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Found 323 results

  1. I have a couple questions for the linux love crowd. 1. Can I run epoch to allow older client versions? Specifically v1.42, the current version of the linux beta client. Would "requiredBuild = xxxxx;" in the config work? If so anyone happen know the build number for the 1.42 linux client? 2. Does epoch require battleye? Does it effect admin tools or anything? Now yes I understand the importance of battleye and would normally never run without it, however since there is no battleye for the linux client (yet), importance is placed on actually playing above security for now. I also know connecting old clients can have unexpected results, but again, we just want to play on our favorite os. Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  2. Hello! Me and 2 of my friends who are new to arma and dayz are looking for an overpoch server, region Europe if possible. Cherno or Napf preferably. Thanks //Cookies
  3. heres a video that shows you how to make an epoch server http://youtu.be/1HW4xhVwsns
  4. Got the server running fine. Which is great. having an issue with it showing up on the game finder but i think that's a port issue not the serve itself. Question I have is I've set my server restart to true but the server won't restart after 4 hours. It's not a big deal because only me and my cousin play on it. But I'm curious to what the issue is. I'll add the code here. Hopefully someone can't find my error :P serverRestart = true; // true sends #shutdown command to server after the time specified in ForceRestartTime forceRestartTime = 14400; // 4 hour restarts StorageSlotsLimit = 1500; // Max storage slots allowed. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. BuildingSlotsLimit = 1500; // Max building slots allowed. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. // Time based StaticDateTime[] = {2035,6,10,7,0}; // {0,0,0,8,0} would forces the server to start at 8am each time it is started while allowing the year, month and day to stay real time. Any values left at 0 will result in no change. timeDifference = 0; // Server uses real time this will allow you to offset just the hour. timeMultiplier = 4; // Sets a time multiplier for in-game time. The command range is now capped at 0.1 - 120 to avoid performance problems. lootMultiplier = 1; // 1 = max loot bias. This controls how much loot can payout per Epoch loot container. // Events WeatherChangeTime = 1200; // This controls how fast the weather changes as well as how fast shipping containers and earthquakes happen. WeatherStaticForecast[] = {}; // Default: {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}}; // Clear day; {19,1,{1,1,40},1,{5,5}}; // Cold Foggy Rainy Overcast Windy; Format: {temp <scalar>,rain <scalar>,fog <array>,overcast <scalar>,wind <array>} events[] = { { 3600, "CarnivalSpawner" }, // SECOND <scalar>, EVENT <string> { 2400, "EarthQuake" }, { 1800, "ChangeWeather" }, { 1200, "ContainerSpawner" }, { 300, "PlantSpawner" } //No comma on last Entry }; // Antagonists antagonistChanceTrash = 0.09; //9% chance when player loot a trash object antagonistChancePDeath = 0.33; //33% chance when player was killed from a other player (selfkill doesn't count) antagonistChanceLoot = 0.09; //9% chance when player click "SEARCH" on a loot object // Player Related cloneCost = 100; // debt incurred on player death // vehicles - Max vehicle slots is calculated from per vehicle limits below. Warning! Higher the number lower the performance. simulationHandler = false; // When enabled this feature disables simulation on vehicles that are not near players. Can help improve client fps at the cost of server fps. (This is disabled by default now that Arma has fixed the original issue) vehicleLockTime = 1800; // Controls how many seconds it takes to allow another person/group to unlock vehicle. allowedVehiclesList[] = { {"C_Offroad_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Quadbike_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Hatchback_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Hatchback_02_EPOCH",10}, {"C_SUV_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Rubberboat_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Rubberboat_02_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Rubberboat_03_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Rubberboat_04_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Van_01_box_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Van_01_transport_EPOCH",9}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_police_EPOCH",5}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_rescue_EPOCH",5}, {"B_Heli_Light_01_EPOCH",2}, {"B_SDV_01_EPOCH",2}, {"B_MRAP_01_EPOCH",3}, {"B_Truck_01_transport_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Truck_01_covered_EPOCH",2}, {"B_Truck_01_mover_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Truck_01_box_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_02_covered_EPOCH",2}, {"O_Truck_02_transport_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_03_covered_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_02_box_EPOCH",1}, {"I_Heli_light_03_unarmed_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_EPOCH",1}, {"I_Heli_Transport_02_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_bench_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_box_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_covered_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_EPOCH",1}, {"jetski_epoch",7}, {"K01",2}, {"K02",2}, {"K03",2}, {"K04",2}, {"ebike_epoch",7}, {"mosquito_epoch",5}, {"C_Heli_Light_01_civil_EPOCH",5} }; // Traders taxRate = 0.1; // controls the price increase for purchases starterTraderItems[] = { { "ItemSodaBurst", "meatballs_epoch", "MortarBucket", "CinderBlocks", "VehicleRepair", "CircuitParts", "ItemCorrugated", "PartPlankPack", "ItemRock", "ItemRope", "ItemStick" }, { 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 } }; // Starter Items for fresh spawned trader first array is classnames second is quantity. NPCSlotsLimit = 50; // Max number of traders static or dynamic. