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Found 91 results

  1. Can anyone help me find out the problem behind this? The crate I have doesn't want to spawn the loot I want it to spawn. It doesn't spawn anything. Custom Mission File: Config file: Thanks.
  2. I have tried all sorts of over poch loot tables but I do not get the same out come as to other servers. I have tried upping the loot chances and stuff like that. But my loot compared to other servers is crap. My server = 2 guns per barrack Other servers = at least one gun in every room If some one could tell me maybe what is going on I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!
  3. Hello, before I made my own server, the previous server i use to play on there was an admin who was wearing a VR suit and spawned me in a nightstalker scope. I was wondering (since i dont see it anywhere on the spawn menu) where/how he was able to do that. Please leave an answer down below. Thank You for reading :)
  4. This is only for DayzEpoch! Please Leave a comment down below on what you want to see next! Check out my Dayz Epoch Server that has the most recent version! Here is a album http://imgur.com/a/JqVlP Updates V 1.4 New Roads to New Places New Main Road to Airfield Streetlights V 1.3: Added space for C-130 to take off and land Re-textured dirt road on Komorovo Side Rearranged buildings for a better look! New ALBUM of updated pictures! If you have any recommendations comment below! Installing Server Side: Step 1 First Download the BalotaAdditions.sqf, Link Below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6mf410mkoegev3/BalotaAddition.sqf Step 2 Next make a Folder in the main directory of your server.pbo called Buildings Step 3 Then Place the .sqf file in there Step 4 Almost done just go to your init folder then open up Server_functions.sqf Step 5 Scroll to the bottom and paste this //Balota Additions call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\BalotaAddition.sqf"; Step 6 - Done Know just save and Re-Pack
  5. I am running on Altis, but we have yet to see any of the new loot items that have been added per change-log: "plastic covered pallets, and freezers." Anyone know why this might be? I have searched all over the forum to see if anyone else might be having the same issues, but never got back one result. Thanks Frenzy
  6. I've recently set up an Overpoch server for some friends and I, and I've noticed that at the military spawns around the map, only HK variants spawn, no ACR, Snipers, etc. I used this tutorial to setup the server, and I have a feeling the reason only these weapons are spawning is to do with the loot tables hes using. Secondly, even when I'm just using a vanilla DayZ Epoch build loot never spawns in cars around the map. Is there any way I can make it so loot does spawn in there? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I'm hosting a OverPoch server that uses Epoch and Overwatch 0.2.5. (my copy and paste doesn't work for some reason on this website so sorry if things are off a little like .sqg instead of .sqf) . When I log in to the server for the first time on the restart loot spawns in but after I loot it doesn't spawn ever again or if im lucky a hour after I loot it. Loot will spawn. I've tried DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 1; , DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 10; , and DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 0; (with # zero after I looted the starting server loot it spawns in more loot later {like about 30 mins to 1 hour} and seemed to spawn in 2 sets of piles of loot throughout the building/buildings in 2 min intervals and then it stopped spawning loot) (placed in my inti.sqf) and non of those worked or seemed to work. I've heard that epoch lowered the loot spawn from some people who play on my server but I think that custom loot tables might be affecting it. but if epoch is affecting the loot spawn may I be pointed to a forum that shows me how to change this. also all of the overwatch weapons spawn in or most of them to my knowledge. so the scripts are working for custom loot tables but I might have misplaced one of the scripts to were it can spawn but not respawn or restock the pile into the server for another loot pile. for the custom loot tables i placed this in my inti.sqf DZE_MissionLootTable = True; and in my description.ext under enableItemDropping = 0; I placed #include "custom\loot\CfgBuildingLoot.hpp" also i will provide the custom loot .hpp files later but i don't got them set up right now.
  8. If you've been lucky enough to find a sledgehammer, have you found a use for it yet? Can it be used to break down a wood wall? How about cement? If so how many hits, approximately, does it take? I've been searching the forums and the net and I haven't found a straight answer on this topic yet. I've heard that it can be used to mine ore around Epicenters? If so, is anything else needed to collect the ore I should know? Can it be used to take down a frequency jammer? .....Or, is it just a giant paperweight at this stage in the fight? :huh: There's gotta be someone out there with some real insight on the sledge hammer, right? -Astro
  9. Can't seem to loot anything underwater. like a body or vehicle. Is this because the scroll option for gear is removed? Pushing "I" does nothing on a body in the water if you are in swimming mode, even with a wetsuit. Its pretty weak that if you die in the water you arent able to recover your gear. Any hopes on getting that in the list for possible fixes?
  10. Hi guys, here is my enhanced version of Vybor. I always felt like this area was missing something and having played Standalone and seeing what they did with the area I thought I would give Vybor a facelift. I have tried to transform Vybor into a larger city, more like Zeleno, Elektro etc. I have added a hospital, firestation, large industrial area with smoke stacks (one is still smoking) and added housing with roads and a farm complex to the south. Also some graphical touches, like the pond under the bridge. Thanks for supporting my Chernarus Enhancements series so far, there will be more to come once I get around to making sure they are ready for the update. Enjoy! Screenshots of the area http://imgur.com/a/cuDN5 Link to the .sqf file https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/vybor.sqf ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - Kamenka - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases -
  11. I am making a Salvation Island/Sector B type area in Cherno, its now finished and I need the loot spawns for the 80 AI to defend (they come in waves and are localised to the section of arena the player is in so its not an 80AI dump on the server). I want the loot spawning in a ural that is only active during that round and restarts with the server. I have seen players getting into vehicles I put into sqf's and they die or get kicked. so how do I... 1) Add the Urals (I need 5) 2) Add the loot 3) Keep them until restart (Not add them to the database) 4) Stop players dieing from them 5) have only 3 wheels on them (if poss) I'm using WAI if that matters (don't think it does) Any help would be well revived :) Aaron
  12. All i have done here is take an older version of WAI and removed some things and editited a few things to make it work along side of the newest release and give back the crate options. I take no credit for this at all. Just something i did on my server and decided to share it. Install instructions are in read me. This is preconfigured with quite a few weapons. Just about all from epoch (thermals included) and a ton of great overwatch guns including both cheytac variants as well as most thermals. The crate is different each restart. Enjoy!!:) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rggs01dxzzvspg0/WAIC.zip?dl=0
  13. Here u can see how we loot or build the base. http://www.twitch.tv/buuuzzzzzzzzzzzz Base
  14. The shipwreck at the northern end of Chernarus, beyond Berezino; is under-used so I've made a reason to venture there. Nothing extravagant, some essential kit for your survival. I recommend installing server side: Unpack/open your server PBO in the init folder. Open the server_functions.sqf and at the bottom add this line: [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\shipwrecked.sqf"; Now copy the attached file into the buildings folder in your server PBO. If you don't have a buildings folder you'll need to create one within the root of the PBO. The Biedi is included for advanced users, place the addition where-ever you like, dupe or edit. Shipwrecked
  15. hey guys does anyone know where i can edit the heli crash loot? also how to change the radius of the loot at the moment it spawns in a pile under the heli and no one can access it unless you delete the heli.
  16. drsubo

