will change in the future. backpacks and uniforms are saved into profilenamespace so it will be persistant over restarts (even over deaths) the player will HAVE to go and set the default colours on their clothing in order to actually remove this again, if not you will be able to relog (if you somehow loose it) and it will be back as it was choosen in the paintshop. you can use the sliders to set a custom colour of choice or you can easily add or remove custom textures in the settings.sqf file to install this you will need to download these files: https://github.com/Halvhjearne/paintshop to install add to your init.sqf something like: [] execVM "addons\paintshop\paintshop.sqf"; within a: if(hasInterface) then{ now in description.ext add the very top: if you already have a Halv_defines.hpp, then you can skip the step below, as you do not need another, infact your server will fail to load if you have more than one in description.ext!. (but perhaps check when it was last edited and see if you perhaps need to update it). if you do not have a Halv_defines.hpp, then you need to add this line: #include "addons\halv_spawn\Halv_defines.hpp" once you have the above line, add directly below it: #include "addons\paintshop\paintshop.hpp" if you have infistar antihack, you will need to add this: 6666 in _allowedDialogs like this: _allowedDialogs = [-1,602,6666]; and set _CAP and _OAP to false, like this: /* Check Actions Plr */ _CAP = false; /* Remove Actions Plr */ _OAP = false; if you dont care about customization, you can skip the next two steps, but READ THE RED TEXT BELOW!! to add custom pictures/preset colours just open settings.sqf and change the array, look at how its already done: //custom textures ["Linux","trader\trader.jpg"], ["DK Flag","custom\dkflag.jpg"], first is text, this is the text shown in the menu, next is the path to where your picture is located. you can also use this to set preset colours like this: //preset colors ["Red","#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,1)"], ["Green","#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,1,0,1)"], VERY IMPORTANT: remeber to change / remove my custom images from settings.sqf or you will get an error about them missing when you open the paintshop! Known bug/limitations: when adding textures by double clicking them, it changes the colour on the next side aswell. the side painted is not actually painted, its just the "test colouring" that activates cause it switches side and if you press accept the colours selected is painted correctly. to avoid this just use "add to list" option instead or learn to live with it (untill i feel like fixing it :lol: ). some objects cannot be painted, this includes tempest based vehicles, parachute bags and some other, im hoping i prevented the paintshop from opening if no sides are availible to paint on. sometimes players uniform/bag is not painted on login, just relog and its usually back. profilenamespace can become corrupt and in extreemly rare cases it is possible that it will crash your game on load, in such cases try delete your profile and creating a new one and it should fix it. player texture/colours are not seen by ai like players see it, so bright colours will have no effect on how ai reacts towards the player ... idk if this can be called a bug or a feature, its not something i can change (or even want to if i could). special thanks to mr. Garcia for donating, only hoping i would release this ... you will not be dissapointed now ;) have fun Regards Halv
  22. For some reason the difficulty for flying is crazy high, theyre WAY too sensitive. Is there a way to change that or has anyone had a similiar problem?
  23. Hello, I'm new to Epoch on Arma 3 and so far it's awsome! I've played a couple of hours on 2 different servers (both Altis map) and so far, I haven't found any vehicle. 1) Do vehicles spawn on specific locations on the map or is it random? 2) Do traders sell vehicles? If so, are these traders randomly or specifically located on the map? Thanks in advance for the help!
  24. CASCA ANDRE CONVOYS - TAKELONG V1a: V1a ON 01 of September of 2015 NEW ON TAKELONG V1: New Skill Settings: _generalSkill = 0.6; //All skills, except ain skill, for all AI _driverManAin = 0.8; //Ain of the driver, from 0 to 1 _cargoMansAin = 0.5; //Ain of the cargo ocupants, from 0 to 1 _turretMansAin = 0.3; //Ain ot the turret operators, from 0 to 1 New Icon settings: _showMapIcons = true; //Show spawn, convoy and AI icons on map? _showMapIconsOnlyWhenNotInWar = true; //Hide convoy icons when they enter in war, so the fight is not spoted. _showCrewNumber = true; //Show crew number on the vehicle icon on map? (runner bombers don't count as vehicle crew) Special reward in coins (Zupa coins) or gold (normal Epoch): _useCoinsReward = false; //Special kill (main char kill or combo kill) reward in gold or coins? Use false to gold / true to coins. _coinRewards = [650,4000,650]; //Special Reward Array: _xxxxxRewards = [kill reward,son of general kill reward,extra for each combo kill]; _goldRewards = [["ItemSilverBar",0],["ItemGoldBar10oz",1],["ItemGoldBar",1]]; //Special Reward Array: _xxxxxRewards = [kill reward,son of general kill reward,extra for each combo kill]; Combo kill is when you kill more 2 AI in the space of 15 seconds. The level of the combo increase if you keep killing in less than 15 seconds (Combo Level 1, Combo Level 2, Combo Leve 3, and so on). While the combo kill reward in coins goes direct to the player wallet, in gold, it goes in the AI dead body. Humanity Gain Settings: donn_humanityGainForKill = 65; //How much humnity to gain for each AI kill? //Bellow this value you is in the Bandit Way so donn_humanityGainForKill will subtract to your humanity //Above this value you is in the Hero Way so donn_humanityGainForKill will add to your humanity donn_humanityZeroScale = 2500; Other Settings: _donn_delete_body_time = 2400; //Time in seconds to delete a dead AI body donn_aiCarVulnerable = false; //false or 0 is INVUNERABLE true or 1 is VULNERABLE NEW ON TAKELONG V1a: Bidirectional Humanity: Fixed bandit (or on the bandit way) players getting positive humanity from AI kill. NEW ON TAKELONG V1b: Coin rewards: Fixed coins rewards not happening due to a typo. Manual fix if you have V1a: Inside andre_convoy.sqf change the configuration setting from _coinsRewards = [650,4000,650]; to _coinRewards = [650,4000,650]; If it works for you consider a donation. Thankyou. $USD $EURO INSTALATION: TAKELONG V1b Unzip this file into your mission folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd4dyodm7prnu4d/arma2_epoch_andre_convoy_takelong_v1b.7z?dl=0 Look at init(example).sqf to see how to run Andre Convoy, and reproduce it in your init.sqf. No BE filters tweak needed. INFISTAR USERS: If your infiStar have this option: /* EXPERIMENTAL CU FIX */ _CUF = true; /* true or false */ /* *experimental* - will transfer serverside units (including mission AI) to clientside */ You need to turn it off setting _CUF to false, or AI will not work.
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