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. forceStaticTraders = true; // disables traders moving from work to home // Markers showEarthQuakes = true; // show mineral viens caused by earthquakes showShippingContainers = true; // Show location of events based loots (plants, shipping container, Carnival) SHOW_TRADERS = true; // Show locations of traders SHOW_JAMMERS = false; // Shows location of base jammers SHOW_BOATLOOT = true; // Shows the location of shipwreck loot DEBUG_VEH = false; // DEBUG ONLY used to debug spawing of vehicles // Hive Related expiresBuilding = "604800"; // expiration date in seconds for buildings expiresPlayer = "2592000"; // expiration date in seconds for players expiresBank = "7776000"; // expiration date in seconds for players bank expiresVehicle = "604800"; // expiration date in seconds for vehicles expiresAIdata = "604800"; // expiration date in seconds for NPC Trader inventory hiveAsync = true; // true = asynchronous hive calls (non blocking), false = synchronous hive calls (blocking) // Admin Features hiveAdminCmdExec = false; // true = enables extra (To Be Released) feature to allow execution of code via hive. hiveAdminSavePlayerList = true; // true = enables saving of playerUID array to hive value PLAYERS:#InstanceID. hiveAdminCmdTime = 5; // how many seconds between each command queue call.
  5. I've been trying to setup my server since the weekend. Kept crashing and couldn't figure out why so I've done a few fresh installs. I've now found the issue (or atleast 1). When I go into Epochah and setup my details to be menu owner the game won't load and give me error Server not Ready (Error 02). If someone could help me sort this that would be great. thanks.
  6. Hello everyone. I made a script for my server were their is a static loot crate that will spawn at a static missions. The script works, it spawns in with the loot but for some reason when I put it on the server and not on my local system it's lower then normal (If the crate is on the ground and you can not longer see it, if it is in a building it is 1 floor down in the roof), But this only happens for me, Everyone else can see it in the right location. Any idea why this is happening? _vehicle_0 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["CZBasicWeapons_EP1", [7761.99,4491.99,0.00144958], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_0 = _this; _uniqueid = str(round(random 999999)); _this setVariable ["ObjectID", _uniqueid, true]; _this setVariable ["ObjectUID", _uniqueid, true]; _this setVariable ["permaLoot",true]; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _this; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _this; _this addWeaponCargoGlobal ["vil_M110sd",1]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["20Rnd_762x51_DMR", 5]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["metal_floor_kit",5]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["cinder_wall_kit",10]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["CinderBlocks",20]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["MortarBucket",10]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["ItemVault",1]; _this setPos [7761.99,4491.99,0.00144958]; };
  7. If Anyone is experienced in setting up dayz servers/coding scripts and are interested in coding for a cost then ill be happy to pay for your service and time contact me via private mail and we can discuss this in more detail thanks for your time requirements coding experience,reliable,18+ Best regards Donal
  8. The purpose of this thread is to establish the required ports to ensure that your dedicated server is safely protected with a firewall and the required ports are open to, obviously, connect to the game server to play and, more importantly, allow any remote access applications you use, e.g. RDP / VNC etc.: **IMPORTANT**: If you don't currently have a firewall enabled on your remote server and decide to enable it, make sure that you allow the ports for your remote access, or you will lock yourself out ! Default ports are: RDP (Windows Remote Desktop): 3389 VNC (Vitrual Network Computer) : 5900 I strongly recommend changing the default ports as there are bots out there that will attack them persistently, trying to brute force a password. Once the port is closed they p|$$ off elsewhere. Not going to reveal the port I use but there are plenty of 'free' ones to try.. Now: To make sure that the required ingoing and outgoing ports are opened to allow the game server to communicate with the master server and to register your server for dayZ commander. We currently have the ports (listed below) open and still do not appear on dayZ commander. Taking the firewall down (briefly) allows the server to appear in dayZC, so it is definitely a port blocked issue.. This is on a