    NAPF building loot

    I am running a overpoch server on the napf map and I noticed the theres certain buildings that never spawn loot. Like the pubs, there is a section of lenzburg that the pubs there don't ever have any loot in them but other pubs on the map have loot. Is there a reason why some of the same buildings will spawn loot while other ones wont. And they are all Land_ buildings not Map_. They are all buildings that are part of the map too not custom ones I added. Thanks for your help
  17. Donnovan

    No Loot

    Player sometimes ask me why there is no loot on the server. A restart fix the problem. I don't know how to fix it without a restart. Anyone had this problem?
  18. Hi all, I have just set up an Epoch server on my computer to play with mates, it's working great, except for two things: I don't know how to make the server automatically reset (I would be happy to manually reset it if it's easier to do/explain) I would also like to know the spawn mechanics of loot, does loot automatically respawn after a certain amount of time has passed? If i cannot get server restarts working, will loot ever respawn? If anyone could answer either of these questions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. EDIT: I am doing this to the ARMA 2 DayZ Epoch mod.
  19. Hi All, Is there a way to spawn all the loot on server restart, I can take the performance issues and lag.
  20. Hi All. I have being playing on my server for a while now and one thing that really annoys me is loot not spawning, I drive into an area and I have to wait for like 10 minutes for loot to spawn, so now I am wondering if there is a way to remove/reduce the loot spawn delay? Thanks
  21. Hi guys, I have been wanting to share my custom areas with the community for a while now and I am going to start with my custom city I made west of Kamenka. I know this has been done many times but I still wanted to share my creation as I wanted to give something back to this fantastic community. This city took a long time to make and a lot of detail and effort has gone into placing buildings, roads and trees etc on top of existing patches on the ground to make it seem realistic. This area is Epoch 1.0.5 ready. All buildings that will be enterable will have no bushes or ground lurking inside them! Link to the .sqf https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/kamenka.sqf Photo album of the area http://imgur.com/a/rlP6m ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Vybor - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases -
  22. Hey, I was hoping if anyone could tell me if when you install Overpoch does the locations of the servers traders change? My aircraft dealer went from the NEAF to the NWAF, my traders were changed around and I'm not sure if a normal Protected trader will help :|
  23. Hey i just updated my server from to 1.0.5 now all my players get no loot and zeds. Is it because im running still on 103718 version and it will fix when updating to the newest betapatch? my server rpt: http://pastebin.com/GxtU5UeA thanks for your answers.
  24. Hi, was the loot respawn system changed so a single person cannot loot cycle? or is it bugged currently?
  25. Alright I've hit a wall and hopefully someone can help me out. I'm adding the C130 (EM1.sqf) mission in and my goal is to make this particular mission much harder but with better loot in the boxes. I have created another DZMSBox.sqf (DZMSC130Box.sqf) and DZMSWeaponCrateLoot.sqf (DZMSC130WeaponCrate.sqf) with the intention of calling the new "boxes". I have added the new calls to the init and Functions hoping this would load the new files. I'm either missing something or this is not possible... All of the crates are still filling up with the default loot. Someone please advise. I will paste the configured .SQFs below: DZMSInit: http://pastebin.com/gNiQhTBQ DZMSFunctions: http://pastebin.com/qXv57w09 DZMSBox: http://pastebin.com/q2QER1J6 DZMSC130Crate: http://pastebin.com/AzjzQL63 EM1 Mission: http://pastebin.com/HPZNgGkt
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