Windows 2012 R2 Standard Server. I have picked up ports from various threads and allowed them.. Allowed As Application: Arma 2 Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Arma2: Operation Arrowhead Beta Allowed Inbound Rules / Ports: All ICMP V4 (Ping) UDP 2303 (dayZ Commander) UDP 6500 (Gamespy Master Requests) Allowed Outbound Rules / Ports: UDP 2303 (dayZ Commander) TCP 28900 (Master Server) UDP 27900 (Master Server) I made the assumption that allowing the applications through the firewall would do it, that appears to have been wrong as whilst writing this post I have just: Added Allow for Inbound and Outbound on port 2302 for both UCP and TCP... Yay, server is on dayZ Commander, as a favourite for now, but it is responding and showing server details. Now to work out which of those ports above I don't actually need :)
  9. Hey guys. I have an issue with getting WAI to work on my server. Basically I followed some youtube tutorials and done everything as advised, unpacked my .pbo file and repacked it with the WAI files and the line of code in the correct file to call to it. However I realised that my server is not even using my dayz_server.pbo and it runs successfully without it, I can join and other players can join over the internet, however it only shows in the arma 2 OA multiplayer menu and not dayz launcher which is not an issue right now because this server is just for me and a few friends for the moment. The real issue is WAI not working, I have SARGE AI working which is great but this is only because I didn't have to do anything to the pbo file to get that mod working, all of the files went into the MPmissions area which my server is using. So in short my server is ignoring the dayz_server.pbo even though the command to use @Dayz_Epoch_Server is in the batch file, and still survives and runs without it. I've looked all over the place for another pbo file that may be hidden somewhere that my server is using but there is none. Does anyone have any ideas? How can I get WAI working and where am I supposed to put it if my dayz_server.pbo is being ignored, or where am I going wrong. If you need any specific info please let me know. Regards.
  10. I love the Arma 3 epoch and the feel, it's such an amazing upgrade from Arma 2. My only issue is the vehicle lock times, I have a life, work and school as most other people do and cannot keep logging in every day to check on a vehicle I secured. I want to build a base but to do that I need to gather materials and store them temporarily in a car but the problem I had on previous servers was that the vehicles became unlocked after server restart or after about 30 minutes of not being used and all my stuff would get stolen. I miss the Arma 2 version where if you locked a car, no one could loot or steal it (unless they stole parts of the car or just blew it up, which is fair game in my opinion). Can someone please recommend a couple of servers that implement this script/version? I have a 4 man squad looking to really get into Arma 3, but this issue is hindering us. Thanks.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm planning on starting a new Epoch server on a dedicated SSD and wanted to put out some feelers for what kind of content players want to see on a server. To gather this information, I have put together a few strawpolls with some options that I and my server staff could think of. If there is an addon or map you have an interest in, but do not see in the polls, please feel free to post it in the thread (with a short description if you'd like for clarification). Server Addons (Please choose your 3 favorite options) Server Uptime (How often should restarts happen?) Server Map (If there is a map not listed you prefer, please post it below) Thank you for any feedback you can provide, as all of it will help us create a better server experience for you, the player.
  12. 0:13:42 Dedicated host created. 0:13:47 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.205) 0:13:47 Host identity created. 0:16:29 Mouse uses modified data file 0:16:29 BattlEye Server: Player #0 Mouse ( connected 0:16:29 Player Mouse connecting. 0:16:29 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. 0:16:29 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. [repeats like 30 times] 0:16:31 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. 0:16:32 Player Mouse connected (id=______<-removing this for this forum post). 0:16:32 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. 0:16:32 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. [repeats like 30 times] 0:16:33 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. 0:16:33 Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory. 0:16:33 Player Mouse disconnected. 0:16:33 BattlEye Server: Player #0 Mouse disconnected The game sees the server but immediately crashes when I try to connect to it. Another issue is that I can't see the server externally, but one problems at a time. I read another thread that suggested deleting the file in C:\Users\Anonymouse\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\MPMissionsCache That didnt clear the error. Game versions are the same and I can connect to other servers just fine. Please let me know where to look to get this working. Video of server as I attempt to connect Server is booting on port 2315. is that wrong and is this just a port issue? it still shows the data being sent to the player. Edit: still havent found the source of this issue.
  13. HarDayZ Hard DayZ Mod Pack idea... Twitter Facebook Reddit Hello, Due to the experience I gathered in-game, I feel like the current servers are not fun anymore. You get everything on a plate, as well as everyone else, and just run in guns, crash cars and worry not. For this sole reason, I came up with a server idea which might appeal the more hardcore players. From the perspective of the servers currently in-game, these server properties may be straight up crazy. But I will include ways of monetisation. This may not feel the right choice, but again, this may be straight up crazy and might appeal the more hardcore players. A quick note before starting: This would work both as a Epoch as well as a Overpoch, but I do think adding some vehicles is a must, in order to attract new players and, most importantly, to make the engagements more entertaining. I have made (am making, if you're writing this before I finished editing this) a list with mods for epoch and a list with mods for the game which I think working together would be able to revive the comatose state of the dayz mod servers which made most hardcore players move over to standalone. Here is the list of features I think would provide the most engaging experience for experienced players. Scarce resources. Basicly, you're going to mainly find food for a good while.Make the meele count. Make the non-meele weapons so scarce, that you will need to wander for hours between the airfields in order to find a non-pistol non-meele weapon. Much more for a scoped one, if you're not very lucky.Make the ammo not as scarce as the weapons, but still you'd only get maybe 2 or 3 mags for the weapon, in a few hours of choppering between the airfields (since moving for large distances forces the loot to despawn).Allow every single weapon and vehicle in-game. But make the overpowered ones (like the tanks) highly unaccesible (you'd need to pay the price of 100 non-armed tanks for a armed tank, than worry about the ammo which, you guessed, is nearly impossible to find, so you'd need to buy them).Plot poles. Not required to build, but required to protect one's house. And make them smaller. Something like 10 meters radius would be good. That is more than enough for a house with two garages and a helipad.Make the cinder verry expensive. So expensive that one player would more likely set 100 or so wooden walls overlaping eachother, rather than using cinder. Or, if they play in a 5+ players group, maybe than have enough for a 1 by 2 wall of cinder (to get a MTVR inside and move it upstairs) and have the rest of the base just hanging in the air... and whole coridors with wooden doors from meter to meter, to ensure the security of the base.Price Ratios. This is a big one. I think each trader city should have slight variations in the price, with some items being slightly more overpriced than the others, depending on the facilities present near the trader city. For example, near the arfields, the weapons would be cheaper, and in the city, they would be verry expensive, due to the risk involved in getting them there. A difference so big that some players would intentionaly go to the airfield trader, buy lots of weapons or ammo and sell them in the city, for a tiny profit. But in bulk, you may get enough profit from a Ural filled with mags and pistols to get a fire weapon. Scoped less than Acog. Or get a pistol by filling jerry cans or fuel barrels (fuel barrels for 5 times the profit from jerry cans, but over ten times more expensive), by de-foresting a whole 1 cube km of forest, a Ural full of medical loot, or 50 urals worth of food. The food is the least scarce resource, followed by the bandages, so that's to be expected.Allow the players to salvage everything from a vehicle, but the fueltank, engine, gas-tank and scrap-metal should only be salvageable from an unlocked vehicle.Maybe allow the old-motorbike to be crafted with some wood planks and scrap metal (+toolbox for tools), and a motorcicle with 2 wheels, engine, either fueltank, two jerry cans or one fuel barrel and one scrap metal, for the old motorbike, as the only craftable motorbike (the others from the trader or spawned).Badass zombies. With 10 hits to the body and one hit to the head, you'd be in some serious problems if you don't learn to meele headshot them.I think that if you're going to have a base done in less than an hour, it shall be a unprotected, maybe shack or storage box, hidden somewhere few can see it (in the middle of a forest, or in a building, under or after some obstacles, and NOT a safe out in the open, where anyone can see it but noone can break it open. Or, if you had the luck to find yourself a lockbox or a combination lock, you shall be able to check one code every 5 seconds, making the combination lock breakable in 1000 tries or 5000 seconds or 83 minutes and 20 seconds, and a lockbox breakable in 3000 tries or 15000 seconds or 250 minutes. THAT if no zombie or player gets to you... Also, as the first map, I suggest PMC (so big you rarely get to find someone else) or Panthera (you can choose anythin else, realy; maybe something not so well known...), due to the presence of the most terrain types and the fact that even if it is so small, you have to walk/drive A LOT to get from one point to another, mostly if not using the roads. A list of maps I'd like to see this modpack implemented on. PMC 51km Desert (Endless civilisation... what else could you possibly want? Probably more islands...)Panthera (If you don't want to modify a map only for using it in this mod; However, having a new map will give this mod(pack) that feeling of freshness vanilla and standalone once had.)ADO TropicaSangin Province HellmandOringMiroslavlF.A.T.A. - Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán
  14. Hi All, I've been working on a DayZ Epoch Player/Server Stats site for a couple of weeks and thought I'd share it with everyone to give back to the community To see what it looks like, you can view my demo here: http://stats.mudzereli.com Here are some of the features: - easy setup (only need access to a web host and edit a small simple config) - searchable/sortable player statistics - object tracking by type - leaderboard To download/install it, check out the github project. I you have any questions/feedback/constructive criticism, feel free to post in this thread, PM me, or send me a message on Github and I'll try to help as best I can. if you are having issues viewing the stats and it looks like just the data isn't loading, make sure you have apache's rewrite module on. This is on by default for most normal hosts, but if you use xampp or wamp you may need to enable this yourself in the apache configuration.
  15. Hi, I tried to set up my own Linux Arma 3 Epoch Server ( (I used the client and server data) Then I followed the only guide I found for Debian 6.0 () I started the server and I was able to connect and play. First it worked good, but then I noticed that you cant "open" garbage heap's (no animation), the bank (nothing happen) and can't fell tree's (...). Can you tell me ,if the Guide is totaly wrong for Epoch or if i did something false? Sorry for my bad english ^^
  16. Hey, the names Az, I used to run epoch servers a while back but stopped playing arma all together. I've gotten back into play recently, after a bit, I deiced I'd like to get back into server owning again. Anyone who would like to help setup/test/chose scripts/mods/and Admin the server please contact me on steam @KGCxKING. You can be a solo player looking to become an admin or a Clan/group that wants a server to be called home. If a group contacts me and helps with the build of the server then your group name will be apart of the server title like so "Blarg Blarg Blarg Home to "GroupName"". The server will be PVP, but with PVE traders/areas. Thank you for reading, I hope your time wasn't wasted. ~AzeralTheKing
  17. Recently I've been trying to set up my own private Epoch server for Arma 2. I followed all the propper instructions (a YouTube video) and did it step by step. Everything works fine when I start it up but after about 5 minutes of having it running it pops up "Arma 2 OA has stopped working" and forces me to close out of the server. At this point I haven't even been able to log onto my server and I need help. Thank you for you time :) -Hailey
  18. Just thought I would do a good deed and try get thread spam lower :). Here I will cover the most common problems for installing on a Windows Server; START WITH VANILLA (NO CUSTOM MODS ETC). ONCE THE SERVER WORKS, THEN EDIT WHAT YOU WANT / ADD ADMIN ETC. ONE THING AT A TIME. Battleye: Public Variable Restriction #0 When a player joins they get kicked Check the RPT log, probably mentions something like SERVER VERSION MISMATCH or something. Client doesnt have the same version as the server. When using the admin tool you get kicked: Make sure you are using the latest server files and the latest BE Filters included in the SC/Battleye Folder. Check the Paths to your Battleye folder (in files @EpochHive/EpochServer.ini and BEC/Config/Config.cfg) point to the SC/BattlEye Folder. Check to make sure BEC has loaded the Watchdog plugin correctly (It should say in the BEC console window). If you still get kicked there may be a bug (unconfirmed) where your txt filters will be overridden with incorrect values every restart, If this is the case, be patient for a fix. Workarounds modifying publicvar.txt manually can cause security issues. (Could be the log rotator, need confirmation). Mission Read From Bank / Server Auto-Closes or Crash Upon Joining / Stuck at Server Initializing / Server not Ready (Error 02) This occurs when there is a problem loading the mod. This could be due to several causes: Redis Database Server Problems: Check Redis Database Server Issues below for the solution. Incorrect Configuration of Database: Check your DB/Redis.conf file and make sure the ip/port and the password you chose is correct; Then check your @EpochHive/EpochServer.ini file and make sure the ip/port and password are the same as in redis.conf. Incorrect Configuration of Server/Mod Files: Check that anything you modified in any of the following files didnt cause any syntax errors/problems (best to start fresh just to get it working): @EpochHive/epochAH.hpp @EpochHive/epochconfig.hpp SC/config.cfg SC/basic.cfg SC/Users/SC/SC.Arma3Profile Check that you have placed all the files (DB/SC/MPMissions/@EpochHive/Keys Folders etc) in the correct locations in the correct place etc, just copy the entire contents of the server file zip to your arma 3 main directory, where your arma3server.exe is located. Redis Database Server Issues Nothing is saving to the database: Either your configuration (ip/port/passsword) dont match (check Mission Read From Bank ->Incorrect Configuration of Database) or the redis-server.exe in not running. If the redis-server.exe is not in the process list then check below; Redis-Server.exe not in Process list/No Console window: There are two causes I know of for this, the first is to check if you have all the redistributables required (it is like extra Microsoft files that the program needs to work). To do this, check your event log (start menu->type event viewer. On the left pane click Windows Logs->Application). Look for "Side-By-Side" Errors, you need to find the part of the error description that gives you a package name, for ex. "Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC90.CRT". Put that string in google and you should find the package you need quite easily. The second cause could be a low filespace/virtual memory/ram issue. To check this, Hold shift and right click in the redis-server.exe folder (DB folder) and select "Open Command Line Here". Type "redis-server.exe redis.conf". You should get and error or some kind of output stating a process fork failed due to space/memory issues. If this is the case you can either lower the "maxmemory" config in redis.conf (Minimum I would say 2gb, but personally I prefer the second option next) or you can increase your Paging File Size, You may need to experiment with this to get it stable, I currently have 16gb page file and it seems to run perfectly fine with maxmemory=4gb on a 3gb RAM machine. BEC Closes/Wont Connect/Scheduler Issues BEC Auto Closes when you try to run it Make sure you have the correct Visual C++ Redistributables, vc 2008 and vc 2003 should be sufficient, you can check your event log (windows->startmenu->type event viewer) under windows logs->applications and look for "side by side" errors for bec.exe. Google the description you find. BEC Wont connect to the server Make sure your ip from your command line is your actual IP address, also make sure the IP in the BEC/Config/Config.cfg file is correct. Or alternatively you can try omitting the -ip parameter from your command line and using the IP in the BEC Config file. BEC Scheduler is not working, no messages/restarts/errors First thing to check is that you have un-commented the Scheduler Path line in your BEC Config. If not simply remove the # from start of the line If you setup your scheduler paths correct and it still will not work you should get some "error loading scheduler.xml" in the BEC Console window. If not, then maybe your timings are off? Consult the Scheduler Help File inside the BEC Config Directory. Some things to note: The scheduler must be in _precise_ format. eg, Id starts at 0 and increments by one for each new job. Older syntax from BEC prior to 1.6 will not work, they need to be modified (very simple) Data type none You might have forgotten to rename "example_BEServer.cfg" to "BEServer.cfg" in "Arma/SC/Battleye" folder. (Thanks to hogscraper) I can add some scheduler templates if people find it necessary though the scheduler has a very nice readme that explains everything you need to know. Admin Menu Wont Show/Spawn Menu Greyed Out etc No admin menu when F1 is pressed: Basically put - assuming you havn't disabled the anti-hack, your steamid64 is not in the admin list in epochAH.hpp You need to get your steamid64 (You can get your normal steam id here, you can then convert that to steamid64 here. Admin menu shows, but Spawn or other options are greyed out (Server is currently disabled) Looks like you put your steamid64 into the wrong admin slot, make sure you just put your id into the owner slot, once, that will give you full permissions. for ex; adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"7656xxxxxxxxxxx21","Any name you like (will go in admin log)"}}; Mission Select Screen Joining Server Server Files Is out of date If you have access to the server file system and can execute, update your server files using STEAMCMD. Plenty of tutorials online on updating dedicated arma 3 servers, same routine. ex. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147537-Tutorial-How-to-run-ArmA3-on-a-dedicated-server Startup Command-line Incorrect (Not loading SC/Config.cfg File)/Servername not same as in config.cfg Either you have something wrong with your startup parameters, or A problem with your config.cfg file, or - more likely; Your command line parameters are setup incorrectly. To remedy this: Make sure you copied the SC folder from the zip file to your arma3 server directory. Then use this command line to start your server: arma3server.exe [email protected];@EpochHive; -config=C:\Path\to\Arma3server\SC\config.cfg -ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Path\to\Arma3server\SC\basic.cfg -name=SC Be sure to replace "C:\Path\to\Arma3server" with the correct path to your arma 3 server directory. (With arma3server.exe inside) Also replace "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" with the servers remote IP address. (The one the public see, not your lan/local address, you can use http://whatismyipaddress.com/). Note: You may omit the "-ip=xx... parameter completely if BEC still wont connect after reading the above tips. Note: You can also omit the full path to your config params, (Thanks to Scoo) eg -config=SC\config.cfg -cfg=SC\basic.cfg Feel free to post anything that I may have missed or that you would like to contribute to this faq. I can guaruntee there are spelling errors but this will do for now :). Good Luck!
  19. So the server owner did some scripting last night while I was offline, (It's usually me who adds the scripts) so I don't specifically know what was edited and where, but since then when anyone tries to join the server it stays on "waiting for server to start authentication" for 20/30 seconds before spawning into the middle of the ocean (obviously not the actual player character). Does anyone have any idea what we can do to repair the server? I can provide any files you may need to check on.
  20. Hello would it be possible to have this mod on DayZ so players could spawn in as a predator and hunt zombies, Ai or players ? Predator Mod LINK:http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?110440-Predator-Mod
  21. I need a Dayz Epoch or Overpoch familiar scriptor. We will pay for it obvisiously and have infistar antihack tools and have a list of everything we want included in our server. Our host is Dayz.st and Cherno! Thanks! Please send me an email at [email protected] :D
  22. Hey folks, just wondering how I show the server rules in a section on the A3Map page? Similar to 'Statistics" in-game. - Cant for the life of me work it out. thanks in advance, Bushy
  23. I want Set up your own server DayZ Epoch (6 slots) for VPS and would like to know what resources it needs DayZ Epoch VPS to run correctly. I have a VPS: Cores: 1 V-Core 3.2GHz + RAM (Memory): 512MB - 768MB (Burst) HDD: 10Gb (10,000mb) Included Bandwidth: 1TB (1000GB) Network Speed: 10Mbps Operating System: Debian 7 x86_x64
  24. Introducion I was looking into a Problem, where the FPS drops, when players enter a City or any Place with a large amount of Objects placed. After fushing around a while i have noticed, that actually ALL Objects are being updated. This includes houses, cras cutters, bins and fences, as also Modular Buildings like Wooden Walls. So my thought was, that counting and updating all of those Objects may result in a massive Server Load. For testing purposes i made up an array with all arma2 Buildings and a check to not Update those. Result: All of these Objects where un-breakable, can't be killed or damaged anymore. Also a slight FPS increase, but nothing really "breaking". Before we Start You must notice, that these changes make all Objects invincible. Also it is highly recommended to create a Backup, before you start editing. Requierements: - PBO Manager (For editing Server Files) - A custom "variables.sqf" in you Mission Folder Setting up the Variable for Objects that should not be updated (Client side) These Changes are made in the variables.sqf, located in your Mission Folder. Changing server_updateObject.sqf These changes are made in dayz_server.pbo\compiles\server_updateObject.sqf - This does not effect any custom mods you might have installed, for example the Vehicle Key (thanks, sir - that thing is awesome). Removing unnecessary Functions This is yet still not effecting any mods (not so far i know) - but will result in a faster update of objects, because first of all we'll be using "if", instead of "switch" (If is concidered to be much faster, then switch) and secondary, we will use one function for all Hitpoint actions such as "killed", "damage" or "repair". Keep in mind, that you can customize the array of object, that should not be updated by simply adding or removing an object, but please note: DO NOT, AT NO TIME, NEVER put Objects like Doors, Safes or other Objects that requiere some sort of action - in that array. Reason: As you for example open a Door, the State well more likely the "position" of the door is being updated, forcing the door to actually open. If you forbid this, you obviously can't open Doors anymore. This does not effect Objects like for example Loot, Stairs, Ladders, etc..
  25. Several people on my server have been requesting we switch to 'Overpoch' which is a mix between Epoch and Overwatch. I've tried looking into it but can't seem to find anything on how to set it up. Hoping this is in the right section of the forums but it seems like the right place as I want to add Overwatch to my already established Epoch server to create Overpoch. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. SGCDayZ Server Management Jonas
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